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Will Palin's Scandals Cause Her to Quit the Ticket?

And bring back Joe "War is the best option for Israeli interests" Lieberman.

This will only happen if the MSM begins to focus on her more dubious aspects and cover instead of covering up issues.

Without judgment, if the baby is not "hers" but her daughters', how could she think that as a public figure this would not become known and be an issue. Possibly not in Alaska but now she's moved to the main stage.

If she does quit, I'll be inclined to think this was all a ruse to back door Lieberman, who seemed to be McCain's first choice, into the VP slot. If not Lieberman, then another more "qualified" candidate to take the helm when McCain keels over and continue the neocon crimes against the world.

A tangled web of deceit is the typical story we see again and again.
Why should we think it would ever be otherwise?

Image Review of the Week

August 31st, 2008 by Roger Young
Strike the Root

“Yes, I foresee more war, more death, more scars upon the land. Glory Be!”

Tears shed in awe of the New Messiah:

Why not vote with your feet….

….rather than playing with fire?

Always make sure it’s a friend, not foe, that’s got your back covered:

A job well done- more of the world lies in ruins:

Just one guard for all that ganja?

Everywhere state gangsters gather, the smell of death permeates the air:

Johnny Law is always looking for a reason to show force, keep others in line, and shed blood:

I guess we better start buildding- then work on that sppelling:

Exhaustion is the cost of fighting the war mongers:

Obama flip-flops. A sign of things to come?

Waiting for Gustav:

No holiday for US Crusaders as they protect us from illicit posters on the other side of the world:

The state’s legitimacy is directly proportional to the force it projects:


How an Average Guy Became “A Truther”

Posted by willyloman on August 30, 2008

by Scott Creighton

There is nothing special about me.

After college, I went into construction, and worked hands on for over 15 years. I hung steel on the NB Handy Building in Lynchburg Va. I attended Mountain Productions Rigging School, I was Head Rigger for Showman Fabricators in New York City and installed the new (at that time) MSNBC Studios. I also weld a little (MIG only). Since then, I have exclusively worked in architectural design, Computer aided drafting (CAD). (JPEGS of my work available upon request) i do engineering specifications for commercial and residential new construction (I am not an engineer). A recent project put me in Atlanta (last month) for the installation of a project I designed the technical specifications for - commercial project involving massive steel structures, design weight bearing loads, and even THERMAL EXPANSION RATIOS.

That is my background.

Now, I will tell you this; those buildings, all of them, were brought down by Controlled Demolition. Of that, there is no question.

I have seen buildings collapse. I have seen them collapse in front of me. The NB Handy project in Lynchburg fell over as we were working on hanging steel on the second to the last bay in the building.

It was just a steel skeleton at the time, but poorly placed anchor bolts in the concrete peers that supported it caused the building to start leaning as we were setting cross beams in an exterior bay section. The entire thing leaned and then collapse, in a slow, progressive, manner - through the path of least resistance. It fell over. All still held together by the connections (1 1/4″ rated bolts).

In short, it didn’t just “fall apart” into so many different pieces due to gravity.

No steel beams shot 300 yards across the street.

Buildings just don’t behave that way. They are not designed to. Period.

Now, you add that to all the f-ed up stories that NIST, FEMA, The 9/11 Commission Report, FBI, Popular Mechanics, the History Channel… has told us.

Then you factor in the great work and research and investigations from people like Ryan, Jones, Griffin, and the 400+ Architects and Engineers, the 500+ Pilots, 9/11 Blogger, and the 300+ ex-Federal agents who have come forward to call for a new investigation into the events of Sept.11th…

… you put all that together, and you get one huge stinking pile of s___ that they call “the official story”.

Now, I didn’t know all of this the day it happened as some claim they did. More power to them I suppose. I had to come to this understanding very reluctantly; kicking and clawing and arguing every inch of the way.

This isn’t something you WANT to know about the country you have loved your entire life.

I was born in a little town in Virginia. My father was career NAVY. I remember holding his hand walking through Miller Park on July 4th, 1976 with my Mother, my Grandmother, and my brother.

I went to the Prom and drank PBR longnecks.

I watched rockets launch and Mohamed Ali fight live on my floor model console television.

I have been backstage of the Lincoln Center. I stood at the feet of a seated Lincoln and read his words engraved in stone 20 feet high in our capital.

I love the country that is my home, but know this; as I have learned through painstaking research and many years, this was not my country that did this, nor even my government.

This is a small group of fanatics (terrorists) who have proven time and time again that they just don’t care about the people they serve; they actually have a visible disdain for the American People as well as for our way of life. They care about profit and power and nothing else.

They DO hate us for our freedom. And that is quite obvious in how they have attacked the Constitution since Day 1 (even before 9/11).

So, that is my background, that is my evidence, and that is my conclusion. I thank you for asking, Jonathan.


Plan To Make Big Pharma King For The Next Century

by Dave

This is a whimsical, cynical mental diversion. It consists of a diabolical but purely fictional “plan” presented before a purely fictional audience of pharmaceutical industry representatives a couple of decades ago. This “plan” was formulated from my observations about the current state of affairs pertaining to the use of pharmaceuticals. While I am a lover of conspiracy theories, this is not a conspiracy theory; it’s merely intended to be wry and thought provoking.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very pleased to be here today. I won’t attempt to start my presentation with a joke because I always seem to forget the punchline!


Instead of a joke, I would like to present to you what I believe is a road map for our industry for the next century that will make us all fabulously wealthy!


What is our business? It’s selling drugs. We don’t make any more money if our drugs “cure” an RB! For you newbies in the audience, “RB” doesn’t stand for “rube,” although that wouldn’t be inappropriate. It stands for “revenue body,” or what we oldtimers used to refer to as “patients.”


We only make money if we can keep on selling drugs to an RB. The more drugs we can sell an RB, the better. In fact, if one drug makes the RB sick and another drug can be sold to treat the symptoms of the first, then so much the better!


Now, I won’t lie to you. We face an uphill struggle to implement this plan. Americans generally like to think of themselves as strong and independent, and thus they’ve traditionally shunned taking medications for any length of time. We’ve got to change the public perception of medications from one of treating disease to one of enhancing health. Our advertising guys can probably take care of that. In fact, they’re already working on a campaign to convince the public that taking aspirin on a regular basis enhances health by reducing the likelihood of heart attacks. But aspirin is just a test case. It’s small potatoes compared to the drugs we’d like to sell. For those RBs who are resistant to advertising, it would help to enlist the aid of government to force certain kinds of medications, such as vaccines, onto the public, as well as to neutralize competing medications, food supplements and healthful foods.

[Murmuring agreement]

In today’s competitive business climate it’s not good enough to simply wait around for an RB to get sick. So this plan contains proactive measures to help create new RBs to consume our product. One way, a bit heavy-handed but effective, is to induce illness in the public. Horrifying as it sounds, there are plenty of sanitary ways of inducing illness that are several steps removed from our industry, affording us plausible deniability. Another way to manufacture RBs is by convincing people, through advertising, that ordinary phenomena are cause for alarm and are best treated by our medications. And let me stress this point: Under no circumstances should we ever allow RBs to recognize that their ailments are lifestyle-related and correctable by making changes to their lifestyle! Empowering the RBs like that is suicidal for our business. We must present our industry as the sole remedy for all of life’s aches and pains and discomforts. Our goal should be to get every American woman, man, child and infant to consume at least one pill daily!

[Hearty applause]

So without further ado, let’s get to the slides.

Enlisting Government

Enlisting Government

Currently, direct advertising of our product on television and in other media is not permitted. Our lobbyists are working now to get the law changed to permit direct advertising. Once this is accomplished we will be able to enlist the RBs themselves in our marketing efforts!

