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The Mind Control Conspiracy: Perverted Science, The CIA, Tavistock and MKULTRA link to Absolute Mind Control


The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: Child Trafficking in America, 3,000 children weekly

The goal of the New World Order: "Normalize" Massive Child Trafficking through Psychological Warfare

The Real Enemy: The Educated Parent, More elusive than Osama bin Laden

Mind Control is a powerful, secret usurpation of our Constitution advanced over generations. Reverse Mind Control (RMC) is a more powerful science which presumes that highly illegal psychological warfare is now nearing its endgame. RMC is far more powerful than Mind Control, because it is fundamentally constitutional! This science addresses the legal, intellectual and spiritual ramifications of Mind Control to determine its true intent.

By understanding RMC, you may experience a profound inversion away from Mind Controlled politics or helpless confusion and toward constitutional clarity. Through constitutional clarity, you will understand that an extra-constitutional entity exists advancing a coup over our Constitution. This entity was empowered by the National Security Act of 1947. This one Act has produced a cascading effect of wrongful top-down authority throughout our legal system. It will utterly destroy the Constitution. This is called Treason!

Under the Act: "The President shall establish with the National Security Council a board to be known as the "Board for Low Intensity Conflict".

The principal function of the board shall be to coordinate the policies of the United States for low intensity conflict." We now have overwhelming evidence to prove that such conflict has been directed against the American people on a massive scale and that this Act is fatally flawed. It sets up a counter-insurgency Trojan Horse entity with absolute powers over our Constitution.

The major flaw to this massive coup is that this secret government sent its agents throughout our domestic culture, corporations and government in order to "shape" our entire society by their cold-war "war-logic" effectively bypassing our Constitution. This is so overwhelmingly obvious that the scam cannot hold. They used powerful brainwashing technology, mind-controlled assassins, prostitutes and our many federal agencies to advance this coup for a very small elite. This elite never left power! This coup is generationally advanced, therefore it is an obvious extra-constitutional conspiracy requiring Articles of Treason against the perpetrators. For our children, a new Dred Scott case must be advanced for the 21st Century. These slaves are mind-slaves!

Americans do not want to believe that U.S. public policy has been shaped by Nazi German mind control programs. Have they been made utterly thoughtless? There are millions of documents telling us how Republicans have shaped their world using actual Nazis and actual Nazi programs. But most Americans are blind to this conveniently. You are led to believe that this is only "political hogwash." "Politics as usual." Why? If you believe this is just another political blog, you are in for a great surprise!

In 1959 President Eisenhower warned us to be vigilant against a totalitarian and "spiritual" attack on our culture by the vast military industrial complex. This is a spiritual attack using religion, politics and billions of dollars in very powerful Mind Control research. Since the KGB was advancing these same programs against us, our domestic use of Mind Control was justified as a "counter-measure." The fear of emotional contagion getting out of control was very real because it was highly historical. But wouldn't all of these secret domestic wars get out of hand, become too enticing, absolutely intoxicating? Wouldn't a highly unconstitutional secret government want to control and spread emotional contagion against us for reasons other than "national security"? By 1959 there was already considerable political pressure to "normalize" these secret wars, even using powerful drugs among the CIA agents advancing them. Eisenhower knew a lot about what was coming and he was not blind to the obvious: the Nazi threat is still very much with us. It may be completely ubiquitous and simultaneously invisible.

Through the Republican Party's "Ethnics Division" and the CIA, Nixon wanted to secretly advance a long-standing "perfect coup" over our Constitution and use Nazi Mind Control against all "non-Republicans." By understanding of the occult methods employed for long-term power systems, you will begin to understand what the New World Order is all about: long-term, secret and absolute transformation of our own culture via psychological warfare on the subconscious mind. Though more sophisticated, you will notice that the entire process is precisely the same as the Nazis used. In fact, the Nazis got much of their understanding of how to loosen children from their parents through a "science of demoralization" from the U.S.. A satanic oligarchy has existed for centuries with a long-term eugenics agenda of absolute slavery. The goal is an effective eugenics operation advancing a totalitarian coup over our Constitution by a very small elite. This coup has already taken place in Europe. The fundamental power structure of the Constitution is literally reversed by changing the mind's understanding of power and not changing a single word of the Constitution. By transforming our children into cyborgs, this treason would be absolute and irreversible.

This inversion of the Constitution requires the total mental transformation from an open parent-based society of our Founding Fathers, where we survive by our own wits and intelligence in strong families, to the boxed-in universe of modern "Behaviorist" control freaks who advance the idea that non-elite families are irrelevant. These boxes are really boxcars taking us all for a one-way trip: your children will be required to conform to every whim of their secretive federal government. They will be required to conform in order to eat, work and keep their own children. After all, the government will know everything about them. These control freaks have devised a system where bureaucrats can be programmed to fear freedom itself and view this federal fraud as "normal" and "necessary." They can even advance this programming as a "science." Therefore, we can all be driven into control-freak boxcars like cattle.

Terrorism is merely a pretext used by all tyrants throughout history to grab more power. A "war" on terrorism is the ultimate self-fulfilling prophesy because it is advanced through war-logic and not through sound justice. Our Founding Fathers responded to British terrorism by forging the Constitution, the greatest contract against terrorism in world history. Our Founding Fathers inherently knew about hearding intellectual cats. They were not about to be hearded by mesmerists, no matter how sophisticated the hypno-illusions! Terrorism only works against dumbed-down conformists. No terrorist would bother attacking a truly free and intelligent people. What would be the point? A truly free people will demand justice while simultaneously securing their freedoms in full defiance. Full defiance advances the greatest weapon against terrorists: millions of free-thinking patriots on a mission for justice, not blind conformists.

Why did our federal government not advance this most powerful tool against terrorism after 911? You subconsciously or consciously already know the answer to that question.

We find the opposite trends advanced in Britain and the U.S. for obvious purposes of social engineering the total conformist. Terrorism has been deliberately employed by a secret government to build more and more top-down control systems. England is a virtual lock-down, Orwellian state by its own making. The British government already admits being behind Northern Ireland bombings blamed on terrorists. The Israeli secret government does the precise same thing, and the U.S. secret government has been advancing these same treasonous schemes for decades. This should serve to wake us up to the truth! All terrorist attacks against Americans were a response to an extra-constitutional American elite who advanced secret wars and view our Constitution as irrelevant. Their violations to our own Constitution are the obvious historical source of terrorism!

View the YouTube video: The CIA and the true source of World Terrorism

The logic of destroying our Constitution because of terrorism points directly to the worst traitors in U.S. history. These people have deliberately invented terrorism as a mass-control device, and Americans are now fully aware of this fact on the subconscious level! Destroying our Constitution will make us more prone to terrorist attacks, not less. This is because the elite have "perfected" terrorism to advance the New World Order and they require a dumbed-down and demoralized population.

View the YouTube video: The Next 911

But terrorism is more than just spreading of emotional contagion to drive us like cattle. Effective terrorism requires hysteria and a core gullibility which must be programmed on a massive scale starting with our children. Much of this fear and sex-based hysteria has been advanced as a "science" of government-advanced demoralization. True gullibility requires a very primitive or conditioned mind easily manipulated by fear and sex-based control mechanisms and this requires a dumbing-down process. Through an obvious military bias, children can be programmed as cyborgs, those who are programmed to understand power from a top-down, elitist perspective, the precise opposite of what our Founding Fathers considered as "freedom." Such programming advances dependency, conformity, intellectual inferiority and above all, slavery. But through effective Mind Control, this slavery can be made to appear "normal" and "patriotic."

Those parents who oppose this dumbing-down process are made "enemies of the state." This process requires nanny-state, top-down programming based largely on the British nanny-state. Therefore the entire nation must be transformed through secret federal controls, not by the Constitution, but by wrongfully induced attitudes, unconstitutional programmed attitudes with a very long paper trail. The free-thinking infant must be utterly smothered by a top-down Mind-Controlled nanny-state. No matter how "complex" they want you to believe our world has become, this complexity is merely an illusion employed to replace the parent as the main authority figure. Through government-manipulated sex, drugs and usury devices, this is precisely what we are normalizing.

With modern weapons and communications, sudden or violent coups would always fail, but the "perfect coup" would preserve absolute power in the hands of a very small elite and no one would be any wiser. Through social engineering of the collective unconscious mind, the perfect coup would be invisible, relatively bloodless and fully accountable to a very small elite. It could simultaneously be laughed off as a joke! This is the genius of Freud and Jung fully monopolized by Tavistock and our own CIA. But now we can prove that those who trivialize this issue are, in fact, the worst traitors in U.S. history! You will naturally want to deny that our federal government has normalized such bizarre behavior, until you understand that these bizarre behaviors were all initially advanced as "counter-measures" to KGB MC efforts. These counter measures granted absolute powers to a select elite who became addicted to this power. But after the cold war, this wrongful authority would not go away, it would be perfected! Now, through powerful sexual taboos and fear, MC abuses would serve to advance conformers and discredit and utterly control nonconformers, that means everyone in power! So once this wrongful authority establishes a complete control system from the top down, it can easily control all of us by a very small elite at the top. This is Nazi law, not Constitutional law. Constitutional lawyers will become obsolete.

Even things like obvious slavery would appear as "normal" under the dual cloak of "patriotism" and wrongful "authority," through powerful MC once Americans were fully programmed for sex and fear manipulation. Their minds will then be unable to accept the truth that their idea of the Constitution is being thoroughly inverted. Since wrongful authority would require generations of incremental programing, they would secretly advance a cocktail of ancient witchcraft devices and "new arts" that build demoralization and only an extra-constitutional elite would understand and control them, taking over vast enterprises and building a tremendous fog of constitutional confusion. Above all, they would advance very sophisticated trauma-based Mind Control on a mass scale incrementally, keeping all of this manipulation secret.

Unlike 1959, parents today naturally want to protect their children from the culture at large. This is because they subconsciously understand that Mind Control is ubiquitous, powerful and a real threat to their children. Their minds are intelligent enough to sense this threat, but simultaneously distracted, confused and bewildered by it. They cannot fully comprehend how their desire to be "patriots" can be so horribly used against them. What the elite don't want you to know is that what you believe is "patriotism" is being fully manipulated from the top down, the precise opposite direction of our Constitution's power system. The elite want you to believe that your fear is only a result of the noise coming from our modern "free society." You subconsciously suspect otherwise, after all, many of your fears are based on an uniquely American problem of our Constitution no longer being relevant. The residue of actual slave-making operations which have become "normalized" through war-logic are fully historical as coming from our government, not from good parents. The compounding effects of this terrorism and war-logic effectively reverses our Constitution! All terrorism is the result of very bad parenting. All domestic terrorists were in some perverse way addressing wrongful authority over parents, now our government only advances more federal control over parents and children and this transformation of our society away from strong families only seems to get worse.

