Monday, June 23, 2008

Their Next Moves Towards Total Control

Monday, June 23, 2008

art: NoMe Edonna
In a recent interview to the mainstream media which for some reason or another received more exposure in Europe than America, the incorrigible NWO-proponent, David Rockefeller made a quite remarkable admission. The 93 year-old billionaire stated on record that he STILL picks up cents he finds on the street! Not surprisingly, this fact was picked up on by so-called "right-wing" bloggers who went on to gleefully portray it as marking him out as displaying a "typical Jewish" character trait. The whole tone of their reporting of this disarmingly frank admission on Rockefeller's part was one of scathing satire. They sought to pillory Rockefeller over his penny-pinching for its dubious humor value, yet singularly failed to look beyond it. This was a rather unfortunate omission on their part which we will attempt to remedy here in this article.

Anyone who knows anything about the way the world is run will know that Rockefeller is one of a handful of global 'kingpins' who have shaped this ugly world in which we live in the fashion of their own craven image. To present this issue solely as a points-scoring exercise to 'get one over on the Jews' is a total cop-out. We are not talking about some wacky, Jewish pawnbroker or tailor or theoretical physicist or whatever else it may be the Jews typically gravitate to, but rather a man who, through his vast wealth and intimate, high-level contacts with others, has marked him out as what Huxley (in the original Brave New World) described as a "World Controller" - he and his fellow Satan-worshipers (no kidding!)formulate the Plan - the Jewish Agenda - and their underlings comprising presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens subsequently implement it supranationally. There is now precious little, if any, escape from it anywhere in the West. Wherever one goes, regardless of the Will of the people, this Agenda is being inexorably rolled-out, like it or not.

In which ever country we reside, though the names of the governments and political parties may change, this illusion of choice renders true democracy utterly impotent. There is NO real, meaningful democracy now in the US, Canada, Britain, France and Germany, to name but five out of an untold number of countries among which this virus has become endemic. In the US, we have 'One Party with two Names'. They're essentially no different beyond a little superficial varnish and style of logo. It's the same in Europe. Choice is an illusion and leaders are not elected, but SELECTED by the likes of Rockefeller in the US, his fellow Jew, Evelyn (Baron)Rothschild in London, and 'good friend of Israel', Rupert Murdoch in Australia. The circle of this ultimate power is rather wider, but is dominated as one might expect, by Jews who all share Rockefeller's pathogenic craving for money. Phaedrus believes that when a 93 year-old billionaire - of any ethnic background - can't keep himself from picking up nickels in the street, then something is desperately wrong with said person.

Such a person is not acting rationally, and it's NOT a subject for humor any more than it is for sympathy. Behavior such as this is pathological; it's a form of mental illness. I don't know about you, but I don't want somebody with this character trait running the Western world. There must be no room for these sickos in any sphere of policy formation for they are clearly ill and out of touch with reality. Worse yet, Rockefeller has intimate designs on us which his aforementioned underlings are in the process of developing under the guise of "real ID" - which on the face of it sounds innocuous enough, which is just how it's supposed to sound (to begin with, anyway) however in reality it is everything BUT harmless. Rockefeller and his kind want everyone micro-chipped. They want EVERYONE to be implanted with a tiny device, little bigger than a grain of rice, that will tell the authorities exactly where each of us is and who we are with, every minute of every day, for as long as we live. The technology is already here. It is now simply a matter of implementation. This is the tricky part, but sadly it is far from an insuperable barrier as we shall see below.

The initial reaction of most decent people on hearing about this program is understandably one of deep suspicion. It brings Big Brother right up to our faces and it ain't pretty. The Jews know this - and they're smart people. They've contrived a P-R charm offensive which will mollify the worst doubts and fears of the majority of citizens. And to be fair, the arguments they will use to push this measure through are very powerful. They'll tell us that we'll no longer need to worry about passports at airports to fly, nor at the bank to draw money. They'll tell us that our children will never again be at risk of kidnap or abduction by strangers. They'll extol the fact that any spouse that's in breach of a restraining order from seeing his family will be instantly identified as having strayed outside his court-sanctioned area and will be picked up and arrested before he or she can do any harm to his or her estranged family.

And it doesn't end there. They'll further induce us with the prospect that from then on in, there'll be no more wrongful convictions. Suspects will be back-traced to the precise moment a murder or robbery was committed to see if they were indeed present at the crime scene. There'll be no more need for flawed alibi evidence and no more false alibis. Only the guilty will be convicted; the innocent exonerated. Furthermore, crooks "on the run" will become a thing of the past as there will be nowhere for them to hide with these tracking transponders buried deep under their flesh, flagging their location to the government every few seconds. Eventually, EVERYTHING we need will be on these chips. We won't need to take any ID or money with us when we go on holiday. Our passports can't then be stolen, neither can our cash. We have to face the facts, here, guys; the arguments in favor of micro-chipping are very hard indeed to counter - certainly for the average Joe of limited intelligence, at any rate. Of course, to those of us acutely aware that the REAL agenda is very much less benign will already be seeing many grave dangers that this technology threatends.

For an overview of how such a potentially invaluable system might be misused, we need not, however, resort to our fevered imaginations, for David Rockefeller has already spilled the beans in some off-the-cuff remarks he made earlier this year. What did he let slip? Pretty much what you might imagine. Since we're all busy people and time is short, let's summarize his exposition on the matter. What follows is not verbatim, but it's the gist, the guts, the essence of what he revealed:

The plan should require little compulsion until the latter stages. Initially it will be rolled out for the protection of children and most parents will welcome it. Even if it WERE made compulsory for ALL children to be micro-chipped, the vast majority of parents would willingly consent to it, since the protection of their kids naturally comes above all else in any decent parent's mind. Next, the folks in the prisons will be chipped; petty crooks included. They'll be told they'll be eligible for earlier release on parole now the authorities can keep total tabs on their whereabouts. Most prisoners aren't too smart and will readily submit to any initiative that gets them out of the slammer earlier than would otherwise be the case. Further on down the line, citizens' chips will carry more financial information on their tax status, their CV history and so-forth, and employers will be encouraged through tax-breaks, to only hire workers who are so chipped. All the while an ever-shrinking group of libertarians who have resisted signing up for implantation will find living their lives increasingly difficult due to essential services becoming less and less available around them.

In the final stages of the roll-out, it may become impossible, in a then cashless society, to even buy basic groceries at a supermarket if you haven't been chipped-up, as all your money will be on the chip and your salary will be credited directly to it. There will be no fine-defaulting in future as any fines you incur will be deducted remotely from your chip. Likewise, child-support payments and such like. Running off and setting up home someplace else under a new name will no longer do any good for deadbeat dads who try to evade their responsibilities towards the children they have fathered. This will all sound fairly sensible to Joe Public on the face of it. Chipping undeniably confers many benefits - if administered by a benevolent government, of course. But Rockefeller and his cohorts are very far from benign. When asked to consider the civil rights aspects and what might happen in future if protesters or dissidents subsequently formed the view that the information held on their chips had become too extensive, intrusive, or was being misused, he replied, "Oh, well, those people will have simply have their chips turned off. They'll become essentially non-persons."

Phaedrus wonders how dissidents and activists such as ourselves would manage in a cashless, cardless, passportless future with our identities and our savings summary stripped from us. It could be pretty tough to survive! And doubtless that is exactly what THEY will wish to ensure for anyone with the audacity to say "NO!"

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