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Think Tanks to Holding Tanks, Board Rooms to Gallows: Part 2

Detain This ultimate criminals of the neocon-Likudnik empire are those in the federal government whose decisions adversely affect all of us. After all, they don’t have to listen to the scheming demons in their midst.

But that being the case all these years, why haven’t U.S. and allied war criminals been tried and prosecuted for their crimes?

Firstly, like the Allied powers in both world wars, they’re still “winning”; therefore secondly, the central and international bankers and fellow corporatists are going along; and therefore thirdly and most importantly, mutually-interested corporate news media are keen to assist them by stove-piping their propaganda and concealing the illegal and immoral nature of their acts, and thereby “covering” themselves.

It’s only natural if political and corporate agents of empire stop at nothing to achieve that. By their fascist nature, the equation is simple: the bottom line (profits, revenues) must be maximized, and therefore, the status quo (empire expansion, “democracy-spreading”) must be maintained. Lest candid and contextual analyses beget self-incrimination, they are avoided at all costs. To that end, editors, producers, program hosts, politicians, and so-called experts lie, omit, distract, and repeat.

Myopic inquisition helps to avert the exposure of huge conflicts of interest and violations of the public trust which could otherwise taint the feigned credibility of the medium and its corporate sponsors and producers, resulting in lost advertising revenues. (Far be it from MSNBC to allow the mention of GE/NBC’s dubious role in the U.S.-Israeli empire’s wars of aggression. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Fox News or the Wall Street Journal to concede the complicity of their columnists, editors, and talking heads. More on this later.)

Mutually-beneficial government policies and corporate ventures are treated with kid gloves, if touched at all, while certain groups and political actions are superficially marginalized along partisan or ethnic divides. This keeps the dumbed-down left vs. right or good vs. evil discourse in the fore, thereby easily omitting from discussion the more root-level, people vs. state implications based on what is legal and moral.

A series of slips could ultimately lead to unemployment and incrimination for an untold number of imperial cogs in corporate media and government.

That’s where the think tanks come in. Their ability to bridge the propaganda gap between news media and government policy assures that outlets like Fox, NBC, CNN, AP, the New York Times, et al., are able to effectively “cover” the incestuous media-state malfeasance and make it look like news reporting.

Tributaries of Ideology

Some think tanks practically write the scripts that allow politicians and pundits to stay on point: shallow, stove-piped, ideological point; which is easy when they are comprised of the same agents of deception that comprise corporate media, political lobbies, U.S. government departments, and defense and energy industry boards.

Membership overlaps as political and financial interests align; so naturally, the think tanks given the most air time and editorial inches are those challenging the mutual corporate-state ventures the least. Over time, through the unchallenged repetition of talking points, the most illicit (but corporately advantageous) government policies become accepted as plausible — their ideological underpinnings, conventional wisdom.

Some act as talent agencies, while others are disguised as human rights groups. Almost all of them are veiled in patriotism, though many are vocally loyal to foreign states. And though social views and specific strategies may differ from one individual member to the next, neocon think tank members have a certain politically- and financially-inspired m.o. in common, across the board: minimal, if any, regard for the U.S. Constitution, international treaties, international and humanitarian laws, or public opinion.

This is most often manifested in their support for excessive federal intervention, such as:

— the “energetic” Executive, a.k.a., unitary Executive, i.e., dictatorship;
— corporatism, e.g., no-bid contracts, corporate R&D subsidies, private corporate armies paid for by taxpayers, i.e., corporate welfare, militant fascism;
— the economic and political shakedown of U.S. citizens and citizens of third-world nations, a.k.a., the war on terror, i.e., militant fascism, global gangsterism;
— the racist colonial policies of the Likud Party and other rogue leadership in Israel; a.k.a., Apartheid, i.e., slow-burn Holocaust; and
— a currency-debasement- and deficit-based process of financing it all, a.k.a., the Federal Reserve, i.e., central banking cartel.

Think tanks are PR firms for the empire, insofar as “PR” stands for Propaganda and Reconnaissance. Formerly- and currently-serving government employees and military officers serve on think-tank advisory boards, acting as insiders and liaisons among news media, D.C., and various political-action groups.