But to consciously investigate the true source of this radical transformation is truly too horrible to entertain. This process of discovery would lead you to an overwhelming conclusion: there is building a tremendous gulf between the elite and the non-elite child, the objective for the vast majority of non-elite children is total slavery of the unconscious mind. Total control, therefore total demoralization. So this fact must be fully repressed or at least called by other names, certainly not slavery! So you avoid the entire subject, thinking it is too complex. You assume the "professionals" are working on it. But the elite, who understand Mind Control and have fully advanced it, protect their children in ways which can be studied to prove the true intent of Mind Control itself.

Since most people are controlled by unconscious forces, not conscious ones (just go to the Tavistock website), the federal government wrongfully manipulates them on the unconscious level using very personal manipulation devices, highly criminal psychic attacks and mass attitude propaganda but no one can effectively question it because they trust their government. Since these are sustained over very long periods, they can be incrementally advanced silently and effectively and eventually become completely normalized. Questioning it would be made taboo under cold war "war-logic" and bogus "national security" agendas. This vast enterprise would start by turning our largely democratic and free-thinking military into programmed cyborgs and conforming Republicans who would pass these "values" onto all of society. Even as this is a totalitarian treachery against our Constitution, it would be advanced as good politics and function subconsciously and invisibly being "normalized" in the collective unconscious as strong "American values."

Might these Americans then blunder into many thoughtless and unnecessary wars (most of these wars being "invisible wars" concerning largely unconscious forces?), even against the family itself? Highly sophisticated Mind Control agendas perfected by Nazi Germany and brought to the U.S. by the CIA were not openly discussed in 1959. President Eisenhower's fears about mass mind control operations are now being fully realized.

After learning of the CIA's secret Mind Control conspiracy, John F. Kennedy attempted to gather all of us in an effort to save our children. This conspiracy was too horrible for even the President to take on alone! Then came a long line of assassinations and atrocities by CIA-programmed assassins and more "psychic attacks" against our children than can possibly be listed in any blog! These horrors were "programmed" horrors!

Why do we inherently want to ignore the firm warnings of both Eisenhower and Kennedy regarding Mind Control, even as their warnings are now confirmed by enormous historical evidence? Are we fully Mind Controlled?

These orchestrated horrors serve to strengthen the hand of the Machiavellian manipulator, build primitive hysteria and loosen children from their parents. The single highest goal of this Satanic Arrogance is to advance wrongful authority and destroy parental authority. Parental authority will naturally advance free-thinking children, not "programmable" children. The American Child Trafficking Racket requires a scam as old as civilization itself.

MKULTRA Victim Testimony: Satanic Arrogance is "Sex Magic" and is not "Science"

View some of the children who died for a Secret System designed to make Slaves

As our Founding Fathers spin in their graves, mind-controlled bureaucrats are "normalizing" ritualistic child abuse on a massive scale. They do so by normalizing unnecessary trauma and other demoralizing MC methods (which are never applied to the children of the elite). The most obvious indication of the success of this powerful Mind Control is the complacency of the American public toward grossly unconstitutional Mind Control devices being routinely used against children. They eagerly "normalize" the destruction of millions of non-elite families and the collective unconscious mind accepts it as "constitutional." Now these bureaucrats place good parents on scarlet-letter databases designed to destroy them and their families. I was blacklisted by C&Y after I provided basic HIV/AIDS education to my children and after I became a federal whistleblower exposing their crimes. They do this through completely unconstitutional political Inquisitions which have been fully programmed at the federal level for secret Mind Control agendas. They use highly illegal Mind Control devices perfected at the federal level by political think-tanks, the CIA and the military. These children end up as Monarch slaves, coincidence?

Most U.S. lawyers will not advance obvious child trafficking cases against state agencies because they are intimidated by the illegal top-down conspirators against our Constitution. This makes active Child Trafficking in America effectively invisible to the world.

The British Invasion was really an elitist socialism advanced under the cover of literature, movies and rock-n-roll, now fully historical as such. The Brave New World is an elitist blueprint for the future. The destruction of the American family is directly proportional to the "altruistic" programs advanced by Tavistock. This is not a coincidence, this confirms eugenics. Such is the power of absolute Mind Control that we can no longer see the obvious.

Today the Tavistock Institute, based in England, operates a $6 Billion a year network of Foundations in the U.S., all of it funded by U.S. taxpayers' money largely to advance MC rituals against the non-elite. This "non-profit" money advances the latest and greatest in brainwashing technology for "crowd control," "child development" and other euphemisms of secret government social engineering specifically designed to drive us into boxcars. These "control" programs all employ basic sex, drugs and usury devices to manipulate non-elite children away from their parents. Obvious slavery that cannot be called slavery. Both Freud and Jung's genius was selectively monopolized to be sold to the highest bidder. What most people do not know is that these keys to the subconscious mind are all-powerful mass-control devices in the wrong hands. By empowering your children against these devices, like the elite do, you become the greatest "enemy" of the state, a state that is thoroughly manipulated by a very small elite in federal control.

What Tavistock will not tell you is that they have monopolized the “good” science as well as the “bad” science concerning child development for over 80 years. With this knowledge, good parents can effectively protect their children from all of the noise of psychological warfare. But Tavistock simultaneously advances this warfare! Why? Tavistock works for the elite. They tell the elite about good parenting methods while they simultaneously advance "Behaviorist science" against the non-elite. According to legal documents, certain "methods" are actively utilized to reduce natural defense mechanisms and "depattern" our children's behavior. Depatterning is basic psychobabble for conditioning children away from parents and toward wrongful authority. They simultaneously sex-up this wrongful authority through mass media. This fraud produces the great divide between the historically elitist world of slave and non-slave. Their hands are all over our many sex-fear-manipulated, Behaviorist-oriented mass media. This is the true source of totalitarian tyranny for which only about 1% of the U.S. population is consciously aware. But millions are now fully aware of this fraud subconsciously. This is an unprecidented conspiracy and crime advancing most or all wars, social engineering and wrongful authority in modern U.S. history!

Idiots at the state level are programmed marionettes, programmed by the "science" of ommission, and do not even know that they are providing data for our secret government's many slave-making operations. The Pentagon then has plenty of data on "good programmable children" for a steady supply of Mind Control victims. Populations are effectively "controlled" trough a totalitarian inversion of our Constitution where state and local authorities serve the federal elite very directly through obvious crimes against our Constitution. The elite become so arrogant, that they stay in power indefinitely. Enlightened parents who know this is a fraud are run through false "money" courts, not courts of law. Therefore, civil rights are effectively bypassed and information on this federal scam is fully repressed. If they know about the elite's child-rearing methods, they are smeared through powerful political propaganda now designed to "prevent" them from speaking the truth and their voices are effectively silenced. Traditional parenting and even highly advanced parenting are made taboo in targeted groups. This is especially so for parenting methods which counter-act Mind Control devices. Through highly duplicitous devices of control, the states have become functional marionettes to an highly unconstitutional federal agenda: bureaucrats over parents. But how can you silence truth in a "free society?" Good old-fashioned Nazi emotional programming, that's how.

If you doubt this conspiracy, simply place an elite child in the hands of a mind-controlled bureaucrat who is programmed to induce hypnosis, trauma and wrongful authority over that child. You will quickly find that such a child is "miraculously" saved from such a bureaucrat. This bureaucrat serves the elite through obvious eugenics, but not in ways one would find "constitutional."

View the YouTube video: The Rutherford Institute: The End of America as we know it.

View the YouTube video: MSNBC speaks Truth to Power

View the YouTube video: The Rutherford Institute: Living in the Land of the Blind

Even though countless atrocities are committed by Monarch Mind Controlled slaves over decades and are completely obvious, the public questions none of it and is content to blame the individual, not the vast slave-making industry. These are all "wackos" who "just happen" to do very political atrocities. This is the power of effective marionette programming! Or is it? Enter RMC. With RMC we see these "coincidences" are becoming so absurd that they are highly predictable and can be reverse-engineered. We find that our secret government's first attempts at domestic Mind Control were rather sloppy and are now fully historical, fully documented. By studying the slave-making process, we find that it is being used against us: it requires the normalization of broken families and the active dumbing-down, drugging and traumatizing of children. We find the wrongful hand of an illegal secret government in case after case. All of these companies advancing highly illegal psychological warfare then become targets. Psychological warfare is coming out of the closet to be completely dissected by real science! Those lawyers who truly understand RMC become all-powerful, just like gods! The Constitution becomes precisely the powerful tool for liberty that it was design to be.

When the government targets the families and children of Harvard alumni and free-thinking military experts who know the truth about these programs, it's a clear indication that Harvard was on the right track in exposing these evil programs. What those who worked on Mind Control discovered was the ancient and deeply programmed source of all wrongful authority: Satanic Arrogance. But Satanic Arrogance is extremely rare in the individual, being a "programmed" phenomenon of an ancient slave-making art and is therefore a signature of wrongful government. Satanic Arrogance is the true source of power for the utter reversal of our Constitution. It can be programmed into millions of Americans. Arrogance is nowhere to be found in our Founding Fathers other than in their sexism, and their owning of slaves. But our Founding Fathers with all of their imperfections were almost universally disgusted by the slave-making process. This is the fundamental flaw of slavery today.

The slave-making process is so utterly disgusting and unconstitutional that it must be thoroughly hidden and controlled by a very dangerous secret government. You are led to believe that slavery requires physical force, drugs or violence. But Freud proved otherwise. Slavery can be programmed into children by setting them up for powerful hysteria and fear manipulation. This programming can be fully exposed as such. This is the very source of power used throughout history. Understanding this power builds constitutional clarity. You will begin to understand why the "vast military industrial complex" is such a threat. Such an establishment maintains an absolute monopoly over human judgment, the very critical force of individual freedom which our Founding Fathers tried to enshrine in our Constitution. By actively controlling this critical judgment in repressed groups, cyborgs are exposed as traitors to our Constitution. In many respects, this manipulation of the mind serves to make us all blind to the big picture. It serves to make us all insiders to this conspiracy. Constitutional clarity will expose eugenics which is obvious to any outsider. But not the insider. This insider is Mind Controlled! Eisenhower understood this by viewing Nazi concentration camps. This slave-making process must therefore be normalized for it to continue, and such normalization builds the same emotional contagion which Eisenhower understood as an obvious threat. Why do we not see this threat today? Are we all insiders?

