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WTC7 - David Dees

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More Evidence for Energetic Materials

Received some new photos of the WTC destruction. More roasted cars are shown, and these have not been moved, but are pictured at the point of roasting – in the WTC parking complex.

These cars have been violently scorched to the point that nothing remains but metal.

There are clearly signs of some kind of violent fire. But the tires are gone (wheels remain), the headlights and taillights are gone, the glass is gone (not broken - gone), bumpers are gone, the fabric of the seats is gone, and even the steering wheel and dashboard is gone where this is visible.

What could have suddenly and cleanly evaporated all the non-steel parts of so many cars?

It’s clear these cars were not impacted by falling, burning debris. Also, we can safely rule out the overworked “bolus of jet fuel” diversion. And although it shouldn’t require mention, “star wars beams” would require a very unusual orbit to operate in these enclosed underground areas.

That leaves the very real possibility of aluminothermic energetic materials placed in the WTC basement levels. A superthermite powder mixture, exploding and scorching as it goes, should be the highest priority root cause in any investigation. These photos alone make that case.

The volunteer fireman who sent the photos told me that an iron worker took them. When the fireman asked the iron worker photographer, who is now dying of cancer, for more information, he said this.

“He said access to the garages was extremely restricted. I asked him if he saw any molten metal, he told me there were pools of molten metal under the pile and in the basements. He even said that there were spots that water had pooled up and was just bubbling like a pot of boiling water with molten metal underneath, like in the Nat/Geo movies of underwater volcanic lava flows.”

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