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Solving 9-11, The Florida Connection (Part 2)

Olmert's Secret Visit and Israeli False Flag Operations in Florida

President George W. Bush, during his January 2008 visit to Israel, is flanked by Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres, two Zionist terrorists involved in 9-11. Why are American leaders obliged to serve such criminals?

Christopher Bollyn
May 30, 2008

To understand how the 9-11 false flag operation was set up requires an understanding of the extensive network of Israeli companies in the United States and how Israeli military intelligence sets up companies disguised as Arab-owned companies. The two men that Ehud Olmert met in New York City on September 10, 2001 are connected to an Israeli network that ran such a false front company in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida during the years prior to 9-11. Is this why Olmert's pre-9-11 visit to New York has been kept secret?

When I discovered that Israel 's current prime minister, Ehud Olmert, made a secret visit to New York City the day before 9-11, I suspected that his visit was connected with the false flag terror attacks. Why else would the visit of the well known mayor of Jerusalem to his "sister city" have been kept secret? Visits by high-level Israeli politicians are usually front page news in New York .

Buried deep in the sports section of the Jerusalem Post of July 23, 2004, in an article about the Likud party's soccer club, Betar, I discovered this very significant bit of information:

Three years ago, Betar was sold to a four-man consortium (US businessmen Meir and Shaul Levy, local businessman Meir Finegel, and Jerusalem real estate agent Sasson Shem Tov, who pulled out a few weeks ago), following a meeting in New York with then-mayor Ehud Olmert on September 10, 2001. There were no other potential buyers.

If Olmert's visit to New York City was innocent and only involved the transfer of an Israeli soccer club, why has it been kept so secret? Why did Rudy Giuliani and the New York Police Dept. conspire to keep it secret? It is impossible that the authorities in New York did not know that Olmert, Israel 's deputy prime minister at the time, was in their city.

Why has the controlled media kept it secret? Olmert, who was raised in a family of the Irgun (the Zionist terror organization of the 1930s and 40s which became the Likud party), became the prime minister of Israel after Ariel Sharon fell (or was thrown) into a coma.

The secrecy surrounding Olmert's pre-9-11 visit suggests that it has something sinister to do with the terror events which befell the city the following day. With so much evidence of Israeli prior knowledge and involvement in 9-11, Olmert's secret visit raises obvious questions: Were the " US businessmen" that Olmert met in New York , the Israelis Meir and Shaul Levy (a.k.a. Shual), part of the Zionist network behind the false flag terror attacks of 9-11? Are they connected to the network of Israeli agents who posed as art students?

From a tip that I received, I found that Shaul and Meir Levy are connected to an extensive Israeli network in Florida (and across the U.S. ) that included a suspicious art graphics business that disguised itself as an Arab-owned company. Mossad operations in the United States are usually carried out in the guise of a legitimate business, such as Urban Moving Systems of Weehawken, New Jersey.

An Israeli-owned firm will only disguise itself as an Arab-owned company when it is playing a part in a false flag operation, like 9-11. The purpose of the Arab disguise is to put up a false front to hide the real people involved in the operation. This is, for example, exactly the kind of disguise that was used by Ptech, the Massachusetts-based enterprise software company that loaded Israeli-written spy and control software onto the most sensitive computer networks in the U.S. government.


I received this very interesting email at the end of 2007:

Dear Mr. Bollyn,

Something has been bothering me for some years. I feel it may be insignificant, but the event is so out of place, that I had to share it with someone like you who investigates 9-11 earnestly.

My wife and I run a small gift shop selling seashells, t-shirts, and Florida gifts. I print my own Florida t-shirts using heat transfers, which I buy from a company called Next Graphics in Fort Lauderdale . One day just before September 11, 2001, I went to their plant to get some transfers. Normally there is a secretary sitting in her cubicle, and she calls to a salesman who takes my order.

This time it was different, there was no secretary and nobody in attendance, so I went along the corridor to my left towards the end where I knew there was a large conference room, something like you would use for presentations, and just before entering the room I was accosted by an Israeli (I knew by accent) who started to ask me about my business and expressed an interest in buying it.

