Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Pale Criminals

July 8, 2008
Skull Collection art: Rachel Bess

By Martin Souza
United States Penitentiary, Adelanto, California

For U.S. Presidents, Senators, et cetera, child molester might be a moral step upward. Had nineteen-month-old Suzie Pella not been killed by a Los Angeles SWAT team, she might say the same about cops. Many convicts, guilty or not, are likely to say that about judges. Anyone who has had the misfortune to deal with any of these government stuffed shirts… well, you get the idea.

Most American citizens pay no attention to the price our antecedents paid for their liberty and freedom. Why?

Liberty and freedom were given to them by ordinary citizens who snatched up fowling pieces, squirrel and deer rifles and took to soldiering… all to show British soldiers that soldiering on foreign soil ain’t a cool thing to do.

Today, youngsters duped into serving in the U.S. armed forces mistakenly deem themselves patriots… mistakenly ’cause Baghdad or Kabul ain’t any cooler for these young soldiers than Concord or Boston was for the British.

Although British and rebel colonists shared family ties, the “us and them” mentality of the British soldier made the insurgents foreigners. “Us and them.” All soldiers and all cops develop that attitude, then brutally express it so well that citizens soon share it … in the reverse direction. They ain’t our homeboys.

The British soldier was an economic pawn just as today’s American soldier is — used by megacorporate movers and shakers, and by overzealous politicians who spout love of country while mentally counting votes, much like the preaching gangsters who peddle sanctimonious bigotry while estimating the take on collection plates. How many times?

To justify some truly despicable deed, have you heard some military creep say “I did it for my country.” How many times after cops “accidentally” or “mistakenly” or deliberately kill someone have you heard some fool prattle about one or two “bad apples in the barrel.” BULLSHIT! Apples don’t fire assault rifles or nine millimeter pistols. But in tune with the metaphor, the whole barrel has been rotten at least since Gilgamesh. Male or female, on their own few individuals are capable of truly evil deeds. For the Corporate Government of the United States such acts are routine… routine because with a government or corporation only the bottom line counts… not bottom-rung citizens. Responsibility is diluted. Always downward.

Alleged corporate and government “leaders” are all-too- aware of this. When an Iraqi insurgent, without regard for his own life, straps an explosive charge to his body and detonates the device where a foreign enemy profanes his fatherland, that Iraqi is a patriot, even if he kills fellow citizens — collaborators who aid and abet invaders, marauders who want to force a foreign brand of oppressive democracy upon them. For their own “good,” of course. “Good” meaning the Iraqis become amenable to the same democratic abuses practiced in the invaders’ LaLa Land. And, of course, open their arms to American corporations, “Up against the wall, ragheads. Now, drop yore drawers, bend over and spread yore cheeks!”

Did Rupert Murdoch’s blank-eyed blondes ever tell you that Saddam Hussein dared to sell oil for any kind of currency he could get … as opposed to dealing strictly in petro dollars? Or that the U.S. debt is inextricably financed by petro dollars? Did they tell you that all the saber rattling over Iran began in late 2005 because Iran agreed to begin trading oil for any currency in March, 2006? Sound familiar? What else have you not been told?

Knuckle-headed butcher that Saddam Hussein was, he simply became a more acceptable target for American democracy — for its propaganda machine — than the money-slinging Saudis. He was tried by a jury of his enemies and convicted in much the same manner as minorities are tried here in America — by judges and/or jurors handpicked for their status quo mentality, jurors connected to government through family members, or connected because the juror votes in meaningless elections, or gets to wipe his ass with your tax dollars — the soft, well-used kind with cocaine residue all over them.

Long ago, court bailiffs went into American streets, into the watering holes, to conscript jurors, an action that at least assured a partial cross section of citizens — partial solely because, although women and minorities were not permitted to sit on juries, government bailiffs were too lazy, and probably too dumb, to sift through a collection of angry draftees to find precisely the types judges and prosecutors prefer — meaning those who vote in meaningless elections or who otherwise support the status quo. No more … not since some lazy bureaucrat decided that voter registration lists and the U.S. Postal Service could do his work; that way he could sit back, eat junk food, drink beer and play his era’s equivalent of computer games. This lazy fool’s method of conscripting jurors spread, like an infestation of grasshoppers; and when the insects swarmed, they devastated everything in the swarm’s path, particularly the American’s right to trial by jury.

Oh, excuse me; you do indeed retain the right to a jury trial. Problem is you must pick a few jurors (the prosecutor also gets to pick some, and the judge) from a list the government provides — a list made up from other lists compiled through processes that have already culled potential jurors the prosecution might find objectionable. You can ask for a jury of your peers in this nation — known to be among the most racist on the planet — but you will not get one. Those are the hard facts of American Just-Us.