We must eliminate all competing products, including dietary supplements, vitamins, herbs and illegal drugs. The plan here is to first crack down on fringe supplements, then move on to vitamins and eventually even home-grown herbs. We must also ensure continued maintenance of existing prohibitions on illegal drugs, particularly marijuana, which unfortunately seems to have numerous medicinal benefits. Marijuana is our number one adversary.

Since we obviously want to build automatic price increases into our product …


… we certainly want to get the government into the business of buying our product! I believe that with the right legislative persuasion we can get Medicare to start paying for drugs for RBs. Once that happens it will open the door to automatic 100% annual increases in our product prices.


Now, government can really give us a hand in the proactive area too. Once we’ve gotten dietary supplements off the market, food nutrition itself is the natural next target. If we can reduce the nutritional quality of food, people can eat as much of the stuff as they want and it won’t result in any improvement to their health. They’ll have no choice but to come to us for health maintenance drugs.

Some researchers are reporting promising results in the area of radiation. They’ve discovered that irradiating food destroys its nutritional value, especially in raw produce. The RBs might as well eat cake!

[Applause and laughter]

Of course, the public is uneasy about radiation, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with a few highly publicized food-borne disease outbreaks. After that the public will clamor for irradiation!

We are in the process of researching ways to accelerate dependence of RBs on our product. One of the most expedient approaches is to simply spray toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. But this is a costly approach, which is why government involvement is a must. We figure that we can spray these chemicals into the atmosphere and the RBs will assume that they are ordinary jet exhaust trails, that is, if they even bother to pay attention to the skies. This technique is ideal for creating all manner of respiratory problems requiring chronic treatment regimens using our products!


There is a huge and untapped captive market for our vaccine producing members: schoolchildren. Not enough parents are getting their children vaccinated, so if we can get the government to mandate – or at least strongly “suggest” – vaccinations for schoolchildren, we can significantly increase the size of our market overnight. Once we establish a precedent for forced vaccinations, there’s no limit to the number of vaccines we can sell. As I speak before you, scientists in our industry are working on a vaccine for HPV that they hope can be administered to girls as young as ten years old, and that’s just a hint of the bright future that awaits us!

[Hearty applause]

We need the government to pass laws enforcing intellectual property rights. We can’t have low cost producers in other countries mimicking our drugs. If necessary, we can lower our prices to what the market will bear in each country, but we cannot have them making their own copies of our drugs. Intellectual property rights is equally important to our friends in the genetically modified foods industry as well, and I will discuss their cooperation with us a little later in the presentation.

Finally, we need to press for new laws to protect us from product liability lawsuits. This agenda is even more important as we embark on this aggressive development and marketing program.



It goes without saying that once the government legalizes direct advertising we will need to substantially boost our advertising budgets. I’m talking about a saturated campaign, in print media, on television and radio. I’d like to see every RB exposed to at least ten pharmaceutical ads a day!


Through effective advertising, we can recruit the RBs themselves as unwitting representatives! We’ll make sure the doctors are so overburdened and properly motivated that they’ll simply prescribe whatever the RB asks for. Once that happens, our advertising team will do the rest.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this presentation. a big problem for us is the disease stigma associated with medications. We need to change that image and make it OK for RBs to be taking medications daily, even multiple medications. We need to make consumption of medications look like fun, and even be seen as sexy. We need to cast medications in the light of enhancing health rather than treating disease, so our advertisements must show RBs engaged in active, fun activities and always smiling, while making it clear that our product is responsible for their vitality. Think of the old cigarette advertisements as a model. We can also indulge in a little stealth advertising, perhaps by getting late night comedians to tell jokes about our products and their side effects. The jokes may be on us, but we’ll be the ones laughing all the way to the bank!

[Applause and laughter]

I always say America is the most innovative country on earth. Let’s apply that innovation to our industry. If a malady doesn’t exist for a drug we have to sell, let’s invent one!


The other day my wife was telling me about her friend who was having trouble sleeping because her legs moved around a lot during the night. My wife’s story inspired an epiphany: Why not create a disease – call it “restless leg syndrome” – and then sell a drug to treat it? That’s the kind of innovation we ought to be exploring in our industry. In case you think I’m joking, I took my idea to our R&D department and they think it has promise!


Now, there are a lot of obstinate Americans who won’t go along with our program. Unfortunately, they might set an unwelcome example for others to follow. So to nip that sort of thing in the bud it’s important for our advertising campaign to paint such people as Luddites at best and guilty of dangerous negligence at worst. For example, some high-profile legal cases involving parents who refuse to vaccinate their children would go a long way toward demonizing such people and cement our product in the category of conventional wisdom.

Finally, although we are campaigning to avoid having to list side effects of our medications in advertisements, there’s a good chance we will have to do so. By all means, people, don’t make the mistake of listing the side effects in a sober, frightening way! List them quickly and in a cheery voice! Heck, make the side effects sound like fun too!


Enlisting Doctors and the Medical Industry

Enlisting Doctors and the Medical Industry

I cannot overemphasize the value of giving free samples of our product to doctors. It’s the second part of an effective two-pronged marketing strategy, the other part being direct advertising to the RBs.

Of course, ingratiating ourselves to the doctors is also a good way to get them to “push” our product. Spare no expense wining and dining doctors, paying for their travel to medical “conferences” and giving them gifts. Just remember to put your company name and phone number on the damned gifts!


We should cultivate contacts within medical schools and medical journals to emphasize drugs over other approaches to health maintenance, especially lifestyle changes!

We should encourage a greater and greater dissemination of information, especially contradictory information. The idea would be to so overload the doctors and RBs with confusing information that they will have no choice but to take our word for it that our drugs are effective.

We should work with the health insurance companies to emphasize drugs over other treatments and tie this in with government participation in paying for drugs. If we present our proposal properly, we can appeal to the health insurance companies’ natural predisposition to share in the profits. By diverting health care dollars from doctors to drugs we can also increase the workload on doctors, making them even less likely to resist our marketing appeals.

Controlling Studies

Controlling Studies

In order to maintain our product image, we must control studies of our product’s safety and efficacy. There are a few simple rules in this regard.

First, if a study reveals too many samples that don’t show any sort of benefit from our medications, simply omit them and retain the samples that do show benefit.

Second, if a study just plain makes the product look bad, by all means terminate it! Find an excuse, any excuse, to terminate the study prematurely and figure out another way to present our product in a more positive light, perhaps even rebranding it to treat an entirely different disease.

Third, if independent studies are critical of our product or show negligible benefits from it, hire a sympathetic expert to refute that study. If nothing else, confusion about the product’s efficacy improves the effectiveness of our marketing efforts!


Enlisting Chemical Industry

Enlisting Chemical Industry

As with irradiation, genetic modification promises to significantly decrease the nutritional value of food, while simultaneously inducing disease in the RBs. Our friends in the chemical industry have really taken up the reins of research in this area. Thank you Sanmonto!


Other areas of research hold promise for inducing disease as well, especially artificial sweeteners and artificial fats. The beauty of these chemicals is that they will sell themselves. Americans are so desperate to shed pounds they will eat anything that promises to accomplish that without any effort!


We should definitely encourage the use of more plastics for food and beverage packaging. There’s growing evidence that plastics can be a ally for us, silently contributing to the ill-health of the RBs.

Non-stick coatings on cookware also hold promise as a vector for introducing toxic chemicals into the RBs. We’re working with chemical industry representatives to identify more types of cookware that could be coated with these materials.

Finally, we must work with the chemical industry and governments to get fluoride added to all municipal water systems. If nothing else, studies show that fluoride is helpful in producing a docile population, making the RBs more receptive to our future marketing campaigns.

Closing Comments

I apologize for the length of my presentation, but as you may have gathered from it there are many opportunities for future growth for our industry. By leveraging off other industries, advertising and government, there’s almost no limit to our future growth potential. That means money, money, money my friends! Thank you, and good day.

[Wild applause and standing ovation]


Burning Man 2008 Photos

I'm not sure if this accomplishes anything toward building a better world but it looks like a fun festival with some good photo ops.