If we collectively fail to understand this wrongful authority as a threat, we have truly been transformed into constitutional idiots. This emotional contagion is pure evil and good parents naturally want to protect their children from it. This process of making slaves produces a signature. These signatures can therefore be studied and traced to their source. This sourcing information must therefore be covered up with draconian force. All of these signatures of wrongful authority have occurred over decades and are totally obvious. There are thousands of good Americans who know precisely how our CIA wrongfully manipulated "science" of making slaves for the New World Order. Why have these patriots been silenced? Is highly advanced Mind Control actively being used against us? If so, how can we possibly prove it?

As I worked on psychic driving at Harvard, I became a target for the CIA in 1985. Their methods are to shadow you with "friends" who book everything about you. Virtually everyone going through the instututions which produce RMC are so shadowed, and they are fully aware of it, if even only on the subconscious level. This is no paranoia, this is a massively documented conspiracy, but the overwhelming majority of Americans have been thoroughly brainwashed. I had mental abilities that were of very high interest to them, but I was no "Manchurian Candidate" that would get with the Program. But what my many contacts, research and deep intuition revealed to me was the true horror of these secret programs. These are not the domain for which our Constitution regarded as a “federal” domain! These secret programs are transgenerationally advanced, occult-based and highly repressive to any idea of constitutional freedom. In fact, they advance a very primitive power system rooted in eugenics, slavery, secrecy and violence, but above all, they reveal the secret hand of an extra-constitutional elite. They advance a highly false top-down government at the very highest echelons of power! My children would only be ruined by my involvement in this treachery!

View some of the programmed Mind Control horrors now going on in Iraq!

Mind Control is a sophisticated carrot and stick approach to humanity which employs ancient sex, drugs and usury control devices, but it is still based upon very ancient power systems not democratic ones. This is the true reason why Skull and Bonesmen keep rising to the top of power. These are highly taboo subjects, being the source of absolute power, so you will need to seriously re-think your ideas of sex, drugs and usury. These devices cannot work when parents truly understand them! These devices work on the more primitive levels of the mind, so literally, the goal of secret government is to suspend your children in a more primitive mind, dumbing them down so that triggering mechanisms employing trauma or sexual taboos will work on them.

All of these devices serve a very simple mission: reversal of our constitutional understanding of power from bottom-up to top-down through very powerful MC. Suspend the masses in a more primitive mind, build confusion and lies about the "complexity" of our social problems so as to repress the free thinking that might actually resolve these problems, the same free thinking enjoyed by our Founding Fathers, this will effectively make our Constitution irrelevant! But RMC is even more powerful. Why? RMC does the opposite of Mind Control, it builds constitutional clarity, becoming more and more powerful at exposing the true threat to our liberty!

The states already acknowledge the existence of powerful brainwashing by stealing children from cults under the guise of "protecting" them, but they do so through obvious double-standards. The greatest threat to our children is the political elite-cult which presumes a top-down authority throughout government. Where all of these state vs. cult conflicts occur, we see precisely where the marionette programming of state bureaucrats begins to break down. The states then take their marching orders from the federal government. This is no coincidence. These conflicts confirm a massive federal conspiracy to contain highly illegal psychological warfare. It also proves that the American Child Trafficking system is fundamentally flawed where "protection" is exposed as a mind-control device of pure deception and warfare and not a "behavioral science." Stealing children from their parents through unnecessary trauma is not protecting them, and this becomes so obvious that federal authorities are called in to build a constitutional fog around the entire process. The protection racket has evolved from slavery and is fatally flawed.

But what happens if you raise a child with RMC methods? That child is protected from all cults, including the elite-cult and naturally rises to the top of this wrongful power system! They are advanced as "officer material." This is why we love to demonize the Harvard, Yale, Princeton education methods for being so "liberal" while we simultaneously know that they work for the elite. They work for one group, while effectively repressing another. But where the elite and non-elite worlds collide, we have a genuine constitutional crisis which demands a deeper understanding of secret government and its true intent.

Highly illegal government can function in these dark areas of the occult precisely because the vast majority of Americans feel that blind conformity is "patriotic duty." But what ever happened to parental duty? It is nowhere considered but in the money courts? The full repression of the parental duty is an ongoing mission of our highly corrupt government. Through RMC we now understand why so many parents and children are being violated in order for our government to make slaves. Consider that our federal government has been wrongly manipulating these highly personal control devices for a very unconstitutional reason! You were made to accept this wrongful authority as a very young child. But you know it is not truth! You subconsciously understand that you have been violated. By communicating about these "dark" areas, we expose the very source of this wrongful authority. It is not the individual advancing absolute corruption, it is a secret coup over our Constitution by those dressed up as patriots.

By studying MC as a real, ongoing phenomenon, RMC serves to deprogram us for constitutional clarity. We can then see who the real criminals are. Therefore, all of these dark manipulation devices which have become "normalized" as being dark, federal issues no longer seem so mysterious and powerful. They are effectively debunked by revealing the true purpose of our federal government's highly bizarre regard for highly personal things, especially regarding our children. It is but a short step from knowing everything about your child, to acting upon this knowledge. Why would you trust such a government?

Our Founding Fathers would never stand in this line. Since millions of Americans have been programmed for a top-down government, the Constitution is vanishing in a fog. What is the real reason why Americans now "get in line?"

The CIA Facebook Conspiracy on Children: Sue the hell out of Facebook!

There is simultaneously advanced enormous amounts of disinformation about these powerful control devices. But this disinformation will contain obvious double-standards. They advance highly emotional attacks, "psychic attacks" against one group and not another. This is designed to make this entire subject as distasteful and as unapproachable as possible. But to the student of Mind Control, the Constitution becomes a powerful, clean and precise weapon against absolute tyranny.

Wrongful federal authority will be most obvious on the pre-school level, precisely where federal authority does not belong. This is where wrongful authority builds the "normalization" process into the next generation. Where parental authority is violated, we see a direct correlation with wrongful authority. Wrongful authority can be exposed on a massive scale. That is why my family's case is so dangerous to federal authorities: it will demand the reversal of billions of dollars in federal programs designed to advance the New World Order. Where the elite enjoy parental rights, the non-elite do not. This is the fundamental flaw to the New World Order: it requires non-elite slaves. This is anything but a new order. This is where my family's case transcends both worlds. These double-standards expose a serious flaw to the New World Order and are the keys to dismantling it.

By becoming the worst possible "threat" to this wrongful authority, my family becomes, simultaneously, a heavily documented subject. These documents are fully encoded with wrongful authority and the trauma-based "science" of making slaves. The methods used to traffic non-elite children in the U.S. are nonconsensual brainwashing and trauma-based HYPe "science" which employs taboos to demonize non-elite parents. These sex-magic methods are now so routine that the marionettes who employ them are themselves fully brainwashed by the arts and not the sciences. This corruption will conclusively prove that our government now actively destroys non-elite families simply because their parents are raising these children to become elite children!

You are now expected to raise sexually ignorant, "programmable" children for the elite, even when you are fully aware that such ignorance will inevitably turn them into mind-slaves, drug addicts, sex-slaves, Pentagon killers or worse. The government has all the information it needs to repress your children into becoming idiot mind-slaves. It is time to wake up to the silent and assured usurpation of your most fundamental rights as a human being.

My family exists beyond reproach for what they truly are: absolute victims of wrongful authority, evidenced by a massive perversion of science, law and obvious eugenics. These "tricks" were perfected by our federal government while they simultaneously protect their own children from these assaults. Even as they inflicted profound psychic attacks on my family based on a perverted science, they believed that they were doing good, a belief that is thoroughly shattered when fundamental double-standards are exposed. Now, top CIA and KGB agents are coming out and explaining how cold war war-logic made all of this abuse to our Constitution "normalized." This process was all planned and can be reverse-engineered by understanding its stages: demoralization, crisis and normalization. They have perfected the art of demoralization and crisis. We must therefore begin with what has been made "normal."

Child trafficking in Pennsylvania is of greater consequence for the greater numbers of German-blooded children and German political sentiment. With a total of 206 Pennsylvania has far more child trafficking agencies than any other state. California, which is almost three times the size of Pennsylvania has 73 agencies less and Illinois which is very comparable in size to Pennsylvania has about half as many licensed agencies. This makes Pennsylvania ripe for massive child trafficking fraud and ground zero for this black market. We now have the ability to deprogram these marionettes on the witness stand. We must prosecute those who advance grossly unconstitutional Inquisitions against families as Nazi war criminals, as their link to Nazi eugenics programs are now undeniable.

Many of those who enjoy the tremendous benefits of true freedom in the Illumanati centers of power wrongly attribute this freedom to a scarce privilege. This is not the case, the Illumanati centers of power are the true constitutional state where authority is rightly maintained. In these centers, programming children for future demoralization is not tolerated. Trauma-based slavery methods are deliberately suspended as our Constitution demands, serving to make these areas function as the oasises of liberty envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Where authority is wrongly maintained in the vast non-elite world, we find a cascading, compounding effect of social ills. Through highly advanced CIA "tricks," you are to believe that such social ills are "normal," even racially programming you on the subconscious level. But with RMC, the trick is up. This fraud requires more and more government bureaucrats, advancing more and more Illumanati deception, but RMC proves this deception to be unconstitutional. These are ills which have been generationally advanced and therefore will require generationally advanced reversals. But such obvious logic does not serve the elite. In fact, it threatens the elite. So long-term processes are designed to serve the elite and disserve the non-elite. Our serially elected officials have no regard for generationally advanced reversals, so the generationally advanced Illumanati agendas hold precedence and become deeply programmed into the secret agendas of government. Through RMC, we see the true historical trends of this wrongful authority being violently imposed on us.

By understanding why demoralization is so important to effective Mind Control, this entire process serves to prove the true intent of our federal government's involvement in very personal matters. Demoralization is the stun-gun applied to those with true democratic power: the non-elite. The power of the non-elite is truly frightening to the elite, so many false wars are advanced upon them so as to effectively reverse the Constitution on the subconscious level of the mind-slave. Americans do not want to believe that the government is deliberately setting up their children for future demoralization required by brainwashing. But how do the elite who operate these secret programs raise their children?