Even if you ask for a desegregated jury, that is not an option. You take the all white jury, the court and the prosecutor provides. Catch-22: You’re insane to tolerate such a situation, but the instant you actually try to change your conditions, a government-paid headshrinker will label you sane and fit for prison, then ship you off to a federal correctional complex farthest from your support base, your home. What should we do? Leave the matter for our descendants? Let our children and grandchildren handle the problems we should have handled? Forsake The Home of the Brave and Land of the Free for Home of Cowards and Land of the Oppressed?

Recently, CNN altruistically babbled and gushed over the 200th innocent man released from prison (after wasting away eighteen years) since the advent of DNA evidence. None of the media dimwits dare ask how two hundred innocent people were imprisoned in the first place. Or how many more wrongly remain in cages. Cops short cut Miranda processes, hide notes or destroy those that might indicate innocence, or shed light on a mitigating circumstance. Prosecutors and judges short cut constitutional rights. Naive jurors believe whatever these pillars of communities shout into their ears. And as in a factory with poor quality control, error accumulates.

The American judiciary has zero quality control. The Supreme Court is as dysfunctional as Gorgeous George. Our judicial system has deteriorated… has rotted from within. A long parade of appointed mediocrities, each with a political or religious rather than a constitutional agendum, has turned the Supreme Court into a lame-duck gang — with emphasis on the word lame, so lame (mentally, also) that lower courts routinely ignore its findings and rule anyway they please. Lower courts, in collusion with police and prosecutors act as though the country doesn’t need a Supreme Court.

A case among many is Apprendi v. United States. Here, recalcitrant judges in the lower courts ignore the Supreme Court, continue to rule on a “preponderance of the evidence” not found by juries, but on fantasies conjured in their own mini-minds — “facts” found by these judges after juries have rendered guilty verdicts. Then the judges subject defendants to second trials, over accusations never heard by grand juries, much less contained in indictments.

These second trials by the so-called “preponderance of the evidence” constitute double jeopardy. Guilty-guilty-guilty… by “preponderance of the evidence,” abundance of ignorance and preposterous circumstance.

“Preponderance of the evidence” also nullifies the Sixth Amendment to defend oneself at trial… by bringing that amendment into conflict with a the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Prohibition against Double Jeopardy, Due Process, Right to Defend Oneself and the right against Forced Self-Incrimination … all out the window.
“But we got security!” Gosh, isn’t it wonderful to feel so fabulously secure? … to have thousands of Lyndie Englands and Sabrina Harmons protecting us?

The court creeps demand to be called the Honorable This or the Honorable That, but where is the honor or integrity in ignoring the constitutional mandate for Federal Judicial Due Process? Today, the lower courts, the Federal District Courts, have become a troupe of whores for the Justice Department; the Attorney General is the pimp — prosecutors the assistant pimps. The investigative arms of the Justice Department steal drug evidence, then, through police informers, sell it on the very streets they are sworn to protect … “Well, I was just doin’ my job.” Do they ever protect and serve! Their own turf, and their own kind. The lower court judges, when told of police felony violations under Title 18, Section 4, ignore the complaints.

At lower echelons, the assistant pimp maintains another set of whores, tricked-out yea-sayers called Grand Juries — hookers who use rubber stamps rather than condoms. A prosecutor needs only to sign an indictment, without a grand jury, and a person is indicted. Blatant tyranny. Slavery under color of law — under laws never enacted, yet which imprison thousands. A great addition to television’s contrived reality shows: Pimp My Jury Trial.

Time travel and transport to the early 1800s, today’s police and judicial functionaries; most would eagerly seek work on the slave ships between Africa and the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. The modern brand of slavery fills corporate coffers, at taxpayer expense. Whole corporations nave been formed to take advantage of commissary concessions in U.S. detention centers, or to supply substandard goods such as prison food, or contaminated toothpaste from China, or safety razors from the same country that cannot be used for shaving. UNICOR, originally set up to train inmates in jobs that provide a livable wage, is today used as welfare — to provide prison staff jobs for otherwise unemployable ex-military people. Yes, readers, the “same UNICOR in the Contra scandal over “guns for drugs” dealings. Nice people. But would you really want them around your children?

For those incarcerated, hope has become a case of waiting in vain … year after year … until life runs out. Most wish they would have taken the Dirty Harry challenge: “Well punk, do you feel lucky?” Dirty Harry… policeman as good guy. Tell surviving relatives of six million World War II Jews or kinfolk of sixty-five million Soviet citizens how good they are. Stalin. Hitler. Dirty Harry. Brothers. BLOOD brothers.

Where ongoing corruption is concerned today, no government agency exists that will accept a complaint against the representatives of the United States Government — especially for judicial corruption. Since Senator John Kerry dropped the Contra scandal case against U.S. Government drug smugglers, all government agencies have pretty much refused to investigate corruption allegations against members of their fraternity. In an effort to cover up the government theft of drug evidence, most judges do not hesitate to assist prosecutors. Such government theft of drugs is all-too-common, since most dealers do not want to be connected to specific drug amounts — amounts that could be used to enhance already absurdly stiff sentences. They remain quiet when drug evidence vanishes. On the prosecution side, such disappearances create agent credibility problems once a theft sees light in court.

