Monday, August 11, 2008

An Horrific Sickness Cloaked in Utmost Secrecy

Monday, August 11, 2008


Following on from a highly disturbing earlier item entitled "The most shocking thing you'll ever read about the Jews" - which for some unaccountable reason Google blanked out of its blog search results (at LEAST temporarily) Phaedrus 'enjoyed' a couple of very uncomfortable nights' sleep in going over and over similar atrocities perpetrated against children and attempting to arrive at some common, unifying basis linking these, the gravest of seemingly unconnected crimes.

This blogger was given extra impetus by the latest news from Jersey (one of the UK's Channel Islands situated between Britain and France). Some months ago, following serious allegations from a number of islanders, Jersey authorities began to search the grounds of an old children's home for evidence that some of the children once-resident there had been ill-treated. Some informants went further to say that a number of children had actually been murdered whilst supposedly "in care." The abuse alleged had been chronic and spanned the '60s, '70s and '80s. Funny how these things only ever come out YEARS later, isn't it?

It wasn't easy to follow the progress of the investigation, notwithstanding it had attracted international media attention. The Jersey authorities were pretty tight-lipped about the discoveries they slowly made. Maybe they were concerned about damage to the Island's reputation or maybe they were motivated by something more sinister. We couldn't tell at the time and so the investigation, such as it was, ground slowly on. Meanwhile, reports began to circulate that a man - possibly an ex-staffer at the home - had been going round threatening some of the witnesses not to give evidence in the matter.

This person was obviously keen to ensure that the investigation should proceed no further. He was pulled in by police for questioning and later released. Who he is and what the nature of the alleged threats were was not made public, to the best of this blogger's knowledge. Curious, since witness intimidation is rightly regarded as a serious matter in any civilized society, and Jersey is well-known tax-haven with a very high percentage of super-rich residents. It's not the utopia it once was, though with some drunkenness and theft committed by seasonal visitors; but the rule of law prevails there - one would hope at any rate - as anywhere else.

Eventually, all the digging and searching with specially-trained dogs and ground-penetrating radar bore fruit. Child remains WERE found. Over further weeks of excavation, the authorities were able to confirm that they had uncovered the skeletons of FIVE children hidden in two underground adjoining cellars. So, we have the skeletal remains of 5 children, bearing out what the original informants had asserted. So we have the complainants themselves, who were children at the home during the relevant period, and who named the names of those in charge at that time who were culpable for these terrible acts. A pretty water-tight case, you might imagine? Better yet, those allegedly responsible are still alive today - and living in comfortable retirement!

It turns out, however, that the Island's prosecuting authorities are NOT planning on even CHARGING ANYONE! Despite a mountain of excellent evidence, they are not minded to proceed any further with the case! The reason given? The recovered bones of the dead children could not be dated accurately enough and they could have been killed earlier than the period in question. Sounds odd? Phaedrus believes the term, "stinks to high heaven" is more appropriate. This pathetic EXCUSE - which is clearly what it is - is a downright lie. In today's world of ultra-sophisticated forensic science, IT IS UTTER BULLSHIT!!

But why would those with the ultimate say-so want to protect those guilty of the foulest, most criminal and bestial of deeds? And the case in Jersey is lamentably far from unique. There was a similar case alleging (Satanic) abuse of children on a remote Scottish island some years before. Nothing ever came of that, either. In fact every few years, it seems, certain authorities in a number of supposedly civilized countries make headlines world-wide by announcing that they've smashed extensive, international internet pedophile rings, where many of the perpetrators turned out to be (shockingly) outwardly respectable professional types: lawyers, police-officers, accountants, judges and even doctors!

But in every case, for some inexplicable reason, these spectacular cases involving all these 'upstanding pillars of society' never ever even reach the trial stage. Someone higher up takes over the case papers and sees to it that the investigation grinds quietly to a standstill. We hear all about the initial busts, which are understandably trumpeted triumphantly by the diligent work of the departments who track down these filth; yet years later, not a single trial or conviction emerges. I think we can safely surmise that those who target children for torture and slaughter have friends in very high places who presumably share the same sickness for the blood of innocent children. That's one hell of a deeply disturbing conclusion to have to reach, but what other reasonable inference can anyone make?

What becomes of these waifs and strays? Ultimately, we know, they are slaughtered in some way. God only knows what unspeakable evil befalls them before their traumatized souls leave this world. The healthy mind, to protect its own sanity, prefers to believe none of these horrors are true. It would be nice if we could just look away and pretend such things don't happen in this day. But they DO and this blogger for one cannot simply sit back and ignore it. Whether the children die in the making of 'snuff movies' or meet their end in ritual Jewish/Satanic slayings to bring the perpetrators the riches and material success they crave at any price from their God is hard to say when all the investigations to date have ended in blatant cover-ups.

Some further things we can infer from what little we DO know is that this practice of ritual child-murder is widespread and very highly organized, from sourcing suitable children right down to their eventual disposal. We can state with some confidence that "higher authorities" are complicit in this scandal and some may even take an active part in the rites themselves. In addition to Jews and Satanists, there is also a sinister cloud hanging over senior Freemasons - "the Brotherhood" as they like to think of themselves. The UK judiciary and law enforcement agencies are absolutely RIDDLED with senior members of this most infamous secret society. They have a solemn pact of mutual assistance to get each other 'off the hook' should any one of them become a "brother in distress" as they call it.

We have agencies around the world who do a wonderful job in trying to track down missing children and return them safely to their parents, hopefully gathering enough evidence along the way to ensure their abductors spend the rest of their miserable, wretched lives rotting in jail. Sadly, however, the sterling efforts of these good people are being subverted by the evils inherent in certain secret societies like the Freemasons, who have links in so many places along the chain that any attempt to bring the worst perpetrators to justice is invariably thwarted.
This is a mind-blowing scandal of the ghastliest and vilest kind. Those in the chain of command in prosecuting authorities who unaccountably drop sensitive investigations, or otherwise impede them, must be exposed, placed on full public trial, cross-examined ruthlessly until the truth is out, then punished in an appropriately severe manner. We should consider plea bargains for some underlings, so the whole rotten upper-edifice of these evil-doers can be removed from their positions of high public influence - and summarily executed.

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