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The Threadbare Cloak Of Invisibility

The Threadbare Cloak
Of Invisibility

Jim Kirwan
Last night in the Principality of D.C. we saw a re-run from the fabled days of Camelot, being acted out by Trolls and Orcs, inside the hallowed halls of what was built to be the House of Government. Here assembled before the television cameras were the leaders and the principles of those medieval and Machiavellian Courts of Privilege that once attended to the whims of Kings and Conquerors. Last night's version of this gathering of the dead and dying only clarified the key challenge before the populace today.
The challenge on the lips of the young and naive is "CHANGE," but what this convocation proved beyond all doubt, is that everyone associated with that word is already a part of what is being rebelled against. Those soon to be chosen ones were there, or they were so close to this power that their spirits hung there just above the gloom that overlooked the scene. Throughout what follows it must be remembered that this nation was supposedly founded on the idea of "The CONSENT of the Governed," as opposed to our enslavement to secrets and to newly classified "rules of law."
The 'consent' of the governed has been scraped, and replaced with a political lust for change! Yet those who now say that they embrace CHANGE, are lying-because we are where we are-because of what all those people in that room last night have helped this conspiracy to accomplish.
What have they done? It's more than spending *A Million Dollars a Minute* on wars that they continue to lose, while they remain unwilling to include either the unemployed or the seniors, in the petty bribe they want to "give" the people. The victims of these medieval co-conspirators have already been saddled with $400.000.00 in debt per household: and households of one are responsible for the whole amount if they are both a senior and unemployed. There will be NO bribe for us ­ it is our duty to just die or disappear. With inflation now pegged at 34% and the cost of living increase now at 2.3% it becomes very difficult to live. But the rest of you must continue to obey (because that's what the bribe is for).
Where did all this begin? It began a very long time ago and it was known as the Old World Order. Its roots go very deep into the history of humanity, all the way back to ancient times, but their goals have always remained the same. Power and money are the totems they defend, and they have become very adept at staying hidden among the populations of the countries where they've prospered. They have many, many names. Their visible fronts are secret societies as small as Skull & Bones, and they go all the way to the huge and unimaginably wealthy that are the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, and the Committee of 300, the Council on Foreign Relations, AIPAC, and on and on. These are the provincial fiefdoms of the continuing-medieval rulers that have become that cancer that has invaded most governments in the world today.
This explains why such a huge percentage of the populations around the world oppose what we are doing, yet their rulers continue to stand with the New World Order and continue to hope for admission to their inner circles. The global fraternity is in reality the Old World Order that is desperately in need of a brand new face ­ hence "the New World Order." To usher in this brand new face, the Conspirators decided to cynically use the one word that signifies "new hope."
'CHANGE' is what is needed, but that cannot happen when all the agents that say they will bring it to America - are part of the many secret clubs that comprise the body-politic of the Old-new- World! This gives 'cynical' a whole new meaning; but their desperation to stay in power has forced them into that corner. They're not dead and they know they are being threatened with exposure - which only makes them more dangerous. Watching Kennedy's face last night endorsing Bomb-Bomb-Obama, I couldn't help but cringe. This man has been an insider all his life, and he's holding up this runt with nothing but a face, as the savior of the nation! I'm a thirty-second cousin of the Kennedy's, and that is a very- flawed dynasty at the very least. But Kennedy and MLK along with Lincoln and some others have died because they opposed this New-Old World Order each in his own degree. More will no doubt die, but what must be stopped is this farce that claims to be the government of the United States - because most of them serve only themselves, and they have been there forever.
Look at the rigged elections, the virtual impossibility of ever overthrowing an elected office-holder, given the money and the connections that must be fought. Even after that, there are still the hurdles of the rigged election "machines" no way that this can ever end in any other way than those that have selected the winner well before hand - have pre-determined - "elections" are a joke. And even if by some miracle that failed - there is always the Electoral College to frustrate any Outsider from ever getting in. This is strictly an insiders club. They own all the money, and the media, and when they run for office they reap the profits which the media makes from all that campaign cash that you gave them along with all those billions in corporate cash. "Change"? That's only a word, and in the mouths of those already in this government, it will turn to ash upon their lips, before anything is ever done about it in the real world of everyday life in this ruin! Have you seen what just happened to Citigroup! (1)
To fully understand this scheme you need to know that there has always been only one ruling class. This 'class' is modeled on the Kingdoms and Conquerors of old, where all power resided in the strength and wealth of absolute rulers. This power is applied through the robber-barons, and the Knaves and the Princes whose powers come directly from the thrones of the most powerful. All those beneath this level are either serfs or slaves. Women and children have no rights, and the judges serve only their masters which are not the law, but power only. The people's representatives are just for show, with the exception of a few dozen, they all serve their Real-Masters as well. The "LAW" was perverted long ago, and no longer has any bearing upon the real questions that we face today. The same is ultra-true of anything calling itself a political party.
