Sunday, March 30, 2008

If Israel Doesn't Like Ugly Caricatures They Shouldn't Act Like Them

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Favorite Fraudulations from the Apartheid State

Our people are descended from Abraham.
The Jews of modern day Israel are the chosen people.
We have a historical claim to Palestine.
Palestine was a land without a people and the Jews were a people without a land.
The bombing of the King David Hotel was not the same as terrorism.
Zionists did all they could to get Jews out of Hitler's Europe.
The indigenous Palestinian people were not cleansed from their land they left voluntarily.
Israel has an excellent human rights record.
We attacked the Arab countries in 1967 because they were about to attack us.
Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty was a case of mistaken identity.
The machine gunning of survivors trying to flee USS Liberty was not necessarily an international war crime.
We did not execute 1,000 Egyptian prisoners in the Sinai dessert the same day the Liberty was attacked.
The continuing Jewish settlement in the West Bank does not mean we are not interested in peace.
Targeted extrajudicial assassinations are not international war crimes.
The Palestinian territories are not occupied they are disputed.
We did not sell secrets obtained from American traitor Jonathon Pollard to the Russians and Chinese to the severe detriment of America and its intelligence agencies.
Gaza is not a death camp it is a gated community. We just hold the keys to the gate.
Israel is a modern liberal democracy.
We were Semites in our native Eastern Europe while speaking Yiddish before we learned Hebrew.
Stalin’s willing executioners were not Jewish because they were not religious Jews.
The media is not at all influenced by our people.
Our army of Mossad spies in America before 9/11 had no knowledge of the hijackers’ intent to attack. It was pure coincidence that Mossad spies were eating Kentucky Fried Chicken in Liberty Park when the fire works began.
Hezbollah's missiles were fired at us before our massive air strikes on Lebanon.
The destruction of a United Nations post by our precision guided bombs killing four UN observers was accidental.
AIPAC has no influence what so ever on American foreign policy. To suggest otherwise is anti-Semitic.
Go ahead and add your favorite frauds and fabrications from the Apartheid State and their friends in the comment section.

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