Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Come Everything has to be the Way that it Is?

Tuesday, July 29

Nave of the Fools
art: Nave of the Fools by Olivier Zappelli

Les Visible

It is obvious that there are good guys and bad guys in this world. Some of the bad guys masquerade as good guys. It is obvious that lies are trumpeted and that the truth is suppressed. In between the really good guys and the really bad guys are the rest of us, swaying from one side to the other, according to the voices in the wind and the voices in our ears and in our heads.

It is obvious that 9/11 was done by people other than the people it was blamed on. It is obvious who some of the players are that were responsible for 9/11. We have motive, means and opportunity. We don’t know who is behind the people who are behind the people that work the gears and levers that turn life into an angry fist; a rampaging appetite, a ghetto, a wasteland, a dumpsite for living in. I could name names and …far beyond what is circumstantial, they would be shown to be involved …but I don’t know who is behind them. Where does the blame go? Why is there such evil activity in this always possibly beautiful world?

We know that there are people who want to take what other people have and make it their own. In the process of doing so they will change names and deeds and move it through official law processes as if it were or there were official law processes; counterfeiting the genuine article and basically selling Yellow Fever sewn into Indian blankets with whiskey and rum and the keys to the kingdom to anyone with a nickel in their pocket and then they try to pocket the rest and get the nickel back again.

We see the pressing disorder of the world; the ravenous grasping for raw materials and spoils of war. We see one country set against another at the behest of corporations who want to make money out of the conflict and they let you become a stockholder in the murder of the world and everybody gets a piece of the pie. It might be so small you can’t even see it but it’s yours. Big slices of pie go to people who could not in many lifetimes consume even a little of what they throw away and many go hungry because that seems to be part of the enjoyment factor of those who have too much and you are not allowed to eat what they threw away.

Everyone is compelled to emulate this activity in order to get their own bigger share and people wind up eating each other and finally chewing off their own foot and all of the rest of themselves until they disappear, having eaten up everyone and themselves and now there’s nothing left but space and nothing to eat and no one left to eat it, possibly… I don’t know.

There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things and there are many variations of either on the way. Maybe it comes down to motive. Maybe it comes down to who and what you are. It should be clear to everyone that the best system is the one that works for everyone according to their needs and in reward for their efforts. Some will have more and some will have less. Some will want more and some could care less. I don’t want anything but to understand how to make our lives better and I don’t think I’m alone.

Something… somewhere… someone… is pushing to turn the world into a dirty ashtray. A great many people are helping by helping themselves to the idea that as long as your front yard is pretty it doesn’t matter what happens out back or in anyone else’s yard, or country, or mind or heart.

It’s obvious that galactic liners full of crap set sail every day for the needs of people who shop only to shop; an avocation. It’s obvious that television dials down your IQ the way you dial up the sound to shut out the voice of reason in your mind. It’s obvious that ‘snatch and grabs’, yoke-robbing, bait and switch, Badger, Murphy and three card monte games are the hallmark of the marketplace. It’s obvious that the same people that sell you the crap you don’t need also sell the weapons to the countries whose wars they arranged. It’s obvious that the people talking to you out of your TV set are part of the action.

The fact that you are not strapped down, facedown on a bed while an endless series of paying clients rape you for the amusement of people who also paid to watch is testimony to the fact that there must be another power that remains in your possession but which only a very few of you are using in your self-defense.

There is no excuse that can be given for what is happening in Palestine and elsewhere as a daily event. There is no excuse that can be given for Katrina or 9/11. The excuses given are poor excuses that shouldn’t work well enough to bilk a befuddled grandmother out of her Bingo money but apparently they do work. Someone had the nerve to write and tell me that they loved my work and the fact that I supported Jacque Fresco but that I did myself irreparable damage by saying 9/11 was an Inside Job and I should just stop talking about that because it was crazy to believe that our government would actually do something like that. I suspect that the last time this person got anywhere near the 9/11 story was the last time a Fox newscaster told them what to think on the matter.

The bad guys are the people who are telling you that more than you need is not enough. The bad guys are the marketers that want to do to the world’s food supply futures what they have done to the oil futures. The bad guys are the people who are doing all the bad things in person and by proxy every single day. You don’t need Steven Hawkings to tell you that these are the black holes in your universe or that they are so dark and materialistic that no light can escape.

If your head hurts because you are banging your head into the wall then the solution to ending your suffering is to stop banging your head against the wall. If your life is full of crap and your world is full of crap then maybe you should stop buying all that crap. If your leaders are lying sacks of shit then maybe you shouldn’t be buying those lying sacks of shit. If all it takes for you to lay down on that bed is for someone to whisper sweet nothings in your ear then you must be satisfied by sweet nothing. How can something be sweet if it is nothing?

It will not get better by itself unless you leave it alone. Nature seems to reward those who let Nature do its job. You can also change the chemistry by adding in the right elements and subtracting or neutralizing the wrong elements. Whether you look at it as a scientist or a meta-physician, two and two does not make three. Three buildings don’t fall down exactly the same way on the same day in the same place when only two planes hit two buildings when no comparable buildings ever fell down from fires that burned hotter and longer anywhere at any time. And if that is the case then the cause of the thing to begin with is something other than what you have been told. If it is something other than what you have been told then you are being lied to. If that is the case then the people who are lying to you are the people who did it, or are employed by the people who did it …and that is why 9/11 is an inside job. Is this too difficult to understand?

I don’t know which part of “we the people” you don’t get but until you do, you are a never ending train wreck; a repeating disaster of your willful desire not to know what really happened and a continuing support module of the thing that is destroying your own way of life. It’s the same as going to the bathroom at the dinner table -and what is presently on your plate- but I guess some people will gladly eat shit if you serve it to them warm.

Think about it. If you don’t know how to pour a bowl of cereal, read the directions on the box. Add milk? That’s not my affair. Maybe you should buy yourself an erector set and toss burning paper airplanes at it. Throw rocks at it and see if it falls right down on top of itself. No, wait, don’t let anything hit it… crumble up a few paper balls and burn them inside the structure and then sit back and watch it dissolve like magic fish from the back of a cartoon comic book. Don’t forget to see Batman while you are at it. Shouldn’t it be better than this? In what specific way do you affect the thing entire?

I’m not going to change my tune, sooner or later you will pick up the beat.

9/11 was an Inside Job.

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