Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Stuff That Makes Jonathon Alter And His Pals At MSNBC Such Fraudsters!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I almost let this go. I just couldn't. It was a week or so ago that I saw this creep on MSNBC's Countdown. Although I'm now singling out Alter as the disgusting weasel that he is, I could easily have selected any of the nightly line-up of Zionist clowns appearing on Groucho's...I mean Keith's Olbermann's nightly news show. A hot news flash...none of these assholes are German. Not Olbermann, not Shuster, not Wolffe, not Fineman, not Alter, not Milburn, not even Maddow. Hell, you couldn't stuff another Zionist liberal elitist fraudster into this show if you tried. There wouldn't be time for news. Almost every night this gang of hypocrites masquerade as liberals on Olbermann's show. They on occasion may even pass as liberals until the topic of their beloved Israel comes up that is. Then they all turn into Joe Goebbels, propagandist for the Apartheid State.

I don't remember how the topic of Hamas came up during the show the other night but Alter referred to Hamas once again as a group of baby killers. Well, I know for a fact that in the past few years anyway, that most of the baby killing done in Palestine has been done by Alter and Company's beloved homeland. And no I'm not talking about America.

In fact, most of us who follow current events from news sources outside of MSNBC and other main stream media know that few Israeli children have been killed by Hamas by acts of war since Hamas was democratically elected by the Palestinian people almost two years ago. In fact anyone keeping track, like say a news organization, for example, should know that when it comes to the murder of innocent children, Israel holds a commanding lead over Hamas. Here are some statistics reported by an Israeli human rights organization that any competent news organization should have, but apparently MSNBC doesn't have. I should point out that Israel maintained it's commanding lead in killing children through the remainder of 2007 and year to date through 2008. Many of those children killed by Israel were babies. So Alter's statement is at best intellectually dishonest. But more likely than not Alter is simply a liar and racist fraud like most of the Zionist talking heads at MSNBC, their so called experts, their writers, their producers, their news presidents, and their board of directors at General Electric. They and most of our main stream media have been lying about Israel for so long that any admission of truth would expose them as the absolute and complete frauds that they are.
Since the folks at MSNBC are so concerned with baby killing though, I would like to see just once, one of those impassioned commentaries by Olbermann about Israel's practice of extrajudicial targeted assassination. I wonder if anybody on Countdown knows how many little babies have been murdered by Israel as their mothers stood on street corners in occupied Palestine, in the wrong place and at the wrong time. But don't hold your breath. I believe our Zionist news media is as morally bankrupt as the State of Israel.
Thank goodness. I'm glad I got that off my chest.

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