Title 18, Section 4, Misprison of Felony, reads as follows: “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as -soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States of America, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more three years.”

You wonder why authorities apprised of the stolen drug evidence do nothing about it? One reason is that Title 18 is not an enacted law, and only applies to the average American who, not being a federal employee, has nothing coming in federal courts. The other reason is that stolen drug evidence resold keeps informers content… happy rats and stolen drugs no doubt used to frame other government targets. Stolen drug evidence and purchased testimony can put any innocent person in prison in our Land of Gulag, Incorporated. The evidence speaks for itself, but all-too-often the voice of that hard evidence gets muzzled to a mere whisper.

Prosecutors and judges relish using prior convictions to enhance a defendant’s prison sentence; and citizens conveniently forget that the government has a set of priors that would convict any habitual criminal. Howard Zinn’s book, A People’s History of the United States, could as easily have been entitled A Criminal History of the United States. Every time some clod sees his popularity slipping in opinion polls, he rattles sabers, whether at foreign countries, communists or criminals. Drug War. War on Poverty. War on Illiteracy. Look around… at the results. A thirty-year drug war. More police on the streets than at any time in history, and more drugs… than ever! An interminable war on poverty. With more poor people and more unemployed …than ever! A war on illiteracy… duh? Wars never concluded. At what cost to the taxpayer? We know who pays. We know who supposedly benefits, but doesn’t. So who collects? Which set of pigs are getting slopped at which trough?

U.S. Governments wasted no time in learning the art of creating pretexts. More priors: In the early 1820’s Stephen F. Austin obtained a charter from the Mexican government that allowed him to settle 500 American families along the Brazos River. But the United States took advantage of Mexican open-door policy and encouraged more Americans to immigrate to Mexico (five thousand between 1821 and 1831).. So many arrived that Austin petitioned the Mexican government to establish a separate Mexican state in what is now Texas. He was imprisoned. Political hack and public mouthpiece Andrew
Jackson advocated military action, claimed that the Mexican government was killing U.S. settlers and demanded independence for Texas. Despite Stephen Douglas’ demands, no one ever produced an immigrant’s body. No one saw a splotch of American blood… until the first Mexican-American war started.

So we can blame many of our current problems on a drunken Andrew Jackson. Bad luck. Without Jackson’s loud-mouthed pretext for war, George Bush would be a wetback no one but Lou Dobbs cares about. Good luck? The Bush idiot would have’ drowned in a drought-stricken summer… crossing the Rio Grande Trickle.

Some pretexts carry baggage. — serious consequences. To incite a war with Spain, the American Government used the transparent gambit of placing the warship U.S.S. Maine in the harbor at Havana, Cuba, then blowing it up with one hundred and sixty-two of its own sailors aboard. Real dead bodies are always a better pretext for war, the made-up ones — the entry fee for the Spanish American War. Spanish booty was the grand prize, and we ain’t talkin’ about anal sex unless you’re talkin’ about Spaniards gettin’ the shaft.

In recent times, this act of political buggery has been called the Randolph Hearst War, because he sensationalized the alleged sabotage of the U.S.S. Maine, blamed it on the Spanish government and labelled the bombing an act of war by the Spanish. Staged battles.. Rough Riders. Teddy Roosevelt. Propaganda to set up that buffoon for the U.S. Presidency. Sound familiar? John Kerry ain’t down and out… yet. Teddy and John. Bill and Ronnie. Lyndon and Dick. No sexual pun intended, but who got screwed? Sound familiar? Thanks to Daniel Ellsberg, we know that the government response to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the pretext for the war in Vietnam, was written weeks before the alleged incident supposedly occurred … if indeed it ever happened. As when such military superpowers as Grenada, Panama and Iraq attacked the U.S. Damn! If we aren’t ever so lucky to have survived! Over one hundred such incidents in U.S. history… primarily because presidents feel they need to show voters how tough they are. Reagan, an actor. Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar. Bush Junior, a brown-noser. Tough? Did any of these posturing fools actually DO anything? Ever? Other than smile phony smiles, slap backs, and shake hands? At minimum, Teddy Roosevelt mustered the nerve to trek into the wilds to hunt down the ferocious pronghorn antelope.

The United States and England have a long-established habit of going to war together… to steal the resources of the weaker nations. In what came to be known as the Opium Wars, England and the United States were partners in smuggling opium to other nations, wrought massive addiction on the Chinese population — as is the present-day case in many drug-producing and drug-peddling nations. In 1948, Mao Tse Tung kicked out British and U.S. government drug pushers. The lucrative drug trade provides the untraceable cash used by spies to subvert those governments’ next victims… all under the guise of humanitarianism.

