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Survive Martial Law.com - A Critique And Second-Opinion

February 26, 2008 at 10:26:53

Headlined on 2/26/08:
Survive Martial Law.com - A Critique And Second-Opinion

by William Cormier


In a recent article, Justanothercoverup committed to:

Within the next two to three weeks, Justanothercoverup will be expanding the category “# S 1959, Endgame, Martial Law, DHS, NSA, Fascism” by adding articles from all over the Internet that present varying thoughts on these subjects as well as the best way to survive a declaration of Martial Law. We also plan to offer specific materials, available from this site, which will be a compilation of facts and hypothesis from the leading authorities who have had the courage to speak-up on this issue. LINK

At first glance, the above statement may seem innocuous, however, it’s actually a daunting task and fraught with liability. If an author or individual builds-up enough credibility to have his “advice” or thoughts on how to react to a declaration of Martial Law taken seriously, whatever remarks, assumptions and or/or suggestions that are made by that individual could affect life or death situations that will occur thousands, if not hundred of thousands of times across the country if such an event happens. The variables and factors that will be in play are enormous, and strategies and questions will have to be answered and planned for, many of which are basic but essential to your survival and ultimately, whatever amount of peace-of-mind you can muster knowing you’ve attempted to exercise your best judgment to make the most realistic plans for your family. Above all, we believe it’s essential to try and separate the facts, which we can substantiate, from the speculation and conspiracy theories that abound on the Internet. Unfortunately, one of those “conspiracy theories” is apt to be correct, but when you note the numerous theories that permeate the Internet, which one do you ultimately believe and what exactly should you prepare for?

It’s my belief that combining what we do know and can prove, coupled with sound logic and preparation, are the essentials to surviving Martial Law. We need to speculate far less and need to study the rise of other fascist nations and examine their tactics and proven methods for success. If you haven’t read Naomi Klein, Google her name and read some of the many enlightening articles and books she’s written, most notably “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” and don’t miss the many interviews, videos and other information that is freely accessible on the Internet. We know that liberty and freedom are hanging-on by the finest thread which could snap at any time, but it’s a situation that we need to respond to with reason and logic rather than hysteria and fear - elevated to the point that we lose the very essence of what makes us Americans. Above all, we must retain our identity and spirit and attempt to educate, not belittle those that believe “it couldn’t possible happen to them.” Knowledge is power, and in just the last couple of weeks, hundreds of thousands of Americans have become aware and S 1959 and Martial Law are among the hottest topics being discussed and researched on the Internet. It’s essential that this subject be made an issue in the final round of Presidential debates between the chosen GOP and Democratic candidates that will be fighting for the Presidency.

We can thank the courage of The San Francisco Chronicle and their publication of “Rule by fear or rule by law?” for being the catalyst of this “awakening” which is rapidly developing in our colleges and homes across the United States. Americans are now far more aware of S 1959 and the real prospect that Martial Law could be declared within the continental United States in our near future. Since the SF Chronicle published their expose’ on S 1959 and EndGame, the Internet has been awash with links, videos, and information that is resounding throughout this nation and throughout the world; people from almost every walk of life are expressing their outrage and fear via the countless Blogs, News aggregators and discussion forums that constitute the new media that is taking America by storm - the “alternative news media”, brought to you by concerned citizens and politicians who have now become aware that EndGame and the subsequent declaration of Martial Law are not “conspiracy theories”, but a reality in the New Amerika the Bush administration has been attempting to usher-in since they were first installed in office.

Now that we know EndGame is a reality, the question arises of what we as a nation are to do in the event that our worst nightmare should come true and through hook or crook, our government maneuvers or create events that will ultimately lead to martial law and suspension of the 2008 Presidential elections, or in the alternative, a quick decent into chaos because the GOP lost the election and hastily attempt to subvert whatever is left of our democratic (sic) process in order to stay in power and avoid prosecution for their treasonous and felonious actions. President Bush, as he stubbornly insists that Congress grant the telecoms immunity has essentially threatened America that if we don’t grant his “request”, Americans “could” suffer a devastating terrorist attack because Congress has effectively tied the hands of the intelligence gathering community, therefore allowing the “evil doers” free reign to attack America.

