Friday, July 25, 2008

The Salami Principle: How People Accept the Unacceptable

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tower of Babel
art: Wessi

Imagine, if you will, an average American or European citizen from 1950, sent forwards through time to the present day. As the door of his time-capsule swings open and he steps tentatively outside to appraise this Brave New World in which we currently live, what do you imagine his reaction might be? Phaedrus ventures to propose that it would be nothing short of horrified disbelief. We might picture it for ourselves as going to sleep one night and waking up the next morning to find ourselves in some God-forsaken, dysfunctional menagerie populated by all manner of bizarre and terrifying entities which are carrying out the most unspeakably wicked acts towards one-another as the rational mind can conceive. Our time-traveler's senses are overcome to the point of swooning by the thick, unmistakable, acrid stench of pure Evil. How could mankind have descended to this level? It defies all reason.

Yet as this voyager in time continues to look on aghast, he sees people broadly similar to himself in everything other than the clothes they wear, who seem to a great extent unaware of the maelstrom of madness going on all around them. They continue to go about their activities largely impervious to their environment. Occasionally our visitor is mortified to see one of the modern humans brutally slain by a deranged predator right before his eyes, yet even more revolted by the realization that whenever this happens, the other humans, though fleetingly fearful, quickly appear to resume their normal activities - rather TOO quickly, in fact. As the soundtrack backdrop to all this insanity, there is the constant "thump, thump, thump" of some kind of bass percussion instrument which is almost deafening. Modern man, however, appears not to notice it. To engage in the most basic conversation, he has to shout directly into the ear of his interlocutor, but seems to bear this burden without complaint.

Stunned by his nightmare vision of the future, the venturer gathers enough wits together to make a dash for his time-capsule. He fears for his life momentarily as he fumbles with the controls, but seconds later, with IMMENSE relief, he finds himself back in the familiar, ordered society of 1950. Had it all just been a bad dream? Surely no one could REALLY live in a future world like that. It was SO bad, SO dysfunctional that decent people - the majority - would NEVER permit such a sick society to arise. Yes, that must be it. It was just a terrible vision and nothing more. What on earth could have given him such a bad dream? Ah, it must have come about through his reading George Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty-Four two years earlier. Yeah, that must be it. Powerful works of fiction have a way of perturbing our subconscious in ways that can surface quite a while later. Phew! What a relief!

Sadly, the test of time proves to us today, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this nightmare vision of the future was no figment of the human imagination. Our hypothetical time-traveler from 1950 only made a fleeting visit to 2008, he only saw a tiny FRACTION of what now goes on on a daily basis, yet it was enough to convince him that the world had gone mad. To the mind of the average, decent citizen of 1950, the way we 'live' today is like something out of a badly-made horror movie. The citizens of 1950 would NEVER suffer a future to develop like the one that nevertheless, has. The society we see around us today would be totally UNACCEPTABLE to the average person of 58 years ago. The obvious question, then, given the foregoing reasonable assumptions, is HOW the HECK did we get into this state? How could it POSSIBLY HAPPEN?

The intervening years since reasonable sanity once prevailed, have been driven by a specific Agenda. It is an Agenda that no decent person could possibly sign up to. Nonetheless, the forces that conceived of it drove it through and they were able to do this by making use of something known as the 'Salami Principle.' Now a Salami is a long sausage; sometimes VERY long. In one piece it is pretty much indigestible, so the powers that be, that envisioned our post-war future for us, decided that the only way to make us swallow it would be to slice it up and feed it to us over very many years; a little piece at a time. Now this hypothetical salami isn't a palatable sausage at all. Even small slices of it don't taste very nice. But they're manageable - just. If we're spoon fed thin slices at odd intervals, preferably whilst our attention is distracted (like folks do when they're feeding a baby sometimes) then it's not such an ordeal. We can just about stomach a slice at a time, whereas the whole sausage in one sitting would be a complete no-no.

