Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The “big lie” tends to go unnoticed in these parts.


You can't step out into the public around here without hearing first about the price of oil, second the price of food and third about Barack Obama. It's hill country you know. Just far enough away from metro Nashville to make one think he just may have stepped back in time. Not that I'm criticizing. I love it here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else but it is a place where the “big lie” tends to rule.

Everyone here has an opinion, mostly shaped by the various left/right distractions, diversions and outright lies of the main stream media. Puppet Bush gets most of the blame, along with his corporate oil compadres, but few are willing or able to discuss those who are hiding in the shadows and tugging at the puppet's strings. Way too many actually give Bush credit as the mastermind behind this all too obvious criminal syndicate.

Most people are far too confused, mesmerized or just uninformed about the history of the last 7 ½ years, much less history before that. The controlled media has done it's job, well worth the untold millions of dollars paid to them for the propaganda. These media “streetwalkers” (the lowest class of prostitutes) have repeated the mantra of the “big lie” so often that the masses just give up and accept it at face value. These “newspeople” wouldn't look us straight in the eye from the tube or woo us from the radio and lie about everything... everyday... would they?

The folks are a little deceived. The biggest rant I can get out of them is that the politicians are crooks. Crooks? I don't like that word. Too mild. Not enough emphasis on their real nature and intentions. It seems as if I'm the only one around calling them a name that seems better suited. Criminals. It has a bit more meat to it. Brings up visions of huge trials, long term imprisonment or even what once brought the entire county population to town, a public hanging. Fathers and mothers telling their children “This is what can happen to you if you do wrong”.

The “big lie” is the one we just have to believe because no one would dare to think that our leaders and media could make up such outlandish and illogical stories and repeat them ad nauseam virtually every time they open their mouths. Seems a certain little dictator from Germany in the mid twentieth century used the “big lie” to great success for a while and after his demise the concept was quickly picked up by other aspiring despots including some in our own country.

The first “big lie”; 9/11.

Suicidal arab terrorists with boxcutters completely surprised us with their savvy and cunning. America's defenses were completely helpless against them and their leader who lived in a cave half a world away. We'll invade Afghanistan and get him and his al qaeda boys. No need to investigate the crime or crime scenes. We know who did it. And by the way Israel had nothing to do with it.

The second “big lie”; Saddam Hussein will get us if we don't get him first.

WMD's. 'nuff said. This is not about any oil. War profitteering is not part of the equation.
Oh, and by the way, just because Israel wants Saddam removed but doesn't want to sacrifice any of their boys doing so, it's not about them, not at all.

The third “big lie”; The loss of your rights and dissolution of the constitution in the name of security is for your own good.

Trust us, we know best. Most of this we'll try and keep secret from you so you won't have to worry.

Another big lie worth noting: The Federal Reserve.

Of course this a benevolent entity only concerned with maintaining the American peoples' lifestyles and dreams. Just because it's never been officially stated who owns the Fed or that they have no accountability to the people doesn't mean that everything they do is not in our best interests. And just because every dime taken from each individual taxpayer goes to pay the interest on the money they printed out of thin air and loaned to our government doesn't mean it's a scam. And of course our government couldn't function without a central bank controlling our monetary system just because it worked for the majority of our country's history. Things are different now.

The “big lies” and their perpetrators won't go down easily. People have too much on their minds to bother with truth and justice. This is not New Orleans or the mid west after the floods. We won't worry about the crumbling infrastructure and associated disasters, wars far away, millions dead because of lies. Not until it hits close to home. Not until the goal of turning the American economy into one with a Latin American/African flavor, only rich and poor and nothing in between. By then it may be too late. The new slavery will be hard to overcome.

Meanwhile I'll just shake my head in acknowledgement of the local folks comments about the Obama/McCain puppet show, oil prices, terrorism and war and maybe try to come up with a few words to spark a new thought or two on our situation. Apathy, disillusionment and plain old ignorance are really hard to overcome.

The “big lie” tends to go unnoticed in these parts.



  1. ahhhh...but when you tell folks about the big lies, they tend to think that you're the one telling the big lie. I wonder if they think that because they have been conditioned by the media and pundits, of if the truth its self may proove to be too frightning to contemplate?

    (nice post, by the way...)

    John Crumley
    Florida, USA

  2. You just have to keep talking to people Kenny. It's the responsibility of those of us who know, to ease those who don't into the truth. I've gotten several oblivious friends and family members to consider the possibility that our own government is a far bigger threat to us than anything else. It just takes time, and passion....and a prayer or two wouldn't hurt either.

  3. You can talk all you want, but it won's solve anything. What Hitler REALLY said was that "The Big Lie" was a Jewish propaganda strategy. But if anyone mentions the Jews/Mossad as the mastermind criminals behind the political lies of today, that person is immediately treated as if he is insane. It's a vicious circle.

  4. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, a city of 4 million people, and most folks here know nothing but the big lie.

    The middle class and affluent parts of the city are mostly tuned out politically. The ones that do pay attention can only regurgitate what they heard on talk radio.

    However if you go into the poorer parts of the city, you can find quite a lot of people who are wise to the 'big lies'.

  5. Thanks for doing your part to wake people up Kenny. Perhaps what you can do is make business cards with your website's address on it with bullet points about what kinds of issues are to be found on your site (or any good site for that matter if you don't want to use yours) and hand it out to people.

    Also, there is a new media initiative to bring newspapers like U.S.A. Tomorrow, Liberty Voice and Rock Creek Free Press to towns were needed. Still many people get their news from the newspapers. So this might be the best solution to spread the truth.


  6. The sheep swallow these lies like it's a fact. But the fact is, 9/11 was a false flag OP! And just the beginning of the END, of a Free Society.