Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Israeli Savages Shoot American Protester & Christian Zionists are Damn Stupid

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Israeli Savages Shoot American Protester From San Francisco In What Was A Peaceful Protest in West Bank

Israeli storm troopers in the occupied West Bank of the Liberal Democracy Of Apartheid Israel, shot 20 peaceful protesters during a gathering in Bil'in. The gathering of over 1,000 protesters last Friday was to protest the separation barrier that imposes hardship on Palestinians living in the West Bank. It is a weekly protest. Every once in a while however just for fun, the Israeli war criminals fire rubber bullets and tear gas at the protesters. The man pictured here is an American named Shanbo Heinemann. I don't know about you, but when these racist scumbags shoot Americans, I think it's time to stop sending welfare checks. There was of course no news coverage of this event in America by our treasonous ethnocentric press.


Why God Doth Thou Make Christian Zionists So God Damn Stupid?

Pastor John "Pork Chop" Hagee

I don't often criticize people for their religious beliefs. Some of the people I have loved most in this life have had them. I must make an exception however for Christian Zionists. These mostly Evangelical nut cases are just a hop, skip and a lobotomy away from their charming Klansman predecessors.

In the past several years the Evangelicals have allied themselves politically with the supporters of those currently inhabiting Israel. It is not that they love Israel, or those calling themselves Jews, it's that they are doing their best to bring about Armageddon. And Armageddon, will be triggered when the Jews return to Israel, according to Biblical Gibberish. But it can't come quick enough for the delusional Republican cultists. The great rapture that this event will cause will require their new pals, the Jews, either convert or be exterminated. I am sure the leadership in Tel Aviv is happy to accept the moral or more importantly the material support these delusional nut cases have to offer. I am also sure that they are not the least bit indignant over the choices that the second coming will require. In fact, I bet they are laughing their asses off at the Evangelicals as they contemplate their choices.

But here is the problem for the Evangelicals. If of course they ever read anything other than the Bible or those "left behind" novels by Tim LaHaye, they would know this. I forsee the following scenario.

The cock has crowed for the second time. The Master is on his way. The sun is dark. The powers shaken. And they have come to see. Jesus rides among the Four Horsemen. And Jesus stops. Hey, what the fuck? What is with all of these Eastern European descendants of penis worshipers here in Palestine? And why are my Palestinian brothers being ethnically cleansed from their home land? This is bull shit. Hagee, rest assured your pork butt will fry in Hell for all eternity for this outrage. My horsemen, Death, War, Famine and Pestilence, lets get the hell out of here. Someone has attempted to perpetuate a fraud.


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