Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How will they do it?


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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How will they do it?:
  1. They will fly in a sniper from Israel (naturally) in a private jet.
  2. They will have obtained two identical rifles (to avoid TSD-style controversy about the type of rifle found), keeping the receipt from the second rifle (bought at a gun shop in the area).
  3. They will send a special invitation to the patsy, a white male from the South with three names, to attend a reception after the public rally.
  4. At the rally, the sniper will blow Obama's head clean off. He will then head back to his jet to be flown back to the Homeland.
  5. The patsy will find himself alone at the site of the 'reception', will be drugged, and eventually will be shot by authorities, 'resisting arrest' (they won't make the same mistake of allowing the patsy to leave the scene, and dead men can't defend themselves). The second rifle will be the 'throw down', placed by the authorities beside the patsy so the photos can show the assassin beside his gun. Later, the assassination rifle will be swapped for the throw down (so the ballistics will match), with the patsy's fingerprints applied to the sniper's rifle post mortem.
  6. Although the patsy was liberal (being thrilled to obtain an invitation to an Obama reception), he will be described as a white supremacist, neo-Nazi, gun nut. None of his friends will be able to recall hearing him say one racist thing, and nobody will ever recall seeing him with a gun or even talking about guns. Nevertheless, the authorities will raid his house (described as a 'compound'), and will discover a huge cache of guns (including the receipt for the assassination rifle, although a later check of the surveillance tape at the gun shop will show that the video system was malfunctioning at the time the rifle was purchased), neo-Nazi regalia on the walls (a special touch for the people behind the assassination), and a collection of white supremacist literature.

Case closed. Of course, as the assassination may have to be performed at a location decided at the last minute, they would probably have to have an assortment of patsies, rifles etc., a set for each probable city.

There will be riots, and the authorities will get a chance to use their new round-up capabilities. The Democratic Party will be permanently destroyed (blacks and progressive whites will blame Hillary and the party establishment, and will never vote for the party again), and President McCain will be able to continue the Era of The Wars For The Jews, at least until the United States is utterly bankrupt, unable to even borrow the money to slaughter more Muslims in aid of the Zionist project.

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