Monday, April 28, 2008

Curly Headed West Bank Savages Attack German MP's...IDF Stands By Scratching War Criminal Asses

After German Chancellor Angela Merkel grovelled before the Israeli Knesset a few weeks ago, I did not think Germans could get any more pathetic. I guess I was wrong. Seventy years ago the Nazis did some pretty nasty stuff. The Germans however paid a heavy price for their actions. The Allied murder of tens of thousands of civilians in the fire bombing of Dresden and other cities, the rape and intentional starvation of millions of Germans after the war and the genocide of many hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war were among those costs. Shortly thereafter the Zionists picked up the Nazi mantel with earnest and began their own ethnic cleansing of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. They learned well from the Nazis. If Merkel had any words of sorrow for German actions she probably should have directed them towards Palestinians who have suffered far more at the hands of Jews as a result of German actions than any Jew has suffered since the end of Nazi atrocities. Since the racist abomination of Israel was born 60 years ago, the Palestinians have had their land and other possessions stolen, have been brutalized and oppressed and have been murdered indiscriminately by the Judeofascist Apartheid State. All while the world turned a blind eye.

So when a group of Jewish settler/racist thugs and wife beaters in Hebron screwed with a visiting German parliamentary delegation touring the West Bank city last week, who should have been surprised? The legislators were cursed, insulted and threatened by a small group of these curly headed savages. The Israeli police and army as usual showed no willingness to step in and said they couldn't guarantee the safety of the group. The parliamentary delegation headed by Jerzy Montag said the settlers swore at them, threatened them, called them "Nazis" and poured paint on their cars. Following the attacks they cut their visit short and left Hebron. They said they were so shocked and upset that they considered leaving Israel immediately in protest. Hell, this is what Palestinian children face every day walking to school. These Krauts get a little lip from these racist turds, their Mercedes is vandalized and the sissies act like it is some international outrage or something.

Compare their treatment to that of international human rights activist Tove Johansson from Stockholm who while walking to school over a year ago with Palestinian children was showered with spit from a group of one hundred of these nasty bastards. This occurred while the Jews were chanting "we killed Jesus we'll kill you too". Of course almost everyone one knows (but can't talk about) the Eastern European Jews had no more to do with the death of Jesus than the Visigoths, but it sounds kind of ominous when you are threatening someone. Ms. Johansson was then struck by a glass bottle. Her cheekbone broken, skull fractured and her eye muscles damaged. The Israeli army of course did not intervene there either. Nor would any Eastern European Pretender doctors assist her or attend to her injuries. So why should this group of Germans expect anything better. Maybe German media does not report on matters like this anymore than America media.

Here is a video for anyone thinking of going to visit these settler/savages in the West Bank. It shows the mentality of these monsters very well. Please view it however with extreme caution. Many who have viewed this clip have reported a desire to purchase a plane ticket to the West Bank, strap on a stick of dynamite and visit a settlement.

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