It was obvious that he was trying to engage me in conversation so I would not go into the room. I ignored him and went straight in. I saw about 10-12 Israelis sitting around this very large conference table. I engaged some of them in conversation, because some spoke Russian, the language I speak fluently. We spoke about the business, but I soon discovered that they knew nothing about graphics. It is only after 9-11 that I put two and two together and realized the significance of the Israelis being there: Next Graphics is owned by a Palestinian family, which recently purchased their building in a high-profile industrial area.

After receiving this interesting tip, I looked into Next Graphics and found that it was not truly Palestinian or Arab-owned at all. While the company was registered under the names of Nabil and Nidal Alif, the "principal" person behind the company was actually a Sephardic (Spanish or Arabic Jew) Israeli named Samuel Anidjar. The Anidjar name comes from a Jewish family in Moorish Spain that was expelled in 1492 to Morocco . Israelis and Palestinians do not usually set up companies together.

Samuel Anidjar was a business partner in a Boca Raton-based company called The Big Apple Corp., whose website says this about Mr. Anidjar:

Samuel Anidjar is a merchandising consultant for The Big Apple and the principal of Next Graphics, Inc., based in Fort Lauderdale , Fla. The firm specializes in the design, manufacture and sales of high-tech transfers used in the garment industry. Mr. Anidjar is also an owner of Next Authentic, Inc., an upscale fashion boutique in the Art Deco district of Miami's South Beach . He recently completed a remodeling and expansion of the location to accommodate its continued growth. A graduate of College Technique in Deromans , France , Mr. Anidjar moved to the United States with his family in 1972. After settling in Wildwood, N.J., he developed and operated a chain of beachwear stores. After several successful years in operation, Mr. Anidjar selected partners to operate the seasonal shops and relocated to Florida . He continued in the retail business with five new beachwear and souvenir stores, which he sold after a decade of profitability. Mr. Anidjar also owns several commercial properties along the eastern coast of Florida , which he leases to well-established proprietors. His tenants include franchises of Häagen-Däzs and Edy's Gourmet Ice Cream; and Mezzaluna, a popular restaurant and bar on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach .

Anidjar worked with another Israeli at the Big Apple scheme named Dror Levy.
The Big Apple website provided this about Mr. Levy:

Dror Levy (age 28) is Vice President of Research and Development for The Big Apple. Currently, Mr. Levy provides consulting services to sportswear manufacturers in the South Florida area. He offers comprehensive solutions and creative recommendations for apparel design, logo and image development, manufacturing, fiscal planning, personnel and distribution. For several years, Mr. Levy also operated La Flame Fashion, Inc., a Hollywood, Fla.-based firm he joined in partnership. His knowledge and application of computer systems integration, financial and operational strategies, marketing and staff retraining brought considerable increases in production, revenues and profits. Mr. Levy is the principal of Dror Inventions, Inc. He holds United States and Canadian patents for a revolutionary automobile cupholder; the device can be fitted to any vehicle, supports most beverage containers, and eliminates spillage during adverse driving conditions. As a result of his invention, Mr. Levy has been selected as a member of Who's Who of American Inventors and International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs. He was nominated as Inventor of the Year for 1997 by Intellectual Property Owners, a non-profit association founded in 1972. Its membership includes Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, universities, attorneys, independent inventors and others who own patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Mr. Levy is also an active member of the Israel Economic Development Council, a professional association committed to enhancing international trade and commerce between Florida and Israel . Mr. Levy is a graduate of the Amal Institute of Engineering in Tel Aviv, Israel . Immediately following the completion of his formal education, he served four years in the Israeli armed forces as a computer systems analyst and researcher. His responsibilities included computer-aided design (CAD) for defense equipment and supplies, and cost and feasibility studies for various military operations. Mr. Levy also developed and conducted extensive studies on human behavior; specifically, methods of improving soldier morale, motivation and performance during combat.

