Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Palm Tree, a Napalm Bomb and a Fallen Leaf...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blogs just like Life itself, attract all kinds of people...Sane, mad, lost, aware, confused, sick, searching...

I took this title from a commentator who keeps harassing me...but even a harasser can come up with some good stuff...How about that for impartial, unbiased, objectivity ?

Don't you Westerners pride yourselves on being rational beings and o' so fucking objective? Are you not the ones who posited empirical positivism, cartesian minds over matter, thesis and anti-thesis, dialectics, and hypothetical assumptions tested against hard facts ? All and above a "mundane" reality - "theirs".

A "mundane" reality that "we can't measure, assess, calculate, evaluate...unless..."
Indices, figures, diagrams, curves, stats, polls, maths, econometrics, measurements, graphs...Let's see now how "their" reality truly measures up -- you think to yourselves.

Your anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists gather in conferences and publications abound on "them". Is "their" thinking linear ? Lateral ? Cyclical ?
How do "they" view Time ? Is "their" Time extendable, static, malleable...? How do "they" view the Body ? Shunned, exhibited, exposed, hidden ? What conceptions do "they" hold about frontiers between the private and the public ? What are "their" limits? What is "their" edge, "their" breaking point ?

"Culture" - what a lovely word for the liberal masturbators from the politically correct Academia. Twisting, turning and dancing around culture - "their culture".

"We need to be sensitive to their culture." But let us dissect them first...Rats, guinea pigs in our empirical labs of scientific thought.

You have so many ways of approaching the "Other", don't you ? An ecclectic, integrated, multi-disciplinary approach.

This is all so fine -- Am terribly impressed.

Highly cultured, scientifically evolved, educationally sophisticated, linguistically eloquent, intellectually refined, aesthetically sensitive...o' so aware.

Causes - ecology, global warming, alternative living, gender egalitarian, race conscious, gay sensitive, animal rights supporter, vegetarianism and anti-genetically modified soy beans...Recycle, compost, smoke free, macrobiotically inclined, chakra openers, wonderful people...

Different stratum. Academia, the alternative, and the entrepreneur.

The yuppie kiddo or the CEO about to have a heart attack any moment. Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Hedge funds, options, venture capital, securities, returns and, excellence, motivational speakers, team spirit, sleek and well kept...sniffing coke or high on speed, in between market fluctuations...

Go for the cut. Quantum spirituality and mortgages. Optimal Living -- your Guru says.
Whoever your Guru is. But you need a Guru by whatever name.


Juxtaposing, parallel realities...

End results across the oceans - Napalm bombs, a dying palm tree and millions of fallen leaves...

Painting : Iraqi female arist, Widad Al-Orfali, 2002.

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