Denmark, The Model Matrix For A Brave New World
By Philip Jones
"The perfect totalitarian state is one where the all powerful political bosses and their army of managers, control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude". -- Aldus Huxley, Brave New World
In Huxley's novel `Brave New World`, humanity lives in an apparently `Utopian` carefree, healthy and technologically advanced society `. Art, science and religion along with any vestiges of individuality and human emotion have all been corrupted and or erased in order to construct this Utopia. Warfare and poverty have been eliminated and everybody is permanently happy due to government conditioning and drugs. Also among the `eliminated` are `family, culture, literature and philosophy. Hedonism rules along with it's `bed partners`, promiscuous sex and drug abuse, in the form of `Soma`. A powerful psychotropic drug, rationed by the government in order to allow citizens escape from painful memories through hallucinatory fantasy. Social stability is maintained via deliberately engineered and strictly enforced social stratification.
Being a foreigner living in Denmark has had it's disadvantages. But the opportunity to observe and even live in such a society has been priceless. It is fair to say that it was my arrival here back in the mid nineties which ruptured my own complacency, and began my journey of discovery. I have written previously at length about my own experiences in Denmark (See Brave New Denmark & Happyland on so I will not indulge myself any further here. But what I must point out is that over the past eleven years, I have come to realise that there is something `Very Rotten In The State Of Denmark`.
In the Matrix movie, the Morpheus character says to Neo, "The Matrix is a system Neo, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside it what do you see? The minds of the very people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to defend it".
It is all but impossible to `unplug` Danes from their `Matrix`, because they cannot or will not see that it exists, even when one presents compelling evidence that it does.. This coupled with the fact that they have been indoctrinated from kindergarten into believing that it is the perfect social model, and the only path to a just and happy life. All but a few react with extreme indignation when any failings in this `flawless` Danish state are pointed out, or idiosyncrasies in the Danish character are spotlighted. The very inference that Denmark is a Totalitarian State along the lines of Huxley's novel, which controls and micromanages their lives, causes a reflex `knee jerk` reaction which in it's uniformity of response is startling.
In effect, the whole Danish nation is locked into a state of mass denial and self delusion, or a condition known as `cognitive dissonance`. Simply put, this means to be in a state of inner conflict, when one's belief system and experience do not corroborate each other. What then occurs as David Icke explained in a recent article is that ;
" The effects of this inner disharmony have to be addressed either by accepting that one's belief system is false, or by finding a way to justify the original belief. Most opt for the second recourse".
The late Psychologist Leon Festninger, a student of Kurt Lewin (himself an inspiration of the `Tavistock Institute` ) wrote in the book, When Prophecy fails;
"'The individual believer must have social support. It is unlikely that one isolated believer could withstand the kind of disconfirming evidence we have specified. If, however, the believer is a member of a group of convinced persons who can support one another, we would expect the belief to be maintained and the believers to attempt to proselyte or to persuade non-members that the belief is correct.'
In other words, when one's erroneous and discredited belief system, whether it be social, political or religious is shown to be evidently so, there is a clambering for safety in numbers. For the more there are to prevaricate and justify, `move the goal posts` if you will, then the greater the probability that the belief system, however discredited will remain the `received wisdom` of the masses.
This describes Denmark exactly. Unlike other nations whose citizens in my experience, are able to perceive and recognise not only the positives in their societies, but the negatives also, Danes have been so inculcated with a sense of self righteous superiority, that they in `parrot fashion` continue to herald unquestioningly the wonderment of the Danish Social Model as being a pinnacle of human achievement.
In a plethora of recent opinion polls, Denmark has been called the `happiest` place on earth. How can this be? How can a people so totally controlled claim such happiness? To answer the question: they don't know any better. All the avenues of information reinforce this message daily. Other forms of social structure are always spoken about in the media and the state `education` system in negative terms. A walk along any Danish street will prove conclusively that this is not the happiest place on earth. As I have written previously, Danes are `content` in their servitude. There is no need for coercion or brute force on the part of government here. Each Dane knows and understands his/her place in the Matrix.
So as factories begin to close, and jobs are lost or outsourced to the East. As food prices and utility bills rise far above those of other EU countries. As the already intolerable tax burden increases incrementally and relentlessly each year. As interest rates rise, and more and more Danes find themselves in extreme debt. The Danish people's self delusion chip `kicks in` and they `pat` each other on the back and consolidate the national state of denial. In the Danish news this week, Lene Mobjerg wrote :
"More than 200,000 Danes (out of a population of 5 million) and 28,000 Businesses are registered as debtors. 155, 000 new cases were filed during the first half of 2008 alone. The total debt owed by Danes is now 8.4 Billion Kroner ($1.6 Billion), and a large cross section of the population have severe economic issues to deal with. The largest debtor group are the 21-30 year olds, 7% of which are in serious financial trouble. In the 30-40 year demographic, nearly every registered debtor has upwards of 3 cases to his/her name".
Yet still, almost every Dane one speaks to refuses to accept that perhaps their Brave New World is not so `brave` and that there is `trouble in paradise`. Debt is a powerful force of enslavement.
Danes as a people are in many ways in a state of `arrested adolescence`. The Children of the Sixties are as elsewhere now in the positions of power, and there is an almost ethereal feel about the place. One will find professionals in their fifties clothed in shorts and sandals. It's almost as if `Woodstock` was only last week. But this seemingly Liberal Socialist veneer is only a mask for what is in actuality a ruthless Corporate Fascist State, which will tolerate no dissent whatsoever, and holds control, not by force of arms, or by the use of surveillance cameras as in the UK, but by the use of an indoctrinated mindset which imbues it's citizens with a `There's nothing you can do about it` mentality, combined with ever increasing use of prescribed anti depressants to those whose programming, because of their paltry existence in what is essentially an open `mind prison`, begins to break down.
Then you have the `Gatekeepers` of the Danish `Matrix`. All themselves victims of the brain numbing propaganda hurled at them from childhood, perpetuated in schools and universities and reinforced daily by the state/corporate media. The parents, priests, teachers, police, soldiers, doctors, journalists and the `censors` who make sure that nothing is put into print, published or broadcast which will create confusion, doubt or dissention. Of course, just a little harmless and minor criticism is published in order to maintain the illusion of democracy and freedom. But nothing which will provoke real debate on any contentious subject..
Then there are the `neighbours` and the `community groups` ever watchful that no one raises his or her head above the ramparts, or breaks ranks, ceases to conform or displays any unnecessary signs of individuality. In fact and amazingly so, in Denmark and the other Scandinavian lands, there is a code of conduct used to enforce this `gatekeeper` mentality. It is known as the `Jantelav` and has it's origins in the small villages and hamlets of Denmark back in the 18th and 19th centuries. The `code` was formulated by a Danish writer named `Aksel Sandemose` who included it in his novel, `A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks` in 1933. He based it on the closed and narrow minded behaviour he had witnessed as a child, and did not intend it to become what it has, a means by which a whole people's view of themselves can become degraded.
The Tennets of the `Code` are:
1. Don't think you are anything.
2. Don't think you are as good as us.
3. Don't think you are smarter than us.
4. Don't think yourself better than us.
5. Don't think you know more than us.
6. Don't think you are greater than us.
7. Don't think you can do better than us.
8. Don't laugh at us.
9. Don't think that anyone cares about you.
10. Don't think you can teach us anything.
Now, it has to be understood that this code describes entirely the attitude and mentality of the majority of Danish people. Was there ever a more perfect tool for controlling a society. Degrade their self image and belief in their purpose, their ability to excel and shine. Look at the last `tenet`. `Don't think you can teach us anything`. For anyone who has come to live here with a craft or trade or other expert skill, that in a nutshell illustrates how impossible it is to introduce new ways and ideas into Denmark. Danes do not believe that anyone can teach them anything. Therein lies the contradiction. Arrogance on the one hand, perpetual self degradation on the other.
I am convinced that Denmark is the Model Matrix for a `Brave New Europe` followed by a `Brave New World`, and it's `software` is being exported internationally. Unless people of all races, religions, political persuasions, creeds and any other grouping are able to recognise it's programmes` and refrain from `plugging` themselves into it, slavery of a kind hitherto not experienced in all of human history will ensue on a Global scale.
Experience has equally convinced me that any such `unplugging` is not going to happen here in Denmark, because the people don't believe any problem exists or recognise it's credentials. This is after all the `perfect social model` with a population of people who are constantly told they have it better than anyone else, even though they are worthless and undeserving. And there you have the `sting`. People who believe themselves undeserving or unworthy have low expectations. They expect very little and are ever grateful to their benevolent masters for the `scraps` thrown them.
As Goethe put it, "None are more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free".


