Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Detritus of Knowledge"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Iraq, once famous for its Libraries, Universities and Schools...Once famous for its best educational system in the Middle East, for erasing illiteracy, for producing top notch academics, scientists and doctors, for supporting overseas students in their studies free of charge, and only God knows how many Palestinians, Egyptians, Somalis, Sudanese, Mauritanians, Jordanians...graduated from Iraqi universities...

Iraq, the center of knowledge, culture and publishing...Look at it now, just look at its educational system. There is no educational system left, it is in debris, in ruins.

This American-Iranian occupation needs, demands, that Iraqis revert to a state of ignorance. And that explains why the American and Iranian secret services with their list of academics, went hunting for them one by one. And most Iraqi academics have fled and over 1000 have been murdered by the CIA, Mossad and the Quds Brigades from Iran. FACT.

This Occupation necessitates burned down libraries, empty school benches, torn books, stolen university equipment, militias on campuses, a sectarian government that will hamper any real educational development. This Occupation necessitates empty university halls, empty class rooms, empty bookshelves, empty bookstores...

It needs to erase all past knowledge so it can substitute it with its own. Its own interpretation of history, its own political agenda, its own ideology. And that is why the only books you can find in today's Iraq are books from Iran on Shiite theology. These are the only permissible books today.

But it doesn't stop there...

Ideological brainwashing requires that people stop learning. Specially if they are from the wrong sect. And that is best achieved through Terror. The Occupation and its puppets are terrorists of the first order. Real terrorists.

Terror is a tactic, a strategy to prevent you -- from sending your kids to school, from encouraging your sons and daughters to pursue higher knowledge, from embracing academics, doctors and scientists...Terror is used to keep the people you dominate in a chronic state of ignorance.

If you are looking for a model of what a tyrannical dictatorship truly is, have a look at Iraq under the American and Iranian Occupation. There is REAL dictatorship for you. Right there under your nose.

But this is not the main story tonight. The story am about to tell you, and I doubt very much you will read it in your media, happened yesterday at 11 am, in Adhamyia and was covered by one Iraqi satellite channel only. I need to remind you that Adhamyia is now an all Sunni walled neighborhood - ghetto.

It is year-end exams in Baghdad. Around 1000 students from the College of Education in Adhamyia had to walk two hours to get to their exam hall. They were only allowed to carry pencils and an ID card. The exam was to start at 9 am. They are in their final year. They arrived at the hall, many names were missing from the exam list, deliberately so. They waited till 10.30 and no one gave them the exam questions and they had to hand in their papers by 12.00 pm.

They grouped together and demonstrated peacefully in front of the exam hall. The Minister of "Education" arrived. A sectarian Shia by the name of Khdayer Khozei'i. I think he belongs to the Sadr party.

The students explained to the Minister of "Education" that many names were missing from the exam list, that by 10.30 they still did not receive their exam questions, that they walked for 2 hours in the heat and there was no drinking water available, and no functioning toilet...In sum, the students were angry.

The militia/bodyguards of the Minister of "Education", started shooting at the students with real bullets. Six were severely wounded, and 2 died in hospital.

The exams were, of course, postponed.

The Ministry of "Education" was not available for comments but it circulated a fabricated statement claiming that the Minister was "under physical threat" from the unarmed students.

They interviewed a couple of students later on that day. One said "They shot at us exactly the same way the Israelis shoot at the Palestinians..."

The real terrorists from the "Iraqi" government, from the Ministry of "Education" shot at Iraqi students during their final exam. Killing 2 and wounding 4 others.

Of course, the fact that these students were from Adhamyia, hence Sunnis, made them Halal meat, Kosher meat...Just like the Zionist Jews view the Palestinians as Halal meat to slaughter.

This is the American-Iranian, sectarian Shia Occupation. It is evil Ignorance backed by raw Terror.

And the Americans being the evil, ignorant, corrupt, terrorists themselves had to pick someone in their own image to rule the "new" Iraq.

Congratulations to you -- debris, detritus of History.

Art Work : Qais Al-Sindy."Detritus of Knowledge", 2007.

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