Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny News From Israel:Shin Bet agrees to free prisoners 'with blood on their hands' for Shalit

Friday, June 27, 2008

These fellows at Shin Bet really crack me up sometimes. In Haaretz this was reported today:
Shin Bet security service chief Yuval Diskin has somewhat softened his position regarding the prisoners who could be released in return for Shalit. Diskin is now prepared to release some prisoners "who have the blood of Israelis on their hands," so long as the risk they pose is lessened.
As if Shin Bet, IOF, IDF and every Israeli in this Apartheid shit hole we call Israel didn't have Palestinian blood dripping from their fingers. Even funnier however was this piece in Haaretz, Report: Israel prefers Hamas prisoners be released to Gaza, not West Bank . Sure guys move them from their current prison with comforts like water, electricity(even though they do face occasional water boarding and shock treatments) and sewers, to The Gaza-Birkinau death camp/prison, which often have none of these things. Their they can join a million plus other inmates.

Shalit as you may recall was taken captive after days of murderous carnage directed against the Palestinian people in the occupied territories.
Given the premium value placed on Israeli life by their government over all other life, however, the prisoner exchange rates that they are talking about seem very reasonable. But lets not talk about blood on antibody's hands in the Middle East or we will never have peace.

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