Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chapter Six, Spiritual Suvival in a Temporal World


Les Visible

Cult of Luna art by Jeroen Van Valkenburg

There are a lot of disciplines out there (and in there). They span the gamut from the most intricate forms of hidden tantra to celebrity diets. Somewhere in the process, some small percentage of people may be helped by some of these. In most cases a lack of consistency in application accounts for failure. Failure also comes because the discipline is flawed or useless. We could talk all day about the how and the why of more subjects and processes than 10,000 meth-infused monkeys could discuss over 10,000 lifetimes and with about as much success. We’d like to add here that the more talk given to anything, the more the understanding and capacity to practice will depart. It disappears somewhere into the massive landfill where all the cell-phone conversations go to die.

There are some definite disciplines that will make your life better and we’ll talk about some of them; mental attitudes, diet, physical practice, emotional balancing, aspiration, imagination, determination, concentration and others. It won’t do to begin doing all of these things at the same time and later on in the book we’ll talk about time frames and adding on. Begin with care in a few small things and let the power that collects from doing a few small things the right way carry you into larger venues of being and acting.

Every time you change something that you have been doing you are also letting go of what used to occupy that space. If you begin to eat tofu-dogs where you used to eat pork cracklings then it stands to reason that tofu-dogs are going to replace flavored pig skins. There are flavored pig skins on many levels; physical, emotional, mental- subdivisions of and… beyond.

Anything can be okay for a few days and, like many before you, you may feel that you are breezing along and motoring on up the highway. Enter the reactive mind. The habitual mind can be triggered from various locations. Things that you hear and see will do it. Previous operating patterns will do it. Things you used to do may wait a few days before dropping in and wanting to know if you would like to cop some of the ‘same old same old’. Like the ache of an old love affair, the siren is going to sing to you of attractions that never were anything but a hallucination and are going to provide you with a new hallucination where the dog vomit looks like a wood-fired, brick oven pizza.

Here’s where the path veers. It may take five or ten hot button hallucinations of a condensation-beaded beer, a drag on a good smoke, the touch of willing, seemingly beckoning flesh, some Mexican-style jalapeno pork rinds… whatever it is it’s going look better than it actually looks and it’s going to promise you things it never, ever gave you at any time. It’s going to look the way that bar-hog looked last night at 3:00AM and not the way he/she looks this morning. It’s a routine as old as time and it’s part of the terrible ache of mortality and guilt that makes you old and longing for death… sooner or later.

The reactive mind is many things. It is as many things as it can take the shape of to get you to react while it tickles the emotions and the appetite and the ancient longing for something… something complete… that only comes when you have cut everything lose and long for nothing but the bliss of the eternal moment you are in. Then you can taste this and touch that but there is no sticky slime to weld you to the item in front of you or in your mind. The mind is actually both in and out and surrounding and composing everything which is all made out of the same thing and is all the same thing taking different shapes to appeal to different appetites so that you can sit in the cage and push the same button over and over that triggers that feel good thing which can’t be the ‘real, feel good thing’ because it ends and you have to do it again and there… there you have the world and all of the fantasies and shelves filled with products and the idea that you will be the one to drive that golden spike a few millimeters closer to the unreachable edge.

We need to go slow… start with one pushup and add another when the desire to do another comes from the strength that came from having started and being determined to do it right by not racing down the highway like somebody that got born again and who finds out that now that they are saved they can just indulge in every common thing except casual sex unless they are married because once you get saved you don’t have to do anything any more except make sheep noises in the pasture and expand horizontally while you wait for the chariot from Heaven to arrive. I hope you caught your reactive mind playing ping pong with your objective mind as you tried to figure out what might be wrong with this paragraph.

Watch yourself. Watch yourself and something is going to happen to your reactive mind all by itself as we take away some things and add some things in the hope of revealing some things. Don’t fight the reactive mind but you can do with it what was suggested earlier when talking about meditation; cast out thought. Stop thinking. You can also use replacement therapy. Put something you have chosen in place of these automatic images. Also you can pull it out of shape like taffy or put a clown nose on it or just take off it’s clothes. I often do this when I see some psychopath engineering the deaths of thousands while talking up the usual lies that get your reactive mind to go along with the program.

Before we can move on to other useful disciplines we have to address the basic circumstances of your being. We have to recognize that we have patterns that are out to get us. We have to be able to take a moment twice a day to meditate. Meditating is like sitting up in bed and calling your mother. Keep doing it. She will come. It’s like pulling the fish of death out of the great sea but it can also mean tossing bread on the sea or sailing on the sea or floating on the sea or merging with the sea.

At no time in your life will you suddenly hear horns and be informed that all of your troubles are over. Often the troubles you have are the clear evidence of where your reactive mind has put you and also helpful signs concerning behaviors that are no longer needed. Imagine that everything is perfect but that you are not seeing it. Learn to be still long enough that something deeper can emerge and engage you in a dialogue. All of the blessings of the spiritual realm are based on scientific fact and truth as yet undiscovered. You start to do certain things and certain things will begin to happen and resistance to your own well-being will come up alongside.

When you change your diet you will not notice much for the first few days, although you might feel better right away (and you might not). But after a few days the old taste requirements are going to start talking to you about Pistachio-flavored pork thins. Trust me on this. If you hold out for ten days to two weeks your taste buds will change and they won’t remember how Boysenberry Pork Rind Ice Cream tastes. All of the five taste sensors will be getting all of the things they ever got from the new things to which they have adjusted. You HAVE TO have enough drive to get this far. Alternatively, poor health may eventually force your hand… some terrible trauma or loss… life does this when you won’t.

We’re going to go into diet for the next few chapters and see if we can figure out anything about food. We’re going to make this so easy for you. No matter how easy we make it you won’t find it easy because it will be YOU who is fighting it. Yes… once we conquer the enemy within there will be no counterpart in the world without; no matter what ‘appearances' say.

Something Good (is coming soon)

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