Much of Mind Control functions through politic encoding which builds confusion, conformity and above all, fear. This is a very primal fear of upsetting the fundamentals of power. These are programmed emotions which can be wrongfully manipulated. By setting you up from birth to believe in a dialectical political system, you become the perfect fool to be manipulated. But who does this manipulation really serve? Our dialectic political system all serves a very simple goal: through constitutional confusion, the full reversal of our Constitution's power system will serve an extra-constitutional elite in perpetual power. This is why Mind Control is hyper-political. There is absolutely no way to talk about All-American Mind Control without using the language of dialectic politics. This effectively makes Mind Control a taboo subject. Politics is the circus that hides the real agenda of Mind Control.

Through the synthesis of RMC, one must leverage the political language in order to expose the underlying control, but this serves to discredit your efforts in direct proportion to your "threat" to the "political" establishment. This threat is bogus, but highly effective in repressing the libertarian. The oldest "threat" to the elitist establishment has always been childhood empowerment by the parent. This has not changed. But Mind Control serves only a very small elite and their children, and their true political loyalties may be only to themselves: to sustain their wrongful authority. Politics is only the cover used to repress real opposition. Even though Mind Control advances a very secret power system, being ignorant of their methods is the greatest threat to our Constitution, a document which may already be fully compromised.

Mind Control is a highly sophisticated method of manipulation where encoding attitudes occurs in the same area of the brain where sexual matters are encoded. This means that children can be effectively educated to resist this form of manipulation.

However, too many of us have a sneaking suspicion, in the back of our minds or even in the forefront, that sex isn’t just naughty, it really is bad/evil/will cause you to go blind and a whole host of other little nasties that have come to us mostly thanks to bad Republican parenting, repression tactics and a multitude of misinformation palmed off on the general public through the media. All of these misconceptions come from bad parenting and the worst possible parent is the sexually repressed state on a mission to create and sustain false wars. Whether consciously or unconsciously, this mission causes a demand for the programmable child. Through the imposition of powerful sexual taboos, we are meant to become blind to how our government actually employs these taboos. So our children are the round pegs that "patriots" pound into square holes, where the process of making babies is evil but bombing babies is noble. All of this nonsense is programmed in childhood in very emotional ways, but you are not permitted, either intellectually or emotionally, to question any of it. This is because sexual repression in childhood is the highest requirement of Mind Control.

You may be part of the vast majority for whom this entire blog is simply a Freudian joke. But you must ask yourself: might this total manipulation of our political system simply to confuse, distract and re-program the masses might indeed occur some time in the future, serving to enthrone a very small elite who are anything but democratic? Didn't Orwell, Huxley and Tavistock place forward this distinct possibility long ago? Even as a kind of blueprint? This Orwellian power pyramid is not constitutional! In fact, by empowering our executive branch with so much secret authority to run amok of our Constitution, such a result sometime in the future is highly likely. But such an obvious threat is never raised by the media, Congress or the Supreme Court. Mass deception has advanced against you to such a totalitarian degree that your entire being will want to resist the truth that our entire Constitution is being inverted only to serve a very small elite in absolute power. Through RMC we must now question all of the cultural forces which we can trace to Tavistock and our own CIA, terror attacks, The British Invasion, Ian Fleming and James Bond, MGM, rock music, assassinations, news programming and on and on and on. None of these ubiquitous attacks on our minds serves the Constitution, and that is the entire point. Who programs the programmer?

Operation MOCKINGBIRD - The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets manipulating news, movies, music, radio and television. In 1976, CIA Director George H. W. Bush tried to whitewash MOCKINGBIRD as a non-issue. But who is better positioned by the vast military industrial complex than he to contain such an overwhelming abuse of the Constitution?

Prescott Bush, father to George I, helped to finance Hitler, was instrumental in bringing Nazi MC technology to the CIA and was a director of CBS when the FDR government "requested" GE and Westinghouse /CBS partner to form RCA and "protect" the American airways from enemy propaganda. Formed by GE and Westinghouse to promote government propaganda, they are still on the job of waving flags and spinning facts to support wars and omit anti corporate "news" as NBC and CBS. Now these efforts are fully buttressed by Fox and CNN. While Fox is bringing "conservatives" in line, CNN is bringing "liberals" in line, all of which serves to mask the real power system. By advancing himself as a "conservative," George H. W. Bush then could distance himself from more "liberal" media outlets through effective MC serving the illusion of political conflict. He then miraculously maintains near total federal authority by blood or by proxy since the Kennedy assassination. How does a Constitution designed to churn federal powers every four years sustain such near-absolute authority over 7 decades?

George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush were active in the leadership of the eugenics societies that were popular among the wealthy classes in the first half of the twentieth century. Prescott Bush was the Connecticut director of the Mental Hygiene Society which originated at Yale University in 1908. The headquarters of the American Eugenics Society was also at Yale (also home of the Order of Skull & Bones) until its relocation to and merger in 1952 with the Population Council, which was founded by John D. Rockefeller and John Foster Dulles, lawyer for Brown Brothers Harriman.

The Mental Hygiene Society of which Prescott Bush was a director was a project of the Order of Skull and Bones. The society "would evolve into the CIA's cultural engineering effort of the 1950s, the drugs and brainwashing adventure known as 'MK-Ultra' anti-American project which poured drugs into the country and worked to fabricate the drug-sex youth culture." What they won't tell you is that "Mental Hygiene" is really a culling device where science can be used to advance double-standards, one for the elite and one for the non-elite. In very subtle and sophisticated ways, the sleight of hand can be employed by bureaucrats to control the reproduction freedom of minorities on a very broad scale.

Behind the Tavistock Institute and its brainchild, MK-Ultra, was the largesse of the Rockefeller Foundation, "a global instrument for radical social change, using American money and British strategy." British psychiatry: from eugenics to assassination by Anton Chaitkin reveals John D. Rockefeller's interest in psychiatric genetics, which "applied to psychiatry the concepts of eugenics (otherwise known as race purification, race hygiene, or race betterment) developed in London's Galton Laboratory and its offshoot Eugenics Societies in England and America." Besides Rockefeller and the British Crown, the families of Warburg and Harriman were the primary funders of eugenics internationally.

"A behavior control research project was begun in the 1950s, coordinated by the British psychological warfare unit called the Tavistock Institute, with the Scottish Rite Masons, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other British, U.S., Canadian, and United Nations agencies. The project became famous in the 1970s under a CIA code name, 'MK-Ultra.' Its notoriety for brainwashing by drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, and other tortures caused many books to be written about the project, and the U.S. Senate conducted hearings which exposed many of its abusive features. President Gerald Ford appointed a commission headed by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, to correct the CIA's misconduct. There was a widespread anti-establishment view at the time, that here was the fox appointed to guard the hen house."

Mind Control can only work through mass deception, mass conformity and broadly unconstitutional federal powers over the states and the individual. Can this then become the tool for a totalitarian constitutional coup now or in the future? Reverse this unconstitutional abuse by our federal government and you effectively stop the New World Order agenda. But this requires the extraordinary patriot. None of the secret wars being advanced by our federal government are constitutional! As we lose our freedoms and fight false wars, our own government facilitates tens of millions of illegal aliens into our country to set up the real war of complete demoralization. Those who know this truth are beaten with many sticks, not to mention the horrible repession one naturally feels by the truth itself. This repression of the obvious truth proves massive Mind Control. But most of these sticks are now held by grossly unconstitutional bureaucrats, Mind Controlled bureaucrats, not legal experts! Legal experts know that all of this federal regard for sex, drugs and usury is wildly unconstitutional and must function underground, illegally. A truly responsible Supreme Court can reverse them. Through RMC we can follow the money back to the source of this wrongful programming of bureaucrats, the necessary first stage in a silent and totalitarian coup over our Constitution.

The CIA knows that children empowered by their parents with the proper "elite" education grow to superior intelligence and understanding of power. They call these children "officer material," "One Percenters," "Lawful" and "enlightened." They then become the elite. These children are educated about the occult methods of power, which are very closely held secrets. Why the occult? What has been demonized for centuries in the non-elite world are actually the keys to power for the elite. Elite children are educated about them so as to protect them, non-elite children are force-fed elaborate disinformation simultaneously. True parental empowerment of children in such a system requires early and effective sexual communication. By building solid objectivity in this area, they are not set up to be traumatized and manipulated. The elite have used highly effective psychological warfare against the non-elite for centuries based upon many false mythic systems which advance sexual repression, and this scam can be reversed through knowledge which fully questions the "morality" of these elitist "moral" systems. The fear of parental empowerment is fully programmed into "peasants" so that bureaucrats today can be programmed by very powerful Freudian taboos to fear and distrust the non-elite parent on a massive scale. This effectively makes eugenics invisible and simultaneously powerful. For thousands of years, this process of mind-programming has changed very little.

Through Freudian psychology, Tavistock and our own CIA determined that the traditional parental duty was the critical moment of childhood development which could be made totally taboo, repressed and politically powerful. Children can be effectively divided into the elite and the non-elite simply by keeping this secret in the hands of a select elite. Non-elite children could therefore be raised where hysteria and sex-based manipulation devices could be effectively used on them. The non-elite parent is brought up to fear sexual information in his or her child, a complete reversal of Freudian psychology which only serves the elite. Bureaucrats can be programmed not to trust non-elite parents, thus traumatizing them and fully repressing the intellectual development of their children. This imposed ignorance has kept the elite in power for centuries and it must remain shaded in deep mystery and darkness and fully monopolized by the elite. Those who advanced naturalistic parenting, peace, love, meditation away from Mind Control, like John Lennon, were major "threats" to our federal government and had to be destroyed. Their movements must be thoroughly discredited and made into a joke.

These elite children may not be any more intelligent than non-elite children, but they understand the keys to power and this is in itself very empowering. They are protected from the powerful subconscious fears that repress the non-elite. Freud viewed the elimination of these subconscious fears as the obvious endgame of his intense study of hysteria: empowering children about sex the way nature itself intended. This is not very complicated until you fully understand all of the devices used to repress basic communication and normal childhood development have been wrongfully monopolized by a very small elite. They are so powerful, in fact, that nearly 90% of the population now falls in line with this wrongful authority.

The entire process of parental empowerment is cloaked in secrecy and enforced through draconian repression simply because this ignorance programs children for the elite power system. The Skull and Bones society has functioned for years to reverse this wrongful authority in their initiates, thus building the "occult" mystique. Mind Control "sciences" are fundamentally irrational because they are all based on a false Illuminati delusion that human beings have sub-classes, making the elite superior by their own delusions. But most elite children are deliberately protected from powerful Mind Control devices through basic parental empowerment advancing knowledge, not genetics, because their parents are responsible and knowledgeable about Mind Control. This same empowerment withheld now serves to traffic in non-elite children for obvious eugenics. Thus the double-standard. The elite children are given the keys of objectivity over the Mind Control process itself. Through very effective repression, you are programmed to believe that "non-elite" children raised in this manner are abused! Their parents are demonized, criminalized and destroyed through absolute draconian repression. This irrational and draconian repression serves to prove to us where and how the real source of elitist power resides: on a very personal level, not the constitutional domain of federal government.

