Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bless me Father for I read an internet article on Israel being the mastermind of 9/11

Controlling The Angry Internet Radicals

"Father, Did The Israelis Orchestrate 9/11?"

Just How Do You Control The Opposition

Bolsheviks learned early on that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it, so they started organizations for the dissenters. The Zionists provided the tools for you, such as most of the 9/11 organizations.. Often they start a website, or a radio show, or a forum, and bring you in the fold. The radicalness provides the legitimacy to convince your readers you are sincere. The next step is to mix 90% facts with 10% with mis-leading fiction.

But, below is the truth.


The standard line is 'Israel knew, and tried to warn us'. The truth is that 9/11 was 100% orchestrated by Israel.

The 1983 Bombing Of 243 Marines In Their Beirut Barracks

Today's line is, 'Israel knew but said nothing'. The truth is that the Israeli Mossad planned, and carried out, the whole thing.

The Baghdad Sniper Called Juba

This is a dyed-in-the-wool Israeli propaganda operation, complete with videos. Anyone with an IQ over 60 could watch this video and see this sniper is an Israeli operative.

The Current Bombs In Baghdad Mosques, And Markets

The standard line there is the CIA is behind that. The truth is that this is a stock Israeli tactic, 'Zionist terrorism 101'.

And the fools spreading the lie that the CIA, and the American military, are behind these bombings, are endangering American troops.

Entebbe, Munich, And The Achille Lauro

Entebbe was a total hoax, and the purpose was to vilify Arabs, and portray the Israeli military as 'Wonder Warriors'.

In Munich the Israelis sacrificed 12 of their Olympic athletes, but once again gained world sympathy. The little discussed fact, is that the Mossad had three agents with the Palestinians, which were conveniently allowed to escape.

The Achilles Lauro was another 'Hollywood'-styled fable, and it was orchestrated by Abu Nidal (an Israeli operative).

Endless False Flags

Zionists live by the False Flag, but very few see it, and no one wants to talk about it. The bombing of the OKC Murrah building was a Zionist plot to bring the FBI down on militias. It seems that articles connecting Zionists to that bomb spooked them, because every disinfor artist on the internet is spreading the rumor that the FBI did it.

A Summary Of Israeli False Flags

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