Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Olmert's Willing Executioners and the Cowardice and Complicity Of The American Liberal Jew

The Ethics of Ethnic Cleansing in Apartheid Israel
This last week I finally got around to watching Sophie Scholl. It was a movie released a few years ago about a young German women and her brother who resisted the Nazis by passing out leaflets critical of the Nazi regime on college campuses. For this crime she was guillotined by the Nazis close to the end of the war. The German people as a group have long been held responsible for the crimes of this Nazi government whether or not they were active participants in its atrocities. Perhaps this was not unreasonable given the magnitude of those crimes. They collectively allowed a murderous regime to come to power and therefore were responsible for its actions.

With the bodies once again piling up in occupied Palestine should we be thinking about the complicity of Israeli Jews and that of their unconditional supporters in the US for these crimes? I will not argue whether or not these Jews have any legitimate claim to Israel, although there are serious doubts about that. Israel, with its itchy trigger finger sits atop of the only stock pile of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. In spite of its fraudulent claims of vulnerability, no one will be moving these people soon whether Palestinian, Persian or Peruvian irrespective of Israeli attempts to convince the world otherwise.

Some sixty years ago, the State of Israel was built upon the ethics of ethnic cleansing. Israels remaining non-Jewish Citizens that were not expelled became second class citizens in the self described Jewish State. Then in an additional land grab in the 1967 war, the Israels occupied the remainder of Palestine. Once again dispossession became the first order of business in the newly occupied West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinians in the occupied lands were not offered citizenship in the Jewish State nor they at any time offered real independence.

The Nakba (the catastrophe) was all but ignored by the American Zionist Press. The original dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and those that continued in the murderous and oppressive decades that followed all ignored. With the arrival of the Internet many of us have begun to understand what happened. We also can see the continuing savagery directed at the Palestinians. Our Media silence continues.

The Gaza Strip is a prison that has now been converted into a death camp. Israel controls all entry ways and exits. It controls whether food and supplies arrive at the death camp each day or not. The collective punishment (a war crime) imposed by Israel has resulted in hundreds of deaths from medical emergencies alone. Israel now literally threatens the people of Gaza with a holocaust. In the past few weeks it has shown that is intent to carryout those threats. Still the American media paint this Israeli savagery as another Israeli tragedy. Holywood rallies for the people of Sderot who face the Palestinian rockets that have killed almost no one in the past few years. Palestinians including women and children have been slaughtered by the hundreds. The fraud marches on.

Many Jews have been at the forefront of exposing these lies and injustices . I applaud them and their efforts to expose this inhumanity to man. Most of those who have done so have been banished to the self-loathing tribe. But the overwhelming majority of Jews have remained silent about the carnage and injustice that has occurred and continues in Palestine every day. Unlike the Germans who faced certain death with any show of resistance to their murderous regime, Israeli and American Jews face no such threat. For those who are aware of these injustices and say nothing out of fear of being ostracized by the status quo your cowardice shall be remembered. You are an insult to all of those who perished in Nazi Germany. You are an insult to Sophie Scholl. You are no different than Olmert and his willing executioners and you are far more cowardly and complicit than those Germans who did not speak.

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