These Questions have been out there now for seven long years without any answers: that should tell you something about the reality of what we face. Yet instead of demanding answers the herd keeps trying to hire someone else to solve their problems. This will not happen, because all the candidates they say they might want to hire are already committed to the other side. Mostly they work directly for the illuminati in one of it's many forms: from what's left of the Holy Roman Empire, and the remaining vestiges of the Inquisition (just re-adopted by the Bushwhackers) in tandem with the Zionist government of Israel ­ as the new Plan to kill the Middle-East and rid it of Arabs and Muslims alike is carried out.
How were they able to do this? It wasn't really difficult. They simply used us all. They turned our trusting beliefs inside out and used the language to deceive us into thinking they were not only on our side, they even volunteered to lead us ­ so in the end it was we who made them our leaders, and it is now 'we' who must dethrone them!
The literal "how' of this is a bit more complex, but fascinating. In every age the 'fears' of the day and time were used to force the public to comply or to flee (back when there were still places to flee to). Whether people chose to stay beneath the iron heels of tyranny (they made good slaves or outright prisoners if they stayed): or if they chose to flee, then the adventurers became their surrogates (willing or not) in the lands to which they migrated.
In the end the conspiracy never really had an equal, because it really has been only one world all along. When colonists came here (to ostensible freedom), part of the price was to do to the population here what had been done to them for centuries: Which was to conquer, convert, or kill them: one by one. When this was accomplished, the colonists saw only the new land, and the new promise for a real opportunity to put the tyranny of the Old World behind them. But this too was a lie, because the purse-strings from those corrupted Empires stretched all the way across the Atlantic: and the bonds of old-world-capital were never severed: So even our own beginnings were a mega-lie.
Fast forward then, to the rise of the robber-barons, to those unchecked Capitalists hell-bent on recreating the powers of the medieval empires of old. While this fledgling new tyranny was being shaped; an international rebellion was being formed by workers and serfs in Russia against the Czar and against unchecked Capitalism everywhere. The American Giants of Industry were terrified that such a concept might soon spread back to America; where their policies had created yet another depression.
Along came Roosevelt and his New Deal. At least his bribe had some real meat in it, jobs, wage guarantees, social security, a Department of Labor, all sorts of things to make the American workers forget about any romantic ideas of joining with workers everywhere, to overthrow the tyranny of unchecked capital and wanton wealth. This was a tyranny that had the working-world by the throat and was threatening to kill them all. The New Deal and the Communists combined forces and killed the idea of anything like co- operation between working people everywhere, and instead each side pursued its own version of the coming Century of the Self. (2)
The New Deal stopped the Old World for awhile, but the Conspirators were resolute and began almost immediately to plan their revenge. With the end of WWII (the second war they had planned and executed) they began to put the tools in place to end the idea of America for all time. In 1950 Harry S. Truman created the National Security Council, the CIA and introduced Israel into the community of nations, on behalf of the British, and to the horror of the Palestinians that had no voice in the matter at all. The NSC took over governance from the congress: which is why we can have a congress that can now keep their meetings and their hearings secret ­ because they are not the ones that decide anything, they are only the window-dressing ­ the NSC is running the country, and does not take questions from the people that they dictate to.
Reagan, altered FEMA under something called The Armageddon Plan (scrubbed from the web), to provide camps for those that disagree with the above concepts, and underground cities to protect the overlords of the Old-new Order from the people. Since the days of the Great Communicator, the days of the American people have become more than numbered-they have been recorded, tabulated, spun and mutilated by the Conspirators and that shall continue until there is nothing whatever left of this shell that used to be the USA. This is just the template for take-over, the political framework upon which the Orcs and Trolls of Treason can play out their remaining cards upon the all too pliable public that have become nothing but a herd of passive sheep.