America's REAL 2 party system: Progressives vs. (dem/pug) Elites

Saturday, August 30, 2008

These last four years should have taught us once and for all that the two party system in America is NOT between Republicans and Democrats, but between progressives and elites. The 2004 congress, elected primarily by progressives, turned out to be nothing by closet Republicans, i.e., politicians who cared NOTHING for the will of the American people (they certainly gave the finger to all the polls), and all of whom, dems and pugs alike, pigged out at the same hog trough and have their heads up America's vampire elites where the sun doesn't shine.

They also were puppets of the treasonous alliance between American neocons and the Israeli extremist right wing. And "treason" is the word because this un American alliance has been dictating American foreign policy for the last eight years (really, much longer), and for alleged Americans to be participating in the ransom of American national and international policy is literal treason. Hey, AMERICANS are supposed to be determining America's policies and values, not a marriage between American neocons (i.e., Bush's "advisors") and nut case, billionaire, religious fanatics of another country!

But where has the 2004 "Democratic" congress been in all this for the last four years. Nancy Pelosi has been one of the most influential "moles" the elites have planted in this dem/pug one party congress, and hence, no impeachments, no 9/11 investigations, and not even verbal confrontation with the Bush/fascist Dictatorship of the Rich castration of our noble Democratic Republic.

Make no mistake, our Democracy is mutilated beyond recognition, and the 2004 dem/pug congress (including, lest we forget, the elite sucking up voting record of Joe Biden), has been profoundly more part of the problem than the solution.

And while we're at it, let's talk about good ol Joe. We shouldn't forget that THE VERY FIRST DAY he was VP, he was making sarcastic and critical remarks about American progressives (the people who got Obama through the primaries in the first place!) and was actually singing the praises of Republicans and the vampire rich.

Well, at least we don't have to waste any more time on Biden, since he's practically taken out pages in the New York Times advertising his contempt for progressive Americans and how he admires the "patriotism" of pig, pig rich people.

Well, Joe, guess what? Progressives DON'T like to suck up to the vampire elites. Indeed progressives think the vampire elites are the core cancer of our country. Ever hear the phrase "will of the people", Joe? Here's another one. Do the words "working class" mean ANYTHING to you? How about the middle and lower classes? Ring a bell? Anything? Or are you too busy licking the boots of the "upper class", i.e., licking the boots those multi millionaires and billionaires who make up only around 1% of our population, but who control absolutely EVERYTHING that happens in America.

And here's another little item, Joe. Just as the 9/11 evidence has become mountainous that it was an "inside job" (i.e., actively engineered by Bush/fascists and their Middle Eastern friends), so the evidence is also becoming mountainous that the elites are very actively "weaning" the working class human cattle of America.

Now there's a word for this and its called genocide (you know, like what European whites have done and are still doing to black Africans), except now we're talking about a blizzard of policies and actions which have taken away America's protection and plans for the physical health and well being of ourselves and our children

Poisonous meat is now everywhere (no protections any more), and our plants and animals in general are so full of totally unnecessary pesticides and additives that they virtually glow in the dark. And don’t forget “pharmaceuticals” that aren’t pharmaceuticals. Do research into this if you dare, because what you will find is horrifying. What you will find is that our food, water, and skies are being systematically, toxically polluted. But why? Duh, because there's too many of us around for the peace of mind of the elites.

Sure, they need us to clean their commodes, pay all the taxes, and send our children to be turned into cannon fodder (and then corpses) for Bush/Cheney/dem/pug money cow oil wars (which they will keep starting -- Iran clearly is next), but we shouldn't forget that "too many" human cattle (that's us!) might be a danger to the elites and many of the ecosystems of our planet are rapidly dying because of too many working class cattle. Solution? It's already happening. Probable example of this genocide? New Orleans, since it's obvious to barnyard animals New Orleans was deliberately murdered by Bush and company. Can't have too many blacks and progressives, can we? And all those "homosexuals"! Assassinating New Orleans was killing several unwanted birds with one stone for the anti Christ (hey, the shoe fits!) of George W. Bush.

Well, there's no point in going on much more, since most of us already have a pretty good sense of these horrors.

However, probably most of us HAVEN'T taken it in the Democratic and Republican Parties are Tweedle dee and Tweedle dumber. Samo, samo and they both 100% belong to greed vampire elites -- the folks who Joe Biden thinks are so patriotic!

OK, bottom line. We actually DO have a two party system, but it certainly isn't between Republicans and Democrats, but between progressives and (dem/pug) elites.

Thus, it's a mistake to call the Progressive Party a 3rd Party. This is subtle propaganda of the elites who keep trying to brainwash us into taking seriously the alleged distinction between Republicans and Democrats. But God in heaven, did you see ANY difference between pugs and dems in the 2004 Congress? No, dems = pugs and pugs = dems.

There's a center of gravity shift when you see, once and for all, and all the way through, the pseudo two party system of dems and pugs. What we life and death need now is to be radically in touch with the reality that our two party system is between progressives and elites, not alleged Republicans and alleged Democrats.

The more we realize our ONLY defense against the elites is some kind of Progressive Party (i.e., a political party that expresses the authentic "will of the people" -- isn't that a wonderful phrase?), is the less we will stop wasting our time, energy, and money playing the pseudo dem/pug two party game.

Conversely, the more we think people like Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi (and hundreds of other meaningless "Democrats") are actually going to do anything real and substantive about the tragedy the used to be the United States of America, is the more we take our focus, inspiration, and (most of all!) our realism away from the only hope of America, which is a vital Progressive Party.

In a nutshell it all comes down to the brutal truth that the dem/pug one party system will forever express the will of fascist elites, whereas progressive values and policies are passionately grounded in the will of the American people.

This isn’t a political conversation. This is a going down for the third time conversation. This is a coming out of diaper denial conversation. This is a be part of the solution, not the problem conversation.

Isn’t it time for us to stop mooing?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Month of Diversions

Between the Olympics and the one party with two conventions, we've having a month of media time consuming diversions.

Throw in news about a little war far away and stimulate talk of a new cold war. Add a little "white girl killed her baby" story to the Greta mix, a "hot" VP nominee and the football season is here and you have some time for those behind the scenes to refine their plans while we're not paying attention.

Just what has been going on during these "dog days of August" behind our backs.

I'd say any of those plans made will not be in our favor.

A Guilty Agent: The Shadowy Role of Timothy McVeigh

Rock Creek Free Press

McVeigh Faces
On the left, McVeigh in Waco in 1993. On the right, an alleged McVeigh from recently surfaced video at Camp Grafton, North Dakota fi lmed in August 1993— well after McVeigh was honorably discharged from service in May 1992. Was McVeigh being secretly trained, as he told his sister, to be a paid government assassin? -

By Wendy S. Painting
What may seem like conspiracy theories surrounding the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, have been given more credibility do to newly released internal defense memos for Timothy James McVeigh, who was convicted and executed for his role as “Mastermind” and “Lone Wolf Bomber.” McVeigh, who was said to have orchestrated the bombing with minimal help from two Army buddies, may not have been what he seemed.

