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Jewish Hypocrisy on the Issue of Intermarriage - Patrick Grimm

Jewish Hypocrisy on the Issue of Intermarriage

Posted by zionistwatch on February 25, 2008

By Patrick Grimm

Judaism and Zionism are both based on extreme ethnic supremacism. For those people not familiar with the tenets of Judaism and its political wing named Zionism, this is a reality that will become clearer once one starts reading the statements, books, articles and transcripts of lectures put out by mostly Zionist Jews, whether they be religious or non-religious. What makes the ethnocentrism of Jews so unique is how adamant it has proven to be when compared to the attitudes of other ethnicities. Jews, at least the politically and religiously aware ones, oppose the marriage of a Jew with a non-Jew (Gentile or Goy) in the most strident language possible. In fact, the religion of Judaism contains powerful prohibitions in its texts (the Torah and Talmud) against Jews mingling their blood with those who don’t share their Jewish heritage.

What makes these attitudes on the part of Jews odd is the fact that Jews have been the main supporters of and provided much of the funding for the civil rights movement in the United States. They were the prime movers in both the marches and the eventual legislation which saw the integration of white neighborhoods, restaurants and businesses. Those of European descent were forced by the weight of law and government power to allow blacks into all spheres of white America. By the 1960s, Hollywood films, all of them written and directed by Jews, were extolling the virtues of interracial relationships and even intermarriage between blacks and whites. By the 1970s, Jewish and liberal activists, with the help of a compliant media and court system had succeeded in getting miscegenation laws (laws prohibiting interracial unions) overturned in nearly every state.

Even an individual who is only marginally politically observant cannot help but notice that the media daily lauds the virtues of a multicultural, multiracial, integrated and diverse society. This media is overwhelmingly run by those of Jewish descent. Yet this same media also gives almost uniformly favorable press coverage to Israel, the only Jewish state in the entire world. Jews run the Israeli government and its schools and push legislation and educational curriculum that promotes Jewish solidarity, teaches Jewish history and pride in Jewish accomplishments. Israel is also a country that is strictly segregated, with Jews-only apartment buildings, settlements and businesses. In fact, there are laws on the books in Israel specifically prohibiting non-Jews from owning any media outlets.

While the Jewish-owned press in the United States continually lectures whites on the necessity of bringing more blacks into their neighborhoods, on the “immorality” of not renting to black tenets, while also telling our people that we should encourage our daughters to mate with and wed African-American men, they are silent about the realities of Jewish life in Israel. They are silent about the fact that Israel is the most rigidly segregated country on earth. While the media is promoting miscegenation in America, few people are aware that the world’s only Jewish state does not allow the marriage of a Jew and a non-Jew. It is not just frowned upon. It is actually illegal in Israel for a Jew and non-Jew (Gentile) to unite in marriage. Yet there is not a word of criticism in the American media. There are no editorials in American newspapers decrying Israel’s laws against intermarriage which are stricter even than the Nuremburg laws once touted by Nazi Germany. Yet white people are instructed by the very same Jewish Zionists who are silent about Israel’s discriminatory policies, to assimilate themselves with other races and to intermarry with them, thus losing their genetic heritage forever. Those who disagree with miscegenation are often called racists, bigots and potential closet KKK members, even if their reasoning is not based on hatred, but only on preserving their European lineage.

Every major Jewish organization in the United States including the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish National Fund and many others all have programs and position papers discouraging Jews from intermarrying with the non-Jewish populace. During George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign, the media roundly condemned him for speaking at Bob Jones University, a fundamentalist Christian school that discourages interracial dating. After much negative coverage, Bush was finally forced to publicly condemn BJU’s “racism”. Strangely, the media had no criticism for the fact that both Bush and Al Gore gave numerous speeches to Jewish groups who had been denouncing all marriages between Jews and non-Jews for decades.

Lest you still think I exaggerate about Jewish attitudes regarding intermarriage or think them an anomaly amongst organized Jews, here is a rather lengthy excerpt from a prominent Jewish columnist named Esther Jungreis, who is a Rebetzin, or wife of a rabbi. Jungreis is often called “the Jewish Billy Graham” and speaks on Jewish issues around the globe. Jungreis is not a marginal Jew by any means. She is a long-time supporter of George W. Bush and even spoke at the Republican National Convention in support of his candidacy. She has an online column called Dear Rebetzen Jungreis, which is sort of a Dear Abby-style question and answer forum. Here is one letter she received on the issue of Jewish intermarriage:

Dear Rebbetzin Jungreis

I am in my second year of college and recently met a wonderful, intelligent, compassionate young man. I am very much in love with him. He is not Jewish, however, and this seems to be a “tragedy” to my parents. Rebbetzin, I just cannot understand it. My parents are not religious people. Their entire Judaism consists of buying High Holiday tickets once a year. They do not keep a kosher home, they do not observe any of the customs and traditions, and they never gave me a Jewish education. So how on earth can they censor me for wanting to marry this boy?

