Friday, March 28, 2008

Crypto-Gentiles The Tom Barr Story

Anyone whose has studied our political nightmare has invariably come in contact with the Crypto Jew phenomenon.


Crypto-Judaism is the secret adherence to Judaism while publicly professing to be of another faith; people who practice crypto-Judaism are referred to as "crypto-Jews". The term crypto-Jew is also used to describe descendants of Jews who still (generally secretly) maintain some Jewish traditions, often while adhering to other faiths, most commonly Catholicism.

Some of our most well known and respected politicians have had what we alcoholics call a "moment of clarity". Madeline Albright declared that unbenounced to her that she was Jewish! Wesley Clarke and John Kerry have had similar revelations. The list of crypto Jews is lengthy and impressive. However, this begs the question have Catholics, Muslims or any other religion been able to infiltrate the Judaism? A cursory investigation revealed very little. King James I was thought to be crypto-Catholic.


In practice, James proved lenient towards Catholic laymen who took the Oath of Allegiance,[7] and he tolerated Catholicism and crypto-Catholicism even at court.[8]

It was not until today that I stumbled across an interesting picture.

Which actor does this Star of David tattoo belong to?

Which actor does this Star of David tattoo belong to?

This photograph was placed on the right hand side of an article elaborating John McCain’s new Middle East Plan. Here is the link to the article:

The tattoo piqued my interest. I thought to myself who would be so brazen as to brand themselves with the Rothschild logo? was generous enough to provide us with some reasonable choices. They were the following with their respective percentages of votes.

Tom Arnold 42.0%
Adam Sandler
Jon Stewart
Total votes: 12887

Wait a minute! Tom Arnold is Jewish? Arnold is such a schmuck that I was certain he was a goy. Jews generally don't portray their people as anything less than favorable. Arnold did marry and service Rosanne Barr for several years before divorcing and collecting part of her 20 million dollar estate during the divorce settlement. During the marriage, Arnold was always portrayed as Rosanne’s husband. He definitely took a back seat to her”back seat." I always thought that Arnold was gold digger.


Arnold was born in Ottumwa, IA, the son of Linda Kay Graham (née Collier)[1] and Jack Arnold.[2] He has six siblings, Lori, Johnny, Scott, Chris, Marla and Mark. Arnold attended Ottumwa High School and began doing stand-up comedy when he was 23. He met Roseanne Barr when she saw his act, in 1983. Arnold, who had Jewish ancestors named Cohen on his maternal grandfather’s side, converted to Judaism upon marrying Barr.[3]

He was like the male version of Anna Nicole Smith. But when I saw the Rothschild logo stamped on his chest, I realized that Arnold not only had to please Rosie but literally had to mark his flesh to prove his loyalty to the tribe.

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