Is Kosovo visible on any reader’s horizon. The Taliban in Afghanistan had outlawed the production of opium and heroin, a move that stifled production. With a convenient invasion, Coalition Forces jump started the industry and heroin was once again crowned King of the Drugs on American streets. The Taliban: The public scapegoat the U.S.
Government blames on for illicit production. Caca toro poop poop!

Sound familiar?

Cigar soakin’ Bill sent thousands of jobs overseas with NAFTA scam. Young people usually held those jobs. Where do those young adults seek employment now? The U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. Sound familiar? Who benefits?

What happens when we use a tired B-movie cliché and follow the money. How many corporations manufacture military equipment? Police equipment? How many service police departments? Courts? Prisons? How many get rich pandering print or television media news stories about all of the above?

Lower foreign wages increase corporate profits because sales prices to U.S. customers wouldn’t much vary if the products were manufactured in Akron residential basements.
Solution? What if minorities suddenly refused enlistment in the military until the government halts its foreign adventures, stops using the military for corporate enforcement, halts the War on Drugs, repeals the Patriot Act, The Anti-Terrorist and Effective Death Penalty Act, and the Harrison Act — a drug law, which became the core for endless layers of drug law, pushed through Congress by racist politicians in 1914 and aimed specifically against Blacks?

The Old South political hacks claimed that the “niggahs” were gittin’ high on marijuana and rapin’ white women. See the news print of the History of the Harrison Act’s genesis.
Also check to see if you can find a single incident during which a person high on marijuana has raped or killed another human. The Harrison Act, by the nature of the rhetoric that radically influenced its enactment, is unconstitutional, as is every law constructed on its foundations. If Nixon could flee Vietnam “with honor,” government spin doctors should encounter few obstacles in repainting the foregoing issues.
The government must forsake illegal drug profits, stop supplying and bartering military weapons to drug-producing cartels. I’ll use a term corporate knuckledraggers love. The bottom line is this: since 1945, the U.S. Government has not involved its citizens in a just war. Thus, no one who dons a uniform and travels to a foreign country to get shot at on a
Bush’s or Cheney’s say-so is smart enough to return home and tell others what to do. Something missing in the cerebral circuitry: Where rational decisions are normally made, suicidal ones have been hot-wired into the whole network. If constitutionally-oriented minorities took action, refused to enlist for the government’s wars for corporate profit, one reaction is certain; lobbyists would throw lots of parties £or both political parties … provide the booze, the dope, the hookers, and boys for the boys who swing that way… then, miracle of all miracles, a new draft law would get enacted. The new law, of course, would have sufficient loopholes to assure that neither congressional idiots nor their offspring would be subject to military duty. Note that during the war in Vietnam, while a draft law was in effect, Gorgeous George trained as a National Guard pilot… on jet fighters already declared obsolete. So long as the U.S. Government appeased such aggressive military powers as San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Bush was in no danger of having to fly combat missions.

A modern day Conscription Act would allow the federal government to send more ,of your sons and daughters overseas to fight: so Halliburton could feed them; Hummer could provide their poorly or completely unarmored transportation; either Blackwater or Titan Corporation could torture whatever prisoners they capture; and back home, the heavily-lobbied funeral industry could sell lotsa caskets and provide lotsa first class burials for them.

The military has dispatched spin doctors to the recruiting offices. Promises of specific educational training or bivouacing in exotic locales are routine. But with so many people coming and going, one can probably assume that the signup lists for camping trips to Baghdad are full. “Suckers under any other name,” P.T. Barnum called these alleged warriors. ‘Warriors’ who, if introduced into a war zone, will come home with some defect regardless whether wounded or not… ‘warriors’ who will become police officers or bureaucratic flunkies because they cannot feed themselves without government handouts; ‘warriors’ who, in many cases, will come home to boast of having defended America. Some will roll about in wheelchairs and others will be gimping around. Some will end up in courts… go into federal prisons, or state departments of correction, or corporate-run private prisons, to be guarded by many other ‘warriors’ government headshrinkers deem functional… meaning not quite as dysfunctional as the prisoners. And for what? Sound familiar?

Lives traded by the political babykissers to the corporate bottom liners. For what? Some empty words? Lives that can only be repurchased, and only partially, by refusing to serve the ends of the profit tyranny?

The United States Government is luring minorities into its armed forces with promises of bonuses, bonuses attractive to young men and women who seek an education but need tuition money… who cannot find jobs. Minority spokespeople must move to dissuade these youngsters, to find a better ways to school them. We, the elders, must protect these young people from the vampires who would trade their blood for oil or drugs, who would have survivors swaggering around with police duty belts about their waists rather than university educations in their heads. Other ways must be found. We must not allow our future leaders to become education mercenaries… on the way to becoming graduate slavers.

They should be told that they risk becoming casualties in senseless wars for the profits of corporations. The chances of returning a freak are very good. Even if they gimp their way home, they will still be a spic, a greaser, a nigger, a chink, or other names the White Americans usually give those other than Caucasian.

