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Billionaire and "Tireless Cheerleader for Israel" backing Hillary

Haim Saban
The 400 Richest Americans
#98 Haim Saban - Forbes
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Does this mean that a Hillary as president will bend and shape American policy to fit Israeli interests? Why of course no, silly. Why, Israel is our one and only buddy in the ME and by gosh, what's good for Israel is good for America, right?

Far Right-Winger Zionist behind Hillary's Campaign

With the release of "Her Thighness'" tax returns, this juicy tidbit from an article in the Washington Post came to light:

The Clintons' 2006 tax return shows that, through a blind trust, the couple acquired an interest of an undisclosed size in a private investment fund known as the Quellos Alpha Engine, based in the Cayman Islands. At the time, the fund was controlled by the Quellos Group of Seattle, one of the world's largest managers of mutual funds made up of hedge funds. Hollywood mogul Haim Saban is one of the biggest investors in Quellos and is also one of Hillary Clinton's most prolific fundraisers.

That's Haim Saban, one of the most richest men in the world, according to Forbes and the founder of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution. Brookings, you'll recall, is the home of notorious war mongers, like Kenneth Pollack, who "fantasize" about attacking Iran, when they aren't scooting across town to visit their buddies at another war mongering habitat, the American Enterprise Institute.

Anyone who's ever watched CNN or F** or PBS News hour will recognize Pollack's name and recall his evilly grinning face, whenever Kennie would talk about waging war on Iraq and now, Iran.

To see a list of "fellows" associated with Brookings, click here

Warning: It reads like a Bar Mitzvah guest list.

Saban, according to Source Watch, is a "tireless cheerleader for Israel" and a dear friend of former Israeli PM and comatose war criminal, Ariel Sharon, as shown here

Haim Saban is an Israeli-American media-mogul, one of the biggest contributors to the campaigns of pro-Israel politicians in the U.S. and has been described by a New York Times reporter as a "tireless cheerleader for Israel." He has also founded various centers and institutions to produce policy research favorable to Israel. He is a financial donor and founder of the Saban Institute for the Study of the American Political System at the University of Tel Aviv. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Brookings Institution. In 2002 he pledged $13 million to found the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution."[1]

Ariel Sharon

"To me he will always be a dear personal friend. Haim Saban is a great American citizen and a man who always stood by Israel and the Jewish people in times of need. His contribution to strengthening ties between Israel and American political leaders from all parties has been quite remarkable and outstanding." (Sharon on Saban)

The Saban Center for Middle East Policy current director is Martin Indyk, a name most will recognize as another tireless cheerleader for Israel.

Indyk, the former AIPAC research director, founded the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a very influential ME lobbying outfit, as shown here

The establishment of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) in 1985 greatly expanded the pro-Israel lobby's influence over policy as well. WINEP's founding director, Martin Indyk, had previously been research director of AIPAC which, then as now, focuses much of its efforts on Congress. Indyk developed WINEP into a highly effective think tank devoted to maintaining and strengthening the US-Israel alliance through advocacy in the media and lobbying the executive branch.

One of WINEP's main goals is to ".. "resist pressures for a procedural breakthrough (on Palestinian-Israeli peace issues) until conditions have ripened."

Another was to began acting hostile towards Iran and Iraq. Shortly after assuming office in 1993, the Clinton administration announced a policy of "dual containment" aimed at isolating Iran and Iraq. The principal formulator and spokesperson for that policy was Martin Indyk, in his new role as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs at the National Security Council.

Shortly after the breakup of the former U.S.S.R., when there was talk in America of a "peace dividend", spending some of the money going to defense, and by extension, to Israel, on items like health care, WINEP started authoring papers saying that militant Islamism was on the rise and we in the U.S. better look out...... When that didn't get our attention, Israeli Fifth Columnist's started up a little enterprise called the "Project for the New American Century" that called for another "Pearl Harbor" to get America's attention. And then one Fall morning, on September 11, 2001....

Of course, in Israel's eyes, conditions in the ME will NEVER be ripe for talks, until all of the Palestinians have either been murdered, starved to death or driven off their occupied land.

Does this mean that a Hillary as president will bend and shape American policy to fit Israeli interests? Why of course no, silly. Why, Israel is our one and only buddy in the ME and by gosh, what's good for Israel is good for America, right?

I mean, just because places like the Brookings and the Saban Center helped stove pipe "dodgy" info straight into the White House and then put on pom-poms and cheered endlessly for the U.S. invasion of Iraq doesn't mean they'll do those dirty tricks again, does it?

Isn't Israel supposed to be our "friend" and if so, why would a friend always lie to their one and only buddy?

One more question? Where in the hell do all of these fire-breathing war pigs come from? Is there a factory in Israel that makes endless duplicates of the same, malevolent being, then paints different faces on each one, before siccing them on the world?

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