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The Israeli Factor - A Short Story

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MOSSAD Safe House
Outskirts of Tel Aviv
March 11, 2008
2000 hours local time

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"Gentleman, let's stick to the subject at hand and not discuss the post-meeting entertainment", said the former Israeli PM, known to his friends as "Bennie."

Around the room were gathered Israeli's and Israeli-Americans, but all had one thing in common: They were die-hard Zionists and would do anything to see their dreams of an Eretz Israel come into existence.
An Israel that would stretch from the River Nile to the River Euphrates, north into Turkey and south to the Persian Gulf.

So dedicated were these men to this dream that they would willingly sacrifice themselves or hundreds, thousands or even millions of others to achieve their goal.

Those gathered consisted of Shlomo Berg, former head of the super secretive Israeli intelligence, counter-intelligence and false-flag agency, the MOSSAD.

Shlomo had been "officially" terminated as actual head of the MOSSAD last year, in an incident in which the sanctioning of an American Senator who had started protesting Israeli influence over the U.S. Congress had gone horribly wrong. Not wrong in the sense that the operation was botched, no, the Senator and his family died in a horrific plane crash. Shlomo had been fired because his operatives had gotten too sloppy and not left the required trail of evidence that would have pointed the finger of blame at American Muslims.

For that slip, Shlomo had been let go, but retained off the books to help with this group, the dreaded Israeli Department 2800.

Also in attendance was Jacob Stein, the senior of the group. Don't let his graying hair and thick eye glasses fool you, the man's mind is still as sharp as a razor's edge.

Jacob was the "godfather" of the group, and had been held in high appreciation ever since his group had managed to assassinate the American President in Dallas back in 1963.
Since then, Jacob's hand was evident in more than a few operations directed against "friends" of Israeli, from outright murder of American and European politicians who would not go along with Zionist plans for Middle East domination, to the laying of "honey traps" to entice and snare the gullible ones who couldn't control their sexual urges, or what Jacob called the "Monica."

The representative from the American MSM was there, known to one and all as "Wolf." Wolf had helped immensely with Department 2800's plans by dutifully showing only MOSSAD sanctioned news clips on his cable TV channel and running those clips repeatedly, until the message sunk into the easily manipulated American mind.

Aron Begin, former colonel in the IDF and nephew of the terrorist par excellence Menachem, was there with his specialty of being able to recruit the sickest and most depraved IDF soldiers, the ones who got carried a bit too far when blowing up Palestinian homes, murdering the adults and kidnapping their children.

Aron's "mistake" was allowing his gang of IDF cutthroats to be caught by an Al Jazeera cameraman. Oh, but the cameraman paid dearly, with his life in an "accidental" machine gunning, but by then, it was too late. The video images of Aron bashing in the head of that 12 yo girl had already been beamed to the satellite.

A horrifying image that most of the Middle East had seen, but not America or Europe, thanks to "Wolf" and his numerous friends and associates in the MSM.

That got Aron kicked out of the world's "most moral army", but he landed a cushy assignment with this group.

And the financial mastermind of the group, Lov Zackheim. Lov had spent most of his adult life in America, serving in a number of presidential administrations, always managing, thanks to certain influences, to be in posts in and around the U.S. Treasury, which Lov used like a personal piggy bank, deftly creating a set of "shadow" books from which he was able to pick the pockets of the U.S. Treasury for over $3 Trillion dollars.
Money which had been spirited first to bogus holding accounts in offshore banking havens in the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands, then on to various accounts scattered at MOSSAD run banks in Europe in the MIddle East.

Money which came in handy when buying off a number of corrupt politicians in both America and Europe and for financing guerilla activities directed at US troops in Iraq.

Lov's skill at this was so refined, that an army of auditors couldn't find the trail of the lost money. But an army of auditors in the Pentagon had tried, and were getting close to figuring out just where and how American tax dollars had been stolen, when on September 11, 2001, an Israeli electronic device planted in the Pentagon, led a missile screaming along at 800 MPH to smash into the Pentagon, killing those pesky auditors and destroying the evidence they had accumulated.

Several of Aron's hand picked guards, what "Bennie" laughingly called the "Psycho Unit" were on hand to help with the post-meeting entertainment.

"Bennie," said Jacob, "With this American presidential election, were are we at?"

"Jacob, not to worry. We have the American electorate right where we want them, in the palm of our hands. As you know, the republican candidate, McCain, is scared shitless that we'll release those televised recordings we bought from our Communist Vietnamese friends showing Johnny boy singing like a canary to get special treatment while in captivity. He'll gladly do ANYTHING to keep those tapes hidden, so vain is this man. And he's more than eager to have one of our own, Joe Lieberman, as his running mate."

"Bennie" continued, "And we all know what THAT means" as a roar of laughter went up around the room.

"The Clinton, Hillary, has been a closet Zionist for years and has an immense addiction to power and money, and we have offered her plenty of both, if she plays by our rules. Gentleman, Hillary is solidly in our corner. She's already sold her soul to us years ago and has no intention of asking for it back", said "Bennie."

He continued, "The black man, Obama, is somewhat of a problem. He has not sworn undying allegiance to Eretz Israel, nor has he stated that he would bomb Iran into oblivion, and that is a problem. He might be getting, as they say in the states, too "uppity."

"I believe Jacob has some rather nasty surprises for him, if he does win, but that's becoming a rather remote possibility every day, thanks to our good friends in the American MSM, like Wolf."

With that mention, a chuckle of laughter went up around the room.

The meeting broke up into a several groups, each discussing recent MOSSAD counter-intelligence actions against Syria and Lebanon.

It was agreed that more murders of Hezbollah and Hamas leaders would be beneficial to their ultimate plans and their was even discussion of staging another "kidnapping" of an Israeli soldier, to give the IDF the excuse it needed to invade southern Lebanon, and send the IAF to bomb Beirut again, to keep the world distracted while IDF engineers rigged up a sluice to steal immense amounts of water from Lebanon's Litani River.

One group became particularly animated when discussing the recent attempts to ignite the Iran War by using MOSSAD operatives in speedboats designed and painted like they belonged to the Iranian Quds Group to harass the U.S. Navy and how those efforts needed "enhancing."

And to keep pouring money and support to the one they affectionately called their little "bitch", Palestinian Authority President Abbas.

"Bennie" brought the meeting to an abrupt halt by saying, "Gentleman, gentleman, all work and no play is no fun, so let's close this meeting and proceed with the entertainment."

With that cue, one of Aron's soldiers opened a side door and out poured a collection of 10 Bedouin children, some as young as nine, but none older than 15.

They had been kidnapped two nights before, in a MOSSAD Department 2800 raid on their village in western Galilee. Aron's "Psycho Unit" had dressed up as Arabic nomads and descended on the village with a fury, killing all adults in sight and setting fire to the their hovels.

Of course, one of Wolf's TV crews just "happened" to be at the scene to film the devastation wrought by the Israeli's dressed as Arabs and had beamed the video around the world, immediately drawing the wrath of Americans and the British who took to the airwaves to denounce this "Arab" brutality.

The children, though, had been spirited away, to this location, where they had not been fed in two days. Their eyes were filled with a mixture of terror and hunger.

When they were each offered one piece of cake, they ravenously ate the sweet, little knowing that the cakes were spiced with just enough heroin to make the children lethargic and unable to resist, but not enough to knock them out.

When the eyes of a 10 yo boy that "Bennie" had been coveting started to dilate and his head started to roll, "Bennie" let out a lusty laugh, and with one hand started petting the boy and with the other, started to undo his zipper.

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