All of us are prisoners, individualistic only in the corporate model numbers on cage bars and color schemes on our concrete walls. Doesn’t the common usage of the word “lock- down” surprise anyone? No arched brows at the way this piece of prison terminology was so easily stirred into the oversweetened pablum the media spoons into the mouths of voting children? How quickly we forgot that in 2007 Blacksburg, Virginia police put an entire campus on “lockdown” … and via bullhorn ordered Virginia Tech students to stay indoors–inside … WITH a damned gunman whom police knew had already killed at least one person.

The core of our police problem lies in lower federal courts overseen by a lame-duck Supreme Court. ‘Lame’ is the operative word here. ‘Lame’ for a hundred or more years.
Little or no power to enforce or have its rulings enforced, rulings subject to interpretation by any government hack; interpretations subject to challenge and judicial review… with decisions corning only after nine or ten brain-numbing, financially devastating years; and the hack is never subjected to penalties for misusing that haphazard system. Fascist and racist, presiding lower court judges have developed a penchant for deliberately misinterpreting Supreme Court rulings — in criminal cases, misinterpretations that
can keep even an innocent man behind bars for nine to fifteen years — which has effectively removed any system of checks and balances over the infestation of freeloading Civil Service parasites. Nothing assures that they do their jobs– as opposed to spending the work day playing Internet poker. An attitude of “gittin’ over” has replaced a sense of duty and service… if such a sense ever existed at the government trough.
Nietzsche called the judge THE PALE CRIMINAL.

Eight years have passed since the Supreme Court decided the Apprendi case, but the whores on the lower court benches still fear ruling against the pimps at the prosecution tables. As former prosecutors, the black-robed hookers are all-too-aware of the power of the U.S. Attorney’s office. A U.S. Attorney can go after anyone, and with checks replaced by tricks, the system of tricks and balances means the prosecutor can nail anybody. So where incompetence doesn’t rule, fear fills the vacuum. Rudolph Giuliani did not conjure his political aura by creating anything or by managing any project well, but by GOING AFTER people… the mob or whatever lop stumbled into his career path. Illusions. Another tough guy.

In modern times, “tough guy” has become synonymous with a man who doesn’t have to bear the consequences of his so-called tough decisions. More illusions. People grow tough by doing things. Testing themselves to discover their limits. Not by ordering someone else to lock a barred door. Can anyone really believe that a prosecutor is tough simply because he seeks a death penalty or a long prison sentence? Is George Bush actually tough … because he signed a bunch of death warrants while Governor of Texas? Or because he sent a bunch of kids to be killed in Iraq? The constitution of the United States sets forth in Article III: “The judges, both of the Supreme and Inferior
Courts, shall hold their office during good behavior.” Since when does incompetence constitute good behavior? Or fear of political consequences? To ignore the law of the land as written by the Supreme Court is not good conduct by the subordinate judges. Police states follow such behavior.

Do you actually believe that Hitler began with ovens? He started with hundreds of thousands of convicts he did not wish to feed. Caligula fed prisoners to Roman circus animals when beef prices were high. But first, a government must have lots of prisoners.
This failure of judges to perform in accordance to the written laws of the Supreme Court has opened American oven doors.

Problem is: Congress is incessantly and heavily lobbied by the corporations that make bundles of money -from the servitude, and by the thugs who enjoy beating up the defendants. Fact pf life: The wages of incompetence are bankable solely on government salaries. Judges are almost always former prosecutors, who are normally lawyers who would have starved to death in private practice. Spineless thugs who swing and squirt pompous sounding phrases rather than billy clubs and mace — though some have been known to pack nine millimeter pistols.

By refusing to apply Supreme Court rulings, lower courts and Congress have, under color of law, reinstated slavery.

No government functionary actually believes such rulings apply to his actions, or hers (Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton remind us that possession of a vagina does not rule out one’s being a member of Club Thug, Inc.). The elected lobby whores never take notice the constitutional mandates, especially on the issue of slavery. How many of these be robed mini-minds do you believe have in good faith actually studied the Constitution? In this case, the reinstatement of slavery under color of law, the perpetrators are the very people sworn to administer justice, but who are, in fact, Tory-styled tyrants who should be, for gross dereliction of sworn duty, relieved of their presidential appointments.
Problem is: How do you dismiss the whores from lifetime appointments without the pimps rising in revolt? Problem is: Political brown-nosers in Congress easily recognize judicial system brown-nosers and rush to approve such appointments. Problem is: No U.S. President will EVER appoint a strict constitutionalist to a judicial bench.
Contrary to popular myth, old age does not automatically confer wisdom… neither in a judge, in a hooker, nor in a saint. Old age guarantees wrinkles and faulty plumbing. Nothing else. A hack at the age of thirty will simply know more ways at age seventy to justify being a hack, and at ninety, to justify being a doddering hack. For such clods, wisdom ain’t nothin’ but a word, and don’t you dare disturb appellate court naps by discussing an issue while court’s in session!

