Monday, June 30, 2008

The Deafening Silence...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Phaedrus the ever-increasing surge of seriously disturbing accusations being leveled at our old friends, the Jews, it is rather curious indeed that their direct responses have been so remarkably distant and detached. Now please don't misunderstand Phaedrus here. We are all well aware that they're screaming "anti-Semitism!" at the top of their shrill little voices at those of us who seek to expose the truth about them and their very curious history. Nothing too surprising about that, of course. And not only that, but they're lobbying their pet governments in the West to introduce ever more ingeniously-contrived 'Hate Crime' laws to prevent legitimate researchers into the Jewish Problem from communicating their shocking findings to a wider audience. Speaking the truth is becoming increasingly criminalized. Anyone and everyone who speaks in negative terms about the Jews must be trussed-up and gagged by any means possible. Now this situation will strike a lot of people as downright unfair, not least for the reasons I set out below.

It's not odd at all, however, that the Jews would like to see all opposition to them crushed; that's only to be expected. But the really curious thing that is awakening suspicions among even some Liberals, is that these extremely broad, blanket responses are their SOLE weapon of choice against us. This limited technique of theirs works fine when the opposition against them is patchy, insufficiently motivated and improperly informed. They can push for censorship on the grounds that ignorant bigots are spreading lies about them just because they're a minority race of people who are simply misunderstood. And for a long, long time now, that's worked well for them. But lately, things are beginning to change. In the face of a absolute firestorm of lurid accusations swirling around about them on the internet, one thing is increasingly obvious by its total absence: any effort to directly engage their accusers face-to-face.

The Jews simply WILL NOT discuss specific allegations. Curiously, they choose not to defend themselves in the way you or I would INSIST upon, were it we that were on the receiving end of such endless diatribes. Now at first, this could be explained away (and it was) by simply claiming that the Jews didn't want to 'provide a platform for racists.' In the early days (pre-internet) that excuse was widely accepted among the sheeple, who dutifully nodded their heads in unison with this noble sentiment. After all, back then it did seem a perfectly plausible reason. But as time has worn on and the accusations only grow louder and more insistent, to continue to remain silent increasingly seems to imply that they are unable to discuss these matters for the simple reason that they CANNOT counter them; the accusations (crazy sounding that they may be to the uninformed) are NOT baseless. They are grounded in vast stacks of high quality documentary evidence which when put before a Jew would leave him stultified with no answers and nowhere to run. Hence they resort to blanket denials which are not open to cross-examination, and increasing efforts to gag us through the courts.

We see a form of this vigorous avoidance of the pertinent questions every year on Holocau$t Memorial Day. Endlessly we re-live the terrible suffering of the poor Jews at the hands of those terrible Nazis, yet, bizarrely, no mention is EVER made of WHAT precisely it was about the Jews that made Hitler act towards them in such a draconian way. Have you ever heard an old German soldier recounting WHY he was told to seek out Jews? You haven't? Me neither. So we never get to the hear the OTHER side. And this outstanding omission becomes more and more obvious with every Holocau$t retrospective we're forced to endure. Things happen for a REASON, and the Holocau$t was no exception. It takes an enormous amount of pent-up anger and resentment on the part of one set of people to treat another set of people so harshly. What were the underlying resentments behind this antipathy? We are NEVER told. All we ARE told is that the Jews were victims of a terrible program to wipe them all out. No background for this is ever provided by the mainstream media. We are simply expected not to pick-up on this fundamental question.

If you or I were accused of half the things the Jews have been accused of (financing endless wars, corrupting society, sacrificing young children in quasi-satanic ceremonies, drinking the blood of those whom they are about to kill, poisoning the desert wells of their neighbors, murdering Palestinian children for the fun of it, stealing land that doesn't belong to them, being out for their own selfish gain regardless of the consequences to others, false flag attacks against the US to drag us into their never-ending foreign wars to name but a few of their many unique qualities) then I'm damn certain WE would DEMAND the right to confront our accusers so we could PROVE them liars and/or madmen for the entire world to see - and put and end to such 'vile rumors' for ever. It's becoming increasingly odd to folks that the Jews response is simply to try to put these allegations beyond debate by generating taboos around them. One would have thought (if they had nothing to hide) that they would have been only too happy after so many thousands of years of being reviled and persecuted, to avail themselves of a great opportunity to set the record straight. Yet they won't. And I believe now that ordinary people are beginning to wonder - why the deafening silence?

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