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9/11: Did Barbara Olson really call Ted Olson on 9/11? "Discussion" with Larry King.

March 31, 2008 at 17:24:09

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LARRY KING, HOST, LARRY KING LIVE: Tonight we have an unexpected guest, Mr. Ted Olson, the former Solicitor General under George W. Bush. Our "discussion" ... Did Barbara Olson really call Ted Olson on 9/11?


9/11: Did Barbara Olson really call Ted Olson on 9/11? “Discussion” with Larry King.

LARRY KING, HOST, LARRY KING LIVE: Tonight we have an unexpected guest, Mr. Ted Olson, the former Solicitor General under George W. Bush. Ted is here tonight under unusual circumstances. I say that because tonight we were planning on having another good debate about what really did happen on that fateful day back in 2001, 9/11. Popular Mechanics magazine was to send their top expert regarding the scientific evidence of 9/11 to debate a previous debater we had here a few weeks back. We had a Mr. GNIST here supporting the claim by NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, that “Heavy Dust Brought Down Twin Towers.” But after seeing the transcript from that debate -- we thought it was only fair that Popular Mechanics be able to review it since they apparently had not seen the actual debate -- they apparently had a change of heart, not to mention, change of mind. So we were fortunate that someone spotted Ted Olson down in the lobby reading the script of his arguments made to the Supreme Court back in 2000 and he was kind enough to join us.

King: Ted, thanks for coming up and filling in. When Popular Mechanics canceled out, or as I think someone said, called in sick, we were kind of stuck. Anyway,
that case you argued in 2000, Bush v. Gore, is that how you say it Ted, Bush “vee” Gore or should it be Bush versus Gore?

Olson: Saying “vee” is just fine. And you are welcome Larry, I’m glad I am able to help out by filling in.

King: Does reading that transcript bring back a lot of memories, after all that was a really important case? And it was decided in favor of Bush by a narrow majority. There was even controversy among the justices the way it was handled. A lot of people say that changed the course of history. They say this would be a different world if they had been allowed to continue counting all of those ballots and Al Gore was elected. Anyway, I’m sure we at least would have heard a lot more about those drowning polar bears and melting ice caps. Someone showed me the cutest picture of a polar bear hugging a big dog the other day. But anyway Ted, thanks again for coming up. ... Ted, you said something interesting back in 2002. You told the Supreme Court, “It's easy to imagine an infinite number of situations where the government might legitimately give out false information.” What did you mean by that?

Olson: Well Larry, I think it speaks for itself.

King: I guess so but, “infinite” covers an awful lot of situations. And giving out “false” information is the same as lying, right?

Olson: You might say that Larry, but there are some things as you might imagine that its best for the people to not know.

King: Such as? ... Well I won’t push you. But geez, when you say “infinite” that could mean we are being lied to all of the time. Doesn’t it? Something doesn’t quite feel right about that Ted. Maybe they didn’t mean “government of the people, by the people and for the people” applied all of the time. I don’t know. .... Ted I don’t
think I gave you a proper introduction. Ted Olson of course for those of you watching, lost his charming wife Barbara who was in the plane that struck the Pentagon on 9/11. She had been a frequent guest here on Larry King live. I know everyone would agree she had a great smile. Ted, I Know you appeared to be holding up so well right after that happened. In fact you came on my show just, I think it was, just three days after that horrible day. Have you been able to completely get over it? I’m sure you miss her.

Olson: It took a long time Larry, and well, I guess I’ll never be completely over it.

King: I didn’t mean to say “completely” over it but, well ... you know what I mean. We talked a little bit about this right afterwards .... you were able to speak with Barbara from the airplane.

Olson: Yes Larry, she called me twice. She told me the plane had been hijacked and the hijackers had herded everyone to the back of the plane, including the pilots.

King: That’s amazing. I mean, did the pilots simply get up and walk to the back of the plane? I mean the Captain, Charles Burlingame -- I’m pretty sure that was his name, was described as a rugged, athletic guy. And he was a former Navy pilot. Those guys are really tough.

Olson: Well, Larry, all I know is what Barbara told me. But I’m sure pilots are just as afraid of cardboard box cutters as anyone else. And when someone points a cardboard box cutter at you, you surrender your airplane. After all, if they kill you, who is going to do the flying?

King: Beats me, but how do you fly the airplane from back in coach? .............. CNN reported at 2:06 AM EDT that Barbara had called you on her cell phone. That was only what, 15 ... 16, hours after her plane had crashed into the Pentagon? You got that information to us right away. Maybe because you were grieving about losing Barbara, you decided to call CNN after midnight. I’m sure you couldn’t sleep .... Then, on this show on September the 14th, we talked about the phone calls she made to you. That was lucky that she had her cell phone with her so she could call.

Olson: I guess you could say that, lucky I mean. Because she had her cell phone, I did get to talk with her. She was so calm and in control.

King: I remember too that you said the second call suddenly went dead. I have the transcript of that show here in front of me and you said, you thought the call went dead “because the signals from cell phones coming from airplanes don’t work that well.”

