Saturday, May 31, 2008

Too Little, Too Late...

We have a popular saying in Iraq and it goes this way "Ba'ad Kharaab Al-Basra"??!!

How to translate that? Literally it means "After the destruction of Basra" ?!

Kharaab comes from the verb kharraba, which means to destroy something that worked before, to irreparably damage it...

Kharban-the adjective, means damaged, rotten, not functional, not working, failed...

Simply put, kharraba means to screw up something so badly, rendering it useless...

So this proverb is used when someone comes along with either an admission, an apology, or to rectify some wrong after colossal damage has been inflicted...
So you tell the person in Iraqi "What's the use, after the destruction of Basra?!"

In the same vein, the latest admissions from Mc Lellan ex-press spokesman for the White House and from other media voices like this CNN reporter, who both finally admitted that their reporting on Iraq, was "less than candid". In other words they fucking lied...The CNN reporter added that they were "forced" to report in a particular fashion that was not detrimental to your government's image.

Excuse me, but am I supposed to feel better now or what ?

For 5 fucking years, no for 18 years, you've been buying the lies and suddenly you admit that it was "less than candid" and am supposed to feel OK with it ?

Like what do you expect me to do? Rush and embrace you for your "honesty"? Or maybe you expect me to forget our ruined lives and our filled to the brim graves ?

Or maybe being the fucking hypocrites that you are, you expect me to say "well after all, there are some good people left in America. It's not their fault really, they were forced..."

Oh, the bullshit! Oh, your bullshit that knows no limits. Oh, you compulsive liars, bad faith, deceitful, dishonest lot !

You did the same thing in Vietnam. After over 10 years of murder and mayhem, you took to the streets with your flowers and peace signs and cried about "poor" Vietnam.

It took you 10 fucking years. And you only moved your big fat asses after your brave boys came back in body bags and you could not stop the counting.

All throughout the 10 years, the pictures of the napalm burned kids did not move you, oh no they did were too busy singing in Woodstock thinking you're so fucking cool...when you were and are nothing but a screwed up bunch of mental retards and morons...

And do you think you learned anything ? Nothing. You learned nothing and you will never learn. You only learn the hard way, when you get your asses kicked big time and people start talking your language. This is when you open those rotten ears of yours and listen.

The problem with you people and I've experienced over and over, you mistake the words and demeanor of basic human civility for weakness. You know nothing about civility or civilization, you understand only one language - violence. Because that is the only language you are proficient at.

And I being a "good Muslim", I follow the saying of our Prophet who said "talk to people in the language they understand".

So you come now and tell us that the whole thing was dishonest? "After Kharaab Al-Basra"? Ya awlad al Kalb - sons of dogs. But dogs are too noble to be compared to you. You are less than dogs. Less than animals. Less...much less. You are scum and vermin. God, I fucking hate your hypocrisy ya awlad al sharmoota - you sons of whores.

You sons of a thousand whores, will your fucking Mc Lellan or your CNN marry the 3 million widows ? Or feed the 5 million orphans ? Or bring back the 5 million refugees home ? Or heal our cancer patients from your criminal weapons of mass destruction? Or grow a limb and an eye back to the 1000's lost, from your bombs ?
Or maybe your admission will revive the 1 million plus, dead ? Or restore our 7'000 years old archaeological sites, homes, buildings, fields, infrastructure, electricity and water ? Or maybe you short lived fake, phony meaculpa will disarm the sectarian pathological turbaned shits who are ruling us now-thanks to you ?

I am too angry to finish this post...and there is nothing left to bastards. I hate your fucking guts all of you.


Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohamed Ali Shaker.


  1. So Layla Anwar calls us sons of a thousand whores, regardless of how strongly us visitors to this website were opposed to Bush's illegal adventure. I, for one, marched against the war before Bush had even launched it, but because I am an American, I am to be hated, says Anwar. After all, it is my country that imposed this war on Iraq, and as Anwar so thoroughly points out, war sucks.

    Assuming Anwar is Iraqi, he/she will doubtlessly understand when I observe that he/she is to be rightfully hated as well, by the Iranians, hundreds of thousands of whom died in the illegal war launched in the 1980s by his/her country. My reading of history suggests that only the Swiss can blame another national for his country's warmongering.

  2. The Layla Anwar posts are only to show what may be one Iraqi's viewpoint.
    And your "Assuming Anwar is Iraqi" comment is something I don't know. Is he/she legit, psyops, controlled oppsition, for real?
    Let me know...
    Should she/he get any attention?
    Layla can be thought provoking. The writing's elicited a response from you.
    What's the consensus on whether or not she's a voice from the war zone or disinformation?