Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Real Reason Fox is Upset with Hilary

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Len Hart

Watching FOX hyperventilate about Hilary Clinton is like watching crocodiles weep. Fox is not truly outraged by Hilary's ill-phrased comments and, in fact, misses the point and lies about it! Fox claims that Hilary crossed the line by implying that Obama was in danger. In fact, Obama is in danger; Fox is in denial. Everyone knows that Obama is in danger and so, too, every decent politician in America. How many Republicans got Anthrax letters?

Fox itself is among the lying media monopolists and establishment imperialists who have combined to justify our suspicions. When a definitive history is written, FOX will have been shown to have played a key role in the dissolution of American culture, a culture in which only the paid liars of Fox, right wing extremists, or MIC kiss ups are safe from assassination. What FOX won't report is the real reason 'right wing' media are upset. An ugly truth about America is exposed by Hilary's ill-considered comments and by the failure of the media to confront the facts about the American right wing. The right wing might have reason to be upset if Hilary, herself, posed a threat to the imperialist establishment. But she doesn't. If she had been, the source of their chagrin could have been summed up: as long as Hilary stays in the race, 'they' won't know who to shoot! But you will never heard that stated on Fox, just as in Texas you will never hear: "the tires on that truck are too big!" Hilary's comments are both self-denigrating and arrogant but Fox is the official voice of right wing 'denial'. In one sense, Hilary implies that if Obama is murdered by the right wing, the Democrats will still have her --as a last resort! The party will not be left without a candidate. I feel so much better. In another sense, she arrogantly implies that she is the hope of both the party and America. Sad to say: Obama is, right now, our last hope. I am admittedly surprised that Fox would attack her. She hedges their bets. If it is not true that only liberals and minorities are assassinated in America, it is certainly true and provable that the death rate by political assassination in those groups is much, much higher than among the robber barons of big oil, banking or the Military/Industrial complex.

Dare to champion the cause of democracy, equality, or opportunity and you've made yourself a target. Stats don't lie! Can anyone really believe that a candidate risks his/her life who runs on a platform of more welfare for the rich, more fat contracts for the MIC, more pork for GOP robber baron bankers?

I don't expect Fox to 'get real'. They prefer to 'get rich' by spreading the lies that only some one percent of the population wants you to believe. They don't believe it themselves. It was Bertolt Brecht who said: "a man who does not know the truth is just an idiot but a man who knows the truth and calls it a lie is a crook!" Well --the US imperialist establishment is 'a crook'! Fox should face that fact and ask:

FOX:"Crocodile Tears"
The 'dark souls' live in the White House and occupy the offices of Fox network. No one is more outraged than me for Hilary's comments. Indeed, she is tone deaf. But Fox is disingenuous and tone deaf. Conservative kiss ups are not truly outraged that anyone would suggest that Obama might be assassinated. Certainly --the Bush minions that comprise the very worst imitation of journalism since William Randolph Hearst are probably most outraged because Hilary let the cat out of the bag. That is, the United States is a nation that has systematically assassinated black, liberal or progressive opposition to the imperial establishment, and under Bush, a tyrannical rule by fascist robber barons and special interests.

America's number one export is war. The 'real' economy has already collapsed. Will Fox tell you that? The business of America used to be 'business'. Now it is the killing of civilians in nations that dare oppose the US imperial establishment. I can say that and get away with it because I am no no threat. But JFK, RFK, and Martin Luther King Jr were threats to the imperialist establishment. So too were Paul Wellstone, JFK Jr, Mickey LeLand and others 'victimized' by 'suspicious circumstances'. That's what Hilary --herself NO threat to the MIC --should have been saying. That's the truth that Fox won't 'get' and won't tell. So --once again the nation endures a public hand wringing though nothing has been learned, no point has been made, no truth has emerged. Yep! Fox is outraged alright! Hilary blew their cover! I look forward to the day when both Fox and Hilary are frog marched into political oblivion. I look forward to shouting from the rootops: don't let the door hit you in your sorry asses on your way out. I look forward to the day when Generals and lobbyists are out of a job while good hard working folk of any race have productive and meaningful jobs and enough income to feed their families and plan their educations and retirements. Alas --as long as ilk like Bush, McCain, Fox and Hilary are calling the shots, the folk I'm talking about are 'shit outta luck'.

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