Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't send Johnny off 2 War...

Ralph Buckley

From: conkling

Added: July 23, 2008
Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of (New) York;
...woe to you people of these United long must you slumber. When will you awaken?
We are on the brink of the bleakest of winters. Such havoc as the world's never seen....
Woe to you and I...
In essence we are ONE...
There is only one of us.
How long will we turn away has our brothers & sisters perish...?
How many times will 'FISA' types of legislation be voted into law, how many more will be unlawfully imprisoned before we understand...
Do you still honestly believe that they have our best interests at heart...!
There are so few who are in the know...despite the facts that are right in front of us.
The war is not a war on terror...
The war is a war upon "YOU AND I" "The People"...!!!
This is not just about the destruction of Freedom...
This is about genocide...!
This is about "over-population"...!!!
This is a systematic, strategic operation to enslave the populace in order to reduce the population.
They now control over everything that we need to survive...
They now have patented all seeds...!!! (Research "Doomsday seed vault...)

They now control the supply and demand....of everything.
They make no excuses or any attempt to hide their intentions...
They are going to reduce the population from 6 billion to 500 million.
(Check out Georgia guidestones)

Yet still....we have the power of love and light within us...!
We could change all of this...still...!!

Just be still...and listen....! The answer is within.
Don't listen to the propaganda anymore.
We create our own reality...we can choose whether to focus our lives towards light or darkness...

It is not complicated.
It makes no difference who you are or where you're at.
What really matters, is what you intend to do with the very next choice your faced with...!!!!
We can begin our journey towards the light....right

We no longer have to represent the 'dumb-downed', docile sheeple...
waiting to be led to the slaughter.

There most powerful weapon is fear...
For the sake of your children...Turn off your television sets...

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