Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We're Number One

"A major military-led surge in U.S. aid to fight" Ebola in West Africa will soon begin. 3000 soldiers and probably more than $500 million will be heading to Liberia for treatment centers and miscellaneous to fight the disease. Rumors are it is a bio-engineered crisis, Bill Gates and Soros funded, so any 'war on Ebola' is as suspect as the 'war on drugs' and the 'war on terror.' It looks like testing in progress again with the goal of practicing for a potential epidemic here in the US where the military takes the lead and not necessarily for humanitarian purposes.

Liberia has long been a testing ground and dumping ground for arms and puppets funded by the CIA and the Pentagon. Charles Taylor was one of those ruthless puppets who helped to keep the country in chaos and he was one of our boys. I have a little Liberian story about someone I knew who worked there and it didn't have a happy ending.

The faked beheadings of spooks appears to have worked to keep the frenzy of ISIS going. Surging on to Syria and it's not about protecting the people but deposing Assad and splitting Syria into bits, mostly for the benefit of Israel. How is Putin going to deal with this situation?
But now there are deep concerns that the U.S. will bomb not only ISIS positions in Syria, but also the Syrian government forces. These concerns can be explained by the fact that evidently the strikes against ISIS could play into hands of Damascus and this doesn’t correspond with the U.S. interests. Taking into account that during all these years of the Syrian war the U.S. could have been trying to realize its plans to bomb Syria, they could take advantage of this situation.

If the U.S. bombs the positions of government forces, by mistake or with malicious intent, this would have doubly unpredictable consequences, both at the international and regional levels.
No kidding... Wouldn't you love somebody to bomb ♫ 

Despite the increasing world wide awareness of the dangers of GMO's, the US is surging ahead to develop new ones. This time it's bananas with again Bill Gates leading the way.
A dozen Iowa State University students will soon get the chance to earn $900 by eating the equivalent of three bananas each.
ISU sent an email to all female students, asking for volunteers for the study. The email said participants would eat a diet, including genetically modified bananas, provided by the researchers for four days during each of three study periods. They also would have their blood tested to see how their bodies were reacting.
The diet is to include the equivalent of three bananas, including ones that have been modified and ones that haven't. More than 500 women responded to the query, and 12 will be selected, ISU said.
Well, that should settle it. A four day trial with a limited number of guinea pigs and a small amount of the altered bananas that will undoubtedly come to the conclusion of  'safe.'  Who needs real science when it comes to 'progress?'

Just what we need, another little surge in the holyhoax narrative. Desperation in play. 
BERLIN — A 93-year-old man has been charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder for serving as an SS guard at the Nazis’ Auschwitz death camp, prosecutors said Monday.

Oskar Groening is accused of helping operate the death camp in occupied Poland between May and June 1944, when some 425,000 Jews from Hungary were brought there and at least 300,000 almost immediately gassed to death.
Heck, the guy has been lying for years to prop up the official story and save his ass but that's not good enough for the 'eternal victims' who are always looking to perpetuate the myth... lest we forget... and stop paying them.
‘On one night in January 1943 I saw for the first time how the Jews were actually gassed. It was in a half-built farmyard near to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. A gas chamber was built there.

'There were more than 100 prisoners and soon there were panic-filled cries as they were herded into the chamber and the door was shut.

'Then a sergeant with a gas mask went to a hole in the wall and from a tin shook Zyklon B gas pellets inside. In that moment the cries of the people inside rose to a crescendo, a choir of madness. These cries I have ringing in my ears to this day.
Too bad Mr. Groening. You tried but there are so few left to blame. What happens when they are all gone?

There's a 'last-ditch' surge to convince the Scottish that they really need to stay in the UK. Coercion, threats and bribes are about all the empire has left. I don't know how the vote will go or if it will be rigged but the people of Scotland have a chance to somewhat opt out of the direction the UK is heading. Hopefully a 'yes' vote will result in a peaceful transition but the City of London may have other plans. Hat tip to the Scots who want independence.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Spinning Top of 9/11

13 years is a mighty long time. What can be said that hasn't been said a thousand times before? 

We know a few things. The official story is a 100% lie. It was a psychological operation against the entire world. It was an inside/outside false flag operation. The media is complicit in the cover-up. Treason lies at the heart of the event. There were some who benefited greatly, most did not.

Truth is out there. Somewhere. In spite of the so called truth movement which was part of the original planning and infiltrated from day one in anticipation of a great number of individuals seeing through the operation and speaking out. The perpetrators made a lot of mistakes, some so sloppy that they couldn't be totally hidden. Obfuscation worked to cloud reality. Cognitive dissonance became a new meme in an effort to stop truth in its tracks. There are those who sell themselves for a few nickels to act as deceivers, confusers, shills and trolls in the effort to divide us, to control us.

Yet we persist. We may not agree on all the specific points of the how but we get the gist. The whos in the criminal conspiracy are well known although there are some deep within the world wide central banking system that remain somewhat hidden under the layers of deceit.   

9/11 was the big lie of our time. It set the stage for more wars, more theft, an increasing police state and even more false flags and staged events.

Just where do we go from here? Spinning like a top forever with no disclosure, closure or justice?

Once again, thanks to all who have not given up and remain a voice of sanity in an insane world. It may seem like it's all shouting into the wind and no one is listening but that would be a defeatist attitude and we are never going to take that route. Nor will we ever forgive. 

