Friday, March 28, 2008

Should Zionist Treason Monkeys Be Barred From Certain Government Service?

One half trillion dollars into the Iraq War, 4000 Americans dead, thousands of others maimed for life, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's dead or forever scarred, many of us are beginning to wonder about the wisdom of allowing persons with so called dual loyalties to serve in our
Government. Had things gone just a little better in Iraq I'm sure we would be well into a war with Iran. Rest assured we are not out of the woods yet.
Zionist traitors like Wolfowitz, Feith and Perle had been planning the ouster of Saddam for many years before our invasion. 9/11 provided the perfect opportunity for them to carry out their plans. And so the fraudsters began to spin their tangled web of deceit. Our Zionist infestation of traitors is so extensive that our Government didn't bother to complete an investigation of Israeli spies picnicking in Liberty Park waiting for the fireworks on 9/11 to begin (Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken paid for by the American taxpayer). In Christopher Ketchams article about these spies we were told that our President negotiated a deal for the release of these terrorists with Israel. How do you negotiate a deal with a country complicit in the murder of 3,000 Americans. Isn't it time to wake up and smell the treason?

Wealthy Democratic Zionist Contributors Demand Their Dollars Be Counted In Delegate Race

Many Zionists in America are now questioning our American values. There is something seriously wrong with a country when its politicians cannot be purchased with their money. More aid for Apartheid Israel, war with Iraq, another Holocaust museum or the appointment of yet another Zionist college president. Historically all of these things have been easily purchased with Zionist contributions. That's why these contributors were recently outraged when the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi suggested that super delegates should follow delegates pledged based on the basis of votes cast by the electorate. This is outrageous. Their candidate is Hillary. They have voted with their dollars in this dollar democracy. Their vote must be counted and must count the most.

Lets face it Obama has not yet pledged unconditional loyalty to Israel. He has even expressed compassion for Palestinians and this is not acceptable. That's why Hillary's backers sent a multi-million dollar letter to Nancy Pelosi this week.
"We appreciate your activities in support of the Democratic Party and your leadership role in the Party and hope you will be responsive to some of your major enthusiastic supporters," online copies of the letter read.

Vichy Congress Spends 5 Million For One More Holocaust Museum...In Poland?

Our Vichy Congress has spent nothing to date for an American Indian Holocaust museum. They have spent nothing for a museum memorializing African-Americans and hundreds of years of slavery. Congress did spend 50 million for a Holocaust museum memorializing the murder of European Jews. This memorial for foreigners was built on hallowed ground in our nations capital a few years ago. Now at the instruction of its treasonous AIPAC (Israels Lobby) masters your Congress has authorized 5 million dollars for yet another Holocaust museum this time in Poland. Is it time to shave the heads of our Vichy Congress? I think so. This article should be required reading for real Americans. Our Vichy Congress

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