With favorable media-state accessibility thus established, think-tank intellectuals (empire-apologists, liars) are then quoted as “experts” by the same news agencies and outlets that are members of the corporate conglomerate filling the coffers and policy boards of the think tanks from which the seemingly credible sources hail.

The Pentagon acts much like a talent-agency think tank in that way. Pre-invasion reporting on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was filled with ”expert” accounts from ex-military brass, ex-intelligence officials, and military analysts who never served a day. Their hawkish disinformation permeates the current media campaign to frame Iran as Nazi Germany, and the Iraqi Resistance as “al-Qaeda,” “Iranian militants,” or simply non-existent.

Thanks to influence and pressure from neocon-Likudnik think tanks, all 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza are portrayed as unfortunate by-products of Israel’s “strategic predicament” who are worthy of collective punishment; their being illegally occupied, imprisoned without charges, tortured, turkey-shot, and force-starved by the U.S.-subsidized Israeli regime matters not.

Major neocon think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, Project for a New American Century, Center for Security Policy, CAMERA, and MEMRI have been the prime assailants in these areas, and have been exposed well for their fraudulent and treasonous state-worshiping propaganda over the years.

But there are lesser-known think tanks out there whose dubious distinctions scream as loudly for an exposé. They are just as dangerous because, like their more-prominent co-deceivers, they are contracted by news agencies, corporate media, and the U.S. and Israeli governments for their services despite shameful conflicts of interest, self-contradictions, illicit proposals, and a track record of being awfully wrong.

Each of them play a substantial role in the current shakedown of the American people and the people of resource-rich third-world nations. Some examples:

— Atlantic-Pacific Alliance

The owners of the APA website say that APA’s mission is to “study and defend the US Constitution”; “explain the American way of life”; and “help the understanding between the US and its Atlantic and Pacific allies.” [1] In its “SERVICES FOR THE MEDIA” section appears a breakdown of this huge philosophical contradiction:

Our Press Office …
— Provides your staff with background on US policies . . .
— Supports journalists to prepare for events like press conferences, providing them with materials and commentary.
— Gives off-the-record interviews and takes part in editorial boards to enhance your staff background on policy issues.

Is APA defending the Constitution or apologizing for the empire? APA wrongly equates U.S. policy and the status quo with what is lawful and right.

The Constitution does not promote Executive power, mercantilism, nation-building, or any other tyrannical federal policy; Atlantic-Pacific Alliance apparently does. Under “The US Government” links, APA labels the three branches thus: Congress/Executive Power/Judiciary. But the Constitution puts the “Power” in the people, via Congress, and explicitly weakens the Executive. Furthermore, the Constitution does not call for making strategic alliances or exporting any “American way of life”: it strictly limits the federal government’s power to do such things.

A scan of their sidebar links will instruct the reader on the group’s actual political sensibilities. How can you be defending the U.S. Constitution while your top featured Web links are to the Constitution-burning White House and the State Department — with the New York Times, Washington Times, Washington Post, NewsMax, Weekly Standard, FrontPage Magazine, National Review online, and American Thinker anchoring the list? All of them exhibit sharp disdain for the U.S. Constitution, and an Israel-first slant, in their editorial positions.

For further proof of APA’s dubious existence, just scan their “Daily Press Briefing” for any day: nothing but fellow neocon think-tankers and the Wall Street Journal editorial and op-ed pages. APA provides translation services for such corporate and political organs of the state.

Atlantic-Pacific Alliance is another statist arm of corporate and foreign influence. Its purpose is to proselytize populations (primarily, Spanish-speaking ones) by stove-piping (”translating”) neocon propaganda to them, while training journalists and public speakers on how to be good empire-apologists. The phony image of innocuity of U.S. intervention is packaged as study and defense of the U.S. Constitution. Total philosophical contradiction. Total fraud.

— Institute for the Analysis of Global Security

This particular neocon cell specializes in “energy independence equals national security” agitprop, in the effort to convince readers that the U.S. government should follow certain foreign policy prescriptions, irrespective of the legal status of those policies and the effects they would have on host populations and economies.