It is one thing to alter the form of any government but to succeed, the thoughts and minds of the people must be altered as well-this is how that was undertaken!
Beginning about a hundred years ago with Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays, the Century of the Self got its start. This began as an advertising and marketing tool, to teach people to want things they did not need, and it grew into a major weapon in the mass-marketing of mind control, which the Conspirators used heavily to pull people away from community and even family-to coerce a new and deadly strain of arrogance and greed into an otherwise viable society. The politicians and the military in their respective roles in service to the Conspirators quickly put these ideas to work for the destruction of America and the conquest of the planet.
As their commercially phenomenal profits began to soar, (the Conspirators also-known-as the Corporatocracy), began to use these new concepts directly to manipulate the global population. As the Old World Order began integrating these principles into politics and global diplomatic policies around the world-huge new vistas for total domination seemed possible. Several areas were used to experiment on the populations. Central and South America was always handy, but the Conspirators wanted to see how the world might react to something far more brutal: and Henry Kissinger found just the place for this to be implemented. It was called East Timor, an outlying province of Indonesia. It was here that Kissinger brought Gerald Ford to begin to play god in the Far East. (3)
Basically the answer to their question was that the world didn't care-and so it began! This actually is what enabled Viet Nam to be undertaken: believing as Conspirators did that Americans would not bother about foreign wars, providing that they didn't have to watch them every night on the evening news! Hence the completely different Media policies when it came time in 1991 to begin the War on Iraq. Here is what we did and are still doing now in that obscenity we call the War on Iraq. (4)
In 2005 I did an image of what I believed was The New World Order ­ but I was wrong ­Dead Wrong! This is what they want you to think about them, and NOT who they really are! They are the Old World Order, using this concept to terrify and control what's left of us to conform to their every whim and secret contract!
What they are is just the old world order, composed from the shreds of royalty that the new world rebelled against. Today they have re- packaged their old trappings into a new kind of royalty: an elitism born to power and control that has attempted to hide its true nature in a cloak of Invisibility. This cloak until recently was virtually impenetrable. When they over-reached on 911, and again in the insupportable invasion of Iraq, their vulnerability began to show.
How was it possible to hide for so long! It was easy, once they had the cover of the Century of the Self, because people stopped paying attention. But just to add a bit more insurance, they tried a little experiment, something akin to Pavlov and his dogs. They created a little show in Washington around the red-scare in the 1950's-and they enlisted Joe McCarthy to be the public voice of fear and retribution, in his brave new quest to root out the communists in our midst! This too worked very well, and so began the crucifixion of the arts. Writers, artists, poets and musicians were easy prey. Film-makers, screen-writers, and Directors were a bit more difficult but were controllable through distribution links and government pressures. By the end of the 1950's a full scale war upon the arts was on!
By the 1970's arts programs in most public schools had been discontinued along with civics and anything else that might really challenge students, and this opened the door to unbridled domination of the unimaginative and of the fallow-of-thought for total control.
With the death of imagination and creativity in the arts America was soon turning out morons who thought they had an education, but instead of teaching themselves how to think and how to question; all these idiots learned was how to follow orders. It became a very sterile world. A College education was virtually free in California back in the day ­ and then with the GI Bill - now it can cost more than some houses used to cost. But since there are no jobs, there is no point anymore to committing to all those student loans, especially given the new financing racket that the student loan business has become.
The Century of the Self succeed beyond anyone's wildest dreams, and with that success, virtually all resistance to most forms of thought control and mind manipulation just faded into black-which brings us the end of what we thought of as our country. What can you do to survive? You must teach yourself to Question everything, not just in books or news releases-but on the streets and in the world: because this is the only way that the truth can be found. Once you know the truth, then and only then can you be truly free!
The alternative is total subservience to the shriveling wraiths that are the deadly embodiment of the original Conspirators. Existing in that world you will have nothing. All questions are heresy all doubt is suspect and any language skills at all will soon be outlawed. Survival in that world is not guaranteed, but if you chose to live on your knees and give unshrinking support to those walking cadavers who say they are in charge of everything: And IF you swear undying loyalty to the New Old World, and to every crime they continue to commit-then maybe they'll let you live- the choice is up to you. Because that's where we are today!
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4) Bush's Holocaust of Iraq ­ Operation Desert Slaughter
A Million Dollars a Minute
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