Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yeah! Dish Network Adds MSNBC Whores to Basic Package

Breaking news!

For economic reasons, several months ago I downgraded my satellite TV package down to the basic, saving over half the cost. Living where I do it takes a tower antenna to get over the air broadcasts, no cable available and so satellite was the only option to even get the local channels.

Didn't miss much except that the only cable news on the basic was Fox and CNN Headline News. Being relegated to O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck and the rest of their trash was truly the pits of news watching.

Now I know some of you will say that that we should just quit watching, blow up the TV, but I have this rationalization I use that says "Know Your Enemy". And what better way than watching cable news. If you could bet on everything that they say is a lie, you would win the vast majority of the time. Much better odds than any other type of gambling.

Now it seems that as of today, Dish Network has added MSNBC to the lineup. And it doesn't cost a penny more.

This is like moving up from a crack whore living under a bridge to a penthouse suite beauty queen harlot.

Whores are whores. They take your money, give you temporary pleasure, tell you lies and go on to the next john.

Being a news john, I at least want to get the best I can get for my dollar.

Hey... the wife is really excited about once again getting to see the sluts Olbermann, Matthews and Scarborough.

When mama's happy, the whole family is happy.



  1. Alas, it is only temporary. On 8/1 they will remove it.

  2. see

  3. Thanks,
    I guess nothing is for free.
    Got carried away without checking into it.

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