IAGS has a dubious way of packaging its isolationist mercantilism. On the “About IAGS” page, under the subtitle “What makes IAGS unique?” the following euphemisms appear (real-speak in parentheses):

— Instead of focusing on pie-in-the-sky technologies, IAGS focuses on technologies that can be commercialized rapidly. (We forgo those quaint ideas borne of moral and legal norms and the free-entry market, preferring instead to ignore and exploit them for a quick buck.)

— Rather than promoting stopgap solutions, IAGS focuses on ways to harness domestic resources and next generation technologies to completely displace imported oil. (Why stop bombing people? It’s not our fault that our oil is under their sand.)

— IAGS is not beholden to any industry or political group. (We promote all the enterprises we are party to.) [2]

IAGS fails to explain how “completely displacing imported oil” makes IAGS “not beholden to any industry or political group.” Sounds more like IAGS wants to deny Americans their right to prosper by taking away their ability to enter into a contract on the market in a certain industry — like, say, “imported oil” or “pie-in-the-sky technologies”?

As with all other neocon think tanks, IAGS’s cover is ultimately blown by its obvious political and corporate influence. For an entity “not beholden to any industry or political group,” IAGS certainly employees a lot of Zionists, Straussians, energy-industries traders, and other Noble Liars. Scanning their directors, senior fellows, and advisors, some names stand out: Eliot Cohen, James Woolsey, and Kenneth M. Pollack. Their common idea of how to “displace imported oil” is by bombing resource-rich chosen enemies of the Israeli and U.S. governments.

IAGS might as well stand for Israeli-American Goon Squad. They will sell the people of the United States down the river for empire in a heartbeat. As with all other neocon think tanks, their policy prescriptions have brought pain and insecurity upon the people and “interests” they feign concern for. Many members, as among the aforementioned, could be convicted of treason, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Many if not most are dual-citizen Israeli-Americans who are concerned with “global security” in the same sense that any band of marauders is concerned with trotting the globe and securing other peoples’ lands and resources.

— Strategic Policy Consulting, Inc. [3]

This is Alireza Jafarzadeh’s agitprop-operations center for his efforts to achieve regime-change in Iran.

The former [sic] spokesperson for the aforementioned U.S.-funded MeK (a.k.a., NCRI, MKO, PMOI) is supported and vetted by war-mongering U.S. intellectuals and politicians in mutually-beneficial foreign-policy efforts. His contrived war-incitement is reported uncritically by news agencies, and he enjoys his own Fox News column and guest appearances as a “terror expert” and “Iran expert” on all the major cable news outlets (more on this later). [4] Thanks to this unqualified media-state accommodation, the Mek’s Israeli- and U.S.-supplemented agitprop has been uncritically taken as probable cause for Israeli and U.S. aggression against the Iranian people.

But the group he and his U.S. and Israeli collaborators are cheer-leading for has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department since 1997. So Alireza and his neocon-Likudnik keepers are pushing to have the MeK removed from the list; this, they insist, will free up the “Iranian opposition” to do what needs to be done (paramilitary insurrection). According to Jafarzadeh, the Mek boasts popular support in Iran; extensive contacts within the Iranian government and nuclear program; and thousands of Iranian dissidents in place, waiting for the right time to act.

But if the MeK had all that wherewithal to overthrow the Iranian regime, wouldn’t they have done so by now? Would a truly popular and able people’s resistance movement be beholden to an imperial power for the go-ahead throughout all these years of huffing and puffing in empire-shielded exile? Does a truly grass-roots movement fret an affixed label if their cause is righteous and popular?

No. The removal of the MeK from the foreign terrorist list will simply be a “legal” green light for the neocon-Likudniks in the U.S. government to officially support the group in a regime-change operation (which is what they are reportedly training for in Iraq and Nevada). These folks are fully expecting U.S. military assistance, continued U.S.-taxpayer funding, and ultimately, a U.S.-puppet government they approve of (themselves). Their scheme is so obviously contrived and wrong-headed that even some neocons thoroughly oppose it. [5]

Another insurrectionist think tank — Iran Policy Committee (IPC) — is the most influential supporter of the MeK in D.C.. Curiously enough, IAGS member and former CIA director James Woolsey is also a member of IPC. Yet another is the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD). Senators Jon Kyl and Joseph Lieberman serve as co-chairs of CPD.

