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Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly are ravening wolves. (Matt. 7:15)

I was getting curious as to why Obama, has been dethroning the heir apparent, Hillary Clinton, and gaining such a wide following. You can't even turn on the news without seeing his face blasted on every news channel.

a man who was an unknown, out of hundreds of US State Senators, gives the keynote speech at the 2004 National Democratic Convention and then suddenly rises to be the heir apparent of the New World Order, with the blessings of the intellectual and political elite, being groomed as being the savior of America?

a man who can mesmerize the masses, talking of standing up to organized money, to lobbyists, special interests, but his whole political apparatus is made of members of the same JFK, he`s being hailed as a Messiah..

I checked this out for awhile one night, to see if it was true, what blogs were saying and`s spooky how many people are basically worshipping him as a saviour...'intuitively knows what he means' indeed

The mantle is being passed, and it seems that Henry Kissinger`s associate, and one worlderZbigniew Brzezinski,along with David Rockefeller, the co-founders/directors of the Trilateral Commission,a group an institution that openly declares itself a supranational government on their website, is going to have their very own puppet to play with, as well as massive powers that Bush signed onto
The change that is coming, comes in the form of doubled foreign aid, carbon taxes, poverty taxes in the form of 0.7% of the GDP, and thats just for starters, increasing the size of the military, expanding the theatres of operations, the expansion of surveillance...who even knows what will happen between now and then

The open dismantling of the US, the merging of the North American Union, and really the dawn of the RFID tracking age. The President of the world's dying superpower will have to oversee the transition into biometric scanning and a cashless society I've spent much time watching his speeches, listening to his words, watching his mannerisms, bringing crowds to fever pitch frenzy, with a media campaign behind him that no money can buy, thanks to links and connections that almost ensure his victory as Democratic nominee, having Hilary retain a Dick Cheney type position.

If you think you put up with tyranny under the Bush administration, you can just imagine what's ahead.

Makes me wonder if some sort of 'world leader' anti-christ type situation will develop, with the elite making the big moves for everything.very interesting thoughts from a website.

While I dont believe in any 'end of the world' type conspiracy theory, I wouldn't put it over the elites to stage something like this, and who really, would represent the multicultural world better than Barack Hussein Obama?

"Like Hitler, who was one of history's antichrist archetypes, he will have great charisma & speaking ability, "a mouth speaking great things".The Antichrist will rise to power on a wave of world euphoria, as he temporarily saves the world from its desperate economic, military & political problems with a brilliant 7-year plan for world peace, economic stability & religious freedom. "

That's exactly what the New World Order is intent on bringing after the 'controlled collapse' of our current financial system

"The Bible even gives some clues about his personal characteristics. The prophet Daniel wrote that the Antichrist "does not regard the desire of women." This could imply that he is either celibate or a homosexual. Daniel also tells us that he will have a "fierce countenance" or stern look, and will be "more stout than his fellows"--more proud and boastful."

lest i remind you....all these measures George W Bush put into place, where everyone thought he and Cheney would seize power , and going to be given to the new presidency, and the way the theatre act is going now, looks like it will be an Obama/Clinton coalition intent on bringing in the New World Order, and with complete dictatorial powers available to this insane system.

It's also worthy to mention a Christian website in 2004 pegged Obama as such he is being touted as today, after his odd Democratic keynote speech, "The day Obama changed history'

Lets be perfectly clear, Obama is very likable, and in this world, flash is everything, image is everything, thats exactly why he's up there. If I didnt know about all this, I'd probably be supporting him as well..

No one is going to vote in mentally ill John McCain...both sides are controlled and he is but a fall guy to bring about the next Democratic presidency, which will serve to be the last American one.The whole presentation of his speeches, his wording, the internationalist angle is heavily played upon, under a 'collective humanity' rather than the good of the country

The World is a stage,and we are all actors, i'm not saying he is 'the spawn of satan' or anything like that, in fact the Bible even states that there are many antichrists, and all are puppets of the same global elite that orchestrate the most brutal of artocities, and this is as staged as King Lear.


I'm going to go into more detail, about what leads me to believe that Barack Obama,has been selected, groomed, and chosen by the elites, for the sole purpose of promoting and unifying the world under the Big Brother cashless society, the DNA/BIOMETRIC database that's steadily becoming commonplace, and the global tax on life, effectively creating world government.

to be quite honest, I thought Obama was a foil for Hillary, to be discounted for lack of experience. I couldn't believe an unproven 2nd year Senator would be selected and entrusted with carrying out the death of America.

Hillary, I could believe. She's been about communism from the beginning, everyone knows her true colors of wealth redistributions.

Let me be PERFECTLY clear. Bush,Clinton,Obama,runs,ran or will run absolutely nothing. They are figureheads, puppets, spongeboards, litter trays, or in the next president's case, Savior.

Bush didn't carry out 9/11, in fact he didnt even have his script with him, hence the 20 minutes reading a book about goats. He had to get his script, he couldn't say anything without a script.

in fact Bush was torn through the mud, used and thrown out, to make way for the one to clean up the mess, but the reality is the same hand that strangles is now telling you it's time for change.He didnt author any policy, didn't even have a clue what he was signing, he even needed permission to use the bathroom at Policy briefings.
If that's not little Pinocchio looking for Gepeto, I dont know what is...

so to think that Obama will actually do anything, is beyond the pale, but what I do promise you, he will bring change. I really don't see America lasting past 2010, and not because the Council on Foreign Relations says so, but because the dollar has been devalued so much, that cities are crumbling broke and will soon need, simply a 'better system' to bring it all together so it never happens again, courtesy of the ones who carried out this looting of your pensions and social security

That's when the thought occured to me... The New World Order needs a salesman, someone to preach how wonderful DNA databases are to the masses on this globalized, uni-culturalized planet, and to neutralize the movement that grew against Bush, the 'evil republican' that he is, into willful obedience because a liberal, black man from humble beginnings takes power on the promise of world peace.

How politically correct.that's what worries me...the coming years are the most crucial steps towards the plans for global domination, and we must ask ourselves why the elite would risk doing something like putting in an inexperienced, black president, a first in itself?

all being sold on 'hope' and 'change'? so much on the line right now, where the tide is swaying. race card, to be played, as springboard for passing these wicked measures though.

Divide and conquer has never failed in establishing totalitarianism, and it's certainly going to be the case once the toilets stop working

In a society, where you have CIA agents operating in newsrooms, you have NSA surveillance grids operating just as the TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS PROJECT from DARPA completely prescribed, before the name changed to 'terror' information awareness, to just flat out admitting they've been using supercomuters for years and we won't do anything about it. The image of a populist, and the masses falling for it, almost religiously.

Someone to make people believe in this new system of government, and the new religion of global populism, which is really confiscation of wealth and global peasantry, ruled over by a tiny elite and servants bred on a belief system of selfishness. I would say this is already the world religion. The religion of atheism,of consumerism, of greed, of lust. Is that not the prevailing mindset today? the worship of possession, of chinese made goods and poison for your mind

..SOMEONE has to break it to the people that you're going to have to get eye-scanned and DNA swabbed.

SOMEONE will have to break it to the people that America is broke and a devalued dollar without any exports isn't going to cut it.

SOMEONE will have to announce the NORTH AMERICAN UNION when they get their revised tax forms, toll roads and red light cameras, RFID pay as you drive and dashboard monitoring.

SOMEONE will have to sell the people, on the realities of a cashless society and implantable microchip.

SOMEONE will have to break the harsh realities of carbon taxes and one child policies

Someone will have to get the people to accept it....

and the man thats been carefully groomed for the job, is Barack Obama


From: TotalReality2012

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