Chief Justice John Roberts recently wept before Congress to ask for a raise for these recalcitrant jurists. Should American people continue to pay salaries for this army of incompetents? Huge salaries to tyrants who are responsible for case overload, yet who complain that they are overworked and underpaid? Do they understand that the American work day is generally eight hours long — NOT counting Internet and computer games time? That the work week is five days? Fifty weeks to the year? These judges understand the concept of ‘gittin’ over’–at the expense of American taxpayers–and taxpaying citizens should be aware of their costly, disdainful attitude. Conspiracy. A conspiracy of dimwits who, among themselves and to the public, pretend to be legal scholars.
When the General Accounting Office should be screaming loudest, no one, in government at least, seems to object. Americans need a Nader-like group to lobby, loudly, for a system of checks and balances on this branch of government, or perhaps takeover the GAO … force government wastrels to account for every dollar misused.

Today, prisons are filled beyond capacity at the expense ~ of the gullible and cowardly American who finds life sweet and peace so dear that he/she allows slavery under color of law.. Nietzsche once wrote that a shadow follows security… stupidity. Sound familiar … a lot like a peek into life in the Land of the Lockdown and the Home of the Hoodlum?
Did you. know that you can be indicted without a grand jury? Did you know you can demand a desegregated jury and; not get one? In the case of minorities, you can be tried by an all white jury and you will, in .all likelihood, be convicted. Did you know the United States government can buy mercenary witnesses whom the prosecutor tells what to say, witnesses who know nothing of the case? Did you know that prosecutors routinely try cases this way?

Prisons did not come into being to punish criminals. Way back when, governments killed criminals, and churches blessed both the murders and the murderers. Prisons were developed to stop vagabondage… to keep workers in one place so crops could be harvested at the proper time. Prison or “corrections” people have always worked hand in hand with movers and shakers in the business world. Sound familiar? Read FATAL SHORES by Ralph Hughes. A primer on how and at what cost England settled Australia… on how little the crime language has changed over the centuries, how the people who sent slaves from London to Australia and the prosecuting hacks pushing the modern drug war share a rhetoric gene– mental genes too, congenital deformities from scrap DNA.

Modern state and federal governments have turned prison systems into businesses, and in doing so discovered that they required an old plantation-style slave system to continuously supply bodies. To accomplish this, the u.S. Constitution had to be completely undermined. No better way to do that than to appoint judges who tow a party line. Nowaday~, rights laid out in the United States Constitution are only valid when in-crowd gangsters such as George H.W. Bush or his fellow political mobsters get taken to trial, or when the media showcases a criminal trial on national television. The
Juice and the Glove. The Cop and the Sock. Did you know that according to an unauthorized biography of Bush Junior (FORTUNATE SON by J.T. Hatcher), Gorgeous George was once busted for cocaine possession? Daddy apparently had the clout to fix felony cases in 1972 Houston. Our corrupt democracy is the form of government
President George Walker Bush wants Iraqis to adopt. Sound familiar? Do you think Gorgeous George’s associations with corporate vampires play any part in his desire? Do you think the corporate honchos don’t already have hundreds of little plans drawn up to bleed the Iraqi Treasury and scarf any extra funds the U. S. provides.? In the process, of course, of “rebuilding” the country? … As they are bleeding Americans and all who fall prey to the rhetoric built around the terms “humane” and “democracy”. Go to vanityfair.com and read an October/ 2007 article entitled BILLIONS OVER BAGHDAD by Donald L. Barlett & James B. Steele.

Today, taxpaying Americans are in debt from their hemorrhoids to their tonsils. Corporations have neither hemorrhoids nor tonsils nor do they care about National Debt; corporate leaders care about government subsidies and government contracts. National debt for you. Gravy train for them. President Bush claims he is defending “our way of life.” Not by a long shot does his way of life resemble ours. His oil interests gain him wealth with every day of war. Tankers for Texas! By contrast, we strain budgets, and contribute to his political coffers every time we fill our gas tanks.

In the administration of justice: For the government mob, Just Us; for the rest of us: Just Ice, a chilly proposition. Twice during the last few years, FBI laboratories have admitted to tendering phony evidence to courts and juries–one test, FBI ability to positively ID a particular factory run of bullets by the chemical composition of the lead used, was a complete myth. One bad apple in the barrel. Right? Like Mark Harmon in t.he O.J. Simpson case. Right? Wrong. The Harmons and the people at the FBI labs do not work in a vacuum. To plant or manufacture evidence requires the aid of at least one other person, probably several others involved in an investigation. In the law enforcement barrel, apples rub against and cover for each other. The entire barrel is rotten.

