Saturday, May 31, 2008

Does Our Vichy Congress Need A Haircut?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

With the annual AIPAC treason fest set to begin in Chicago in June, shouldn't Americans be asking this question? Many of us are beginning to wonder for whom this Congress works. With one disastrous war not yet behind us many of these servants to AIPAC and Israel are suggesting that another nation may require obliteration. Who are these congressional pod people who show such devotion to AIPAC or more importantly the Jewish votes and political contributions that AIPAC can muster.

Has the need for these contributions become so important that our politicians would willingly forsake the real interests of the United States in order to pursue those contributions? Here are just three comments delivered by our current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi in a speech to AIPAC at the 2005 treason fest with some editorial comments by your own Liberal White Boy.(This is same year that AIPAC's Rosen and Weissman were caught handing over classified secrets at the Israeli embassy).

"One thing, however is unchanged: America's commitment to the safety and security of the State of Israel is unwavering. America and Israel share an unbreakable bond: in peace and war; and in prosperity and in hardship.

Why? Why should Americans care about Israel anymore than any other country? We have no formal alliances with Israel. Israel has never come to our aid in any war, not even in the Middle East. Their assistance would have been detrimental to our causes. Israel is despised throughout most of Arab world, not because of the fraud called anti-Semitism, but because these pretenders stole the Palestinians land from them and have brutalized and ethnically cleansed its people for sixty years.

“Prime Minister Sharon's leadership of Israel at this crucial time has been remarkable. He has brought Israel through an extremely challenging period, and now he has made the difficult decision that it is in Israel's national security interest to disengage from Gaza.

Yes this is the same leader that presided over Israel as its Mossad agents/terrorists watched the hijackers for a year before 9/11 and didn't tell us. He deserved the Speaker of the House's accolades. This piece of garbage allowed 9/11 to happen.

"In the next few months, Israeli settlers will be evacuated entirely from Gaza and from four settlements in the northern West Bank. This courageous decision is gut-wrenching for Israel.

Yes dragging a bunch of crazy Hebrew extremists off of their stolen land in Gaza and moving them to more defensible stolen land on the West Bank takes a lot of courage. All that gut wrenching(and we are talking about a rather large gut when speaking of Ariel Sharon) probably caused the stroke leading to Diaper Dan Sharon's current vegetative state.

But this is what are Congress has become. So very sad. It's time for a trim.

Hey Kids. Can you pick out the cow in this picture? Now can you pick out the war criminal?

Where Will The Terrorists Strike Next...Why Not Ask Mossad?

By way of deception shall you Conquer...Mossad Motto

Their spies were sitting on top of the 19 hijackers for almost a year before 9/11. They are probably watching the next crop of terrorists as you read now. Apartheid Israel is not happy with the National Intelligence Estimate. Another country must be bombed and invaded. More innocent blood must be spilled. And of course Mossad won't tell us any more about the next group of terrorists than they did the first. Don't bother sending a freedom of information request for the video tape that the Apartheid Israel Mossad Goons took of themselves in Liberty Park either. You remember the dancing Israelis high fiving and flicking their Bic's as the Towers burned in the background across the river. And even though Israel and our own Government assured us in no uncertain terms that the dancing Israelis were just as innocent as could be, the tape is now classified. (I bet the Goons got to the show early.) Gosh this is like deja vous all over again. (e.g. the U.S.S. Liberty treachery). Yes we have motive, means and opportunity. In the old days before politicized justice, that was all you needed to go after criminals. AIPAC you Tweasonous Wascally Wabbits!12/21/07

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