Saturday, June 28, 2008

America's Unpleasant Zionist Neocons...Racists to The Bone

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I think it is funny that most of our right wing Zionist ideologues profess to have been leftists earlier in their life times. Guys like David Horowitz, Robert "Wiener" Savage, Paul Wolfowitz and of course war criminal Elliot Abrams. My initial theory in the case of all of these guys and their friends was they overdosed on hashish and body odor at too many Grateful Dead concerts in their youth.*** This I thought killed most of their useful brain cells. More realistically though, I've figured out since then that none of these guys were really leftists. That would imply some egalitarian motive on their part which was simply never there. For most of them back then, like today, I believe it was about their genetic materials. My bet is that everyone of these guys had a picture of Leon Trotsky under his bed(probably still do). No, not one of those old whiskery Trotsky pictures, but the youthful picture of young buck Trotsky. They needed the youthful picture of course, in order to successfully masturbate. And not one of them was ever fooled. Each of these serial masturbatory Trotskyites knew, that within the heart of that young Bolshevik, beat the heart of Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Perhaps one day they too could dominate the Bolshevik world...oops there it went.

But just like then as we peel back their Trotskyite foreskins today and expose the Neocons snakes for what they are, there is of course nothing noble in their motives. When Leo Strauss advanced his elitist philosophy that a ruling class should use deception, religious fervor and never ending warfare to control the ignorant masses, these American Zionists couldn't wait to jump on board(like rats on the sinking Soviet ship in reverse). If their murderous Zio-Bolshevik fathers and grandfathers couldn't accomplish the new world order via Communism with them of course sitting at the head, lets try it Leo's way. Our new motto, Infect and Protect,...infect American institutions and protect Israel that is. Israel would be their escape vehicle in the event anyone got wind of their treachery in America, just as it was when the Russians got fed up with the murderous Zio-Bolsheviks.
Now not even a decade into the new millennium these treacherous Zionist bastards have nearly pulled it off. Using George W. as their stooge and the religious fervor of a bunch of crazy delusional Evangelicals and the fraud of preemptive warfare, in accordance with Leo's plan, they have created their new world order. And now it is up to us on the extreme left and right and those in between still capable of rational thought and not influenced by Zionist media to expose them for what they are. Strauss is reported to have once said a Neocon is a liberal that was mugged by reality. But Strauss got it all wrong. A Neocon is nothing more than an elitist ass mugged by his genetic materials. A racist to the bone.


Katherine said...

Actually, cannabis/hashish has been shown to grow new brain cells.

jbenjaminwhite, m.s., m.a., phd said...

cannabis and its products slow tumor growth or outright kill cancers, cause new neural growth in areas important for recognition of novel spaces, and is completely healthy. its one noted physical effect is that it lowers testosterone, which does not fit the profile of these sociopaths, at all.
however, alcohol kills brain cells necessary for new memory formation, and destroys a person's capacity to think in temporal sequence. alcohol, if properly used, from womb and onwards, will create the sort of psychology that we see in current leadership. unable to fathom consequences of actions, and without regard to future states of affairs (because, after all, it cannot remember them...).
seriously, check your facts before you give these assholes some ill-deserved teeth.

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