(Note: Some of the places in these biographical sketches do not exist as written, e.g. Deromans , France and the Amal Institute of Engineering. These sketches are about 7 years old, which would make Mr. Levy about 35 today.)

Anidjar's partner at the Big Apple (a theme park which does not seem to have materialized), Dror Levy, has long been a business partner with Shaul and Meir Levy, the Israeli Jews of Syrian origin who met with Ehud Olmert in New York City on the eve of 9-11. The Levy brothers are the founders of Levy & Levy, and L & L Wings, which operates a chain of beach stores called Wings.

Dror Levy and another Israeli, Eliezer Tabib, are the registered heads of several companies that were started by Shaul and Meir Levy, for example, the 1000 Highway 98 East company, which is also the address of the Wings store in Destin , Florida .

Dror Levy was described as "vice president and marketing director for Miami-based Marco Destin Inc., parent of Wings" in the Mobile Register (AL) and Naples Daily News (FL) of January 7, 2004. Marco apparently stands for Marco Island , where the company also owns property.

"Marco Destin Inc. is led by Elizer 'Eli' Tabib, who took over Wings in Florida and on the Gulf Coast when the L&L Wings partnership was amended in 1998. Marco Destin has 23 stores, including 10 in the Panhandle," the Naples Daily News reported.

I wrote to the person who provided the tip and told him that Next Graphics was clearly an Israeli-owned business that was putting up a false front of being an Arab-owned company.

He responded:

Amazing, amazing, amazing. Next Graphics is out of business. I used to buy transfers from them via phone for years between 1996 and 2001. At that time they were at a different location. Sometimes I had a rush job when someone ordered a dozen shirts or something so I used to go there…

I am puzzled by the behaviour of these people. If you entered Graphics waiting room, they had a small altar on your left with and elaborate "kursi" an Islamic prayer on the wall, and several very beautiful Islamic inscriptions, small table with a gold trimmed Holy Quran on it, and several other Islamic mementos.

I am a Muslim and was happy to see display of their faith, but we are not that showy, and very few Muslims have things hanging on their walls. If you go in my house, you will see very little besides The Quran and some scenes from old Cairo on the walls. So this also made me suspicious, since this waiting room is a place where all kinds of people come in, maybe even with drinks, dogs and obscenities, so that it is not a place where a Muslim would display Quran. It was an obvious attempt at flaunting their non existent Islamism.

…I know that they bought this warehouse around 1999, when they moved from another Lauderdale location at 5600 NW 12th Ave. 33309. Their last location was 2131 Blount Road. You mention that you would like to know how far their location was from the phony hijackers. You will find that it is not that far. "Atta" lived in one of those two story motel type buildings in Forth Lauderdale, near the beach, there are hundreds of such structures near the water there. The distance would be about 1.5 to 2 miles at most, and the Delray location would be about 4 to 5 miles.

Interestingly, at that time there was a mosque in an industrial park near FAU, that was operated by a fellow called Ibrahim Bedali, very nice guy, ocean geologist by profession; many of us attended the place, he also taught martial arts, but we never saw a single one of these "hijackers" there. Maybe they attended a synagogue, instead!

Why were the Israelis running a false front graphics business in the Fort Lauderdale area in the years prior to 9-11? Is this business or the people involved in it connected with the fake Israeli art students who infested U.S. government offices from 1999-2001? Why were these students targeting Drug Enforcement Agency offices? Was this false front part of the operation controlling and monitoring the 9-11 suspects? Was this part of the Arabesque, which happens to be another one of their stores at the 2131 Blount Road address, along with Next U.S.A. and Next Factoring?

How did Shual (or Shaul) and Meir Levy become multi-millionaires selling beach towels and bathing suits? Is there another reason they have so many free-standing warehouses along the coast of the United States ?

Why was Ehud Olmert really meeting these men in New York City on the day before 9-11 and why has this visit by a senior Israeli politician been ignored by the media?

Next week - Part 3

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