Monday, April 7, 2008

Greenwashing American Zionism

Monday, April 07, 2008


A 'perfect storm' is on the horizon for American Jews. It is almost a commonplace, even in the disgusting mainstream media, that one of the main root causes of the American Recession/Depression (it will be a recession for the rich and a depression for the poor and middle classes) is the disruption to the debt markets caused by the necessity of financing the disastrous attack on Iraq using entirely borrowed money. When the other shoe - the fact that the attack served no legitimate American interest, and was entirely a War For The Jews - drops, things might get a bit touchy for a while. It wasn't just that the only beneficiary of the attack was the Settler Movement and its American operatives, it is also the fact that those operatives were the ones responsible for the lies that led the Americans to be tricked into war. The facts continue to ooze out, the latest outrage being that a major motive for the trickery was the recognition of Israel by Iraq. Try explaining to Americans how that is worth trillions of dollars of American money.

It is high time for some greenwashing to misleadingly polish up the image of American Jewry. The new, cuddlier AIPAC is apparently going to be called J Street. You'll hear a lot of talk about peace, but this looks like a lite Zionist version of AIPAC. The reasonable sounding Jews will replace the crazy neocons, but the goal, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, will remain the same. In fact, as Niqnaq points out, there seems to be dissent in the group even before it officially exists. This is almost certainly caused by the fact that some idealists want a real alternative, and are being squeezed out by the greenwashers. The fact that the first order of business is Israel's 'security', standard code for the entire Zionist colonialist project, is all you need to know (although the identities of the participants is also telling).

Contrast the new AIPAC with the similar effort going on in Canada, where the new group seems to be legitimately anti-Zionist.

I've been wondering whether two-faced American Jewish support for the outrages of Zionism requires some sort of symbolic punishment. It goes without saying that the Jewish Billionaires need to be punished through boycotts. What do we do with everybody else, when the response to the crimes in large part caused by the Jewish community is more bullshit intended to allow the crimes to continue? Here's an idea: why not a boycott of all foods with a Kosher mark? Observant Jews would have to bear the full cost of testing, and paying that cost, for the rest of time, would be a worthy reminder that decent people reject what the diaspora is doing to the Middle East. We're always told how we shouldn't blame the assimilated, and the assimilated would not be affected by this boycott.

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