Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The latest incident regarding, at least, the second Israeli nuclear spy has literally opened a Pandora’s Box. One can’t help but ask ‘what else Israel has been lying to the world about?’
The entire case regarding the espionage is truly the ultimate in Chutzpah. America has literally been the lifeline of the zionist paradise for the past 60 years, at the tune of three billion dollars a year (over three TRILLION dollars to date of U.S. taxpayers money). Yet, Israel seems to think it’s OK to spy on their best (possibly only) friend. Well, it isn’t! As an Israeli I am disgusted by this, as a former American I feel betrayed.
But back to the question raised above, ‘what else has Israel been lying to the world about?’
Let’s start with the treatment of the Palestinians….
For sixty years the State of Israel has virtually convinced the West that Palestinians are the enemy. The West has allowed Israel to literally destroy their nation and conduct a holocaust against their people, constantly turning a blind eye to every crime committed by Israel.
Let’s not forget the case of Mordechai Vanunu….
Here is man that ‘blew the whistle’ on Israel’s nuclear programme, a programme that until recently was denied by the Government of Israel. How can a man be punished for a crime regarding a programme that they claimed did not exist? Why is it that years after the man’s release from prison he is still hounded by the authorities and forbidden to speak to foreign journalists or leave the country? Just what is Israel trying to hide??
And of course there is Israel’s alleged involvement in 9/11….
The head of Homeland Security is a man named Michael Chertoff, an Israeli citizen who just happens to be the son of a Mossad agent. That fact alone makes one wonder what possible involvement the Mossad had in the terrorist attacks on 9/11.
Last, but not least is Israel’s push for global war….
Israel can be held responsible for America’s continued involvement in Iraq, which to date has cost it’s people over 2,000 lives and countless dollars. Israel has been pushing for a ’second front’ in Iran, claiming them to be a threat to the security of the Middle East. Israel with an arsenal of nuclear weapons claiming that a country without one bomb is a threat? Where is the logic in that, yet the Bush administration has been supportive of their deceitful efforts in these wars.
Along these same lines, Israel is responsible for the global war against Islam, again, convincing the West that Islam is the threat. In reality, it is Israel themselves that are the threat.

Bottom line is that ISRAEL CANNOT BE TRUSTED! Israel has been lying to the world for 60 years about EVERYTHING… and the world has been buying their loads of bull! It’s time for the world to wake up to this reality. It’s time for America to take steps to put an end to this. A good start would be a boycott of all Israeli products, a boycott of all 60th anniversary celebrations and sanctions put on Israel. The American people have paid dearly for Israel’s crimes, it’s payback time.

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