A source out of Austin, Texas memorialized in the documents gives weight to previous evidence and supports the existence of a real life conspiracy theory. The source, who because of privacy concerns, will be referred to simply as “D.” D was known to have had heavy ties to U.S intelligence agencies as well as groups targeted for Federal investigation and infiltration, such as White Supremacists, Neo- Nazis and Militia members. On March 9, 1996, D gave a statement to McVeigh’s defense team, laying out several shocking details which have now, thirteen years later, been corroborated by other sources.

Immediately after the bombing many journalists put forth the story that McVeigh had flunked out of Special Forces. This is one reason often cited for his intense anger at the government, which they say, caused him to wage war on ordinary American citizens. D told the defense that Timothy McVeigh was working for the Federal government and was assigned to infiltrate the neo- Nazi Skinhead movement, yet D’s claims that McVeigh was working for the government are not made by him alone, and are supported by other internal defense memos and various other credible sources.

Another supporting memo shows that in 1991, when McVeigh applied to work for a well known security company in Buffalo, New York, he had advised his soon to be employers that he held DOD Secret Clearance. McVeigh’s military records also reflect on the fact that he held a SECRET clearance.

The fact that McVeigh was indeed accepted into Special Forces and went on the work for the government during the time leading up to the bombing is supported not only by his previous employers and military records, but by the claims of Terry Nichols, convicted co conspirator, McVeigh’s younger sister, and claims of McVeigh himself. Nichols, in 2006, stated that that in November 1992 McVeigh told him he had been recruited by the Army for an undercover mission. This is also the exact time, according to other defense records which reveal that McVeigh was suddenly able to pay off all of his credit card bills after he had accumulated an enormous debt while gambling on the Buffalo Bills. McVeigh also advised his defense team that he had been issued a DOD issued credit card in the years prior to the bombing.

Another memo dated December of 1995, states that McVeigh, who joined the National Guard in Upstate New York, after his return from the Gulf War and alleged Special Forces “flunk out,” became highly agitated and upset when his defense confronted him with some disturbing information. When McVeigh was asked by his lawyers what exactly his job had been while in the National Guard, McVeigh, the model solider, stated he did not remember, something which would have been highly uncharacteristic of him. His lawyers then confronted and questioned him as to why he told his first lawyer, immediately after the bombing, that he had been “operating within the confines of the United States Government” when he bombed the Murrah building. McVeigh had confided to his first lawyer that he had been recruited by the government while serving in the National Guard and that his job was to “search for neo-Nazis and other problem troops within the Guard,” which further corroborate D’s claims.

Additionally, he told his original council that he was only supposed to blow out a few windows of the federal building but that the truck had been switched possibly without his knowledge.” After confronting McVeigh about this, his council noted that he became highly angry, and stated that he thought he had told the previous lawyer this information in confidentiality.

That the damage to the Murrah building was much more severe than could be expected from the Lone Ryder truck bomb, is not only supported by his first defense attorney, but also by the mysterious source D himself, who says that McVeigh’s government handler instructed McVeigh on the morning of the bombing, to park the Ryder truck in front of the Murrah building and then meet him at a nearby restaurant. However, D says, things did not go according to plan, and at 9:02 A.M on the morning of April 19, 1995, the Ryder truck, which was filled with ammonium nitrate and a large amount of C-4, detonated. Immediately afterwards, D claims, “strategically placed charges” blew out the four main building supports. D’s statement also align with original media accounts, first responder transcripts, seismographs and expert witnesses who believe the destruction done that was done to the building, was caused by much more than a “Lone Ryder.”

Furthermore, D also claimed he was “convinced that the Oklahoma City bombing had international connections which included Great Britain and Germany, and that there seemed to be no doubt that Timothy McVeigh was used simply as a tool by the actual perpetrators to carry out this mission.”That other countries could have been involved is also evidenced by the involvement of another major player in the saga of the bombing, German born Andreas Strassmeir, member of the elite GS9 German Counter Terrorism unit. “Andy the German,” as he was known around gun show circuits in the 1990’s, had been part of a joint U.S- German operation to infiltrate and track the sources of banned white power literature within Germany which was thought to originate in the United States.

Andy the German first appeared within the United States in the summer of 1989 when he was seen at a KKK rally in Texas. He then went on to act as head of security at a separatist compound in Oklahoma called Elohim City where he also provided paramilitary training. Strassmeir, although having been seen with McVeigh by an ATF informant at Elohim City, was also close associates of another man, Dennis Mahon, head of the Oklahoma KKK, and was being watched by the ATF and FBI for plans to blow up federal buildings. Strassmeir was allowed to return to Germany without being questioned by the FBI concerning his knowledge of the plot. Mahon, it seems, who admitted to knowing McVeigh, was never questioned. The fact that Strassmeir appeared in the U.S in the summer of 1989 in intriguing given that this was the same time that McVeigh returned from Germany after being involved in a “Change Up Program” the with German military, during his “active” duty in the military.

D then says that certain watchdog agencies, who had been tracking McVeigh for months before the bombing, had achieved their objective because the militias and skinheads were blaming the Feds and vise versa, and that in the midst of this confusion, then President Bill Clinton was able to pass his new Anti-Terrorism bill, which had been continuously shot down prior to the bombing. This bill, when read carefully, looks like a close relative of current post 9/11 legislation, including then widely expanded and unprecedented domestic spying capabilities and the erosion of habeas corpus.

Perhaps D is correct. Regardless, the fact that there is now much evidence to show that McVeigh’s role was much more obscure and intentionally hidden than previously thought, should be a concern of students of history, as well as those who support such needless legislation, such as the current H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, also called by many a “thought crime” bill, out of fear for the next Lone Nut Domestic Terrorist. Americans now live in a strange culture of consumerism and fear, are told continuously that they must be very fearful and vigilant against all kinds of terrors, including body odor, sexual impotence, road rage, bird flu, human flu, ADD and terrorists. We often thoughtlessly accept the remedies given, even when they are not in our own best interest.

Wendy S. Painting lives in Rochester, New York. She has a Masters in Humanities, from the State University of New York at Buffalo and she is currently writing a book on the Oklahoma City Bombing


Organized crime is America's (secret) 3rd Political Party.

by W. Christopher Epler (Bill) James Michael Lawrence

Boy, these people are slick. Payoffs, threats, and assassinations (?), but nobody ever talks about the "criminalization" (sorry, had to make up a word) of American politics.

Once upon a time, our country was only marginally contaminated by the virus of organized crime (hard to imagine, isn't it?), but that was before J. Edgar Hoover opened the floodgates of organized crime to prey on defenseless Americans. And ever since, organized crime has effectively been the REAL 3rd party in American politics.

If you're interested, there are scores of internet sites that examine how Hoover sold his soul to organized crime. Why? Well, it's probably better to read the sites since the story is long and convoluted, but basically it had to do with deals this piece of scum made with major crime figures to, let's just say, keep certain behaviors of his personal life from going public. Of course, when you make deals with the devil, you have the pay the price, and the price Hoover made was to turn the other way to allow the Mafia (etc.) to rape America.

Anyway, thanks to J. Edgar Hoover (it helps to wash out your mouth every time you say that name); American politics has been utterly contaminated with textbook criminals.

Granted, fascist elites are criminals too, but not really in the organized crime sense. Their strategy is to steal elections and buy the souls of Congressional Democrats and Republicans (and they come cheap!). They probably bought Nancy Pelosi at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, Joe Biden, with his trashing of progressives and singing the praises of vampire rich Republicans may have been a twofer with Nancy.

But crime per se is a whole different thing. When your car is stolen, you don't think about Republicans (or maybe you do?). When robbed at gun point, this isn't part of an international political strategy (like elite fascism); it's just that the "world of crime" has penetrated your life.

