Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Your World and Colony Collapse Disorder - Smoking Mirrors

Tuesday, February 26

Your World and Colony Collapse Disorder.


Last year nearly a third of the American bees left their hives and went… somewhere. It’s being said even more will disappear this year. A third of your food supply depends on these bees. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are all at risk. Slipping into the news we see that much higher food prices are on their way all over the world.

You can wonder at the sub prime disaster and the wars abroad. You can speculate on 9/11 and the tentacle reach of the neo-cons. You can tremble at the prospect of Global Warming or Global Cooling; whichever it happens to be. You might think it’s a lot of bunk and there is a good argument that it might be. But the bees… people… the bees are very important. The bees and the rainforests are a serious issue.

Some people are saying it is because of genetically engineered seeds. The bees can’t integrate with them. People are saying a lot of different things but no one knows for sure. There is one thing that I know. You do not mess with Mother Nature.

I’m not going to discuss the theories here. I’m not an analyst or a scientist. I’m not an expert on anything. My biggest strength is that I know when I’m being lied to. I try to paint a wide picture and hope it adds to the voices… the voices that grow by the hour; the chorus of voices that seek to counter the lies. It’s not all lies… some of it is hard, unfortunate truth.

It’s not just the bees who are experiencing Colony Collapse Disorder. It’s happening on many levels and there is no telling where we will be left once critical mass occurs. We are in a very uncertain state.

The Turkish army is in Iraq. The Israelis are gearing up for ever more terrible actions in Gaza and anywhere the undesirable Palestinians may dwell. They’re plotting all manner of things for Lebanon, Syria and Iran. The West has made Kosovo an issue in their efforts to contain and circumscribe Russia. We are all casual pieces in the game of Risk. We are nothing but ciphers as the psychopathic bankers, industrialists, multi-national corporations, arms merchants and corrupt politicians and religious leaders, strategize and plot, feint and lunge as they all struggle to control the world to their advantage.

This collection of criminals at the top of the food chain does not care about your condition or what may happen to you. You are less than nothing to them. In many cases you are in the way and you are… too many. Though they are rich beyond the possibility of spending it, they want more. They are a virulent cancer that threatens to create war and holocaust beyond anything ever experienced before. They see pages with numbers and you are one of them. You are added and subtracted as if you had no real existence.

These men and women all have food stores and safe houses to sit out whatever catastrophe they can imagine. They are not sane. They may be rich and intelligent and powerful but they are not sane and as much as they think they know about the world and the direction they intend for it to go they do not know where it will go. It is their sense of personal power and titanic hubris that causes them to believe they know what is going on but they do not know and they are not sane. They are not sane. They are as close to monsters as any monsters we shall ever see. What are we to do?

On the surface nothing seems all that critical. We are fed a daily dose of celebrity lives and meaningless awards for meaningless productions. We are regaled by comedians who no doubt make jokes about the bees and the rainforests and the wars. They don’t see any of this from the windows of their limousines. They see themselves and their own celebrity and they feast and honor one another in their exclusive lives. Meanwhile time and circumstance march on.

The bees work under the radar. They are a critical link in a system that is linked at every point. The bees will not leave alone, other things will follow. The natural system is one of interdependent reliance. It has a balance to it. Once that balance is toyed with the entire system is at risk. Strange maladies begin to appear and sweep across the land. But meanwhile, on the surface everything is OK.

That a third of the food supply is in danger seems to be no big deal. Nude, drunken bimbos are there to occupy our attention. Genocide is a cartoon before the main feature. All the political games and international hotspots are like dumpster diving homeless outside the window of a black limousine. They are just images without content. They are an abstraction. They are not real.

Does any reasonable person think that those who are orchestrating all of this chaos will stop in midstream and say to themselves; “Oops, we’re going the wrong way, let’s back off and find another route”? Does a madman suddenly become sane? Does a selfish opportunist get religion on some serendipitous morning? No… they persist in their drive until they are stopped. They do not find epiphany unless it is in the moment they go over the cliff.

There are a few possibilities that may contain the juggernaut of madness before the world itself falls off a cliff. Wise aliens from outer space, with powers unguessed at, might appear in the sky. Jesus might appear in the sky or… the people of the Earth will come together and resist. I leave it to you to contemplate which of these is most likely. Things really are falling apart. Let us say they look like they are falling apart but we are told not to worry about it. We aren’t even told about it at all most of the time.

There’s always been the one power that we collectively possess. We step away. We stop participating. We stand down. Perhaps you think it’s all going to work out on its own and you may be right. You are trusting to some as yet unseen cavalry to ride in. You think it’s just a phase. You can’t risk losing what you have while you are losing what you have incrementally.

You know that corruption is the order of the day at the highest levels. You know that these leaders of the blind are criminals of the very worst sort. You know this and you know that you are helpless except in this one way. You can become like the bees in your own way and nothing will get done or made on that day.

I’ve been mentioning this for a long time and now some organizations have come together and made a day when no one should go to work or buy anything. That day is March 19th. One day is not going to do any more than to show you what you can accomplish. That’s a big deal though. That’s a very big deal. One day can become one week and one week can become one month. You can shut it down and I am afraid that you have to shut it down before it shuts you down. Your very survival is at stake.

For the sake of those in Palestine and Iraq and every oppressed theater of life; for the sake of the homeless and dispossessed, for the sake of the hungry and the tormented and imprisoned, for the sake of entire legitimate governments rotting in jail, for the sake of what remains of your own honor and integrity you must act. You must act before you become like them by merely letting this continue. You must act or you will be acted upon. If it has not become clear to you by now then perhaps it is your destiny to go down under the hobnailed boot of history. Only you can know how important it is to you. Use your power or lose the opportunity. Sooner or later they come for everyone.

Rocket Ship

art by Jim Kirwan

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