These insurrectionist propaganda mills share membership and are greatly responsible for procuring the illegal funding for the MeK and getting unconstitutional anti-Iranian legislation passed. And while it may not be their intention across the board, they are in essence pushing for a third world war — or in Mr. Woolsey’s case, a fourth.

— The Israel Project, Luntz-Malansky, et al [6]

The Israel Project (TIP) does much of what CAMERA does, only in a greater PR capacity. It’s a more well-funded and Israeli version of U.S. think tanks like APA, who piss out absolutist government agitprop to any journalist, college student, or politician willing to parrot it. Pollsters like Frank Luntz comes up with semantically shape-shifted sales pitches for the target audience, using poll data geared to arrive at the desired point: Israeli infallibility, for instance.

TIP and Luntz-Malansky co-produce documents like this, meant to help disinfo agents in corporate media and government sell a positive image of Israel. (Frank, btw, is the same fellow Fox News called on during the GOP debates to rig his polling apparatus to arrive at a marginalized Ron Paul. Paul typically won the actual, non-rigged, post-debate text-in votes handily — a painfully blunt humiliation for one of the Ministry’s greatest mills.)

TIP, CAMERA, et al., like to brag about their success — how their efforts greatly affect the news coverage of Isreali and Palestinian events — which affects the way the American people react to their government’s otherwise illicit support of Israeli apartheid and war on Iran.

The TIP website, from top to bottom, declares — no, protests! — that they are ”not related to any government or government agency.” Yet, TIP’s board of advisors reads like a U.S. Congressional who’s-who in AIPAC’s Rolodex.

Is it any wonder then, why so many condemnations of Palestinian and Iranian actions are passed in Congress, and that none are even proposed against Israel? Even though Israel is targeted by dozens of U.N. Security Council Resolutions, and the Palestinians, none? And even though neither Iran nor the Palestinians have committed an act of aggression against the United States, while Israel has a history of not only aggression against the USA, but also espionage?

Their press releases are nothing more than well-edited regurgitations of Israeli government and military press releases, and editorials from extremist Israeli news media like Arutz Sheva (a.k.a., Israel National News, a.k.a., The Settlerist Times), Yediot Ahronot (Ynet) and The Jerusalem Post.

Apartheid Preservers

The influence and power wielded by these Israel-advocacy [sic] groups can not be overestimated. If the AP bureau in Jerusalem began reporting comprehensively and honestly on the daily events in the IOPTs, 1,000 pro-Likud Israelis and militant Israeli settlers would be cordoning the building within an hour of a CAMERA bulletin, protesting the journalistic crimes upon their Almighty State.

But fortunately for them, AP’s staffers don’t have to fret those terroristic threats — at least not physical ones. TIP, CAMERA, and their comrades in the Israeli settler movement are actually inside the bureau, hurling their pro-Israel protests with red ink.

As an independent Palestinian journalist who has reported from the IOPTs for nearly a quarter-century, Khalid Amayreh has seen and felt the damaging effects of corporate media on Israel-Palestine coverage, first-hand. (He was systematically pushed out of his position at Al-Jazeera because of it. See: ”Pro-Israeli editors seek to influence Al-Jazeera International English Satellite TV”;

In addition to his own empirical testimony, he was obliged to share a small bit of what was related to him by acquaintances in the field — among them, a former AP reporter. What he revealed only reaffirms what this writer has recently begun to suspect.

“The AP main office in West Jerusalem is run by extremist American Jewish immigrants,” he said. ”Some of them live as settlers in the West Bank.” Palestinian reporters whose names often appear in AP bylines out of Jerusalem and Gaza City “have no authority whatsoever,” he added, offering one example in reference to the former AP reporter:

One day he was asked to write a story about Palestinian perceptions of the “right of return” and 28 people out of 30 he met said they supported the refugees’ right to return home. However, AP ignored the views of the 28 and only accentuated the views of two or three people who said they would be willing to compromise on this.

(This conniving way of degrading Palestinians, downplaying their plight, and delegitimizing their just cause is quite common, and there are numerous other, more-meticulously documented examples of AP misreporting and lying-by-omission.)

“What do you expect from an international news agency that calls a gigantic eight-meter high wall a ‘fence,’” he asked, before noting one example of horrendous double standards.