As the states are effectively manipulated by a highly unconstitutional elite, they will insist that parental empowerment is truly a state's issue. But we must regard our Constitution as not a top-down conspiracy against the parent, but a true instrument for the Bill of Rights for which our Founding Fathers labored more emphatically and more diligently for eighteen years. Once the Constitution is effectively overturned by these "behavior conspirators," this federal regard for your personal life will no longer be necessary. A full police state will then be imposed and the elite in power will not care less how you raise your children.

There will always be intense conflicts, executions and "secret wars" which occur at the source of this fundamental power conflict, involving sex, drugs or usury, because these are the occult's most vulnerable areas of mass Mind Control manipulation that the CIA cannot keep dark! These are conflicts which occur as a direct result of constitutional protections for civil liberties but they are advanced as "counter-insurgency" operations. Through fear, you are now relinquishing your constitutional rights, a process which will utterly destroy your children. The occult is where primitive fear can be advanced, manipulated and sustained. Through their many slavery operations, media campaigns and psychic attacks, the secret federal government will continue to manufacture the bogey-men that scare your children into losing their Constitution. Through RMC, we can prove this. This is the true reason our federal government became obsessed with the occult, a fatal flaw violating our Constitution.

In a very bizarre Orwellian manner made to appear "normal" and constitutional, the federal government is deeply involved in many "secret wars" involving totally personal matters such as sex, drugs and usury. This is no overt concern for your personal life, this is an active coup over our Constitution! These areas of Mind Control are powerful gateways into the subconscious mind which serves a very powerful federal agenda: repress the non-elite and reverse the Constitution. The CIA believes it can re-program our entire culture's collective unconscious mind, and this is a fully documented conspiracy based on highly advanced science. This is a science of advancing secret programs and secret psychic attacks which shape our entire culture and this conspiracy must employ highly personal control methods. But our Constitution reserves such personal matters as sex, drugs and usury for the states or for the individual. This is only one reason why this is a profoundly important Supreme Court matter. This federal regard for our personal lives is certainly not altruistic, constitutional or even remotely rational.

Even though the vast amont of MKTRUTH documentation has been destroyed, these documents are no longer necessary. Mind Control "truth" is an obvious lie which has been fully institutionalized with millions of documents.

These are obviously unconstitutional federal attacks against the American Psyche itself which largely function on the sub-conscious mind. These are attacks that are so unconstitutional that their exposure must be repressed through draconian repression. These draconian measures inadvertantly point to the underlying conspiracy and can be studied. We must now demand that our Supreme Court address this subconscious conspiracy by using our highly conscious minds and what is left to our Constitution!

Where the federal government cannot directly control the induction of uncessasary trauma onto non-elite children, it will fully control and manipulate the "science" of doing so. This is because the federal government is secretly advancing a broad conspiracy against rights which has been going on incrementally for generations. This conspiracy requires the child-slave product, and this becomes the weakness of the conspiracy. The federal government does not have the constitutional authority to violate children! So it must do so through highly advanced marionette MC programming. It must re-engineer "science" in order to take children from their parents using marionettes, but this process is inherently difficult to keep concealed. The elite who understand the duplicitous nature of these programs, and know that they are trauma-based, naturally want to protect their own children from this massive abuse.

These are fully unconstitutional intrusions into personal liberties which the Supreme Court must reverse, so the elite employ "war-logic" to sustain them and hide them under secretive "national security" agendas. Why so many secret federal wars? These serve to inflict the trauma, confusion and disinformation necessary to serve eugenics, sustain cultural transformation through Mind Control and make slaves.

You may be well aware of extensive federal spending researching many types of warfare that may come our way. But what about Psychological Warfare? The truth is psychological warfare is ongoing and is used against American civilians everyday. Americans are deeply marinated in it and literally cooked alive. It is ubiquitous and profoundly normalized, but not totally normalized. You literally cannot study it anywhere in the U.S. unless you are first "programmed" by the military. Therefore, RMC is no "paranoid science." RMC is the only science that addresses the true threat to our Constitution. It is the real science that questions "official science" and studies how the elite protect their own from Mind Control and exposes a serious flaw in the "normalization" process. It scientifically proves the worse conspiracy against rights in world history!

Through Mind Control and war-logic, the federal government produces a mass of disinformation that applies to non-elite children and thoroughly manipulates them, but these devices do not apply to the children of the elite. This war-logic is specifically designed to circumvent our Constitution, protect elite children and can be studied as such, becoming a science.

But Mind Control devices are so obviously unconstitutional, that the elite will actively repress such a science! So if RMC is a legitimate science, it will be thoroughly repressed or at least highly controlled due to its legitimacy! If Mind Control is not actively used against the American population, who cares about RMC? But if Mind Control employs highly unconstitutional devices which come directly from Nazi Germany and early American occult groups which are now actively employed against Americans, this horrific fact must be covered up, even through draconian force!

At Harvard, this is precisely what happened. As those many Harvard researchers worked on Mind Control projects for decades, they simultaneously advanced advice to protect students and their own children from Mind Control. What leaks out as RMC actually builds constitutional clarity and protects elite children from the illegal programs of the government. This constitutional clarity is really very simple: "We know our work on Mind Control is highly criminal, so leave our children out of your world-domination schemes!" This deal with the devil seems to have worked just fine, until now. Now everyone wants to understand why all of these HYPe children are in positions of power and virtually no one else.

Sexual repression induces one of the most basic forms of Mind Control used for centuries. It is designed to "set-up" non-elite children for cult-like manipulation, so Harvard faculty advanced very sophisticated methods to protect children from these cults and sexual repression devices. They are then demonized through MC as "liberals." But miraculously, those most demonized have children who rise to the top of power. This has very little to do with money or connections, but with knowledge! Many of the most powerful are liberals who masquarade as conservatives: but in the realm of Mind Control, none of this really matters. Harvard is a magnet for enormous CIA efforts to contain RMC, but RMC is never kept from the children of the elite. Their true power resides in RMC.

But once these Mind Control devices are activated by our government, the advice used to counter-activate Mind Control becomes criminalized in the non-elite world. Therefore, places like Harvard become demonized because they tend to "leak out" RMC. The double-standards were the problem for the elite and will expose a secret, elitist government and the greatest conspiracy against rights in the history of our nation. The making of the mind-slaves, millions of them, requires a highly sophisticated conspiracy of which Harvard intellectuals have been secretly exposing for decades by "encoding" their work with RMC. You will find such encodings throughout "liberal" art works. This conspiracy against rights requires almost universal brainwashing! The federal government must then "normalize" highly unconstitutional, personal programming on a mass scale. To the horror of the true patriot, most of these coup mechanisms are now fully in place and an electorial majority of Americans will not blame the federal government for our crazy mixed-up culture. They will blame the individual! Through Pentagon statistical analysis, Mind Control works on 99% of those Americans who might otherwise stand up for the Constitution. Absolutely astounding!

These many unconstitutional wars, therefore, produce enormous alienation, confusion and crime in the non-elite community and actively traffics non-elite children for the elite. This is the Orwellian farm for which the elite are all aware. This active child trafficking must be exposed as such, since the elite have a real vulnerability in their making of slaves: their "science," courts and Pentagon fraud do not apply to the children of the elite, a clear constitutional violation of equal protection.

By exposing these double-standards between an elite child and a non-elite child, Mind Control is exposed as being a ubiquitous force actively employed by an illegal elite to destroy our Constitution! It is not the fault of these individual children that they suffer from sex, drugs and usury manipulation! These control devices have been perfected by the CIA. We know that such double standards are no passive evolution. The mechanisms used to protect elite children are fully entrenched and serve to prove Mind Control itself. It is an active conspiracy. There is no greater threat to our national security than the steady and silent usurpation of our Constitution by way of wrongful authority over our non-elite children, no not one!

The science of RMC will prove that wrongful authority over the parent is an active conspiracy to utterly destroy our Constitution. Since the New World Order will require a massive number of mind-controlled bureaucrats and slaves, the process of making these slaves will be the true source of their power to control society. The elite will therefore advance ritualistic child abuse on a massive scale and through Mind Control propaganda that will advance these programs as "altruistic." Mind Controlled cyborgs will become blind to their own ritualistic child abuse. This is now happening on a broad scale and is totally obvious. So when Child Services are exposed for wrongfully manipulating an "elite" child, this exposure serves to prove a massive conspiracy against rights. My education at Harvard directly resulted in my "non-elite" child being trafficked by Children and Youth! My child is such an elite child! In fact, all children under our Constitution are elite children!

The overwhelming number of prostitutes, drug addicts and assassins in America were first entered into a military-inspired "system" as children, a system designed to make them "grunts," dumb them down and traffic in them. These children are deliberately abused by their own secret government largely through programmed elitist bigotries which effectively demoralize the parent and separate children from their rightful parents. They are then made "acceptable" through similar propaganda which makes Mind Control devices "normalized" throughout society. This process is all explained by CIA and KGB experts who have programmed these bureaucrats quite directly! All the devices of sex, drugs and usury inflict unnecessary trauma which are basic witch-craft devices employed in the slave-making process and are advanced through secret wars on our children. By advancing secret wars, inciting psychic attacks and employing Monarch slaves, the secret government sets these victims up for mass Mind Control. Through trauma, these devices serve to "shape" the collective unconscious mind, normalizing broadly unconstitutional and secret agendas. But such shaping can be decoded and exposed by a true "paranoid science."

Institutional abuse becomes the leading source of crime in America invisibly even though our Constitution was designed specifically to outlaw this abuse. Institutional abuse will become a source for studying the Mind Control encoding language. This system of bureaucrats over parents was actually "perfected" using Nazi Monarch Mind Control methods but the elite do not use these methods in their own schools, with their own children. There will be a marked desparity. This "system" requires programmed bureaucrats over parents, even though these same bureaucrats are never allowed near our "elite" children. You are meant to believe that this is an overwhelming social problem, repleat with complexity. This is the effect of psychological warfare on your mind! The source of massive social unrest and confusion is that the ancient art of slave-making is retained and employed by an unconstitutional entity within our federal government. Heavily endowed institutions all over the world are fully complicit in advancing this slave-making "science" and are now highly vulnerable to legal confrontation!

