Tuesday, August 19, 2008

F**king the Flock


Some people just need to be part of a social club. From mega-churches and the small country parishes to political parties, these organizations are there for them as long as the flock foots the bill.

Millionaire preachers. Never met one. Never want to. It seems contradictory.
Living humbly is just not part of the big time now. These "saviors of souls" have to live a life that's "bigger and better" than the flock and try to sell them on the idea that they can someday achieve this too. But in the meantime "your tithes" are part of the lord's work.
Millionaire politicians. The voice of the people?
Flock F**kers.

This brings us to the absurdity of the Saddleback Church Obama-McCain forum. (with a name like saddleback I guess they must be just "good ole boys").
Corporate religion hosts corporate controlled government.
Money talking to money and all it comes down to is "gimme".
Flock F**kers.

I have no inherent dislike for Christians or government officials. After all, Christians are the ones who are supposed to teach us not to lie, steal and kill and the government is supposed to uphold the constitution, protect our rights and do no harm in our pursuit of happiness.
Overall they both have failed in those respects but they have obtained much success in one area; taking our money.
It's called F**king the Flock.

Let's not just pick on Christians or our government. I can't think of any religion or governing body anywhere that doesn't have their extreme share of corruption and lies. Most are skilled at manipulating the flock.

Religion and government are the two things we are taught from birth to trust but it didn't work out that way.
War is not the way to peace,
lies never equal truth and
rich people don't always make the best "leaders" of morality and ethics.
Criminals never do.

So what do we do?
We want our "religious" people to stand up and shout "Enough!" it's time we got back to the basics.
We want someone in a position of power in our government to lead us back to our idealistic "American Way".
Too late.
Neither organized religion nor government will save us.
It's up to us or it's back to the same old song or worse,
F**king the Flock.

But we're just the flock. What do we know?

**My base nature gets the best of me and sometimes a few words can sum up the volumes of dialog behind them.

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For the rest of you, please disregard the above links.

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