Those of us who have not been cowed into fear by the President’s incessant fear-mongering are aware this is propaganda and blackmail of the highest degree and understand that Bush and Cheney, along with their cabal of co-conspirators need Congress to grant the telecoms immunity because once the telecoms are granted a “get out of jail free card”, the immunity will trickle-down (or up) to include immunity for the criminals that first implemented this unconstitutional and illegal program; immunity for the telecoms means immunity for those who coerced them into violating our rights, and in the final analysis, the President understands that if Congress fails to honor his demands, the weight of the illegal wiretapping will eventually fall upon the shoulders of those who initially perpetrated the crime. Perhaps Congress will consider immunity for the telecoms at a later date, maybe in exchange for their testimony against those who dared to violate our constitution as a vengeful America seek to prosecute those who have trampled upon our rule of law and willfully destroyed our economy as well as jeopardizing the lives and security of the inhabitants of The United States!

None of us know exactly how this will play-out, but what we do know is that when dealing with Bush and Cheney, we can hope for the best and always expect the worst - a lesson well-learned by evaluating Bush’s tenure at the White House this past seven years. One possibility that must be factored-in is how we will communicate with other family members, how and where family members are to congregate after such a declaration, as a declaration of Martial Law could result in a temporary information black-out.

Executive Order 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

This order was executed by President John F. Kennedy on February 16, 1962. Some of the language is vague, however, with this administration that’s proven to be an open-license to interpret the order any way they feel it serves “the national interest”, so the general population faces the real possibility of attempting to cope with Martial Law with only “official news” to guide their thoughts and opinions, as Bloggers and alternative news sites can and likely will disappear almost instantly through a well coordinated media blackout. If that includes cell phones and other lines of communication, it’s essential to have a well thought-out plan for family members to follow so they will know where to meet and/or congregate and what perishable and emergency items for them to procure, or attempt to, on their journey home.

So, there we are, back to the question of what should the public do if our government declares martial law? During the course of our research, we found one website entitled Survive Martial law.com and carefully read and evaluated what was contained on the site. Survive Martial law.com is the brainchild of Harold Williams, and much of what he states is true as it pertains to the impact of a martial law declaration, however there are statements and contentions that are somewhat contradictory, and in fact, raise many questions which need to be addressed. It’s obvious that Harold Williams has done his homework, and while we don’t agree with everything that is stated on his site, the predictions of store’s shelves emptying in a matter of a couple of hours after a martial law declaration is certainly valid as is his prediction that food and medicine supplies may be disrupted on a national basis for a long period of time - possibly months. This possibility does pose a genuine threat to the survival factor of your family and those who remain unprepared will face horrific times if Martial Law is ever declared; Mr. Williams’ recommendations to stock-up on essential food stuffs and water are spot-on, as is the necessity for secrecy. We’re definitely playing on the same side but with some significant differences.

Mr. Williams offers a publication on his site entitled “Survive Martial Law” for twenty dollars ($20.00). We purchased the ebook and found it was comprised of forty-four pages, at least 80% of which were commentary and an excellent history of “how” we may have wound-up in this situation. The substantiation he offers are a list of websites, many of which host excellent facts and information, some that I quote myself, especially as it pertains to S 1959 and Martial Law.

Mr. Williams believes that Martial Law will be declared in the early spring of 2008, and in fact declares that he received a tip to that effect. On the second page of “Survive Martial Law”, he states:

A Secret Service Operative called me and said he’d heard the government was going to allow a city to be vaporized very soon to trigger Martial Law. He walked away, took his family, and caught a freighter to the South Seas.

There are many people, professional and otherwise who have expressed their concerns about a false-flag attack on American soil perpetrated by the Bush administration, and many worry that his refusal to secure our porous southern border has already allowed terrorists to infiltrate our country and possibly smuggle-in weapons of mass destruction. At any rate, so far it’s been a matter of raw speculation, and unfortunately, it appears that our only verifiable “source” that an attack is imminent is somewhere in the south seas with his family on a freighter… Perhaps the author is attempting to cover-up the real location of his informant, but even for me, a freighter in the south seas being used as an escape route for an experienced Secret Service Agent and his family seems a little “cloak-and-daggerish.”

There is another interesting set of “facts” presented in “Survive Martial Law”, and in all honesty, I’m confused at the implications these thoughts present to the reader. Mr. Williams states that he was with “Special Forces” during the Vietnam War for three (3) years; “I averaged 18 days a month combat during my 3 years in Special Forces in Vietnam, and it was up North, around Hanoi” and describes his combat skills as thus:

One thing I will mention, and many will disagree, but you and your buddies are no match for 50 Special Forces. I was one, and even today would take on 20 guys with hunting rifles (even good shots!), killing them all in 20 minutes!