Olson: Yes, that was no doubt the reason, Larry. I remember thinking the cell phone connection must have been lost.

King: Excuse me Ted. Timmy!! You made it! Tim I’m sorry we couldn’t get a hold of you. Popular Mechanics didn’t show up. It’s too bad your dad had to drive you all of the way down here. How are you? You haven’t grown any in the last few weeks I see.

Timmy: No sir. I’m still the second shortest in my class.

King: Tim, you are late again, ha ha. Maybe by the time you get to be eleven years old you’ll learn to be on time.

Timmy: Yea, my dad got lost again. He kept singing some song about, they’ll never find us caus’ we’ll be driiivin’ driiivin’ .... I thought he was going to be right. But at least we finally made it.

King: Timmy, this is Mr Olson. Coincidentally he has ties to 9/11 which is what you were going to debate tonight with those Popular Mechanics.

Timmy: Hello Mr. Olson. I’m very sorry to hear about Mrs. Olson. I was listening in to the show while my dad was singing.

Olson: Thank you Timmy. Nice to meet you.

King: I hear we have one very persistent caller so let’s get right to the phones. This is from ... somewhere in Iowa. Go ahead caller...

Caller: No airplane cell phone calls in 2001.

King: I’m sorry, you say no airplane cell phone calls in 2001?

Caller: Correct. Airplane cell phone calls impossible. Even government agrees. Plus: FBI say ‘no cell phone call.’

King: That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that before. Had you heard that before Ted? Caller how do you know this?

Caller: Moussaoui. Moussaoui trial.

Olson: Larry, I think I know where the caller is going with this. Its been a while, but I remember now. And yes, the caller is right. Its been proven that cell phone calls like this from airplanes were not possible back in 2001. In addition Larry, having been the Solicitor General I do tend to follow court cases. And in the Moussaoui trial, the FBI provided evidence that Barbara did try to call me only once. And in fact, that call lasted all of zero seconds.

King: Zero seconds!? Given all of the things she said to you she must have talked really fast.

Olson: No Larry, what they were saying was that she didn’t connect with me by cell phone.

King: That would explain then why .............. we’ve got a really good staff here. I mean we didn’t even know you were going to be here for more than a few minutes Ted, and they managed to get all of this information to me. I’m sorry .... what was I saying? ...... Oh yes, I guess that would explain why you said on Hannity and Colmes just before you came on with me that Barbara must have used an “airplane phone” and called you collect because as you said, “she somehow didn’t have access to her credit cards.”

Olson: Larry, I forgot, I’ve been through this before. She did call me from an airplane phone. I remember she called me collect because she didn’t have her credit cards.

King: Ted, this is getting confusing. First you called CNN only hours after the crash and said she called you on her cell phone. Then, just three days later you appeared on FOX and said she used an “airplane” phone. Right after that you came on here Ted, and said again she called you using a cell phone. Ted, I think you can understand why I’m confused. So which was it Ted, a cell phone or an airplane phone? Just curious.

Olson: It was a seat back phone, Larry.

King: You mean one of those phones in the back of the seat.

Olson: Yes Larry, that is what I mean.

KIng: It sounds like you remember because you remember she didn’t have her credit cards. Interesting.

King: Ok, back to the phones. From Dallas Texas, caller go ahead.

Caller: No seat back phones.

King: Excuse me, I think you said, no seat back phones. What does that mean?

Caller: American Airlines 757’s didn’t have seat back phones.

King: So you’re saying Barbara Olson could not have called using a seat back phone? Is that correct caller? How do you know this?

Caller: That is correct. No seat back call from an American Airlines’ 757. I work for American Airlines. Don’t give out my name.

King: Ted? No seat back phones.

Olson: Larry, as an ex-Solicitor General, I can follow the argument: FBI: no cell phone call, American Airlines: no seat back phone. Therefore, how two calls? Pretty good argument if I don’t say so myself.

King: And?

Olson: We’ll be right back after the break.

King: Ted, you’re not the one that says “we’ll be right back after the break,” I’m the one who says “we’ll be right back after the break.” We’ll be right back after the break!

(the break)

King: We’re back. Ted, how two phone calls?

Olson: Walkie Talkie.

King: I’m sorry, what did you say?

Olson: Walkie Talkie.

Timmy: Mr. King, I think he said, “walkie talkie.”

King: Thank you Timmy, I heard it the second time. Ted, you’re saying Barbara called you using a “walkie talkie?”

Olson: Must have been. What other option is there?

King: I understand, but “walkie talkie?”

Olson: They’re pretty good these days. Technology these days is incredible. Have you heard of “voice morphing?”

King: I wouldn’t know, Ted. But “walkie talkie?”

Timmy: This is pretty interesting stuff.

King: I would have to agree Timmy. Imagine, walkie talkies working from airplanes. If it weren’t for walkie talkies, I guess, how would we have ever known they used cardboard cutters? We would all be wondering how in the heck were they able to hijack those airplanes. By the way, here is an interesting fact I remember coming across: Did you know that on 9/11, it was the Airlines that operated airport security and their manuals prohibited box cutters? That’s right, box cutters weren’t allowed on airplanes! It makes you wonder how they were able to get all of those box cutters they must have had past those security people and those x-ray machines? And different ones at that! Screeners were told to call their supervisors if box cutters were found. ... Timmy, you have something to say?

