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Barack Obama needs more than “wail” at the Wailing Wall to win the “Jewish Vote”. He needs to go to war.

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Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, left, watches as Barack Obama inserts a message into a crack in the Western Wall in old city Jerusalem on Thursday.
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The television pictures of Barack Obama at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem truly reflects Barack Obama predicament with the American Jewish voters mainly the die hard Zionists in America both the Jews and Evangelical Christians. Obama needs more than”wail” and more than insert his wish and prayers for the Jewish votes on a piece of paper in the Wailing Wall to win the Jewish votes. He needs to go to war.

American presidential candidates and for the last 40 years have to do more than “wail” at the doors of American Jewish lobbies in the United States. Presidential candidates have to sell their body and soul to the “devil” to win the powerful American Jewish votes and of course the money that comes with it. To do that and as we all recall, all of them promises Israeli more than Israel wish to have. All of them and Obama is no exception, promises Israel; money, land, security, weapons and more weapons,legal coverage for its criminal occupation, legal coverage for its human rights violations and legal coverage for its war crimes, they also throw in their mothers, wives and even their mother-in-laws to win AIPAC and the Jewish votes.

No American presidential candidates dare say “no” to Israel and dare say “no” to what AIPAC, the American Jewish lobby dictate and orders them to do. It is AIPAC that dictates the policies not the presidential candidates. It is AIPC that set the tone, the music and the candidates are expected to dance its tunes and of course shut up unless told to open their mouths lest they say something that is of importance to America or reflects some of the great values that makes American the great nation it is. But then winning AIPAC and its powerful support does not necessarily guarantee winning the White House.

Too bad for Barack Obama, the man who made “CHANGE” his platform for the presidency to lack the political and moral and ethical power to extend his theme of “CHANGE” to US policies in the Middle East and in particular the US policies of blind support of the illegal and criminal Israeli and Jewish Occupation. It seems that Barack Obama does not have what it takes to implement a badly needed “change” toward Israel and its occupation and its crimes for the last 60 years. Seeing Dennis Ross at his side in Ramallah does not bode will for peace. Dennis Ross a die hard Zionists could never be a man who commits the US to a fair play in the Middle East. He is responsible for Bill Clinton’s failed policies in the Middle East. He reduced and broken down all issues to so many sub-issues , that ending the military and Settlers occupation was not on the table. He did every thing to water down the issue of the Occupation and Settlements and made it impossible for peace to take place. Yes, Arafat was a very incompetent, corrupt, narcissist leaders but then it is Israel that set America’s and Dennis Ross agenda, and it is Dennis Ross who represented both Israel and the US in dealing with Arafat. The US as a party and a partner to the Israeli Occupation could never be an honest broker, never.

Instead of making ending the Israeli Military and Jewish Settlers Occupation as the “core” issue, Dennis Ross and his colleagues within the American Zionists movement, made “security” for Israel as the main issue and conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. With Security being the “core” issue they went ahead and allowed for the expansions of Settlements, went ahead and allowed for building the Apartheid Wall, allowed for the arrests of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians without ever coming up for trials, allowed for the expansions of security check points, making life for the Palestinians hell. Dennis Ross and his friends within AIPAC did not speak of or work toward ending the Occupation, they worked so hard to make sure that peace, based on UN Resolutions 242 and 338 will never happen. Certainly Barack Obama did not do himself a big favor for having AIPAC as his chief policy advisers on the Israeli-Arab conflict. If AIPAC and American Jewish advisers wanted peace, they could have achieved that long time ago. Peace is not on the agenda of AIPAC and certainly peace will not be on the agenda of Barack Obama. Perhaps Senator Barack Obama needs to go beyond the American Jewish lobby to help him formulate his independent policies toward Israel and peace in the Middle East. Perhaps he needs to “change” and go somewhere else for advice. I am sure there must be one, perhaps two in the United States who are expert on the Middle East, who are not Jewish, not Zionists and not AIPAC. If Obama could not find one, then perhaps can go to Israel and pick one or two Israelis who may be more pro-peace than his team of Dennis Ross and AIPAC. One would think that a candidate who wants “change” will chose different team members with new ideas and who are independent from the American Jewish lobby, AIPAC. Peace for Israel will put AIPAC out of business. Peace for Israel will end AIPAC power and monopoly over US Congress and peace for Israel if not end then reduces AIPAC power and control over the American Jewish community and allows the US to play the active role of a fair and honest broker. Blood, both Jewish and Arabs makes the money flow to the coffer of AIPAC and this blood money allows AIPAC to take charge of US policies in the Middle East and becomes Barack Obama chief policy advisers on the Middle East. The same people who brought us the War on Iraq as a chief policy objectives of the United States and who are working so hard to bring us the War on Iran as the main agenda for the new administration.

I am of the opinion that Barack Obama “wailing” at the Wailing Wall will not win him the Jewish votes he needs to win the presidency, since most Jews continue to believe he is a “closet Muslim” not to be trusted and of course being Black does not help either. Nothing short of going to War on Iran and agreeing to Greater Israel and its Settlements and nothing short of “giving” the West Bank and Gaza to Israel as parts of the Jewish States will do. Nothing short of accepting and guaranteeing the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians from the “Jewish State” will do. There will be some who will demand that Barack Obama put his soul, independence, sense of morality and conscious in trust in AIPAC vault to be released at the end of his presidency. Too bad the man who promised “change” sold his soul to the devil that is AIPAC. If he does that to win the office, one can imagine what he will do to stay in office. Is this the same Barack Obama who promised “Changed” in Washington and America? certainly not. He is Barack Obama the politician, no different from all the others. Too bad Barack Obama chose not, or ordered not to see first hand the Apartheid Wall as it breaks down families and farms, the more than five hundred checkpoints more cruel than that seen by 500 years of slavery. Perhaps he chose not see all of this lest these sites invoke some moral consciousness. Too bad for Obama, too bad for Israel, certainly too bad for America.

Source: Jefferson Corner

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