Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Open Collection Letter To The Israeli Embassy...Your Mossad Account Is Past Due!

Mr. Daniel Ayalon
Embassy Of Israel
3514 International Dr. N.W.
Washington DC 20008

Dear Ambassador Ayalon:

The accounting department at the Small Business Administration has turned your seriously past due account over to me hoping that I could persuade you to bring it current prior to forwarding your file to our legal department.

When the SBA extends credit to Agents of foreign Governments such as yours, it bases its decision on that applicant's previous credit history and ability to pay. In Israel's case we mostly ignore these rules and make loans to your government anyway. When your Mossad agent, Dominick Suter, requested credit from us in order to establish Urban Moving Company, Inc., the business plan submitted to my client, the SBA, was as follows:

Business Plan

To monitor a group of extremists planning an attack on the United States. Urban will run interference for the future hijackers in order to guarantee that their actions are successful on 9/11. After the attack, all of Israel's enemies will naturally become America's enemies. We will also pretend like we are actually operating a moving company.

Even though your government met none of our credit criteria, because two New York Congressmen(you know who they are) called my client demanding that we make these loans, we did so anyway. Today, however even though my client, the SBA, has helped your Government accomplish Mr. Suters business plan, you have not held up your end of the bargain. Your account has reached the critical stage.

You can avoid any additional costs and collection actions, if you mail your check now in the amount of $498,750, the Federal Funding portion. I must hear from you within five days.


Liberal White Boy

Please remit payment to:

Liberal White Boy Collection Services c/o
Wheeler Mission
245 N. Delaware St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204


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