Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not everyone praises dead media whores

Dead Media WhoreTim Russert Rest in PissDead mediawhore Tim Russert gets due respects.

Do not go in peace, asshole…

An Infinitessimal Loss: How Hard Is It To Lob The Ball?

Dead Media WhoreTim Russert Rest in Piss

Que Fucken Lastima: Tim Russert Dead at 58

The Machine Loses a Mouth

Burn in Hell Tim Russert, you lying, philosemitic, piece of treasonous shit!

Top media whore and Neocon sock puppet Tim Russert was struck down Friday, June 13th, 2008, by an apparent "heart attack." Russert was the Washington DC Bureau Chief for NBC News. (NBC News is owned and operated by General Electric Corporation, a leading military contractor and a major part of the Military-Industrial Complex that Pres. Dwight Eisenhower warned us about more than 47 years ago. GE has profited greatly from America's various wars of aggression around the world, and has used its propaganda division -- NBC News -- to sell these wars to a credulous American public.) Russert is best known as the moderator of NBC News's Sunday morning disinformation programme, "Meet The Depressed."


  1. Is not ANY unexpected "heart attack" sustained by an influential person these days suspicious? (including on the job, behind a podium, and with a faint apple pie odor in the background)

  2. Tim Russert may well have been a “presstitute”—I have no real opinion on that question.

    However, I am shocked to see the degree of animosity expressed here and on the linked pages, especially the recourse to the vile words that are no less than symbolic profanation of his corpse.

    I do NOT share the ancient adage "de mortuis nihil nisi bonum" (of the dead say nothing but good). There is certainly a place for a critical look at Russert's character and his career but not for post mortem hatemongering.

    In 1625, Hugo Grotius, in his great work De Jure Belli ac Pacis (On the Law of War and Peace), writes about the respect that is due to dead enemies:

    “For, as Virgil (Aeneas xi:104) observes, all animosity against the vanquished and the dead must cease because they have suffered the last of evils that can be inflicted. ‘We have been at war,’ says Statius, but our hatred has fallen, and all our enmity is buried in the grave.’ And Optatus Milevitanus assigns the same reason for reconciliation. ‘If there have been struggles among the living, your hatred surely must be satisfied with the death of an adversary. For the tongue of strife is now silenced.’ Dio Chrysostom says, ‘For the hand of death, has destroyed all enmity towards the fallen'.”

    Condemn the man's words and actions if you will and celebrate his demise if you must, but at least accord him in death the dignity that befits ever human being.

  3. As Propitius dux Militius said in -1200 CE, "Subayat, Subayat! Ex poste dextrum." (Death to all finks and screws.) With Russert's manipulation of the truth, he asserted that it good for Americans to go to Iraq and Afganistan and kill and be killed, all the while ostentatiously celebrating the wonderful life that he and his right-wing mouthpiece for a wife have provided for their son. Why doesn't Luke enlist now?
    It won't over till the Death Lovers have been summarily eradicated, and the generation that perpetrates the fulfillment of Karma can gather in prayer and ask for forgiveness and get along with their lives in a new found love of Life and democracy.

  4. When you participate in prewar propaganda , you have 3 choices and that's either to be a complicit participant , be neutral or CHALLENGE assertions that will lead to the killing of hundreds of thousands of people .
    Unfortunately for the many Iraqis and U.S. military and U.S. tax payers Russert was neutral and a willing complicit participate .

    When you start the interview of Cheney in 2003 by asking " What could Saddam Hussein do to stop the war " you are already letting off the hook the war mongers and putting up a straw man argument .
    There was NOTHING he could do or say , nor did he ask what country in their right mind would hand over all of their scientist, their best and brightest to be interrogated by the CIA. Russert could have realized, they NEVER would have gone back .
    Russert didn't bring up Powell's AND Rices comments years earlier , "Saddam posed no threat , he was contained "
    Russert could have read the Guardian's report the day after Powell's FALSE assertion , the aluminum tubes were TOO small for nuclear weapons .
    Instead we got " how close are WE to war " "So bottom line, he would have to disarm completely and leave the country? "

    Russert was a facilitator to WAR and the inspectors had access to virtually every area they wanted and turned up nothing and in the history of Mesopotamia , from the invasion of the Mongols, The Turks, the British especially , who Also said they came as liberators , the IRAQIS have ALWAYS RESISTED OCCUPATION .

  5. Let the dead rest guys. We got a bunch of living problems to deal with. When you bravely attack the dead you look like a real child. Russert was also the guy that asked Kerry AND Bush on public tv about their skull and bones connections. He mat have "sold out" or he may have been infiltrating. Infiltrating this corrupt organization and stopping its madness forever is what we should all be doing, not beating up on a guy that just died. Have some respect for his family and act like a decent human being. He is not a threat to you anymore so let him rest child. That is acting like a man. Focus people, there is an extremely wealthy force of evil we have to deal with now that is very much alive and in control of our government.