Lyndie England, Sabrina Harmon, Charles Graner and other low echelon guards took the fall for abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Do you actually believe that no one
else in the prison knew what was happening. ALL of them knew … could not have helped but know because they chatter like clubby magpies among themselves. Do you really believe those photographs were taken solely to share with England’s small circle of guards? They were on a disk, which means, most likely, that they were at times featured on the prison’s computer network. Fun and games. Elliot Spitzer made a career of GOING AFTER supposedly corrupt officials, then got caught spending thirty grand in taxpayer money on hookers. Now prosecution teams are GOING AFTER him.

Lost in this shuffle and media babble, as with Mark Harmon in the O.J. Simpson, is a statement already made, but something no reporter wants to touch upon: “These people do not operate in a vacuum.” Did Spitzer or Harmon learn their corrupt practices overnight? Of course not. Then how can anyone trust ANY court conviction these creeps had a hand in? Shouldn’t each of those convictions be reversed? Prosecutors damned sure aren’t going to mention it because their careers and reputations are built on convictions, and connected to these two will be courtroom’s shenanigans no government lawyer wants aired on national television.

Today, the purchase of testimony is a CATCH 22 for anyone who seeks a jury trial. Incompetent Justice Department lawyers work their way to a judgeships by racking up easy convictions–work their way? … Or climb their way? Doubtful that anyone could distinguish up from down on that career ladder. A numbers game that uses purchased and perjured testimony. A numbers game that has rendered informer/accomplice testimony more potent than hard evidence– even if the CSI clods were as sharp as TV would have you believe. A numbers game in which cowards intimidated by the possibility of long sentences will testify to any yarn a prosecutor wishes to spin for a jury. An assistant U.S. Attorney knows that even if his case is full of error and so blatantly bogus that it’s apt to be reversed on appeal, he can still keep a defendant in prison for a long, long time. The public understands that drug addicts tell lies. They lie to themselves, to police, to anyone with drugs, to Jesus Christ if He could get them a shot. They lie anywhere except on the witness stand. Any prosecutor will tell you that much–with a straight face. But no one asks, “If a prosecutor lies about this, what other lies has he told?”

Bill Clinton couldn’t control his penis, couldn’t keep his word to his wife. What made you believe he’d keep promises to you? George H.W. Bush, as head of the CIA, routinely told lies for a living. What made you believe that as President he’d all of sudden start telling you the truth? Did you really believe that Gorgeous George wouldn’t learn the lying craft from his father? Why juries accept such testimony as true is beyond reason. Why they believe reputation-hungry prosecutors borders on the absurd. A rat will rat for ratting’s sake, regardless whether he knows his lies will send a defendant to life in prison. Yet codefendant testimony is the format used in nearly all federal jury trials today.

Competent cops exist almost exclusively on Network TV shows. Incompetence always seeks controls. The greater the incompetence, the more controls it seeks.
For decades the grand juries have been known as the Justice Department’s whores. Today, federal judges have joined this stable of whores–all makeup, phony groans, no substance. In many cases, there was no grand jury. We need a complete judiciary overhaul. Americans need to demand a countrywide investigation, need to shoo the judicial hogs from the civil service trough and find civil servants willing to apply the law as dictated by the Supreme Court.

Blacks And Hispanics may request a desegregated jury but this is often meaningless. Although the Supreme Court laid out rules for such request in Duren V. Missouri, this case is a farce and should be revisited to include an affirmative action, racially composed jury representative of the district trying a defendant. In the case of Singleton v. United States, judges ruled that the purchase of testimony was legal for the government if it comes from a co-conspirator. If the testimony of the government witnesses is shaky, the U.S. Prosecutor can always vouch for the witness, or for the integrity of the evidence. Cowardly, but acceptable in American form of justice, or as they say, Just-Us. Test-a-lie equals testify. One Drug War rumor has been confirmed: the United States Government and the British Empire are the biggest drug purveyors of all time. The Contra scandal was an American drug deal as much as a weapons deal–weapons dispatched to the Iran-Iraq border war, in which the average soldier was almost fifteen years old. George H.W. Bush, his sons, and Oliver North: Nice folk… but would you invite them to dinner? Would they know which fork to use? Or would they be more apt to pee on your carpet? Other politicians were involved in trading weapons to the Contras for cocaine.

Senator John Kerry made a half-hearted attempt to investigate the scam, but as is the practice when investigating the government mob, the investigators refuse to step on spit- shined toes and the investigation peters out from lack of interest… long before the media begins to prattle about lack of evidence.

Getting Back to moral hookers, the federal court jurists, President Lincoln’s words: “The people are the masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.” A long time ago, the mongoose was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands to solve a rat problem. Today, Hawaii has a mongoose problem.. Washington, Jefferson and the Philadelphia lawyers who wrote the Constitution incorporated the concept of the cop, the sheriff, an English import. Now we have a cop problem. And a court problem. Perverted law. Perverted

Constitution… as in the case of Sonya Ivette Singleton.
There Judges Seymor, Chief Justice of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, with Justices Ebel, and Kelly made a constitutional ruling which was overturned in an En Banc review by six Nazi incompetents, a ruling that profaned constitutional mandate. See u.S. versus Singleton, 144 F3d 1343 (10th Cir 1999) and S.E. Singleton, u.S. 165 F3d 1297;
1999 u.S. AppLexis 222 … where six Circuit Judges illegally
I legislate and dictate law, outside the sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. Worse, the Supreme Court refused to review the issue.