This is the same agency that reminds us almost in every report from the occupied territories that Hamas killed hundreds of Israelis in suicide bomb attack, but utterly ignores the thousands of Palestinian victims who were murdered knowingly and deliberately by the Israeli occupation army and fanatical Jewish settlers.

“It is very much a Jewish settler news agency.”

Considering the editorial make-up of the bureau, this writer’s analyses of their reportage, and what experts have detailed over the years, it is not far-fetched at all to surmise that the Jerusalem bureau of The Associated Press is in fact run by self-interested Jewish settlers occupying the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Does it not make sense that the reality of an illegal Israeli occupation is absent from AP’s coverage?

Why else would AP and its corporate media affiliates be completely silent all these years about the thousands of state-sponsored terrorists living as settlers in the West Bank?

Is it such a mystery, why Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer was not only assaulted, battered, and psychologically raped by Israeli state police, but that the terror attack against him was also not reported by AP until two weeks later, and that the report read like one of those TIP press releases?

And how else to explain the extraneous use of one article, one adverb, and three adjectives to describe the political party that was democratically elected by a landslide, while using only one (positive) adjective for the party that attempted to illegally overthrow them — and zero modifiers for the state that commits daily war crimes against the consituents of both:

In his brief visit to the West Bank city of Ramallah, Obama expressed strong support for the creation of an independent Palestinian state, backed negotiations between Israel and moderate Palestinians and rejected talks with the violently anti-Israel Islamic Hamas group that overran Gaza last year. (Mark Lavie: “Israelis, Palestinians: Mixed feelings about Obama”; July 24)

Of course. The same Fatah that collaborates with Israeli and U.S. war criminals in further destroying Palestinian society is referred to as “moderate Palestinians.” And the party that snuffed out the attempted coup, well, they ”overran Gaza.”

Without a doubt, AP’s coverage is zeroed out at hard-line Israeli policy. Their level of journalistic quackery would not be possible over a duration without Israeli agents of disinformation operating from within, or without an understood internal policy of U.S. and Israeli infallibility. Or both.

But the propaganda shakedown is not exclusive to those with ink on their hands. Mohammed Omer, Khalid Amayreh, and other Palestinian journalists tell of their experiences with militant Israeli agents agents who try to blackmail them into collaborating with Israel. [7] Of course AP never reports their ordeals because AP, like all other news media that are not openly working for the state of Israel, are basically operating as collaborators themselves.

No-one enters or leaves the IOPTs without the consent of the Israel military — especially Palestinians, cameramen, and reportersno matter whence you came.

[Source: AkliSelim34]

If your news or opinion reflects reality, then you’re a militant security threat, or an anti-Semite, deserving of character assassination at the very least. That especially goes for Jewish intellectuals like Norman Finkelstein, who have humiliated the Zionist regime and its many agents of deception with sharp, scholarly criticism of its policies over the years.

It’s really quite simple. The rule is Israeli exceptionalism, and the exception is reality, which is too embarrassing for the Israeli regime and its foot soldiers. Therefore, barring collaboration with the state, no exceptions are made to the rule.

And naturally, that rule applies to the anti-Zionist president of Iran (whom this writer has no particular affection for but can appreciate his sense of justice in this area).

When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits New York City for the annual U.N. General Assembly, pro-Israeli and anti-Iranian groups, such as the NCRI and CAMERA, stage “anti-Mullah” rallies there and in other major cities to make it appear as if they enjoy U.S. and international grass-roots support for their illicit goals, when in fact they are the fringe collaborators against whom real grass-roots sentiment runs. [8]

These groups should be treated by serious media as what they are: opportunists, pirates, foreign agents, and generally incredible. Instead, they are legitimated as opposition groups, PR consultants, think tanks, and human rights groups, and their disinformation is reported as scholarly research and common knowledge.

But who is doing this? Who is most responsible for helping these agents of disinfo loot American taxpayers to the tune of billions every year for their illicit ends, and why are they not in prison yet?

Part Three

Part One


[3] (2004–present); (2003–4)
More on this in part three.
[6] &
[7] Mr. Amayreh is quoted at length on this subject in an August 10, 2002, report in The Guardian, titled “He pointed the finger and pulled the strings, but the protection ran out.”
[8] Again, even neocons are quick to demolish the MeK’s house of cards. See: &


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