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Jewish Media Group releases latest Islamic threat video

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Only US $39.95 for the video

Ben Venzke's Intel Center is at it again, with their recent release of "Our Blessed Jihad in Yunan." The Turkistan Islamic Party is allegedly behind this latest release , but one has to wonder just exactly where these videos are made and how is really behind them.

Info on Intel Center's home page about their operations is sparse, but one would think that some intelligence operation that spanned the planet, scooping up Islamic threat videos before even the world's assembled intelligence agencies had a clue would have a legit mailing address and not just a measly Post Office box, like this one:

PO Box 22572
Alexandria, VA 22304-9257

Here's some info from Source Watch on Ben Venzke and his IntelCenter and the various aL-CIA-duh videos this Jewish media group was able to ferret out even before the FBI, CIA, NSA and Britain's MI 5 knew the videos were available.

April 2006: A video featuring Qaeda no. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri, in which he said the US military had "seen only 'loss, disaster and misfortune' in Iraq", "was first obtained by IntelCenter".[2].

In June 2006, a video of "20th hijacker" Fawaz al-Nashimi, who died in a shootout in Saudi Arabia in 2004, "was released by IntelCenter".[3]

On 30 September 2006, IntelCenter "made available" an 18-minute Al-Qaeda tape in which Al-Zawahiri called Bush "a deceitful charlatan".[4].

On 2 October 2006, IntelCenter and Venzke were again referenced as a source in an article detailing a silent Al Qaeda video recently released in which two 9/11 hijackers, Muhammad Atta, and Zaid Al-Jarrah, read their last will and testaments[5].

On 4 July 2007, an al-Zawahiri video was "provided by al-Qaeda's As-Sahab Media to ... IntelCenter".[6] Another US-based intelligence group, SITE, "said it had obtained the tape ahead of its release on the internet by militant web sites".[1] The video was "first reported by IntelCenter and SITE".[7]

For one easy payment of $995 US, you too can have the benefit of an "Incident Component," and "Identity Component," containing "profile data on individuals associated with terrorist and other threat actor groups." Not to mention, "The Group Component," focusing "on terrorist, rebel, and other similar organizations."

Like Tempest Co., IntelCenter's sister company, it is apparently based out of a post office box in Alexandria, Virginia (according to the contact information on both websites). Both companies mention one Ben N. Venzke as CEO, this according to both Wikipedia and the companies' websites.

One small problem: The above info has been scrubbed from Source Watch. Disappeared down the "Memory Hole." Wonder why?

Venzke and Rita Katz's SITE,
another Jewish owned media group, seem to take turns bamboozling the public. If you'll remember, the Rita Katz's SITE released, back in May, an alleged terror threat from aL-CIA-duh that appeared in headlines as "Al-Qaeda's terrifying vision of a devastated America in the wake of a nuclear attack."

One BIG problem with the release: Katz had used a computer-generated image of a post-nuclear Washington, DC that had been crafted by the Fallout 3 artists .

If one was suspicious, one might think that Jewish owned media groups like Intel Center and SITE are in cahoots with a certain ME country that is trying mightily to further involve the USA in fighting their wars.

One might think that Venzke and Katz were actually employed by the Israeli MOSSAD, whose motto, "By way of deception, thou shalt do war," makes the intelligent wonder about just who in the hell is actually crafting these videos.

Katz has been the first to release a number of Bin Laden videos, with her "contacts" getting her the low down and dirty on Bin Laden and his buds.

Not content with scaring people in the USA, Katz has also been active in Sweden , mistranslating various scripts in a vendetta against the Muslim Holy Land Foundation.

It makes you wonder how the SITE Institute, with a small staff of only two people (at least no other is mentioned) can find its way into "password-protected al-Qaeda linked sites" which, apparently, the FBI and the CIA, with all its resources, seem to be incapable of finding and infiltrating. What is even more noteworthy is that SITE, in its own words, works regularly with and provides important and often unique information to journalists, law firms pursuing civil litigation, major corporations, law enforcement, U.S. Congress, and numerous federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury Department, Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS), the FBI, Customs, and the Department of Justice.

Of course, the public is expected to lap this crap up, hook, line and sinker, in order to keep the masses huddled and befuddled.

And to keep a never ending supply of money, weapons, political support and American kids headed to the Middle East to help that racist and apartheid Jews only state of Hate, continue on with its theft of Palestine, the theft of water from Jordan and Lebanon and to keep Israel as the ME Overlord.

If we remember that the Iraq War was conceived by and sold to the USA by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, then it's easy to see who is behind these videos that keep winding up in the hands of Jewish media groups, to be pushed on us suckers.

And how we, the American public, get to pay for these hate crimes and thefts thru the wrecking of our economy and seeing a never ending stream of caskets, filled with our kids, coming home from the ME, killed fighting wars for Israel.


Remember that last faked Bin Laden tape with the dyed beard? The one where Bin Laden's image moves for only 3 1/2 minutes, but stays frozen the rest of the time while his “remarks” continue? Rita intended that little fake job to coincide with the sixth anniversary of 9-11. On 7 Sept 07 at 10:00 am, she called White House counsel Fred F. Fielding and told him she had a new Osama Bin Laden tape. Rita also called Joel Bagnal, deputy assistant to the president for homeland security, and sent both men an e-mail with a link to a place on S.I.T.E. where the tape could be seen. Rita asked them not to release the tape yet (she needed time to set up promotional materials connected with it) but within minutes, government-registered computers began downloading the video from SITE's server. Records show dozens of downloads over the next three hours from computers with addresses registered to defense and intelligence agencies. By mid-afternoon, the Bush regime released the video (plus a transcript of its audio track) to the media.

Rita thought the latest faked tape would make her famous, but the Bush regime took credit for the tape! Rita was furious. She said the premature release tipped al-Qaeda to a security breach, and destroyed a surveillance operation that was years in the making. Poor Rita.


On that “Sixty Minutes” episode, Rita claimed that Mar-Jac Poultry, a chicken farm in Gainesville Georgia, was sending money to terrorists. The story turned out to be false, and Mar-Jac Poultry filed a lawsuit against Katz, which is still pending.

In 2004 Rita accused a University of Idaho computer scientist named Sami Omar al-Hussayen of giving material support to terrorists. Mr. al-Hussayen was a 35-year-old father of three, and had arrived at the University of Idaho in 1999 to pursue a doctorate in computer science. Al-Hussayen was arrested held in prison for a year and a half. When he was finally brought to trial, the prosecution wanted to use Rita as an “expert witness,” but the judge refused to recognize Rita’s “expertise.” Al-Hussayen was acquitted of all charges.

In December 2005, Rita claimed she found a “jihadist” manual that described how to attack the Alaska pipeline. This caused a mild panic in Alaska, but when Rita was asked to show where this “manual” came from, she couldn’t. She said she doesn’t check the accuracy of every “jihadist” manual she finds.

Bottom line? Expect some type of "false-flag" to happen at the Beijing Olympics, with evidence left around that points clues at some MOSSAD generated Islamic group.

And expect some type of MOSSAD generated message from that "Islamic" group that will further Israel's aims of continuing on with their murderous campaign of ethnically cleansing Palestine

Source: http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/7584

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