What can be done to bring such corruption to an end?

(1) Until the U.S. Government enforces rules of law through enactment only, we can ask the nations of the world to discourage travel to and cease extraditing their citizens to this slaver state. For the first time in all of history, people working in the alleged Temples of Justice need to embrace the concepts of honor and integrity, which means that the Judiciary must cease stealing of drug evidence and allowing its investigative arms to sell drugs stolen from evidence lockers.

(2) The jury selection process is not representative of the ethnic composition of the cities where the trials are held. To assure that juries reflect ethnic composition of the given population, rather than that of a racist selection, affirmative action is needed in the grand jury and the petit jury selection process. All white juries should never be a government option, neither should twelve-person mobs prone to treat government words as Gospel. The Supreme Court needs to revisit Duren v. Missouri. Our elected lobby pimps need to pay more attention to what is happening in the judiciary whorehouses. A judge is no longer in charge of his bench. He is merely the other hooker for the Justice Department.

(3) As Americans, we do not owe the corporate government of the United States one copper cent. We owe each other a symbiotic allegiance, to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, including the domestic brand we mistakenly elect–the most recent examples being George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Walker Bush and veritable herds of congressional fools. With ad-campaign scare tactics, these elected representatives have diluted our rights and have eroded our confidence. There is NOT a mugger lurking around every corner, regardless of what government- paid spin doctors say or would have you believe. Police serve and protect NOTHING but police interests, despite television and Hollywood propaganda to the contrary.

Terrorists brought down the World Trade Center towers because American police and American intelligence agencies didn’t do the jobs they contracted to do; and what happened as the WTC dust settled? … our elected idiots ran right out, and in hordes, hired more of the same kind of simpletons who failed to prevent the 9/11 disaster to guard against future terrorist acts (Do you feel protected and guarded?); and in the process, shredded an already ripped and torn Constitution. We need more protection against our protectors and less against mythical homegrown criminals. If you’ll read old newspapers, you’ll learn that J. Edgar Hoover once had the country believing that Bonnie and Clyde were the most dangerous killers since bubonic plague.

Questions to all young Americans of military recruitment age: Why would you join the enemy of your kinfolk? Why would you support the enemy that deprives you and yours of rights paid for in blood… by real patriots? Why would you be part of a force that spreads tyranny throughout the world?

What happens at home if you are killed? Or worse, you come home gimping, dragging your broken ass back to your family? Family … which has already sacrificed so much for you… and upon which you stand ready to place yet ther burden, because looking out for your crippled ass will’ be a life sentence… for them… not you!

What about that beautiful girl you love? If you’re stretchered home a quadriplegic, do you really believe she’ll want to run her hands over a slack body that no longer responds to her and the rest of her life chauffeuring d forth to a veteran’s hospital? What if you lose your arms or legs? Do you think your wife or girlfriend will enjoy running her hands over prostheses?

But you served your country! That makes a difference? You served your country… that’s what you say, after the fact! Patriot, you say. After the fact. Pendejo is more accurate–a pendejo who continues to be an enemy of all Americans who have been robbed of rights; by whores we mistakenly elected via make-believe democratic process.

Before you betray Americans robbed of Due Process, and betray slaves imprisoned under unenacted laws… think! You would do this? Run this way for the thirty-five to forty-thousand dollar signing bonus the armed forces offers? Did the recruiters tell you that the guy whose country you’re gonna invade also believes that he’s a patriot? Or that his recruiters also told him that he has a duty to shove his style of liberty and freedom down your throat? Or that when you strap on your body armor, that it’s anyone’s guess whether or not it’ll stop a nine millimeter bullet? Much less one whistling from the barrel of an AK-74. Did the recruiting officers tell you that Blackwater Corporation’s mercenaries are paid around two hundred twenty thousand dollars a year? That they usually don’t enter a hostile area until AFTERU.S~ Army troops and Marines have softened resistance? Or specifically what “softened” entails? That compared to yours a Blackwater merc’s benefits are a BMW to a bicycle? That he’ll rate high-tech private medical treatment where you’ll have VA hospitals — hospitals run by people who know every bit as much about real life as the Sesame Street Puppets?

But if you get wounded badly enough, you’ll be a hero.

Final questions: If you started a domestic movement, and via referendum, enacted a conscription law with zero loopholes (no one’s immune, no excuses accepted) that limited participation in foreign wars to men OVER the age of forty- five, do you actually believe there would be more foreign adventures? Would there be an American presence in Afghanistan or Iraq if the pompous old men in Washington had to fight these wars themselves? Or would they pee their panties at the very thought of having to fight.

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