Wow! With that kind of ability, this isn’t an individual I’d want gunning for me, and he does base his expertise on addressing this issue on his extensive study and military experience - but from there, the waters get a bit murkier! In August of 2007, I wrote Homeland Security Enlists Clergy to Quell Public If Martial Law Declared!, an article that described Homeland Security’s enlistment of the clergy to help quell discontent if Martial Law is declared and will likely aid the feds in requesting that people surrender their firearms to local/governmental officials “until everything gets worked out (sic).” Mr. Williams also states that he is a Christian, and as such, cannot “support any violence.”

He is also an advocate of “hiding your guns” or turning them in to local authorities, and the manner in which he describes turning your weapons in doesn’t sit right with me, and everyone that has read this passage has reacted with the same sense of indignation that I did - but maybe that’s the caliber of people I associate with, who knows?

If you want, wait until martial law is declared and call the police and take their advice on how to turn them in unless you think you can win over thousands of armed troops.

I can’t recommend anything to you on this subject other than that people who readily complied with orders did curry favor - which you may need.

Even though Mr. Williams professes to be a Christian and cannot “support any violence”, in lieu of a firearm he goes on to suggest:

Lastly, I recommend a Ka-Bar combat style knife (about $50) - razor sharp! If confronted, push it hard into the upper belly, twist it and pull it out. With a knife, the target points are the front of the neck and the upper belly – use it and then run like hell! The Ka-bar has a special handle that won’t get slippery with blood. When society breaks down, people get mean, so be prepared!

So, based on the above statement, it’s not necessarily violence that Mr. Williams doesn’t condone, but only if that violence doesn’t require the use of a firearm. In fairness to Mr. Williams, he does state that his abhorrence to firearms is for the safety of the individual attempting to survive, and to make his point even further, he goes on to make this statement:

In Central America we shot everyone we caught with a gun, even if it was in a drawer unloaded!! (Emphasis added.) Do what you wish, but listen to the history of violence. It could cause your household immediate execution.

Huh??? …. we shot everyone we caught with a gun, even if it was in a drawer unloaded!! Um, if I’m interpreting that statement correctly, it sounds like “we” were guilty of murder and crimes against humanity in South America, which none of us doubt that remember the Iran/Contra Affair, but who is the “we” Mr. Williams is speaking of? I initially assumed that the author was speaking of reports that he had read, or first-hand stories he had heard from fellow veterans turned mercenary who had served in the many covert US Operations of those times in Central America, but a thorough read of “Survive Martial Law” indicated otherwise; Mr. Williams states:

Please try to do as I suggest. I’ve spent years in combat and Martial Law zones, often as a combatant.

I have been a military advisor who taught occupying troops, so I know why some people die while others live for a better day.

In another passage, he states:

So be peaceable, mind your own business, smile, don’t look into a combatant’s eyes, look at their belt, do not even suggest being confrontational, and realize that the world is changing and you can do nothing about it.(Emphasis added)

It may be possible that we “can do nothing about it”, however, cooperating with an illegal Martial Law declaration and voluntarily disarming ourselves “to curry favor” smacks of capitulation and defeatism - traits that I wouldn’t expect to see on a massive scale in a country that is governed by a President with the worst approval ratings in the history of our nation! Further, in one section of the publication, Mr. Williams refers to “Martial Law rapes” and correctly identifies an issue that occurs in any society that has fallen into anarchy and social standards disappear as people panic and attempt to feed their families when even the basics for survival have been stripped off the store shelves - which may take months to replenish!

A lot (Questions he answers via email.) are from women who are afraid of the typical Martial Law rapes. I understand that issue and have seen the backlash of it, but I ask them to think it through. What about the vicious young thugs who are out to hurt and rape anyone and don’t care one bit about your pleas? It goes on and on and is a legitimate concern.

Yes, it is a “legitimate concern”, and while I agree that firearms should remain hidden while “occupying forces” are conducting house to house searches, disarming ourselves is a guarantee that rape, murder, and the loss of a family’s hard earned food and supplies - and possibly their lives, will be a certainty rather than a possibility! Ask yourselves whether a family will have a better chance of surviving an assault from thugs and/or people marauding for food and essentials armed with firearms or attempt to defend themselves with a “Ka-Bar combat style knife?” (Or even Bear-strength Pepper Spray as the author also suggests.)