Another way to say this is Organized Crime really doesn't give a rat's derriere about political values and policies, except insofar as they complicate the agendas of criminals. They have ZERO concern with our Constitutional Republic or patriotism or social morality, but they do clog the infrastructure of nearly all levels of our government.

If the vampire rich live like Greek Gods, criminals in government live like toxic mold. They're there, skimming off billions and billions (probably trillions) of our hard earned wealth, but people are either unaware of this fact or terrified to confront it.

Now it would take the IQ of a grasshopper, not to intuit that there is a marriage made in hell between organized crime and elite fascists. A horrific case in point is the billions and billions of dollars that are skimmed off as graft in the Bush/Cheney money cow oil war in Iraq. Investigative reporter after investigative reporter (yes, there are still a few left) have been beating the gong that most of this money is simply unaccounted for.

Billions and BILLIONS of dollars are, what (?), simply "mislaid"? This bankrupting of America is equally criminal and political. Here, the fragile distinction between organized crime and Bush/fascism is nonexistent.

The point being, just as 9/11 didn't come from Bush/neocon ineptitude, but from the secret engineering of Bush/neocons (with a little from their Middle Eastern friends), the same is true for these missing billions and billions of dollars. Here again, "ineptitude" is not the word. The word is treason (exactly like 9/11!); a criminal betrayal of our country. In short (as is so often the case): treason = crime, and crime = treason.

It must also be repeated that the nearly limitless power of America's (secret) 3rd Political Party is the direct result of America's Greek God like elites, because NOTHING significant happens in America unless it is decided and approved by the pig, pig rich.

IF America ever evolves a genuine Progressive Party (which, by definition, expresses the will of the people, not the will of the elites), all these treasonous crimes will categorically end. Specifically the "toxic mold" of organized crime in the infrastructure of our government will be uncompromisingly dealt with by a NON elite-controlled judicial system -- as will the infinite treason of 9/11, anthrax in the mail for only high profile Democrats, the probable assassination of Senator Wellstone, Presidential State of the Union lies, no taxes for American multi millionaires and billionaires, the rape and murder of Mother Nature by Texas energy corporations, etc., etc., etc.

Tragically, the pseudo two party system of Democrats and Republicans is in fact a ONE party dem/pug system for America’s elites -- as was demonstrated with such painful certainty by the 2004 dem/pug congress. Hence, only a Progressive Party can undo the catastrophic and treasonous betrayal of America to Organized Crime by J. Edger Hoover.

Viva America!


Bill's blog is

Things Are Awfully Not Funny around Here art: Robert Craig

“You know, Mark,” moaned fellow satirist Kram Ettleord recently, “I just don’t feel funny anymore.”

“How so?” I asked my longtime friend. “There’s tons of stuff to riff on. What about those photos of Bush appearing blotto drunk at the Olympics?”

“Hmph. That’d be like sending up Hitler’s breezy side.”

“Wow,” I said. “That’s severe.”

“So are Bush and his murderous cohorts. They savage the world and burn the Constitution, yet what do we get? Sanctimonious editorials about John Edwards’ peccadillo. Please!”

“Well,” I said, playing devil’s advocate, “the media did condemn Larry Craig for his airport restroom follies.”

“Yeah, but most of that outrage missed the boat by focusing on how Craig floats his. Who cares how rocks are gotten off? No, his and ilk’s real transgression is the hypocritical vote-getting anti-gay agenda they cynically press, until, you know, one of them gets caught with his pants down.”

“Ha! At least you can still turn a phrase,” I chuckled.

“Yeah, well, that and signing a loyalty oath’ll get me a cup of swill at a Halliburton-built detention facility. One thing’s for sure: I’ll end up in one sooner rather than later if I write what I’m really thinking.”

“What’s that?”

He furtively scanned the cafĂ© and then whispered: “I want us to lose. Big-time.”


“Whatever next all-forsaken place the American imperialist war machine decides to pulverize into a fine radioactive dust — whether Iran or the oil-rich plains of the planet Gruptar — I want the U.S to get its ass kicked.”

I gasped. “You realize what you’re saying, right?”

“That more U.S. soldiers would have to die for that to happen?” he said, sadly. “Yeah, I get it. But their fates, and those of untold others, were sealed by the jingoistic bloodlust of millions of American yahoos who mindlessly exhorted Bushco’s slaughter in Iraq from the trumped-up beginning. Sure, the public’s hinky now but that’s mainly because gas prices rocket ever skyward. No, not until America suffers an undisputed, all-out, thoroughly humiliating military defeat is there a chance its global rampage will finally be abated. ‘Course, there might not be a human left alive after such a confrontation but that’s another matter.”

“Wow, that’s not very funny,” I said.

“Nor are a million dead innocents or the transformation of the cradle of civilization into a toxic waste dump. Or that such madness hardly dents the myopic American collective psyche, the same appalling apathy that now allows Vietnam to be retroactively recast as a righteous cause that should have been doggedly pursued until the freedom-bestowing U.S. military could ultimately produce an honorable victory that, in truth, could only exist in the reptilian brains of Bush and his neocon masters, an Orwellian reworking of history that first gained traction during the 2004 faux presidential campaign and steamrolls today with the glorification of the GOP’s standard-bearing buffoon, John ‘Drop ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em’ McCain, as some untouchable hero.”

“I get all that. But what about the grieving families of U.S. military dead?”

“I feel bad for them, sure. But,” said Kram as he carefully looked around again, “here’s the bloody bottom line: anyone stupid and savage enough to join the military now to willingly participate in one mammoth war crime deserves everything he gets.”

“Man, I hate to see you like this,” I replied. “Plus, that sort of talk could result in your property being confiscated, as per Bush’s July 17, 2007, executive order, for ‘threatening the peace or stability of Iraq or the Government of Iraq, or undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq or to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people.’”

“Why do you think I’m wearing this fake beard?”

“I was wondering about that,” I replied. “But isn’t the wig a bit much?”

“All in preparation, my friend.”

“For what?”

“Undercover research on my new book, inspired, interestingly enough, by the aforementioned Craig: As America Goes Down the Toilet, a Between-the-Stalls Peek at Gay-Bashing Fascists Who Do the Same in Same.”

I laughed. “A bit unwieldy, perhaps, but it’s great to see you’ve not left the funny business altogether.”

Kram smiled. “No, I guess not. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to Google the floor plan for the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.”

“Whatever for?”

“That’s where the GOP holds its convention next week. The men’s room there should be a gold mine.”

Mark Drolette is a writer who lives in Costa Rica. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Mark, or visit Mark's website.


Obama & McCain, we want our country back and we want it NOW

Greg Bacon's blog

Enough already with both of you allegedly patriotic Americans spending a lot of your time and effort worrying about that nation of murderous bigots on the eastern tip of the Mediterranean.

Obama, your job is NOT, as you so succinctly stated in Iowa, to be willing to go to war against Iran on behalf of that racist and apartheid, Jews only state of Hate, Israel.

Your job as president is not to go running around taking care of Khazaria 24/7, 365, supporting and helping that country continue on with its murderous program of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous Palestinians. Your job and McCain's is much closer, in fact, it's here in America.

Wow, what a novel thought. An American president that takes care of Americans. Go figure.

Where's the discussions during this presidential campaign cycle about Americans whose backs are to the wall, from those losing their homes to those losing their jobs to those who don't have health insurance?

What about our decaying infrastructure? Why are Israeli roads immaculate while those in America look like something out of a 1950's horror movie?

Why is the campaign always about that "shitty little country" that is draining the US dry of both blood and treasure? Are both of you ready to start WWIII over a county that has savagely attacked our warships in the past, like the USS Liberty and was complicit in more ways than one in the murderous false-flag of 9/11?

And pushed an immense amount of false intelligence and lies in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq?

There's around 189 other nations in the world, so why in the hell is the talk always about Khazaria?

