Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Like Neo in Matrix, if you choose the Red Pill, then read on...


Do you believe what you read, see or hear from our media here in the United States. If so, you are enjoying the “Blue Pill”. I had an epiphany (Red Pill) with regard to the 30 floor World Trade Center 7 Building (WTC7) building that WASN’T HIT BY A JET on 9/11.

If you can, try to keep an open mind and follow this logic. First, I suggest you review the videos on the Internet of the World Trade Center 7 building collapsing on 9/11. Google “WTC7, 9/11, video” and if you look closely, you will be able to “see” the explosive charges going off that brought the building straight down. Then Google “Silverstein, Interview, WTC7, 9/11”, and you will hear the building’s owner stating that in a conversation with a fire captain, they concluded that the building was on fire and that they, the fire captain and Silverstein then decided to “pull it”.

Now here is when it is required for you to use CRITICAL THINKING, if you have it... How long does it take to do the engineering & purchasing & installation of explosive charges to demo a building? My guess, after watching a bunch of documentaries, it takes roughly 4 to 6 weeks to prepare to demolish a building. Not the 5 minutes used by Silverstein. Therefore, the demolition charges were “already installed” in the WTC7 building and all Silverstein had to do was push a button. As such, Silverstein was ALREADY PREPARED to bring down WTC7 building on 9/11. And if you look a little further, this craziness is buttressed with the BBC news that had a “live” shot on downtown NY when they announced that WTC7 building had collapsed. Unfortunately for them, the building was still standing in the background of their “LIVE SHOT” and the time they mentioned the building’s collapse was at the bottom of the screen. But these turkeys at the BBC announced the collapse of WTC7 20 minutes early…

Now, if you can get your “nut” around WCT7 not being destroyed by Moslem terrorists, and therefore, it’s destruction is nothing but a lie, then go to the next step. Google “Shanksville PA 9/11 pictures”. Can you find any metal debris of the jet 9/11 jet crash? Wheels maybe, jet engines? My Jewish Doctor buddy says the entire plane “evaporated”. I am skeptical that every single shred of metal evaporated.

There are also many holes in the Twin Towers and Pentagon arguments.

My “Red Pill” point here is that 9/11 was an inside job done by The Power That Be (TPTB), which includes Bush and gang. Please, before you argue with me or pop a gasket, spend 20 hours researching this, (like I did), and depending on the “size of your nut”, you will be able see through your “paradigm blinders” instilled by our friendly defense industry controlled media and come to the same conclusions that I did.

“If you have a good “nut”, this is when you have an “Oh My God” moment, and the “Red Pill” begins to take effect. To achieve their ends, TPTB must control the radio, television and newspapers around the world, the military and who knows what else. Talk about power. Not to mention that both the Democrats and the Republicans have to be deeply involved in this treason in order to pull over this “level of bullshit”. But if you can grasp this alternate reality, it then isn’t surprising that neither Pelosi nor Reid is willing to pursue impeachment against their partner in crime, Bush. You might have noticed that “anyone” spouting a conspiracy campaign is immediately hit hard with a character assassination campaign by the news outlets. Frankly, I expect this post to be erased. When Venezuela President Chavez publicly stated that Bush did the 9/11 attacked, Bush responded by sending an American aircraft carrier task group off Venezuela’s coast and for “some reason”, Chavez stopped talking about 9/11…

The next question is who are TPTB and what are their goals? Clearly, they are all about absolute power, control and greed. How do China, Japan and Russia figure in? One thing for sure, you have to be impressed with their control of the media.

You still say we are still there fighting terrorists in Iraq? Then I guess Morpheous’s Blue Pill is lodged in your brain…
Tom Johnson

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