There are many, many "non-elite" children today showing the conditioned effects of non-consensual brainwashing and MKULTRA, Monarch trauma-based programming, because bureaucrats now routinely use Nazi-inspired Mind Control methods against "non-elite" families. These are obvious crimes exposing psychological warfare itself! This is because our CIA perfected these methods to be advanced over generations for eugenics and secret political wars, grossly unconstitutional wars, and not for true "national security." The single most important requirement of the New World Order is "normalizing" bureaucrats over parents. But this requires generational programming and a federal government deeply involved in very personal things which goes far beyond our constitutional framework and proves a far-reaching conspiracy!

Once you fully understand how Mind Control illegally employs sex, drugs and usury devices against the overwhelming majority of Americans, you will begin to understand why our culture is so thoroughly messed up in these areas! But you must first learn the basics, like a small child.

When they did it to my own family, I already knew too much about the Program and the truth of this subconscious treachery against our Constitution and children. I also knew they would be documenting their evil work, documents that will be fully encoded with the HYPe "science" of making slaves. This "science" is so unconstitutional that it will never be allowed in any real courts of law advanced by mind-controlled lawyers, so the lawyers themselves must be thoroughly trained in RMC. But the careful study of hysteria and Dissociative Identity Disorder, their locations of "treatment," their advancement through "truth" funding and the encoding language used for "medical" purposes will expose the child trafficking industry used to create Mind Control slaves. Understand, these devices of control are never used against "elite" children, so Harvard trained me in RMC. It will also prove an actual black market for such abused children created by our own government, a black market fully encoded to appear "altruistic." This altruism is thoroughly smashed by the testimony of countless mind-slaves!

But what happens when a child, taken by an "altruistic" service like Child Services, "just so happens" to become a Monarch slave for the federal government? This becomes powerful evidence of a massive federal conspiracy to build a New World Order through an active child slave market. This entire unconstitutional system is now fully in place and very active and is obviously so! It is never employed against the children of the elite.

Such a slave market is so outrageously unconstitutional, that the CIA must be routinely employed to build false-fires and "psychic attacks" to build confusion and blame others for this slave market. But they will do so employing Monarch slaves. The science of RMC actually can study these attacks to determine their true origins.

The CIA will produce so much disinformation, so as to make an investigation seem impossible. But through RMC designed to reverse-engineer these programs, this is no longer true! The many psychic attacks done to our collective unconscious were done by very specific "types" of individuals: those programmed for Satanic Arrogance. This programming is almost entirely government-controlled programming, for which the CIA itself has perfected. Blaming these attacks on "religious fanatics" or "wackos" is exposed as bogus, time after time. Such programming is CIA-specific, as exposed by hundreds of witnesses.

Active psychological warfare employed against non-conformers will be exposed for what it is. Marionettes working these programs document their work, and they must do so to serve a higher programmer, not the individual and not the states. The elite try to keep this truth all to themselves, except at Harvard, Yale and Princeton(HYPe) where the real truth tends to leak out. They know that basic witchcraft and voodoo can be repackaged by HYPe and made to work as a "behavioral science" simply by programming marionettes to "believe" in it. But this "science" is not really science and the elite know it.

This bogus process becomes a powerful religion of "science" used only against targetted groups which the elite never apply to their own children. But true science is not religion, it can be questioned through reason to expose wrongful attitudes, attitudes which are programmed and this programming language is bought and sold to the highest bidder, i.e. secret government. This programming is specifically designed to invert our constitutional understanding of power. This can now be proven on a massive scale by careful study of CIA involvement through Tavistock and our many university centers. The programming of marionettes and other slaves is an ancient "art" not a science! The process of making hard-core CIA assassins and destroying American families through illegal Inquisitions is fundamentally the same! The manipulation of such "science" also has a long paper trail.

Radically altering our belief systems is the underlying mission of psychological warfare and mind-controlled cyborgs can be made to believe virtually any absurd notion! Even that witchcraft is a "science" that cannot be questioned! But how could I prove it? Many of my friends were in the Program and were loyal Republicans. Lawyers were so mind controlled by "the system" that none of them believed me. Even those at Harvard who know the truth about this science fraud are now being silenced or cannot be found.

"No child left behind the front lines." This is the war-logic you are meant to believe, but is this really true? The truth is, the New World Order will create a very distinct split between the elite and the non-elite. This profound rift will be most obvious on the pre-school level.

Non-elite parents are now criminally prosecuted for examining, educating and empowering their children in any way against this horrific HYPe abuse, even as the elite actively protect their children in the precise same manner. These cases will prove a massive conspiracy against rights! Most Americans have been fully conditioned to view imposed sexual repression, drugs and trauma-based "control methods" as "necessary" and "normal," a totally bogus mindset our Founding Fathers would never recognize. HYPe "science" is actually designed to hype hysteria in non-elite children and families, a powerful Mind Control device. Hysteria is intentionally induced onto non-elite children and families in direct proportion to their "conforming" or non-conforming "attitudes" with the "system." But this is never applied to the elite. Those educators at Harvard know this very well.

Though very sophisticated, its goals are rather simple: through Mind Control methods, the New World Order will circumvent our Constitution by building a Brave New World where bureaucrats rule over parents and children and the bureaucrats will themselves not know anything about it! This is marionette programming. "Psychological assessments" began to encode our children as Pentagon products four decades ago, now routinely applied to non-elite children and are never applied to the children of the elite. Likewise, elite children are never intentionally traumatized about anything but the traumatizing of non-elite children is highly advanced as a "science." These assessments and traumas serve a very ancient slave-making agenda and do not really serve any child, they serve a secret, illegal government.

If parents are not permitted to bond, protect and educate their children from such evil, like the elite do, how can we claim to have defeated the Nazi threat? What can be a greater threat to our national security than to be a society fully controlled by Nazis from their graves? Our government's obsession with Nazi war-logic and Nazi Mind Control has made our Constitution irrelevant. Completely unconstitutional war-logic is the new "normal." Republicans now want our good military to fight for "honor," a word deeply encoded by HYPe Mind Control to control slaves and has absolutely nothing to do with "national security." The elite are never honorable when they only apply "honor" to the non-elite. "Honor" is the MC codeword for self-destruction which is never applied to the elite. Truly honorable patriots will not be so easily deceived! View the YouTube Video on how this bogus programming serves only the elite, not the real patriots.

Today, we know why President Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us about these Mind Control and psychological propaganda agendas being secretly advanced against Americans, indoctrinating our children and radically transforming our society. These are evil programs designed to blend politics and religion, circumvent our Constitution and make slaves of our children. By deeply encoding "values" into the subconscious mind, parents can be replaced by actual CIA Mind Control agendas. This is how many Republicans deliberately raise their children! Since Republicans are the "ideal" citizens under the elite establishment, they can be effectively studied to determine just how this conformist Mind Control actually works for the elite.

Even though the Holocaust was the horrific end-result of eugenics "science," these programs went underground in the U.S. and were secretly advanced as a "behavioral science" which cannot be questioned. As such, it has effectively led to an elitist secret government, elitist double-standards, political bigotry and family dysfunction on a massive scale, as I found in post-Katrina New Orleans. Americans are profoundly naive about their government's torture and destruction of "non-elite" children. This is a blind spot which the elite must keep blind. The true "science" of behavior modification is fully repressed and controlled by a very small elite. That's why their own "methods" are always kept secret and these are not what we would regard as "scientific" methods because they go counter to the war-logic of Mind Control methods. Now their eugenics "science" methods are fully institutionalized by "marionette" bureaucrats who perform routine Ritual Abuse and think they are doing good! Nixon, with a little Nazi help, actually won!

The brainwashing of bureaucratic marionettes is an extremely powerful programming of Satanic Arrogance. Satanic arrogance is the one force we all fear because it is completely historical and we know it will return. But the major flaw in Mind Control programming is that Satanic Arrogance can be institutionalized as a "science." Under all the latinized psycho-babble of the "behavioral sciences," this programming is still only basic witchcraft and voodoo "sex magic" which can be defeated by our Constitution, defeated by good parents. I am a personal witness to how good science has been perverted and replaced by government "programmed science." This "science" then advances a "normalization" of trauma against the non-elite child.

This wrongful programming is so profoundly normalized that very sophisticated RMC methods must now be developed to convince people that they are in fact, fully programmed for sex-based Mind Control manipulation. But this has already been done by many HIV/AIDS sex education initiatives.

Most marionette bureaucrats are now subconsciously encoded with secret agendas that aren't their own, they are sub-consciously empowered with wrongful authority that inflicts unnecessary trauma onto children that builds an illegal power system. This will eventually destroy our Constitution, but they continue to document their work. These databases will serve the higher programmer and can be exposed. Millions of Americans can be shown this data on their own families and decide for themselves what the true intent of their government really is! They must first understand Mind Control through RMC. The fundamental question then becomes, who programs the programmer?

View YouTube movie on the History of CIA Mind Control.

My research for over twenty years is based upon massive documented evidence now coming to light on the MKULTRA programs, victim testimonies and through ongoing MKULTRA programming which this government has institutionalized and is actively applied to my own family. Since I know the truth of my own family's case, seeing precisely how these criminals in government manipulate families will become profoundly important to those who have been destroyed by these same methods. Now they will be heard! My work is empirically grounded, therefore, whatever you may believe about me or my family is irrelevant to these truths about our hyper-political system. Of course, these criminals will attempt to demonize and discredit me with an equally profound zeal. This zeal, also must be exposed and studied. By heat and by fury, the facts on how these children are violated by these impostors will be fully documented.

For a basic overview, see A Nation Betrayed, Tulane University's mind control studies and the widespread Child Torture Activities of the U.S. government. Much propaganda now serves the idea that these programs were so horrible that no good came out of them. Both the good and the bad intelligence gathered from these tormented programs are vehemently guarded state secrets and they are on-going! These secrets protect active eugenics programs in America. The good science serves the elite, the bad science is served to the non-elite. These psychological "spiritual" methods are now routinely employed against U.S. children in active Child Trafficking eugenics programs.

The good information coming from these programs are now treated as crimes if employed by the non-elite. Under this "system," they must attack good parents! is dedicated to exposing this double-standard and these "psychic attacks" against our "non-elite" families through The Federal Whistle Blower Act and through The Freedom of Information Act. The chilling results of this investigation are being sent to this website as we expose how the vast majority of Americans are manipulated by Alpha or "core level" Mind Control to destroy "non-Republican" families. These fears of Eisenhower are now "normalized" by the horrific betrayal of his beloved Republican Party.