  6. yes - Tim;s silence is deafening.
    yet another coward - we should rejoice in his death.

  7. Thank god this steaming pile of horse-shit died. Come haunt me you old fat piece of crap, you won't scare anyone.
    As for is this appropriate?
    How many people died for the war he helped sell to the american public?

  8. To 2:17. It's upper class airheads like you that make me wanna grab my gun , find out where you live, stick the rifle into your hands and ship you off to spend a year in Iraq.

    And to all those who donot like to read words that donot praise media whores. I suggest you go back to your world of love and joy and weekend warrior games at the golf club. Play your card games in expensive homes and forget how much the truth hurts by adding a nice dose of drugs from the medicine cabinet and go out and get a full tank of gas. Drive to Tims grave and tell him how much your cared.

    And pray over his grave, that God may bless him for working so hard in a company that has enough dead kids blood alone on it's hands to fill your in ground pool to the brim.

    -Involute Mirage

  9. Tim Russert was a zionist mouth-piece. Did you notice that EVERY person who talked about Russert said the EXACT same thing? Almost like it was scripted for their zionist front-man. Only Israel benefits from these endless Middle East wars (that Russert sold us). Iraq is the beginning. As we commit war-crimes in Baghdad, the US gov't commits treason at home by opening mail, eliminating habeas corpus, using the judiciary to steal private lands, banning books like America Deceived (book) from Amazon and Wikipedia, conducting warrantless wiretaps and engaging in illegal wars on behalf of AIPAC's 'money-men'. Soon, another US false-flag operation will occur (sinking of an Aircraft Carrier by Mossad) and the US will invade Iran.. Then we'll invade Syria, then Saudi Arabia, then Lebanon (again) then ....

  10. Kenny, first time I visited your site. The YouTube with Ron Paul just reinforced what an asshole russert was. I'm sure brokaw's all broken up about a fellow racist lying asshole gone. let mitchell join him. Their lies and cheerleading for a criminal war have greatly influenced the dim American public. That 6 year old girl beheaded by an Israeli air strike in Gaza the other day, why don't the bastards mourn her ?

  11. This is mean. Seriously.
    Point your anger at the real actors, now their shills.

    This Tim Russert was probably sucided because We Are Change confronted him, and he got a conscious idea of guilt. Maybe, he was going to be a risk to them?

    But, you shouldn't make a quick judgment on negligence, versus intended harm to another.

  12. You didn't say that kind of mean stuff about the DC Madam, and she was a real prostitute to them, not just a presstitute.

    Why are you more forgiving, when it's a woman, that is suicided.

    To all those working for "them", I pity you. Ken Lay, Jerry Falwell, Bin Laden.......DC Madam....if these people are suicided, and they used to work for "them", I would be worried, right now, if I did work for "them".

    It's like mad dogs, the way that they are knocking people off. Used to be they only got people like Hunter S. Thompson....

  13. Ya think that's bad. Your own government told all it's people that it had to have Americans killed so they could carry out it's plans.

    Whether or not it was behind 911 is anyone's call, but the proof is the treasonous Cheney team wanted it.

    Another famous news anchor that had almost no media attention when he passed on was Peter Jennings. He was the only anchor to show some real doubt and made public his own comments on the official 911 report.

    Peter died from lung cancer. My guess would be that the stress from putting together the clues was probably way too much for him, and he resumed smoking.

  14. The death of any person with Russert's power, which has been wielded with quite a bit of controversy, would seem strange and untimely.

    I've often wondered if Russert and Jerry Lewis fist fought backstage for the position of host before MSNBC's Obamathon began.

    I am no media specialist. I'm just a person who has watched news in regard to our upcoming elections. There has been absolutely no doubt in my mind that Russert (and/or his superiors) had a pro Obama agenda that was mandatory policy throughout the newsroom.

    Presidential elections are high-stakes games, and the power players better have protection on the field.

    Apparently, Russert is also believed to be complicit in the furthering of pre-war propaganda and other such media blunders.

    My point: When I die, I hope people will remember me as being honest and a good friend. Therefore, in life, I will do my very best to honest and be a good friend.

  15. THANKS FOR TELLING IT LIKE IT *REALLY IS*!!! Russert was the biggest shill for the Republican Warhawks (Chickenhawks) that EVER WAS!!! It was sickening to watch him rip apart anyone & everyone who was/is against the war(s) (Dems, Independents, Progressives & others), while overtly kissing ass & otherwise pandering to the REAL pResident: BIG DICK & Co., and ALL other Rethuglicans. And now Brokaw is again tipping his hand in the same direction! Russert & Brokaw were both HIGHLY instrumental in the STEALING OF THE 2000 ELECTION - NEOCONS, ALL! Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish! As has been said, "Let him Rest In PISS!" Once a Media Whore, ALWAYS a Media Whore!

  16. The one great news magazine NEWSMAX has a cover article on the stands now that exposes what Russert was doing to slant the news and discussion toward the MSM approved candidates. Check it out!