Anytime someone in Israel stubs a toe, American politicians fall all over themselves offering up tons of OUR tax money to that bastard nation. Yet, when Americans get in trouble, like during Hurricane Katrina or this year's floods, we don't hear a peep out of that nation we've been keeping afloat financially for the past four decades.

And why do Americans--AGAIN--basically have only TWO choices for president, the Israeli-Firster McCain versus the Israeli-Firster Obama?

The Zionist owned American MSM makes sure that we only get non-stop drivel about McCain this or Obama that, without mentioning the other candidates for president, the ones that haven't been pre-certified by Israel.

Of course, one can't mention the fact that the Zionist owned MSM is behind this bloodless coup, since that would be "anti-Semitic."

And why in the hell do we have article after article with some BS headline like, "Is Obama/McCain good for the Jews/Israel?"

How about one that asks if Obama/McCain is good for AMERICA?

I've got a news flash for you Obama, your job as president is to support and defend the Constitution and I can't recall that precious piece of paper saying anything about protecting that racist and apartheid, Jews only state of Hate, Israel.


Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

I was hit by a particularly hard to get rid of malware that was making posting a chore if not impossible. It seemed to be working through a form of google analytics that was redirecting searches and cutting off the connection. The malware did not come from clicking on an attachment but just from going to a nefarious website, which was seemingly a site of links. I immediately began getting registry change warnings within seconds of entering the site. The standard free apps that many of us use; Spybot, Ad-Aware, Avast, didn't work.

I finally found a forum that didn't get blocked and they suggested 'Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware'.
It seems to have worked. Plus it was free.
You can get it here

If you ever have the same problems, hope this helps.


The Democrats endorse the "Global War on Terrorism": Obama "goes after" Osama

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Global Research, August 29, 2008

The Democrats endorse the "Global War on Terrorism"

Obama's "American Promise" is War.

Barack Obama has embraced the "Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT).

The Obama-Biden campaign has endorsed the very foundations of the Bush administration's foreign policy agenda: "Go after Osama bin Laden, "take him out".

The rhetoric is softer but the substance is almost identical:

"For while Senator McCain was turning his sights to Iraq just days after 9/11, I stood up and opposed this war, knowing that it would distract us from the real threats we face. When John McCain said we could just “muddle through” in Afghanistan, I argued for more resources and more troops to finish the fight against the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11, and made clear that we must take out Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants if we have them in our sights. John McCain likes to say that he’ll follow bin Laden to the Gates of Hell – but he won’t even go to the cave where he lives. [APPLAUSE]

And today, as my call for a time frame to remove our troops from Iraq has been echoed by the Iraqi government and even the Bush Administration, even after we learned that Iraq has a $79 billion surplus while we’re wallowing in deficits, John McCain stands alone in his stubborn refusal to end a misguided war.

That’s not the judgment we need. That won’t keep America safe. We need a President who can face the threats of the future, not keep grasping at the ideas of the past." (The American Promise, August 28, 2008, Democratic Convention. Denver, emphasis added)

The 9/11 Cover-up

The Democrats have endorsed the "Big Lie". Bin Laden is upheld as the "outside enemy" who threatens the American Homeland. The fact that bin Laden is US sponsored intelligence asset, created and sustained by the CIA, is never mentioned.

The Obama campaign galvanizes public support for the "Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT). In the words of Obama's running mate, Joe Biden:

"The fact of the matter is, al-Qaida and the Taliban - the people who have actually attacked us on 9/11 [note: exactly the same wording as in the Obama speech] -- they've regrouped in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan and are plotting new attacks. And the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has echoed Barack's call for more troops and John McCain was wrong and Barack Obama was right." (Joe Biden, Democratic Convention, Denver, August 27, 2008, emphasis added)

In contrast to Iraq, the war on Afghanistan is portrayed by the Obama-Biden campaign as a "Just War", a war of retribution initiated in October 2001 in response to the 9/11 attacks.

This concept of the "Just War" in relation to Afghanistan has been echoed by several prominent Liberal and "Progressive" intellectuals: The war on Iraq, on the other hand, is seen as an "illegal war". In October 2001, the attack on Afghanistan was supported by numerous civil society organizations on humanitarian grounds.

It is by no means coincidental that the prominent "Leftist" scholars and intellectuals, who failed to address the use of the 9/11 attacks as a pretext to wage war, have expressed their support for Barack Obama. The Nation Magazine and Progressive Democrats for America are indelibly behind the Obama-Biden ticket.

The Obama-Biden campaign has endorsed the 9/11 cover-up. Without a shred of evidence, Afghanistan, a nation of 34 million people (the size of Canada) is portrayed as the State sponsor of the 9/11 attacks. This basic premise is accepted by the Democrats.

Obama indelibly upholds 9/11 as an act of war and aggression directed against America, thereby justifying a war of retribution directed against "Islamic terrorists" and their state sponsors.

The "Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT) is the product of a carefully designed military-intelligence agenda, which determines the thrust of US foreign policy.

GWOT is endorsed by both Republicans and Democrats. US intelligence overrides party politics. GWOT is part of the presidential campaign platform of both political parties. Its validity is not questioned, nor are its consequences. The fact that it is predicated on a "Big Lie" is not an issue.

Spiraling Defense Spending

Both Barack Obama and John McCain have signaled that they will increase overall defense spending, while also revamping the system of Pentagon procurement with a view to reducing cost overruns. (See Bloomberg, June 30, 2008 See also Reuters, August 29, 2008).

For FY 2009, the US Defense Department is asking for a $515 billion defense budget plus a separate $70 billion "to cover war costs into the early months of a new administration... Those amounts combined would represent the highest level of military spending since the end of World War II (adjusted for inflation)." ( Febraury 06, 2008)

Obama's message is crystal clear. He endorses the Bush administration's proposed surge in military spending. He wants to spend more money on weapons and troops. Going after bin Laden and the "Global War on Terrorism" constitute his main justification for increased defense spending:

"[M]ore resources and more troops to finish the fight against the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11..."

But at the same time, Obama promises more resources for education and health.

"Now is the time to finally meet our moral obligation to provide every child a world-class education, ... I’ll invest in early childhood education. I’ll recruit an army of new teachers, and pay them higher salaries and give them more support. ...

Now is the time to finally keep the promise of affordable, accessible health care for every single American.... (The American Promise, August 28, 2008, Democratic Convention. Denver, emphasis added)

Will there be a shift in spending priorities?

Under the Bush administration, Defense was favored in relaiton to all other expenditure categories. (See Chart above for FY 2004). Will an Obama administration change the structure of Federal government expenditure?

Will he reduce the absolute size of defense spending which constitutes approximately 47 percent of global defense spending (all countries combined)? The US NATO combined control 70% of global defense spending. (See Chart below)

Guns versus Butter

Visibly Barack Obama does understand the Guns versus Butter dilemma.

He fails to address a fundamental macro-economic relationship, namely the issue of public investment in the war economy versus the funding, through tax dollars, of civilian social programs. More broadly, this also raises the issue of the role of the US Treasury and the US monetary system, in relentlessly financing the military industrial complex and the Middle East war at the expense of most sectors of civilian economic activity.

More resources to war and weapons, as proposed by both Obama and McCain, favors the Big Five Defense Contractors (Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grunman, Raytheon, Boeing and General Dynamics), Dick Cheney's Halliburton, British Aerospace, not to mention Blackwater, MPRI et al, at the expense of the civilian sectors, including national, regional and local level economies.

Military Spending Creates Unemployment

Tax dollars allocated, as promised by Obama, to National Defense and Homeland Security will result in unemployment.

In contrast to World War II, the war economy in the 21st Century does not create jobs.

The costs of creating jobs in the military industrial complex are abysmally high when compared to the civilian sectors. In turn, the financial resources channeled by the US government to the DoD defense contractors dramatically reduces public expenditure in favor of all other spending categories.