The makers of this poison salami have chosen the thickness of its slices well. Only a morsel of the sausage must we endure each time, stopping short JUST before we throw-up. In the year 2008, we are forcing down the final few slices of this complete, toxic sausage. Phaedrus is a great believer in metaphors, so presumably by now it will be clear what this salami consists of. Our time traveler saw it almost in its entirety. What was the first slice? Probably the creation of the United Nations. Seemed like a good idea at the time to peace-loving people everywhere, didn't it? No more wars, they told us! And many, many, many similar slices have followed since; each subtly chipping away at our culture, heritage and freedom. They have become too numerous to itemize. But some you may be aware of include the following:-

The founding of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, NAFTA (North American Union in waiting), GATT (now the WTO), the World Bank, the IMF, the European Union (started off as a small trading arrangement between a handful of independent countries over 50 years ago and now a federal empire of some 27, centrally-governed sub-states like Germany, the UK, Italy and France). In 1948, we saw the founding of Israel - the most ruinously expensive, murderous, parasite pseudo-state in all history. Also along the way have been constant attacks on our nationhood and sense of self: so-called 'equality' laws arising out of the civil rights movement which have festered out of all proportion to become a cudgel to subjugate European Americans with. The 'permissive society' in the 1960s. Sex, drugs and Rock n Roll. Punk Rock, Hip-Hop, Gangsta Rap. The promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism. The purposeful destruction of the family unit. The robbery of taxpayers; funneling our hard-earned cash into the pockets of Negroes in Africa and Jews in Israel on the pretext of 'aid' or 'security concerns.' One could go on and on and on...

If all this had been foisted on us in one hit, the people of America and Europe would NEVER have stood for it. There would have been Bloody Revolution throughout the western world. The powers that be (mainly Jews) therefore fed it to us little by little; JUST enough at a time for the bulk of us not to be SO angry that we'd actually DO anything about it each time we were fed another slice. We collectively screwed up our faces, closed our eyes and swallowed. Then we morosely got back on with struggling to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. It's been a long-term, on-going, insidious process carefully calculated to be JUST within the limits of our tolerance at each step. Last week saw warrant-less wire-tapping and e-mail snooping voted in by Congress. We grumble, make our excuses and get on with what remains of our lives. Next up? Micro-chipping for the masses. They'll bring it in, once again, little by little. First, they'll start with our kids. "It'll protect them," they'll say, "Why should your kids be denied the kind of protection that we routinely give to dogs? Don't they deserve better protection than mere animals already enjoy?" Later on it'll be extended to criminals on parole, then anyone with a record - and finally, every last one of us. Same goes for the planned DNA database.

Anyone with half a brain can see where all this is leading and HAS BEEN leading now for many decades. Our REAL enemies aren't so-called "terrorists" in far-flung lands; they're the Jews in Washington DC, their gentile, sell-out cronies, and their counterparts in Europe. The situation as it stands today is UNACCEPTABLE. It is as UNACCEPTABLE today as it would have been to the good citizens of 1950. The fact that that the UNACCEPTABLE has accrued over a long period instead of in one, ugly great dollop counts for nothing. It is no less UNACCEPTABLE for that. Not one iota We have now reached where we were headed all along and thanks to the Internet (alone, largely) increasing numbers of ordinary Joes are waking up to the fact. That is the one, bright shining ray of hope on the horizon for us. The poisoners and traitors that have delivered us into the nightmare of early 21st century life will shortly be exposed before the entire world and dealt with in the appropriate manner. I truly believe that. I can SEE it, in fact, in our very near future. And it ain't going to be a pretty sight. A lot of good men will die in wiping out this Evil. That is the price we must pay for not minding Jefferson's vital warning: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

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  1. "Active Force" Of Present Historical Trends Must Be Reversed: Death To God Of Guilt
    (Apollonian, 28 Jul 08)

    "The Salami Principle...," by comrade Phaedrus (see, 25 Jul 08), I think is extremely well-written, brilliantly conceived exposition, but now we need just one more angle for most complete diagnosis and analysis--in order then to best conceive necessary anti-dote and strategy for VICTORY against most sublime Judeo-conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy).

    (a) Hence observe very CRUX to problem of communist world government, as of United Nations (UN) backed by Judeo-conspirators is COUNTERFEITING scam--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve (Fed) fraud. COUNTERFEIT funds then are behind and at bottom of everything, funding ALL OF IT (Judeo-conspiracy).