Timmy: Excuse me Mr King. Mr Olson, let me see if I’ve got this straight; I know I’m short, but this isn’t that complicated. If it wasn’t a cell phone, and it wasn’t a seat back phone, and with all due respect Mr. Olson, I think its safe to rule out walkie talkies; then did she really call you at all? Mr. Olson, you seem pretty honest. So, if you are telling the truth, maybe it was that “voice morphing” you were talking about. I read that for a lot of years now, they have been able to copy and mimic someone’s voice really easy using computers so that it can be used in place of someone else talking. You know, so that I could talk and it would sound just like you. I guess its so good you can even fool a spouse. And you were Mrs. Olson’s spouse, so maybe you got fooled. Mr. Olson, I guess its either that or you are fudging the truth.

King: Ted, are you OK? Ted? Ted, the bathroom is over there.

King: Tim, its looks like we won’t have time to get a response from Mr. Olson. But I’m glad you were able to make it Timmy. GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!


King: Ted, are you ok? You were in there for a long time. Timmy and I have been talking about how “fishy” -- Tim’s word -- these phone calls are. It made me think again of that statement you made “It's easy to imagine an infinite number of situations where the government might legitimately give out false information.” But why would they give out false information about Barbara’s phone calls only hours after the crash? I guess when you said “infinite” that could cover just about anything; I mean “infinite” is a big number. Not that I’m saying there is any lying going on, but Ted, you have to agree it is “fishy.” So why don’t we just agree to call it “fishy,” ok Ted? Ted? Are you ok? You look a little peaked.

Timmy: You know, I just thought of something: Since we’re in a “trillion dollar” war because of this 9/11 stuff, I’ll bet we can afford a thousand dollars or so to get the phone records and put this thing to rest? It sure seems pretty simple to me. Then if the phone records show that Mrs. Olson really did call, that would get Mr. Olson “off the hook” so to speak. Then, they can try to put to rest --( good luck!) -- all of the other 9/11-light-bulb-“virtual proofs” I read about.

King: But what if she didn’t call, Tim? I mean, .... well, maybe we better leave it there.

Pentagon - no wing impact

Pentagon Hole

Tim: Mr. King, its enough to make you start thinking again about how DID that great big 757 that Mrs. Olson was supposedly on fit through that little hole in the wall? Here, look at this picture I brought along. I was going to show it to that “expert” from Popular Mechanics. It doesn’t look to me like a 757 could have fit through there. Maybe the 757 really did miss all of those light poles by a long shot and actually flew over the Pentagon without hitting it like the Flight Data Recorder showed according to the data provided by the NTSB; which is kind of like the government. You know Mr. King, that little white missile-like thing that didn’t look anything like a 757 in that one video the government finally let us see, I’ll bet that would have fit very nicely through that little hole. Boy, its funny how everything starts making sense when ...

King: Like when Willie Nelson debated Bill Maher right here and explained why he’s sure the Twin Towers were ‘imploded.’

Tim: And like that “Heavy Dust” Mr. GNIST tried to say crushed those Towers.

King: And when the Italian ex-President said its common knowledge among global intelligence agencies that the CIA planned and carried out the attacks on 9/11.

Tim: And maybe all of this is why they are debating the truth about 9/11 in the Japanese Parliament. And what about the thousands of patriotsfor911truth, physicistsfor911truth, architechturalengineersfor911truth, veteransfor911truth, pilotsfor911truth, scholarsfor911truth, canadiensfor911truth, Irishfor911truth, Scottsfor911truth, Newfoundlandersfor911truth, Australiansfor911truth, people and scientists and politicians from all around the world for 911truth. .... I’m pretty good at memorizing lists.

King: Boy I guess! That was some list. But I think maybe we should stop here, Timmy. I think our mikes are still on.

King: There, I think the mikes are off now. Tim, thanks for recommending the book, “The Shell Game.” I couldn’t put it down, no kidding. That Ace Futrell, what a character. Ted, you want to read a great book? Ted? Are you ok?


I hope you, the reader, realize this discussion never actually took place. However, the relevant facts themselves are true and verifiable. The “discussion” is meant to put the “phone calls” -- if indeed they never took place as is almost certainly the case -- into proper perspective and context. Other reasons to doubt that the phone calls ever took place can be found at www.pilotsfor911truth. And this, like SO many other suspect things relating to 9/11, could be easily addressed by the government, yet they refuse to do so.

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  1. Is this how low Truthers stoop to now? They have to make up fake interviews?

    I will have you know that I debated a guy on air that used the Walkie-Talkie quip to poke fun at Ted Olson. But this doesn't surprise me, almost everything you guys bring up is doctored or embellished. Look up Richard Siegel and 9/11 Mysteries for an eye-opener.