Believe me, Rebbetzin, my parents are no more Jewish than my boyfriend. He is a good hearted, kind individual, with all the characteristics of what my parents consider a “nice Jewish boy”. The real reason that my parents are opposed to him is because they are worried what people will say. They don’t really care about my happiness, but what others will say and how this will reflect on them.

I cannot see any difference between being Jewish or gentile, we are all created by God, and therefore we are all brothers. My parents never gave me a Jewish upbringing so why should I care?

I have reached the point where we are about to announce our engagement–unless you can show me a reason not to.

I have no respect for the hypocrisy around me.

Yours Sincerely,

Jewish in Name Only

Here is Mrs. Jungreis’ reply to this young Jewish woman who is conflicted about the love she feels for a non-Jewish man:

Dear Jewish in Name Only,

While it is true that your parents have failed to give you a Jewish education, their negligence does not exonerate you from YOUR responsibility, nor does it permit you to walk away from your people. There is no justification for abandoning your faith, your people or your God. Understand that by opting for intermarriage you are bringing your family’s Jewish existence to a close after thousands of years.

Nevertheless, I can comprehend your feelings of resentment at having been deprived of a Jewish education. Judaism has never been made meaningful to you….you have never been challenged by its majestic call. Therefore, it is understandable that you feel apathetic, if not hostile, to your faith. And so, under the circumstances it would not seem realistic to demand that you sacrifice the man you love for a religion which is unrelated to your life.

We must, however, confront the truth: you belong to a generation of American Jews who have been short-changed. Although you have been given every educational and material opportunity, you have been Jewishly deprived. You were raised in a spiritual wasteland….in a vacuum. Your contacts with Judaism have at best turned you off, and at worst, provoked you to disdain.

Whenever I visit a high school or college campus I am confronted by young Jews who are articulate in every subject but their own….Young Jews who are experts in investment banking, computers and the sciences….who are senstive to the nuances of music and who are at home in the arts and culture. Yet if confronted with the most elementary questions about spirituality, Jewish thought, the Bible or the Talmud–they remain totally inarticulate. We have become a people who suffer from amnesia; a people without a past, without a memory.

In order for you to comprehend the magnitude of your loss you must first gain some awareness of that which you once possessed. But you sadly lack this awareness. Therefore as I see it, the problem at hand is not so much to persuade you to give up this relationship, as it is to open your mind and your heart to your own glorious history and destiny. Once you comprehend this then forgoing intermarriage will be a natural byproduct of your newly gained insight, for it is impossible to be knowledgeable of Torah and at the same time remain impervious to its mystical call.

And so, my friend, while I can empathize with your apathetic state of mind, I cannot condone it, for YOU ARE A JEW, and you have a responsibility. Before you relinquish your heritage, before you give up the faith of your fathers and mothers, you owe it to yourself to discover your roots: to probe your history so that the decision you ultimately make will be one that is informed and intelligent rather than one based on ignorance and default.


Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

And so we see with this letter and the concomitant reply from this Jewish Rebbetzin the traditional historical attitude of most Jews to intermarriage, the same sort of intimate integration that their media outlets tell us will benefit our people. The hypocrisy rings out from the Zionist Jewish community, clear as a bell, revealing to us the many double standards that still exist. If any white person dared to publicly express the sentiments of Esther Jungreis he would be completely slandered by the Jewish-controlled media and the entire Zionist political machine would bring opprobrium and ridicule upon his head until a tearful apology and a recantation was the end result.

But that’s the way things work in America. The hypocrisy of political Jewry when it comes to intermarriage will not be exposed. In fact, it has never been discussed openly and candidly in any American media forum. Why is this the case? Why are the Esther Jungreises of this nation never called on the carpet for their hypocritical stances? The main reason is very elementary. He who controls information, controls all. He who controls information, eventually controls the thoughts and the focus of the multitude. Jewish media power and the domination of ethnocentric extremist Jews upon our press and publications is the only thing permitting this dichotomy, this blatant double standard to go unspoken and unnoted by the general public. It is also the reason why so many European-Americans have such a hard time understanding the elementary realities of the Jewish ethnic supremacist problem we currently face.



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