The American eugenics movement got its start in Bedford, Pennsylvania in 1857 when the U.S. Supreme Court decided the Dred Scott decision at Bedford Springs Hotel. This was a moment when Satanic Arrogance became obvious. Today, family dysfunction and destruction through eugenics programs are much more subtle and sophisticated. But today, Satanic Arrogance is once again obvious. These are nonetheless sophisticated operations which destroy countless non-elite families and turn their children into de facto slaves. This slavery is now based on "science," which just happens to be all about emotion and not reason--a very peculiar science indeed. The true science will prove this slave-making process. Children afflicted by this slave-making process grow into darkness, because the "science" of slave-making is now conditioned into everyone not to call it slavery, everyone but the child-slave that is. When parental authority is brought to minimalistic levels and mind-controlled mobs rule over children, we find much of the hysteria, trauma and deception in the mob itself and not in the children. The children are the only sane ones left! But once these families are destroyed, the child must live quietly as a de facto slave and his or her parent is really the state, a cyborg parent. The child sees this imposed trauma for what it is, it is slavery.

These programs are maintained through highly advanced attitude propaganda which serve family destruction and trafficking of non-elite children for the elite. Mass media campaigns designed to instill fear are simultaneously advanced to promote ignorance, none of which are healthy or helpful for children. Bureaucrats are trained to induce powerfully traumatic inversion methods against children and families through the brainwashing of wrongful attitudes. Those families widely dispersed by Katrina are dispersed in direct proportion to their involvement in "the system." This altruistic "system" literally destroys them scientifically, not randomly. The most obvious public service would be to educate parents about non-consensual brainwashing of children through government-imposed hysteria and trauma, none of which is ever offered by our "free media."

The CIA's search for the perfect "recruiting pill" resulted in the completely unconstitutional family court "system" we have today. Each and every family brought through this system now serves the Pentagon and all of these crimes are documented and encoded for Mind Control analysis purposes. Through the "science" of child trafficking, these encodings become obvious. Now the Bush administration wants to hide these crimes through military force against the World Court itself!

These programs produce bizarre societal manifestations in "underworld" or alternative movements which are direct offsprings of government eugenics programs and their illegal "psychic attacks" against U.S. citizens. This inversion effect is everywhere in American society and is completely obvious to those trained in Mind Control. Through a comprehensive study of Mind Control, you will learn that "hands-off" sexual programming is, by far, the greatest threat to our children. Government agents are now routinely inflicting sexual hysteria onto mothers and children which is the psychological equivalent of shooting them. With "sex magic" Mind Control methods, who needs death camps? Once this hysteria takes hold, children and mothers are effectively turned against their husbands or fathers as "witnesses" to "crimes," which are not really crimes but violate the programming process and are inflamed in false courts, courts which are better understood in a Kafka novel.

Keeping children unnaturally ignorant about sexuality serves to set them up for future trauma, future programming. This trauma and imposed ignorance is now thoroughly institutionalized, but never for the children of the elite.

These psychic attacks work in the precise manner as Mengele perfected in Nazi death camps in order to a build "sub-human" slave culture for the elite. The non-elite fathers have absolutely no recourse to any fair or legal treatment since much of this activity now functions underground in false courts. An enormous drug industry is advanced to imply that all of these fathers are insane, these mothers and children are mentally "sick." Real mental health professionals would never do this, they know that such trauma can produce only negative results, but government agents do this every day. Through wrongful authority, bureaucrats over parents, the entire medical community is intimidated into conformity. Non-elite families are then drugged into conformity or, if they refuse to conform, are deliberately traumatized for political inversion effects and child trafficking. Such inversions always occur through unconstitutionally induced trauma, usually sexual trauma "which cannot be questioned," i.e. it is "hands off" and "altruistic."

It is by this hands-off programming that entire segments of the U.S. population learn to distrust their own government for very good reasons. The CIA-trained police state knows full well that members of these alternative groups are the true disillusioned ones, those who know the truth, so these citizens are actively targeted to be severely socially and politically discredited. These "secret wars" have been unconstitutionally advanced for decades due largely to Mind Control. Nearly everyone who has stepped up in any meaningful way to criticize the Bush administration has been targeted by these smear methods. These methods are now so routine and institutionalized, that virtually everyone in the non-elite world has heard of them and fears them, if even on the sub-conscious level for which this programming was designed to work. Many will choose "not to believe any of it," but they fail to understand that their belief system has already been thoroughly programmed for hysteria about sex, a powerful Mind Control device used to "program" conformers for the elite for centuries.

But who becomes the most demonized citizens under such an elitist power system? Those who stand up to obvious Satanic Arrogance and obvious abuses of our Constitution. Please view the following testimony from the bravest of the brave and ask yourself one question, if non-elite parents are not permitted to examine, educate and protect their children from Satanic Arrogance, is there a profoundly unconstitutional reason why government must hide Satanic Arrogance itself under the cloak of "national security," hide it through absolute, draconian repression?

Acts of Satanic Arrogance are so rare in much of the world, that many nations of the world now associate these acts almost entirely to secret U.S. government activities. Is this just coincidence?

Through studying the history of Mind Control, we can now trace most crime in America back to its true, unconstitutional government source. Republicans are all about advancing and hiding these sources of crime and not advancing our Constitution, especially when anything sexual is involved, the key emotional gateway into the subconscious mind which programs authority. Our government now advances broad conspiracies to take this authority away from the non-elite parent and give it to the elite government. It is by the emotional programming of sexual hysteria, myths and stereotypes that Republicans are thoroughly manipulated to be total conformists. Republicans are the programmer's dream-come-true, and they can be studied as such. Relatively new to the Republican stereotype list are the sex predators, the deadbeat dads and the girly-men politicians, all political inventions perfected by CIA sex smears. The CIA actually makes criminals to serve this hysteria-building function. They will protect these "sex magic" methods with their political lives.

Was Paris Hilton raised sexually repressed? Are the countless number of "elite" children raised to become "elite" sexually repressed? Are they then easily manipulated by sex magic devices of control?

Eugenics programs are therefore everywhere and obvious and being implemented nationwide through a Republican initiative which employs Monarch Mind Control methods.

View the YouTube video of a black, "liberal" or "alternative" American perspective on MKULTRA

As children are treated as actual products, children will be statistically shown to be trafficked away from empowering "non-elite" parents simply for being empowered by their parents! Child-rearing practices praised in the world of the elite at Harvard are simultaneously criminalized in the world of the non-elite. Since sexual repression programs "core" childhood "values," sexual repression is the method most commonly used against non-elite children which programs sexism, racism and political "values" into them at very early ages. Many of these children become sexually dysfunctional intentionally! But this fraud can be fully exposed.

Non-elite children are now actively programmed to betray their parents, and later their spouses, and turn themselves over to government child traffickers. This serves a profoundly dangerous political mission. This is how the government makes cyborgs and dysfunctional idiots out of perfectly intelligent children. But this may also be "The Monarch Worm," a secretly encrypted Trojan Horse found deep inside this Mind Control programming. Since Mind Control programs bureaucrats over parents, this thoughtless reliance on Mind Control by our government may actually serve to destroy our entire society. Mind Control may actually program thoughtlessness and thoughtless conformity, an evil Mind Control force our Constitution was deliberately designed to oppose. Once the over-whelming majority of thoughtless conformers are fully controlled by bureaucrats, the New World Order of mass extermination will be a breeze to carry out.

If Katrina were sent by God, it was the perfect storm for exposing the true evil of "altruistic" social programs based on Nazi Mind Control. Through the devestation of an act of God, we can actually study, scientifically, how thoughtlessness and family dysfunction has been thoroughly programmed into a targetted population.

Any parental attempt to protect and educate children against these political abuses are now actively criminalized. The government requires "programmable" children who are easily manipulated by sexual hysteria, drugs and usury. You may insist that such control is "the basis of society," but are the elite so manipulated? Are the real differences between the elite and the non-elite really only one of money, or are they one of attitudes, attitudes which can be programmed? These non-elite victims cannot even view this manipulation as morally or legally wrong. How can they? Their own common sense has been taken away from them as very young children! In a world where family destruction is a deeply ingrained military value, pleasure is evil and pain is good, these kids are utterly screwed out of their minds. They are screwed very literally by the military establishment. And virtually all of this abuse goes unseen--except by the true outsider and student of Mind Control.

These attitudes are advanced conditioning methods first perfected by our military and CIA to be used against political enemies overseas. But these programs actually served to invert our entire society and may actually be a Nazi weapon inadvertantly used against us. Our own government now builds anti-intellectual, anti-religious and anti-constitutional social attitudes everywhere in America serving to hide and protect this programming. These illegal programs are fully historical and fully documented, even though our CIA made an attempt to destroy all MKTRUTH documentation. This "truth" programming is now found ubiquitously on all child trafficking documentation. These now function as attitudes which are conditioned and inflamed through "caring" and "altruistic" programs which are designed specifically to function on the subconscious level, advancing wrongful authority over parents, and are advanced through mass media social conditioning and wrongfully programmed bureaucrats. These are "new arts" ways of inflicting Mind Control devices.

But no one asks the obvious questions: If these programs are so altruistic and caring, why are obvious increases in family dysfunction advancing with them? Why are so many families being destroyed in direct correlation to these programs? Why have broken families become the norm, not only that, but the "acceptable" norm? Why are so many "non-Republican" (non-conformers against the New World Order) living in isolation, in slums, prisons and on the peripheral wastelands of society? Is there an active and massive conspiracy to create and sustain utter debasement in order to create slave-products for the elite? Why are there so many homeless mothers huddling their fatherless children in homeless shelters where all the Republican-labelled "pedophile" fathers end up? Isn't this profound irony fully telling of a much bigger story?

The most damning and obvious evidence of active Mind Control is that no one studies it! Even if you believe that this outrageously unconstitutional conspiracy has only a 1% chance of being true, given our enormous federal spending for studying insect larvi, wouldn't such a comprehensive study concerning real American children and obvious national security interests be advisible? Sexual hysteria is a powerful Mind Control device used for centuries to build demoralization, we have completely repressed this fact for a very evil reason.

What is first advanced as "altruistic," quickly conditions all of society into a learned complacency so that the real agendas and effective Mind Control can be advanced. Through Shock and Awe, Hyper-Abuse Hysteria, Sexual Amplification and broad conspiracies against parental rights, all objectives of Monarch Mind Control, the Republicans are "turning up the heat" against non-Republicans and launching "child savior" Orwellian programs propagandized to "help" poor children. In reality, these methods are designed to separate children from their parents, document their "usefulness" as Monarch slaves and manipulate children as property for which the state presumes an ownership.