    (b) And this Fed fraud (most important practical scam) then is just another of the lies in large conflict within human existence of age old struggle of lonely TRUTH vs. organized, conspiratorial Jew lies, so brilliantly well-managed and executed, this large struggle, truth vs. lies, definitively commemorated for us in Christain New Testament (NT), Christ our foremost heroic exemplar against such lies and conspiracy.

    (c) And finally, we note again history is CYCLIC according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. For lies become ultimately too noxious, destroying any possible society, which society/economic system collapses, human society then necessarily to be reconstructed.

    Thus as white race and Western culture thrived and advanced, in general, over long-term, so steadily fm and since High Middle Age (about 1050 A.D.) many inferiors were generated, bad habits/traditions encouraged, and the actual culture itself finally stagnated upon moralism-Pharisaism of Rousseau, Kant, and English Utilitarians, leading then to reign and triumph of Judeo-conspiracy, socialist-communist political dictatorship, inferiors now feeding the Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity, like ancient Moloch god now gone berserk.

    Thus we see clearly now the culminating World gov. of United Nations (UN--see for expo/ref.), readying to exterminate mankind, leaving mere obedient monkeys/apes and robots in humanoid form.

    So as we look at course of the historic CYCLE, we see, isolate, and identify definitively that active force of degenerate HUBRIS, consisting of moralism-Pharisaism, "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy.

    Thus reigning god of this hereticalist ZOG-Mammon dictatorship is surely GUILT, guilt the great problematic and mysterious symbol, god, and "ACTIVE FORCE" which now needs be COUNTER-ACTED and opposed--but by what, exactly?--and the answer is, must be, HONESTY.

    For no "moralism" or "good-evil" can properly trump such necessary HONESTY, closest ally and instrument of TRUTH.

    For observe amazing double-faceted nature of guilt, at once so detestable and odious--but then in yet another sense for moralistics-Pharisaists, SO NECESSARY condition just in order to provide for moralist-Pharisaist virtue which presumably overcomes such guilt. For how can one be "good" without first guilt?--guilt to be over-come and expiated?--guilt to be punished and treated?

    For in regime of "good-evil" there can be no "good" unless FIRST there's "evil"--hence GUILT--to be overcome. Thus everyone must endorse and acknowledge guilt in order to uphold "good." For "good" is un-thinkable without first "guilt"--and if one can't feel "guilt," one cannot subsequently achieve "good."

    Honesty then reveals the central, essential, fundamental fallacy of such "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy) which is that of perfectly FREE human will, which such human will, of course, isn't (is not perfectly free).

    Thus we patriots must RALLY the people in name of Christ who so heroically defended HONESTY and truth, but trick is to do it in spirit of REASON, one of the lies of Jews being Christianity is against such Reason.

    For as Christianity defends TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 8:32), note it defends, necessarily, OBJECTIVE REALITY (necessary criterion to truth), thus reason, objectivity the only possible foundation thereto.

    Further truth is Christianity is AGAINST JEWS (anti-semitic, as anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) and their SUBJECTIVIST lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and hence necessarily in favor of reason and objective reality, hence Aristotle, for foremost example, logic, and science.

    Thus by means of reason, esp. Christian objectivity and truth, anti-semitism, and HONESTY are guilt, hubris, "good-evil" Pharisaism, and Jew lies overthrown.

    Thus Judeo-conspiracy rests upon co-operation of gentile slaves of guilt and "good-evil," Pelagian heresy, moralism-Pharisaism, integral parts to general prevailing Pharisaism which founds ZOG-Mammon and Fed, great engine of Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace."

    And again, note historical/socio-biologic process is CYCLIC. And the time is ripe as Jews are far too over-populated, conspirators presently in-fighting as CFR-Bilderberg Walt-Mearsheimer ("The Israel Lobby") presently seeks to betray, "finger," and sell-out their murderous rivals and enforcers, Israeli terror-state, modern "MURDER INCORPORATED."

    CONCLUSION: Given above analysis, Obvious military-political targets are simple: "Sadducean" (of modern-day) leaders of hereticalist allies (like "Judeo-Christians" [JCs]--see and for expo/ref.) and servants of Judeo-conspirators--kill and remove them, and the whole rotten ZOG-Mammon system must fall. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian