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Correspondence with a YouTube viewer on my viewpoint of the insidious forces that changed history

"I am appearing before you without public responsibility, as a citizen of the Republic who, after long absence abroad, has returned from the scene of our Nation's spiritual as well as military campaigns in the Far East. Certain definite impressions have been made upon me - I am concerned for the security of our great Nation not so much because of any potential threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within which, opposed to all of our great traditions, have gravely weakened the structure and tone of our American way of life..."

General Douglas MacArthur

Speech at Texas Legislature
June 13, 1951
Austin Texas

Choose the truth. (4 min)

(first response from a stranger through YouTube mail)

Dear CyberDogg [YouTube username], It's great to read another thinker out in the cold vacuum of cyber-space. I read your profile and I agree with almost everything you believe.

I hate to say it bro, but I think it's probably too late. This administration of murderers has done things no American administration has even thought about, let alone stooped to. I think the website for "The PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY" is now closed [still up at this moment], but you can probably find parts of it. If you can, read its mission statement and then read the names at the bottom. If I'm not mistaken, 19 of the 24 signees is Jewish, and they all wanted a new Iraq war, but not to get oil, finish daddy's war, or bring democracy to Iraq. Bullshit! The only reason is to have a permanent Middle East presence for Israel's sake. The Neo-Cons are traitors and should be treated as such and executed [I concur 100%].

I was turned on to this evil site before 9/11 (an inside job, or intentionally caught off guard) even happened yet. On "NIGHTLINE" one night not long before the event, either Wolfowitz or Perle lamented that their goals couldn't be realized unless there was, word for word, "ANOTHER PEARL HARBOR" I kid you not. Anyway, if we ever point out the obvious, that Israel is no more a democracy than Syria or Iran, we and our thoughts would bring unwarranted attention. But I'm like you, a patriot of a country I love, not because of what it is, but what it could be, and who it's people are. I think this system, if run correctly, without charlatans, liars and murderers now running and ruining things, would really be the envy of the world.

Anyway, I've written your ear off. Sorry. christoJihad2

* * *

(2nd response)

DEAR CYBERDOGG, I had little doubt that you knew about PNAC, but there are two more for you (you probably have seen them, too), but here's one: and the other one's a three part documentary, THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES I just sent you part 1. The others kind of automatically follow. I'll watch yours, too.

There's an old Chinese proverb or saying, "May you live in interesting times." I don't know about you, but I think back about the USSR and doing drop drills every friday in my elementary school in Reseda, California during the early sixties. But that was just the beginning: The Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK assassination, the escalation in Vietnam, the Tet Offensive, LBJ bowing out of the race, King's and then two months later, Bobby Kennedy's assassination.

I've lived 53 years and have read religiously for all my life, but Cyberdogg, I'm more worried now than at anytime in my life, and I was very aware of what we faced at nine years old. I don't think I was wise beyond my years, but I think from the Cuban Missile Crisis on, millions of us kids thought we were living on borrowed time. Here I am again, writing your ear off. Sorry, my friend.

One more thing, did you go to my video. It's a song I wrote, played guitar and sang on. If you didn't get to it, that's cool. But if you couldn't get to it for some reason, go to christoJihad2, just do everything lower case letters except the J, which is upper case. Then go to POLITICIANS Please write back and tell me what you think of the song. christoJihad2 or call me Randy


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(My reply to second response)


Don't worry about "writing my ear off".


I'm [one of the only few ordinary] American who knows the full scope of this world leading to World War 3. Zionism as a dangerous movement, 911 inside job by Neocons and Zionists, ruling establishment's control of the media and government in the U.S., future economic collapse, etc.

I went through the similar drill (but for tornado warning) at elementary and junior high in the 80's and early 90's.

JFK's assassination was a coup d'etat by the US govt. Oswald was a patsy but he was "in on it" to some degree (there are questions of his defect to USSR only to be admitted back in US with his citizenship reinstated and working for Naval intelligence), only serving as a convenient scapegoat for CIA's disposal. JFK's assassination was coordinated by the CIA and Mossad, because:

CIA hated JFK for Bay of Pigs failure (JFK okayed the invasion but refused to provide U.S. armed forces for cover in assistance) and his firing of CIA director Allen Dulles & rebuking the Pentagon chief of staff for Operation Northwoods that call for staging terror attack blamed on Fidel-led Cuba for invasion. The right-wing extremists at the CIA and Pentagon hated JFK for not going along with the plan to attack Cuba on both counts (E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Curtis LeMay, et al). Israel prime minister and one of the founding fathers of State of Israel David Ben Gurion argued with JFK over Israel's right to develop nuclear reactor and weaponizing in secret correspondence by telegram and in private meetings. JFK impliedly threatened to cut off U.S. relations with Israel over nuclear proliferation issue. JFK at one time referred to Gurion as "wild man". Gurion resigned without warning that June of 1963.

Ben Gurion told the Mossad to coordinate the assassination operation, and Mossad had a contact with James Jesus Angleton who worked as chief of counterintelligence at CIA. CIA shared the animosity with Israeli leaders, so they worked jointly to kill JFK in order to destroy JFK's legacy working for peace instead of cowing to oligarchy. [Video]

I do not know the role of Federal Reserve in assassination of JFK because he signed Executive Order 11110. That's a more complicated theory. However the oligarchs hated JFK because of his speech [video] to the conference of newspaper editors condemning secrecy dangerous to national security and peace. They don't want such expose so they favored the murder of JFK to keep consolidating control and wealth by fraud and deception.

JFK's death led to a major change in foreign policy -- 100% alliance with Israel in favorable relationship. LBJ likely knew of JFK assassination -- he's probably part of the plot. LBJ bowed to CIA and Pentagon pressure to escalate the Vietnam War by faking Gulf of Tonkin that August of 1964. Israeli military force attacked the intelligence spy ship USS Liberty (with the waving US flag in full sight) on June 8 1967 to try to sink the ship so there would be the new "Remember the Maine" propaganda. Ship never sunk against the odds. LBJ wanted the ship destroyed as said in an audio tape, which makes him a true traitor. The purpose of USS Liberty being sunken is to begin the massive war on Middle East to destroy what Israel consider "existential enemy", like Egypt, for geopolitical hegemony.

As an aside, the warhawks at the Pentagon were upset at the missed opportunity to start the war on USSR over Cuban missile crisis. JFK was under pressure to attack Cuba to destroy the missile bases. Curtis LeMay is one of the crazy US military leaders who wanted the prospect of a nuclear war. JFK chose to negotiate with USSR by "feeling the enemy's feet" and this averted the nuclear war. The Pentagon had another reason to hate JFK for being a "peacenik".

RFK was probably assassinated by the CIA because Sirhan Sirhan may have been a victim of the mind control program called MKULTRA. There were CIA agents at the scene who may have helped put the fatal bullet into RFK's head after Sirhan Sirhan ran out of the bullets in the midst.

MLK was probably assassinated by the FBI. There was FBI plot to defame MLK as an opportunistic liar and adulterer. The FBI director J Edgar Hoover was a paranoid racist who wanted MLK eliminated because MLK was very outspoken against the Vietnam War and advocating socialist causes. Hoover saw MLK as a Communist instigator who must be silenced.

The corruption in Washington runs very deep now. That's why they killed Minnesota senator Paul Wellstone outspoken against Iraq war, etc in "accidents" that were likely sabotages. They killed the famous NFL player-turned-soldier Pat Tillman, who was about to be outspoken against the war on terror when he returns home from tour of duty (like Ron Kovic). More people were assassinated by "suicided" or freak accident to cover up the crimes of high treason. Gary Webb and Hunter S Thompson were "suicided".

I have seen Zeitgeist with English subtitles and it was good. Power of Nightmares unfortunately not but I read the articles what it is about that Al-Qaeda is a fictional organization invented by the CIA after Cold War fizzled, so they need new enemies to keep bleeding American taxpayers dry for more sabotage ops, weapons and porks.

And with the run-up to the war on Iran-Syria, yes, it means we are living in the borrowed time. It's the point of no return. I agree with you it's very worrisome, even more so than any time in my life.

World War III is a very real possibility. If Bush-Cheney don't have "cajones" to order attack on Iran, the Neocons will entrust to John McCain or Hillary Clinton in the next election. Barack Obama may be subject to assassination because he's not "War hawk" enough, unfortunately.

Take care.

-C Nepos Libertas's blog


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