As property, children are then held in specific states of imposed ignorance which "protects" them for future programming. This is the same sterilization process used to make computer hard-drives. But other children are raped in secret orphanages to produce "superior" mind-slaves. They come out as adults to tell their stories and no one believes them. The states carefully guard the statistics and facts of these cases, but not from the military! They advance emotion-based propaganda programs that promote these horrific abuses to parental rights and do not hold merit under our Constitution's rational-based framework of due process and scrutiny based on reason. Since children are naturally sexual and need to know about sex, they will make this totally obvious fact into a politically powerful taboo. It's too "bad" to look at, because to view it in its real context is to expose the real crimes of Mind Control. These are crimes committed by a secret government which serve eugenics and our many unconstitutional and "secret" wars.

While emotions are easily programmed, reason is not. Reason has told our Supreme Court to value parents over bureaucrats, not the other way around. Falsely amplifying sexual issues with small children is actually programming them away from their parents and away from normal child development. This purest form of evil actually serves a "national security" agenda and they must employ the dirtiest bigots in government to do this job. These bigots may not be "bad" people, but may be wrongfully programmed by a satanic "science" which functions on the subconscious mind and not by the actual Constitution itself. As a result, virtually none of this family destruction is rational, legal or fair. In America, only in the rare case does it actually serve the child. Under this construct, producing more bureaucrats, produces more abuse to children not less. Therefore, eugenics "science" works, not by a case-by-case analysis, but by a statistical analysis perfected by the Pentagon by applying more mind-controlled bureaucrats to children. This effectively makes eugenics invisible to our courts.

For every child "saved" by these "get tough" programs, we are finding 10 non-elite families destroyed and their children illegally trafficked away from their parents. We can now prove these sub-conscious biases in bureaucrats! These programmed biases are fully documented as they have been encoded into Mind Control pseudo-science by Mind Control "truth" programming, which is just a technical repackaging of basic witchcraft sex-magic.

The states are finding it more and more difficult to keep their mind-controlled child traffickers mind controlled. Many of these bureaucrats want to speak out, but are themselves held in draconian repression.

No one in the comfortable world of the Republican elite even questions this horrific discrepancy between elite children and non-elite children. In their world, fatherless children forced to enter the military largely because they were made fatherless by the state is not child trafficking. "The military would be the best place for such a kid." This is the fond illusion sustained by all of these "get tough" programs. It is powerful Mind Control which serves to cover an active black market for "programmable children." In reality, these non-elite parents are demonized by the same methods used by the CIA to smear political enemies and incite political coups--which "just so happens" to serve the Pentagon's recruiting needs. Parents are guilty until proven innocent, they are smeared by powerful sexual taboos and their children end up working for the Pentagon as Monarch slaves. All of this abuse occurs simply by entering a child into the highly unconstitutional "system" advanced to "protect" them. The only real protection being issued is for the system itself. We now endure one child dying in foster care every hour, dying literally in absolute silence as heroes of war. There will never be a monument to these unsung war heroes!

But these are only the visible cases which can be documented. Much of this illegal social engineering is designed to "set a tone" for fascist learned ignorance which has already killed 500,000 Americans with HIV/AIDS. This is why so many parents who want their children to grow up intelligent must educate them about sex, drugs and usury in absolute secrecy. Political reality favors learned ignorance about sex, drugs and usury. By telling your children the truth about these powerful manipulation devices, you risk having them thoroughly traumatized and trafficked by the state.

Shock and Awe becomes a political imperative supporting "get tough" Republican candidates that destroys far more than it saves. It turns parenthood into a second-rate farce. The most advanced parental methods in the world must now be filtered through a police state run by bureaucratic idiots and supported by a vast, self-perpetuating child trafficking industry. So Americans are conditioned through continual media horror stories and are never told about the child trafficking industry for which these horror stories serve. Such a system has produced the most heavily incarcerated and alienated society in history which eagerly goes to war for "freedom." An enormous Police State now exists to repress and destroy our own citizens on a massive scale. They inadvertently create more crime than they can possibly address, not because they started out as bad people, but because they have always been marionettes on an impossible Republican mission, i.e. Iraq, the war on drugs, the dumbing down of America and ultimately "The New World Order."

Brainwashed by ubiquitous Pentagon programs, these warriors serve the Pentagon very directly, even destroying their own children and grandchildren for this "patriotic" agenda. But who are these warriors, how are they made and where do they come from? Why are they so blind to obvious elitist agendas that enslave children, turn countless wives into prescription drug addicts and make fatherhood a dirty word? These conspirators are literally all around you.

Our Constitution made us free through freedom of thought, speech and descent and mind-controlled slaves can never keep us free. These are mind-controlled cyborgs who couldn't tell you what the Constitution means if their lives depended on it.

Basic medical cases involving children in the critical programming stages of development are routinely upcoded to police and prosecutors who advance CIA-perfected hypnosis techniques against these children and brute force against their parents. This is largely because medical professionals have been "brought into line" with the Republican agenda, serving a very small elite. But those "elite" educated at Harvard and elsewhere know that these "scientific" methods are really not scientific. Real science actually proves the opposite.

These child-trafficking programs use the full force of Republican media propaganda and existing state "protection" programs to inflate child abuse charges for effective family destruction, eugenics population control, Pentagon recruiting and sustained political power for a very small elite. They do not serve the child! These conspirators are most sensitive to how children are indoctrinated into conformity because this is the most vulnerable and disturbing stage of their slave-making process. They need to keep it secret. They don't want you to know that parents can protect their children from all of this abuse. Don't raise your children to be screwed up about sex like Republicans do!

Any true patriot will need to be extremely brave. Those who acquire the "big picture" must be assassinated, for no other reason than they might advance the truth. The closer you come to this truth, the more vigorously they will attempt to discredit you. They will simultaneously employ highly sophisticated disinformation campaigns designed to serve a statistical result, not an individual result. Through all this warfare, the individual will still rule his own mind, as our Constitution was so intelligently designed to preserve. RMC is empowered with a post-Orwellian understanding that individual can rule over mind-tyranny! This is a massive fraud against our Constitution, as these cases are manipulated for Orwellian political theater and certainly not in the interests of these children. Learn the truth to how this Mind Control actually works.

They think the Skull and Bones club at Yale maintained by the egomaniac elite is exclusive and secret. They fail to understand that the most exclusive and powerful society is yet to be revealed!

FBI: Mind Control goes Public?

Cathy O'Brien explains Mind Control?

Cathy O'Brien Mind Control Victim?

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The Secret Military of Assassins and Secret Courts?

Henry Kissinger on the New World Order

Active Child Trafficking in America

The Monarch Worm: CIA Programming now used against American Children

The Programmed Killers that Shape the Nation

One Million U.S. Children will Suffer from Active Sexual Repression Programming

MKULTRA, Monarch Mind Control

Active Population Control Agendas in America

Republican Sexual Repression Cults

Gang Stalking Methods used against Fathers

Republican Dirty Tricks regarding Comprehensive Sex Education

Illegal Sexual Inquisitions now routinely destroy non-Republican families

How Political Bigotry is Programmed into Children

Eugenics and the Republican Elite, Where have the Elite gone?

Social Engineering Agenda: How it works

Corporate Mind Control and Child Trafficking Profits

Republican Sex Cult, Bedford, Pennsylvania

CIA, Big Pharma Drugs designed to Pacify Reason and Critical Thinking

Government Databases on your Family, the Quaker "threat"

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Rape-kitting of Children for effective Mind Control

AIDS as Biological Weapon

Harvard Children targeted for Sex Investigations

The Creation of New "Sub-Humans"

The Real Unabomber, Not so Uni

Controlled Breeding for Politics

How the Child Trafficking Industry Began

Symbols of the New World Order in America

One of the architects of child trafficking in America, Republican Mark Foley was outed for sexual solicitations with teen aged Congressional pages. Fox News, the "conservative" mass-media mind programmer quickly changed Foley's affiliation to the Democrats. The Republican media programmers plan to "ramp-up" sexual hysteria cases for the coming election to depict "get tough" Republican programs as "necessary."

This political theatre can be studied through RMC to prove that it is orchestrated propaganda to spread emotional contagion, destroy families and support a massive black market for "programmable" children for the Pentagon. When top Bush official announce a "crack down," we know that they are advancing Mind Control. In June, a five-day roundup dubbed “Operation Cross Country,” authorities targeted 16 cities, and rounded up 345 people and recovered 21 children who were forced into prostitution according to the FBI. The girl who was rescued lived in Montgomery County. A massive 5-year "get tough" effort only "rescues" a fraction of one percent of the children actually trafficked by Children and Youth in the United States. This is pure political theatre which RMC can prove.

None of these programs will ever apply to the elite's children or grandchildren. The power of Mind Control and television provides the hypno-illusion that truth can be bought, lies and fear are easily programmed through superficial conditioning.

View the YouTube video: Television is the 4th Branch of Government

Imposed ignorance, child military recruiting and depriving children of natural, biological families is a world-wide political disaster and true goal of the New World Order. Get the facts at Human Rights Watch

The Roberts Court is in the unique position to be the most distinguished and revolutionary of all Supreme Courts, as , ironically, the cultural wars find a central theme in seeking sanity for our children. Sexual repression in much of America has reached an epidemic level where irrational hysteria is driving a draconian political movement. I argue that this is the most important case for the 21st century, as I prove how the failed factory school systems are so wantonly fraudulent against our Constitution by programming our children to fail in three main areas of totalitarian social control: sex, drugs and usury. Most parents would be utterly shocked by the new methods employed to lure children into compromising "sexual" admissions that cannot be easily challenged. To do so is "distasteful" to the average American. That is precisely why government employs these methods. By enforcing a "minimum standard of child abuse," literally any family can be targeted and this favors a "Sleight of hand" effect, where the prevailing political influence decides which families are spared and which are destroyed.

Cold War "war-logic" has been literally programmed into our bureaucracies and de-programming them is now a matter of utmost national security. This is clearly not the job of political parties who have completely evolved with this war-logic. A new focus on our Constitution must prevail against these heinous crimes.

All of these outrageous practices which are now routine in government are nothing new for an administration that tortures (they honor no law that applies to them), but as I expose these horrific methods used against our own children, I will press for absolute termination of these practices under color of law and a full accounting of this outrageous fraud. As I function as a federal whistleblower, I am in contact with key lawmakers, families and lawyers about illegal social engineering in the United States. The American courts are at a crossroads where the cultural wars have reached critical mass, even as the Court has historically favored parents. Now these parents demand justice, and they number in the millions.

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