Lockeed Martin together with Northrop Grumman have been involved in developing the Joint Fighter program. Based on initial estimates, 5400 direct jobs were created at a unit cost of $37 million per job. (See Michel Chossudovsky, War is Good for Business, Global Research, September 16, 2001). Similarly at Boeing's assembly plant, each job created in the Joint Strike Fighter program costs US taxpayers $66.7 million. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 7 September 2001).

With regard to the F22 Raptor fighter, assembled at Lockheed Martin Marietta's plant in Georgia, the F22 Raptor fighters was estimated to have a unit cost of $85 million. Three thousand (3000) direct jobs were to be created at an estimated cost of $20 million a job. (Ibid) The cost of the program once completed in 2005 was of the order of 62 billion dollars. According to 2008 company figures, roughly 2000 jobs remain tied to the production of the F22. (See Free Republic, March 2008). Two Thousand Jobs created at the Lockheed-Marietta's plant in Georgia at an initial outlay of 31 million dollars per job.

Imagine how many jobs you could create with 31 million dollars invested in small and medium sized enterprises across America.

These post 9/11 defense expenditures by the Bush administration trigger mass unemployment. Moreover, they are funded by downsizing America's social programs, which in turn contributes to exacerbating the levels of poverty and unemployment.

Obama's War Economy

The Obama campaign accepts the logic of a war economy which triggers unemployment and poverty at home while creating death and destruction in the Middle East war theater.

This post 9/11 direction of the US economy has lined the pockets of a handful of defense contractors corporations, while contributing very marginally to the rehabilitation of the employment of specialized scientific, technical and professional workers laid-off by the civilian economy.

Not surprisingly, the defense contractors, while favoring John McCain are also firm supporter of Barack Obama.

America's largest military contractor Lockheed Martin (and business partner of Dick Cheney's Halliburton) was present at the Denver Democratic Party Convention, among a vast array of powerful corporate sponsors and lobby groups. According to a company spokesperson:

“Lockheed Martin strongly supports our nation’s political process and candidates that support in general national defense, homeland security, high technology and educational initiatives,” (quoted by Bill van Auken, Democrats convene in Denver amid police state security and a sea of corporate cash, Global Research, August 2008)

The Big Lie

The Obama lies are perhaps more subtle than those of George W. But again in substance, we are dealing with a continuum.

The "Global War on Terrorism" is an integral part of the Obama campaign. "Islamic terrorists" threaten the American way of life. Al Qaeda and its alleged State sponsors are portrayed as the main threat at home and abroad.

The corporate media applauds.

No shift in direction.

The doctrine of preemptive war directed against "Islamic terrorists" and their State sponsors remains functionally intact.

The same applies to the post 9/11 nuclear weapons doctrine as first formulated in the 2002 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). Nuclear weapons are on the drawing board of the Pentagon, for use in the Middle East war theater. And the Democrats are fully supportive of preemptive nuclear weapons as a means to protect the American Homeland.

Under the "Global War on Terrorism", the Homeland Security apparatus, not to mention the anti-terrorist Patriot legislation, the Big Brother surveillance apparatus would, under a Barack Obama administration, remain intact.

9/11 constitutes for Obama the main justification for waging a humanitarian war in the Middle East and Central Asia. In this regard, his position does not differ from that of the Bush Administration.

Withdraw from Iraq, but remain in Afghanistan.

Bring the troops back from Iraq. Move them to Afghanistan.

Confront Iran, challenge Russia:

"I will end this war in Iraq responsibly, and finish the fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. I will rebuild our military to meet future conflicts. But I will also renew the tough, direct diplomacy that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and curb Russian aggression. I will build new partnerships to defeat the threats of the 21st century: terrorism and nuclear proliferation; poverty and genocide; climate change and disease. And I will restore our moral standing, so that America is once again that last, best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom, who long for lives of peace, and who yearn for a better future.

These are the policies I will pursue. And in the weeks ahead, I look forward to debating them with John McCain." (The American Promise, August 28, 2008, Democratic Convention. Denver, emphasis added)

"Finishing the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban" means extending the "Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT) into new frontiers.

Concretely, the GWOT, which is central to the Obama campaign, provides a pretext and justification for waging a war of conquest, for expanding US influence in the Middle East, Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia.

Obama-Biden and The "New Cold War"

The Obama-Biden campaign is committed to reinforcing US-NATO military presence on the Iran-Afghan border, as well as on Afghanistan's border with China's Xinjiang Uigur autonomous region as well as within Pakistan.

Afghanistan is a strategic hub in Central Asia bordering on Iran, the former Soviet Union, China and Pakistan. It is a land bridge and potential oil and gas pipeline corridor which links the Caspian sea basin to the Arabian sea. It is also part of the continued process of militarization and encirclement of the People's Republic of China.

The Obama-Biden campaign has also endorsed the "New Cold War". Russia is explicitly identified in Obama's speech as an Aggressor. Iran is identified as nuclear threat, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Joe Biden, who if elected, would take over from Dick Cheney, considers Russia, China and India as the main threat to America's National Security:

The Bush foreign policy has dug us into a very deep hole, with very few friends to help us climb out. And for the last seven years, the administration has failed to face the biggest the biggest forces shaping this century. The emergence of Russia, China and India's great powers, the spread of lethal weapons, the shortage of secure supplies of energy, food and water. The challenge of climate change and the resurgence of fundamentalism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the real central front in the war on terror.

Ladies and gentlemen, in recent years and in recent days we once again see the consequences of the neglect, of this neglect, of Russia challenging the very freedom of a new democratic country of Georgia. Barack and I will end that neglect. We will hold Russia accountable for its action and we will help Georgia rebuild. I have been on the ground in Georgia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and I can tell you in no uncertain terms, this administration's policy has been an abysmal failure. America cannot afford four more years of this failure. (Democratic Party convention, August 27, 2008, emphasis added)

The militarization of Afghanistan and Pakistan under the GWOT is directed against two overlapping military alliances: the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

The SCO is a military alliance between Russia and China and several Central Asian former Soviet republics including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Iran has observer status in the SCO.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which plays a key geopolitical role in relation to transport and energy corridors, operates in close liaison with the SCO. The CSTO regroups the following member states: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

For Obama-Biden, the war on Iran is still on. The New Cold War is directed against China, Russia and its allies, namely the SCO-CSTO military alliance.

Challenge the alleged threats from Russia in the Caucasus and East Europe. In other words, the Democrats have endorsed the New Cold War

What Prospects under an Obama Presidency?

Apart from the rhetoric of "bringing the troops home" from war torn Iraq, which may or may be carried out, what distinguishes the Democrats from the Republicans?

A more articulate, knowledgeable and charismatic President?

A more dignified and diplomatic approach to US foreign policy?

An opportunity to the US ruling elite "to present a different face to the world that could revive illusions in its democratic pretensions, not only internationally but within the United States as well." (Patrick Martin, Tensions rise in Democratic contest as Obama nears nomination, Global Research, May 11, 2008)

A spurious and counterfeit "humanitarian" approach to Empire, which serves to mask the truth and gain popular support.

A less reckless Commander in Chief, who has an understanding of geopolitics and is capable of taking foreign policy decisions. A more carefully thought out military agenda than that experienced during the Bush administration? But with no substantive shift in direction.

A means to quelling mounting dissent and opposition to the ruling corporate establishment by providing the illusion that the Democrats constitute a Real Alternative.

A means to sustaining the illusion that African-Americans can move up the social ladder in America and that their fundamental rights are being upheld.

A means to undermining real progressive movements by further embedding civil society organizations, trade unions, grass-roots organizations not to mention "Leftist" intellectuals into the realm of the Democratic Party.

A distraction from the extensive war crimes committed under successive US administrations.

A "human face" to war and globalization?

Michel Chossudovsky is the author of the international bestseller America’s "War on Terrorism" Global Research, 2005.

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