Thievery Corporation Live At The 930 club

When they present any problem like 9/11 they offer the solution, war on terror, loss of freedom. Housing bubble, economic collapse, bailout tax theft. Swine flu, imminent death, forget about torture & the economy, hate foreigners & take the poison vaccines bought by tax dollars. They attack from above & below. They create the problems & offer the solutions, usually a choice between two evils, one lesser than the other. The same as the coming choice between Corrupt UN control of a global government or corrupt corporate control of the global government. You're getting one world government & it's going to be a tyranny, you just get to choose which one. Inevitably it's the same owners at the top

The CIA Fakes is a catchphrase term used to describe a group which includes:

-Covert Operatives of the CIA, NSA and DIA; of the U.S. Corporate/Military Industrial Complex; of the intelligence services of U.K. Spain, France Holland, Germany, & Russia
-Political Agents working within the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Democratic Black Caucus, Green Party, & Patriot Movement
-Politicians in the U.S., U.K. Spain, France, Germany and Russia -- who pose as 9/11 skeptics & Conspiracy theorists
-Media, including Mainstream, Alternative Media and Internet broadcasting media who either front for, cooperate with, or are directly employed by intelligence services mentioned above

The primary objectives of the CIA FAKES are:

-To leverage the Fakes into position as the leadership/spokespersons for the Conspiracy movement
-To splinter and divide that movement
-To promote lame, tame and/or booby-trapped questions about Conspiracy
-To be sufficiently over-the-top as to prevent the Conspiracy issue getting any traction in the media or left-wing
-To ensure that the movement would not have a politically-active leadership capable of turning it into an effective political lobby campaign

The questions about 9/11 were bound to be asked, the important aspect for the perpetrators was & is ...by whom?

Turn off the tell lie vision. If you think it enriches your life, provides crucial information, is a socially acceptable pastime & will deliver you & your family to Utopia you may be too far gone already. Fakery TV is how they can control entire populations in their corporate debt slave central bank income tax pyramid scam. The world is nothing but a bunch of corporate slave colonies

Politics is irrelevant, stop validating it by participating. Create a new artifact, design something, an open communicative cooperative community of planet earth.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Monsters to Destroy" - If they don't exist, We'll create them for the purpose of murder, mayhem and money

The wise words of Adams ended up not as an important warning but forgotten, pushed aside and eventually destroyed.

But for the hijacking of our economy and with the bankers perversions for war profiteering, we might still be trying to live up to those words. At least teach them in our schools. At least have an honest debate on foreign excursions without the media dominate lies of those who plan to benefit.

For the last 100 years, our time and that of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, which gives us a solid connection to this time period, the created monsters we need to destroy have been varied and endless. There's been hardly a break to catch our breath.

It seems today these creations have been speeded up. If we don't keep a updated scorecard it's hard to keep up with the names of the teams we are supposed to hate.

Just this morning I heard a guy from the Heritage Foundation on the radio saying and I'll paraphrase: "Like it or not, the US is the big boy in the world. When we withdraw from the stage, there is chaos...chaos I tell you."

What paid for pricks like this never mention is how beginning in the think tank laboratories and moving on to direct engineering and manufacturing and outsourcing, we create monsters for the purpose of murder, mayhem and money.

We swing our big stick and try and make sure everything we touch is violated and taken down to the depths of debt slavery... and worse.

I saw today where some lackey for the war pigs, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) is proposing new legislation that possibly could be passed. "Congressman Introduces Bill To Authorize Military Force Virtually Everywhere"
The President is authorized, with the close consultation, coordination, and cooperation with NATO and regional allies, to use all necessary and appropriate force against those countries, organizations, or persons associated with or supporting terrorist groups, including al Qaeda and its regional affiliates, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, al Shabaab, Boko Haram, and any other emerging regional terrorist groups that share a common violent extremist ideology with such terrorist groups, regional affiliates, or emerging terrorist groups, in order to eliminate all such terrorist groups and prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States or its allies by such terrorist groups, countries, organizations, or persons.
Bribery and blackmail certainly can buy some expanded forever war powers. I'm sure the right lawyer will tell us such a power could be used domestically as well.

The NATO summit hits Wales. What to do, what to do? Obviously these war lords are concerned for their own safety... or just pretending to play up the script.
Security at the venue has been tightened and a "ring of steel" fence covering 13.5km circles the area around Celtic Manor. Nearly 10,000 police officers from 43 forces across England and Wales are on duty as part of a major security operation. Warships from the 28 NATO member states arrived at Cardiff docks in advance of the summit.
Monsters everywhere. Mary Shelley only scratched the surface.

I think I hear John Quincy Adams screaming in the distance.....or is it laughing? Hard to tell when the sound is so far away.

I know it's an overused term but hey, it's reggae from Jamaica.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Steven Sotloff Beheading, SITE and Rita Katz Say 'It's Real'

The Mossad front SITE Intelligence Group, directed by Rita Katz, was quick to get the so-called beheading video of Steven Sotloff. Naturally they put their logo on it.

As of this moment the video is available here.

It can be downloaded with DownloadHelper in case it disappears.

This one is virtually the same as the James Foley video with no blood from the 'cuts' and fade to black without showing anything and with a severed head laying on the body at the end.

It's part 2 of the ISIS beheading Americans video series, part 3 to come.

SITE is known for their poor fakes and an educated assumption is that their people staged and filmed it.

Let us know what you think.