Thursday, April 24, 2008

The hunt for 'Mega'

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Apart from Zionist conspiracy theories (some of which may be true, particularly the idea that a goal of American authorities was to block Bush's anticipated pardon of Pollard), the main interest of the latest Israeli spy scandal comes from reading between the lines. Ben-Ami Kadish, the latest alleged spy, was arrested after he foolishly discussed the problem on the phone with his Israeli handler, identified as Yosef Yagur, and Yagur, who must not be a very good spy, even more foolishly instructed him on what to tell the FBI. The Americans were already tapping phone lines by this point, and seemed to be approaching the conspiracy from both ends, having spooked Kadish enough to confide in Yagur. The lines were being tapped as part of a Manhattan grand jury investigation - a Manhattan grand jury? what did Eliot Spitzer know? - which had apparently been investigating espionage against the United States. Grand juries don't empanel themselves, so some American officials must have decided that Israeli spying needed to be investigated. You have to wonder whether there are special non-Jewish teams of lawyers and staff, as even one American Jew associated with any investigation could not possibly be trusted not to tip off Israel.

Speaking of 'dual loyalty', you can gather a slight indication of the mentality by Kadish's response to the FBI:
"Kadish initially lied to authorities and said he never spoke with Yagur, the feds said. But when confronted with his alleged crimes, Kadish told FBI Special Agent Lance Ashworth he didn't do it for money - he did it because he thought it 'would help Israel.'"

Dual loyalists think that helping Israel is a complete defense to the charges, the mindset being that there is no difference between Israeli and American interests. We have had a big dose of that thinking during the neocon era, where the Wars For The Jews were consistently held to be in American interests.

The official Israeli story is that Pollard was an isolated case, the only spy, and nothing similar has happened since. This is laughable, as we have seen numerous instances of Israeli spying, including the rather massive operation which was spying on the September 11 hijackers in the months before September 11. Since American authorities have caught the Israelis in a lie about the uniqueness of Pollard, they can now start to question the wider issue of Israeli spy operations against the United States, operations which have been going on for decades.

Stewart Ain asks the big question (my emphasis in red):
"The government alleged that the Israeli agent instructed Kadish which documents to retrieve.

There is speculation that the Manhattan grand jury may be seeking to learn the identity of an American administration official who told the agent which documents Kadish should obtain."

The grand jury is trying to identify 'Mega', the high level Israeli spy who was (is?) also a high level American official, and who would have directed the local handler to the documents that were interesting to the Israeli military. 'Mega' has sometimes been identified as numerous people, including Paul Wolfowitz, although the role is more likely to have been played by a series of officials, spanning both American political parties. If this grand jury investigation makes any progress, it will blow the Israeli-American relationship to smithereens.

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