In the argument for giving up your arms, Mr. Williams describes it as thus:

So, you say, “I have a handgun”. Well, what do you intend to do with it? The guy down the street who wants your cans of beans might be intimated, but if you pointed it at me, I’d take it away from you in 2 seconds and then what would you do? Really - think about it… what would you do? One important fact about shooting is that even a stationary target is hard to hit with any accuracy by a beginner. What if it’s moving?

What about the “pause” nearly every inexperienced person has where there is a second or so while you get your mind fixed. An
experienced combatant will use those split seconds to kill you quite dead. What if you actually fire your weapon during Martial Law and the report is heard by roaming troops who come running? There you will be, a civilian with a recently fired gun…when it will be illegal to even possess the gun at all! What will you do then?

In this author’s opinion, the argument against firearms doesn’t pass the smell test, especially in consideration that Mr. Williams was a member of our “special Forces” and served in the Vietnam War. Many people are wary of firearms, and they do have a slight recoil, however, with three to four hours of professional training at any local firing range, familiarizing the adult and teenage members of your family in the proper use and maintenance of weapons is fairly simple and doesn’t require a lot of cost or training. Add a few hours of “Quick Kill” technique to the training, and the necessity to “take aim” is unnecessary. During the Vietnam War, the military developed the Quick Kill technique for soldiers that were fighting in close quarters, i.e., the jungles and heavy foliage that were common in Vietnam Nam. Our military found that troops didn’t have the time to take aim as they would in open-area combat and came up with a highly effective method of shooting the enemy without taking traditional aim that relied on instinctive shooting - and it’s a technique that can be learned within a matter of a few hours and is extremely effective!

The Quick Kill technique that we were taught in the Army only encompassed a couple of hours, however, after mastering the technique, which anyone can easily do - the results were more than remarkable, and in close-combat situations, which is exactly the situation a family would encounter if thugs attempt to enter your home, mastering “Quick Kill” won’t bring your family up to the par of combat troops but will easily convince potential intruders that their best bet for stealing or raping people as they forage for food will best be accomplished by choosing those homes who have decided to “curry favor” and turn their firearms into the local authorities. Thugs and criminals usually choose the path of least resistance, so with those words as your guide, it’s up to each family to decide the course of action they will take in attempting to insure the survival of their individual family units.

There is much more that I could reveal and critique, but my purpose isn’t to bash Survive Martial Law.com, but to draw attention to what I believe are major discrepancies that are written by his own hand. Much to his credit, I received a refund within 48 hours after I requested it, and I also mentioned that I would be writing a review of his material. I don’t believe it’s fair to blind-side anyone, and I would hope that his intentions are certainly what he believes are in the best interests of the public. I disagree with his stance and now that I have read his plan to “Survive Martial Law”, I feel it’s morally imperative to state my objections and draw attention to what I believe is a flawed plan.

Normally, when I find a site I disagree with, I simply go somewhere else and forget about it. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, on a matter as serious as surviving martial law; it’s imperative that the public receive reasoned and logical advice. S 1959 and the prospect of martial law are serious issues which demand well thought-out and objective thinking. If you reversed positions with the government and wanted to implement martial law, the tactics and beliefs that Mr. Williams expresses in his pamphlet “Survive Martial Law” are unquestionably those that the government would prefer - subservience to the troops, handing in your weapons, and having the belief that “you can do nothing about it.”

Some may argue that subservience and to “curry favor” is the only way to survive martial law, and those people would be those that still support President Bush - less than 20% of the population. I would remind Mr. Williams that Freedom is not free, and it was best stated by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson when they made these words immortal:

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

Thomas Jefferson

William Cormier


I am nothing more than a patriotic American that is doing whatever I can to further the cause of democracy, the rule of law, and am absolutely outraged on how the Bush administration is defying our Congress, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights! Footnote: I write in a style that I believe is appropriate in today’s world where we can’t trust the Mainstream News Media, and rather than concentrating on one article alone, which may or may not receive the exposure and emphasis it should, I prefer to meld several relevant stories together, that each taken alone may not expose the entire situation, but when taken-in as a whole, tend to give the reader a better understanding of the subject. One article or story alone does not represent the “Big Picture” - but when several are effectively tied-together it often reveals a trend or broader view of the subject matter that is important to completely understand any given situation. http://justanothercoverup.com/


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